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The adventures of two owls who shake up an entire neighborhood and turn a house topsy turvy.

  • Title: Owls in the Family
  • Author: Farley Mowat
  • ISBN: 9780606022200
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Farley Mowat

Farley McGill Mowat was a conservationist and one of Canada s most widely read authors.Many of his most popular works have been memoirs of his childhood, his war service, and his work as a naturalist His works have been translated into 52 languages and he has sold than 14 million books Mowat studied biology at the University of Toronto During a field trip to the Arctic, Mowat became outraged at the plight of the Ihalmiut, a Caribou Inuit band, which he attributed to misunderstanding by whites His outrage led him to publish his first novel, People of the Deer 1952 This book made Mowat into a literary celebrity and was largely responsible for the shift in the Canadian government s Inuit policy the government began shipping meat and dry goods to a people they previously denied existed.The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship RV Farley Mowat was named in honour of him, and he frequently visited it to assist its mission.

Comments Owls in the Family

  • Brad

    I don't know how true these memories are, but they are my memories, so they are true enough for this. Around 34 or 35 years ago, I went into my elementary school library and talked to Mrs. Dogleash (surely Mrs. Dalgliesh, like the famous Liverpool footballer and manager, but we always thought of her as Dogleash). I needed a book. She gave me Owls in the Family. I remember the orange-gold shag carpet of my bedroom where I sat and read in the evening. I remember a flashlight and my crocheted blank [...]

  • Katie

    I remembered loving this book from when I was a kid! My sister's favorite animals were owls, so we were in awe of Farley's family who had two pet owls. After looking around for this book in the library, I finally ordered it off . It was so worth it! It was a quick read of 3 sittings and all three of my kids loved it and we all laughed and laughed. I've liked most of Farley Mowatt's books, but I've never read his most famous book: Never Cry Wolf. Someday I'll get to that.

  • Beth Hollmann

    I read this book to my son, who is 8, for a book report he needed to do for school. I'd heard the book recommended often throughout my years of homeschooling, but never gotten around to actually reading it. I'm so glad I did! We both thoroughly enjoyed it. My son, in particular, enjoyed reading about boys who love the outdoors, like he does (although he has much less accessibility to wild space than they did). The book tells how Billy, the main character, and his friends Bruce and Murray, come a [...]

  • Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺

    I struggled between three and four stars on this one. It's an interesting tale, but for the most part, it's one of those children's books where each chapter is a separate adventure, and that's generally not my cup of tea. I ultimately went with four stars regardless since this book is just so readable and entertaining too.

  • ~☆~Autumn♥♥

    This is so much fun to read about his owls. If you like them do read it. It is easily read in one day and a few laughs.

  • Amy

    9/10 - So good! One of our favorite readalouds of the summer. Full review here: sunlitpages/2016/09/re

  • Carolyn

    This book made me miss my dad. It's the true story of a boy who raises two owls and the various adventures they have together. It both reminded me of him, and reminded me how much he enjoyed animal stories. I love that this book is still on our library's Battle of the Books list. It is so not politically correct and I loved for that. I loved that the father claimed he was going to give his son a whopping, that they dressed the owls in doll clothes for a pet parade, that the father guns down as m [...]

  • Lilac Mohr

    This was such an entertaining family read-aloud. My children (ages 5 and 7) were laughing so hard at the owls' antics! I highly recommend this charming book.Just a note that the book may not be suitable for extra-sensitive children since some animals (baby owls, cats, crows) die.

  • Emily

    Read this several years ago, and I remember liking it. I read it with a group of kids when I was working as a paraeducator.

  • Karen

    Jacob's choice. Funny story about the antics of two owls. Great story for kids to see what fun they can have in nature and with pets. We loved it.

  • Shiloah

    A wonderful book! We read it aloud as a family and it was a favorite! We laughed a lot and enjoyed every bit of this heart-warming story.

  • Candice Putnam

    Just finished reading this book to a grade 4/5 class — by far my favourite chapter book read-aloud experience ever! We’ve been reading one chapter each week during library class for the past couple of months, and it quickly became something that the students, their teacher, and I looked forward to each week. We laughed so much throughout the entire book and were totally engrossed in every crazy, exciting chapter. At the end of the book, they all said “This can’t be the end! Is there a se [...]

