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Evolutionary models for life, earth, and space are questioned today by a significant group of scientists worldwide They are convinced that the earth and the entire universe are the result of a supernatural creation event which occurred just thousands of years ago, not billions of years Why do conventional methods for dating rocks differ so radically What does carbon Evolutionary models for life, earth, and space are questioned today by a significant group of scientists worldwide They are convinced that the earth and the entire universe are the result of a supernatural creation event which occurred just thousands of years ago, not billions of years Why do conventional methods for dating rocks differ so radically What does carbon 14 found in diamonds tell us Was there accelerated nuclear decay in earth s history Are the creation and Flood accounts genuine historic events These and many other questions are addressed in Thousands Not Billions This book summarizes eight years of research by the Institute for Creation Research ICR and a team of scientists, whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective The project title was Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, or RATE The age of the earth is one of the most divisive topics today, much debated by scholars and laypersons alike What one believes about the age of the earth goes a long way in determining world views The Bible is explicit that the earth is young, but many people feel that science has proved our planet is than four billion year old Thousands Not Billions provides a compelling challenge to Darwinian evolution.

  • Title: Thousands Not Billions
  • Author: Donald Deyoung
  • ISBN: 2940000217139
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Nook

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Donald Deyoung

Donald Deyoung Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thousands Not Billions book, this is one of the most wanted Donald Deyoung author readers around the world.

Comments Thousands Not Billions

  • Brenton

    This book could have been called RATE for Dummies. It's a non-techinical distillation of the work of the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE) project, conducted over eight years by several PhD Young Earth Creationists. The two volume work the RATE group produced is nearly inscrutable to all but nerd scientists. Hence, Don DeYoung has translated the ideas for the rest of us. The star light and time problem is not treated.

  • Rodney Harvill

    Decades ago, some opponents of evolution argued that God had placed the fossils in the ground to test us. Contrary to contemporary misrepresentations used to slander creationists as unsophisticated, modern creation scientists (yes, scientists!) accept that fossils are the remains of actual living creatures, arguing that most of them were buried in Noah’s flood recorded in Genesis. This book focuses not on the biological evolution debate centered around fossils of animals, but rather on the geo [...]

  • Scott

    As I expected, this book is poorly disguised pseudoscience. The first part that I read was the references: Only 16 references for a work of such potentially revolutionary import, with just four of these from recognized peer-reviewed scientific journals, and none of the article authors were authors of the chapters in this book. Red Flag. That provided a good indicator of where this book was going to go. But each chapter did provide some introductory scientific background (physics/chemistry/geolog [...]

  • David Barker

    Although I don't agree with everything written in the book (and that can be said of nearly every book I've read), it contains some very good information. The discussion about the possibility of radioactive decay rates not being uniform over time is intriguing. After all, what causes radioactive decay? It is said to be spontaneous. What does that mean? "Just happens," or as Curie suggested: from an unknown cause? I really like a statement on p. 143: "The questioning of radioisotope dating and the [...]

  • Peter

    Godawful book, deluded fundamentalism Fabulous example of otherwise intelligent people having their brains reduced to mush due to indoctrination . Seriously stupid . PhDs using big words to mislead and deceive others . " the world is about 6,000 years old "? Right, and Bambi was a documentary

  • Danny Barulli

    DeYoung wrote this for Young Earth Creationists who may have an interest in the scientific apologetic for a 6000-year-old earth. He introduces the RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) team that will provide research and experimentation for a young earth.

  • Albert

    I teach advanced chemistry at the high school level and the main point stressed to my students as scientifically sound the mathematics of radioisotopic decay may be, many assumptions are made in calculating the final data. For example, the age of dead people compare to 100 year old skeletons will be different because of the c-12/c-14 ratio. Our consumption of oil (buried dinosaur fossils) are C-12 rich. The amount of CO2 produce in the atmosphere increases as we consume more fossil fuels. So the [...]

  • Stan

    This book focuses on perceived flaws in current methods of aging the earth. It is beyond my geologic knowledge to determine the truth or falsehood of his arguments, but I would say that the author, a physics professor, presents his case in a reasoned, logical manner (at least until the last chapter, when he brings in a biblical scholar to statistically prove that Genesis is a factual recounting of events rather than poetry or metaphor). Still I found his argument ultimately unconvincing, trying [...]

  • Kevin

    Great book if you are familiar with isotopes and the science of carbon dating a little. If so then you will like this, very informative in depth look at how false the process is and why it has been allowed to go on so long uncontested. It breaks down the nuclear half-lifes of C-12 and C-14 ( Carbon Atoms ) and how they are used to date some of the most important things in lifeke the true age of the earth. Evolutionists will hate it because it completely disproves their evolution nonsense in nume [...]

  • Aaron

    This book was very interesting and informative. It was a hard read, but it was well-worth struggling through it. Many interesting points were brought up. But ultimately, their commitment to the fact that the earth has to be exactly 6000 years old made them draw bad conclusions. Also their section on how Genesis contains no poetry was bad. I get it, I stand with them in their opposition of those who want to destroy the creation account, which is the foundation of our faith. Perhaps they should re [...]

  • Spencer

    Very interesting. The authors make some great scientific points but then in their conclusion they make some points based on their assumptive opinions that puts them in a corner and closes off their otherwise open discussion. Many times this book was written above the layman and was difficult to follow even though this was the simplified version of their studies for the layman. Anyway, its a worthy read for anyone who has ever been interested in the age of the earth and religion.

  • Erika Nederveld

    This book is about radiometric dating methods. It is much lighter reading than other books out there on the topic and is suitable for the normal person who has no prior knowledge on the topic. This summarized the results of experiments conducted by the RATE group which are critical to understanding what the problems are with the radiometric dating method.

  • Todd Miles

    This book raises critical questions about the assumption that grounds scientific inquiry of an old earth. Though the case for a young earth is not made, there are significant questions raised, based upon strong scientific data, that might undermine Old Earth dating.

  • Kim

    Having a hard time with this one as my brain explodes after one page of reading. Requires a degree in physics to fully comprehend. Incredibly scientific, probably not for the lay person. But I'll keep trying and let you know.

  • L.S.

    This is an amazing book! It presents great results and everything is done really well and science-based. I do not recommended though if you do not have some basic knowledge in nuclear geo-chronology.

  • Brad

    I've read a ton of Creationist books and many times I have read the same thing over. This book presents tons of evidence for a young earth that I had never heard of! I'm not sure there was anything in this book that I had read about anywhere else. A must for even avid young earth believers.

  • Rod Carty

    The chapter on the grammatical analysis of the Creation account geeked me out! (That's very hard to do.)

  • JoAnnette

    SO far truly captivating

  • Emily

    Very deep, technical book.

  • Nathan Miller

    Good info, but really pretty boring and technical. The Evolutionists are in a lot of trouble I think.

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  • [PDF] Download Á Thousands Not Billions | by ↠ Donald Deyoung
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