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By Nicholas Mosley | Comments: ( 477 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

A biography of the First World War poet Julian Grenfell It helps readers to understand why Julian and his generation seemed to want to die in battle It also brings Edwardian society to life, as well as describes his relationship with his mother.

  • Title: Julian Grenfell
  • Author: Nicholas Mosley
  • ISBN: 9780953478095
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nicholas Mosley

Nicholas Mosley was educated at Eton and Oxford He served in Italy during World War II, and published his first novel, Spaces of the Dark, in 1951 His book Hopeful Monsters won the 1990 Whitbread Award.Mosley was the author of several works of nonfiction, most notably the autobiography Efforts at Truth and a biography of his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, entitled Rules of the Game Beyond the Pale.

Comments Julian Grenfell

  • Jeslyn

    While the individual strands of Mosley's biography were rather tedious in the early - and middle - going, he ramped up very well in second half, and the beginning tangents were definitely justified. It' no small undertaking to build a biography of a young person to begin with (Grenfell lived only to age 27, and was not a prolific writer), but the author's aim is more difficult because his primary source material consists of letters between Grenfell's mother Ettie and her friends ("The Souls", a [...]

  • Linda

    Rather than review this myself I am linking to a review by Dove Grey Reader, a UK blog that I used to follow. The writer did what I did, let the book sit on the shelf for years before picking it up. This was one of the first books I ordered from Persephone Press. Despite being a biography of a WWI poet/soldier the war is the smallest section in the book. It is much more a look at life before the war and suggests not much was the way we imagine or is portrayed in movies. dovegreyreader.typepad/do [...]

  • Rosemary

    This was not what I expected but I really enjoyed it. Julian Grenfell, born in 1888, was an aristocratic army officer and poet killed in the First World War. Unlike many war poets his best known poem 'Into Battle' celebrates war rather than dealing with the horrors. He was killed in the spring of 1915 so perhaps he didn't have time to become disillusioned - but he was a man who enjoyed hunting and shooting more than almost anything else, so perhaps it was just his nature.Nicholas Mosley was marr [...]

  • Margaret

    Julian Grenfell was a young Englishman who died in World War I, having written one of the war's most famous poems, "Into Battle". In this biography, Nicholas Mosley is interested in examining what led Julian, his peers, and his family to believe that to kill and die in war was a desirable, even a splendid, thing.I see why Persephone reprinted the book. Their focus on women's literature may make this seem an odd choice, a biography of a man by another man, but Mosley spends just as much time on J [...]

  • Stephen

    Moving non-fiction account of a social circle we know from with fiction like Downton Abbey (for nostalgia about a place we never knew) and Evelyn Waugh (for satire) and P.G. Wodehouse (for silliness) and John Buchan (some of whose fictional characters come from it). As the blurb and other reviewers have noted, it examines the death wish that goes with relishing war, a surfeit of God and Country.

  • Yooperprof

    One of the best accounts I've ever read of Britain in the twenty years before World War I, particularly focusing upon the mentality of those from the privileged classes who marched gaily and enthusiastically off to war in 1914.

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  • Free Download [Paranormal Book] ☆ Julian Grenfell - by Nicholas Mosley ✓
    477 Nicholas Mosley
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