  • Amy

    If I was a kid reading this I'd give it more stars, although kids today may take umbrage at the same parts I did: steeling wild animals and their eggs and killing wild animals for fun Aside from those parts it was a fun read.

  • Emily Suddath

    This is such a hilarious little book. What made it better is I found out it was based on the author’s childhood— wow, what a childhood! This was part of my son’s first grade read-aloud reading, but as an adult I was literally laughing out loud at the escapades.

  • Mike

    This book was hilarious. I would have loved it if it were set anywhere, but who doesn't love getting to say Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!?

  • Lexi

    This little book is a hoot.

  • Althea Floge

    This is a great, quick, easy read. Farley Mowat, I hope I spelled that right, is like my go to author when I don't have a book to read, and this was just one of those books.

  • Kelly Wagner

    Friends gave this to me years ago, and I finally got to reading it during my recover-from-surgery weeks spent sitting around. This is one of Mowat's early books, written before "Never Cry Wolf" (the one he's most famous for.) It's more or less a juvenile, written from the point of view of a boy of somewhere between 10 and 13 and meant to appeal to boys that age. However, in the 21st century, I doubt that vision of boyhood would be at all recognizable to boys that age - even in rural areas, child [...]

  • Kristi

    Description: So. Supposing you lived in a town on the Canadian prairie. Then supposing you had a chance to take home a couple of orphaned great horned owls. Then, supposing said owls grew to full size, liked to nibble on people's ears, teased your dog, fought with skunks (yup! during dinner!), followed you to school, climbed trees and couldn't fly. What a summer that would be! It's unpredictable. It's funny. And it's all true!Concerns: None.Summary: Maybe my personality has biased my outlook, bu [...]

  • Alexis

    Re-read as a tribute to Farley Mowat on the day that he died. I loved this book as a child and it holds up surprisingly well. Mowat is a gifted and talented writer, and his work is both simple and descriptive. I also loved the references to Saskatoon- he refers to the railroad bridge and Spadina. I just learned that Farley Mowat had a column in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix when he was 13 years old.When I was small, I was convinced that this book was a true story. I only discovered last night that [...]

  • Chrisl

    Mowat's Owl story is, in my memory, a quick read sequel to Mutt's story. Decades after first reading it, the memory of the hilarious scene with the garage mechanic, the owls and goggled dog in the Mowat family car's rumble seat still brings a smile If you have an interest in owls, I suggest adding this to your TBR.The Dog Who Wouldn't Be

  • Tori

    So, this book is cute and easy to read. The problem I had with it was it's supposed to be humorous, but I found it a little bit sad. I don't know if I'm just weird that way or what, but other people would probaby enjoy it!

  • Abby

    Required reading in grade school, this episodic story is one I never forgot. I just love the style and tone of this quick read and I wish there was a snazzy re-print so I could hand this one out to families like candy.

  • Michael Stewart

    So full of wonderful references and details. I think the best word for it is: Delightful. Perfect for the 9-10 year old in your life. It also recalls a free-parenting world in which kids could just be kids. RIP Mr. Mowat

  • Shawne

    Delightful! I want a baby owl.

  • Shannon

    A nice story that opened up some discussions about animals and respecting their environment. The owls were funny and provided a lot of laughs. My son didn't like the ending though.

  • Cathy Wagner

    This is a fun class read aloud. It was written in 1961, we had fun comparing a child's life then and now. The animals' antics sparked a lot of laughter.

  • Josh

    Read this as a kid, and just re-read for fun. I was hoping I'd like it just as much, and I did. Can't wait to read it to our kids in a few years.

  • Megan A Barefoot Gal

    This book is hilarious! One of the few books that I've actually laughed out loud at.

  • DeB MaRtEnS

    One never to be forgotten, even though Farley Mowat may have created most of his "true" stories. Memorable, adorable and beloved.

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  • Free Read [History Book] ✓ Owls in the Family - by Farley Mowat ó
    413 Farley Mowat
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