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By Matthew Hooton | Comments: ( 883 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

From a breathtakingly talented new writer a beautifully written, gripping novel that weaves storytelling magic, life, love, and tragedy into the beauty of the Canadian landscape.Deloume Road takes us into a hot August month on Vancouver Island during the first Gulf War, to a small rural community where the children s lives play out unchangingly in the woods and secret plaFrom a breathtakingly talented new writer a beautifully written, gripping novel that weaves storytelling magic, life, love, and tragedy into the beauty of the Canadian landscape.Deloume Road takes us into a hot August month on Vancouver Island during the first Gulf War, to a small rural community where the children s lives play out unchangingly in the woods and secret places until they discover an object from the past that will come to haunt them all Slowly we discover how intertwined are the lives of recent comers with long established neighbours a Ukrainian butcher who yearns for his wife and small son left behind and learns something disturbing a widowed Korean girl who fears for the life of the baby she is carrying a Native artist whose pilot son has crashed in the wilderness And behind them all, the shadow of Gerard Deloume, whose suicide in 1899 set off a sequence of events that erupt a century later with violent, tragic consequences.Matthew Hooton, with lovely skill, and an assured voice, creates an indelible sense of a small community along a country road and the ties that bind us, celebrating the differences and connections between the Korean language and English, between losing a loved one to war and pulling the trigger, about summer and the first rain.

  • Title: Deloume Road
  • Author: Matthew Hooton
  • ISBN: 9780307398130
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Matthew Hooton

Matthew Hooton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deloume Road book, this is one of the most wanted Matthew Hooton author readers around the world.

Comments Deloume Road

  • Larry

    I'm normally a little shy of reading books by local authors, in a generalized way the writer is not appreciated just like the Prophet in his own land. Its so easy to be critical when local geography and locals) are depicted. In this case I was pleasantly surprisedI first read of this book in the Book section of the Guardian Newspaper (UK) where it was awarded (shared the 1st place) in the "Not the Booker Prize" very well received obviously and so worth a look. The story takes place in a region o [...]

  • Kristine Morris

    Maybe I shouldn't have picked up a book that is described as "haunting". Beautifully written but the foreboding was excruciating. I don't mind a little bit of "da da da dum" but this was especially hard. It began on page one and didn't let up until the last few pages. Because of that I did not enjoy the book even though there was a lot going on in the novel beyond the one catastrophic incident.

  • Jennifer Rayment

    This was a wonderful challenging book for me to read. I have to be honest, this isn’t my usual type of book – I usually prefer light entertaining fluff in which I can escape from some of the challenges of real life (Men, kids and cranky nursing students). However, I wanted to challenge myself and broaden my horizons so that is why I signed up to review the latest in The New Faces of Fiction campaign. I have also had a prejudice against adult Canadian literature (None against YA or Kids), pro [...]

  • Melanie

    Let me start by saying that I live within walking distance of Deloume Road, in Mill Bay, BC. I also have a friend in common with on FB, with the author. Our common friend has the same name as one of the main characters! While I sure hope the crux of this story is a complete work of fiction, I'll be asking my friend about his friendship with the author!!Onto the book, the writing is very poetic. Hooton's writing style is very descriptive and I had absolutely no trouble conjuring up the settings b [...]

  • Mike

    I met Matt Hooton at an Adelaide literary event, and heard him read some of his recent writing. He reads very well, in an almost hypnotic, low key way. I got talking to him briefly afterwards, and discovered he came from Vancouver Island. I cycled on Vancouver Island about 10 years ago. His book "Deloume Road" caught my eye and I bought a copy that night which Matt signed for me.The story is set on Vancouver Island, focussing on the lives of a handful of characters who live on Deloume Road. The [...]

  • Shonna Froebel

    Another new voice in Canadian fiction pulls off a great first novel. This book is set the summer in a small rural community on Vancouver Island during the first Gulf War. We get a variety of points of view of the people who live on Deloume Road and also occasional flashbacks to 1899 from Gerard Deloume, whom the road is named after.We see the young boy Matthew and his developmentally disabled brother Andy. We see Matthew's friend Josh. There is another young boy Miles, whose family circumstances [...]

  • AJ

    I wanted to like this book more. But while the writing was generally good, the book's structure and point of view changes (like, every one to two pages -- basically, every scene) were so disruptive and sometimes jarring. I mean, who really needs to know what truly secondary characters were thinking?The book is more about literary style than plot. But the one real piece of action near the end of the book (which is annoyingly foreshadowed, as opposed to pleasantly foreshadowed with a pay-off) seem [...]

  • Selaine Henriksen

    I enjoyed this book once I was a few chapters in and got used to the alternating POV's. I like the story, although predictable.I read it through in one sitting. Everything tied up nicely at the end (except the Hungarian's story?). The main problem I had was all the descriptions. I had the feeling that a lot of energy went into exact detail, the exact right word fro various trees and plants. But I don't know what half those things are. I have no mental picture of an 'arbutus' or 'salal grass' and [...]

  • Christine

    I started reading this book in late June, just as the summer became hot, and iI live on Vancouver Island, so the description, from the beginning, had me hooked. I know the area Hooton writes about, and the detailse smells, the images, were around me as I read. I love when that happens. I also enjoyed the characters, and how each chapter doles out a little bit of information about that character. Each character is eventually linked to all the others in a clever web. From the start, the reader kno [...]

  • Annie Harrison

    I absolutely adored this book, and as a writer myself am envious of this author's beautiful craft. The descriptions and atmosphere are wonderfully drawn, as are the characters. There is a gentle buzz, like the dragonflies, of the advent of unsettled things, or indeed bad things about to happen. The chapters are short and page-turning. It is a story about a remote road and its inhabitants and how they are linked to each other and the past. Deloume Road is one of those books which, when you finish [...]

  • Kaitlin

    This novel had a very different story arc from what I was expecting. Rather than rising action-climax-falling action, or a wandering artsy place based novel, the story started with a bit of a wander, which I enjoyed because I liked the characters, but then a surprising shocker came near the end. Some characters' stories were left too open ended for my liking.

  • Julian Hoffman

    This is a beautifully haunting novel, told in adventurous style. Matthew Hooton calls up a Vancouver Island summer with a dreamlike, childhood quality that only those old remembered seasons can have, richly weaving a story of mystery, grace and loss that will long echo in the lives of the residents of Deloume Road.

  • Nicole

    Terrible. I wanted it to be good, because the author is localbut it just wasn't. The plot hinged on one incident right near the end - and it wasn't worth waiting for, and was just a sad, melancholy moment. Writing is mediocre.

  • Katrina Korte

    I really enjoyed this one. I think it would be perfect for book clubs and it's an easy read. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character and each chapters flows perfectly from one to the next.

  • prescribed

    Meh. Some of the writing is good-- full of wonderful island-forest imagery. But everything about this book bends towards an implied climax that comes way too late and makes the events that proceed it, and characters that surround it, feel contrived.

  • Tracy Canuck

    I did enjoy this book and living so close to the location didn't hurt

  • dawna

    pointless. the whole book is droll, hard to get through, and nothing in it happens for any reason at all.

  • Carmen

    couldn't finish it.

  • Roberta

    The writer creates a tangible sense of place and i love how the story uunfolds slowly through its many characters and perspectives. A must if you've ever visted Shawnigan lake.

  • Liz

    FAN tastic Book, a real twister, just loved it!

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  • Best Read [Matthew Hooton] Ö Deloume Road || [Romance Book] PDF ↠
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