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By Teresa J. Reasor | Comments: ( 867 ) | Date: ( Jan 22, 2020 )

Tired of loving Gabriel Campbell from afar, shy lady s maid, Grace MacNab announces her interest by showing him what she has to offer her heart.Taken unaware, Gabriel dismisses her feelings as a temporary infatuation.Can Grace make him see the woman she is and win his love Or will he hold on to past perceptions and deny the passion between them.

  • Title: To Capture a Highlanders Heart
  • Author: Teresa J. Reasor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Teresa J. Reasor

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Teresa Reasor was born in Southeastern Kentucky, but grew up a Marine Corps brat The love of reading instilled in her in Kindergarten at Parris Island, South Carolina made books her friends during the many transfers her father s military career entailed The transition from reading to writing came easily to her and she penned her first book in second grade But it wasn t until 2007 that her first published work was released After twenty one years as an Art Teacher and ten years as a part time College Instructor, she s now retired and living her dream as a full time Writer.Her body of work includes both full length novels and shorter pieces in many different genres, Military Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Children s Books MILITARY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Breaking Free Book 1 of the SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers Breaking Through Book 2 of the SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers Breaking Away Book 3 of the SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers Building Ties Book 4 of the SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers PARANORMAL ROMANCE TimelessFANTASY ROMANCE Whisper In My EarHISTORICAL ROMANCE Highland Moonlight Captive Hearts SHORT STORIES An Automated Death A Steampunk Short Story ParanormalTo Capture A Highlander s Heart The Beginning A Highland Moonlight Spinoff Caught In The Act A Humorous Short Story Contemporary Romance NOVELLAS To Capture A Highlander s Heart The Courtship A Highland Moonlight Spinoff Breaking Ties A Seal Team Heartbreakers Novella CHILDREN S BOOK Willy C Sparks The Dragon Who Lost His FireHer next children s book will be Haiku Clue a book of Haiku poetry for children The poems will act as clues for the reader to guess what the creature is before they turn the page It will be out in the fall of 2015THOLOGIES HER WORK HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN Malice, Mischief, and Men Breaking Free SEALed With A Kiss Heroes With A Heart Breaking Free Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem Building Ties

Comments To Capture a Highlanders Heart

  • Liz

    When your total reading time is calculated at 5 minutes, alarm bells surely ring. What the hell was that? An extended blurb best describes it because even a novella takes me longer than the time to make a coffee. I can't tell you what it was about because I blinked and it was all over. I feel like I'm cheating when this goes towards my book count for the year. A great one to read during the commercials of a show you love. You'll have time left over too.

  • Ðawn

    This is a free 14 page novella. A taste of the series.I like that the author has done this. It is a clever way to entice a reader to continue.Unfortunately, the bit I have just read has left me unsure if I want to continue.A young girl who is in love with an older ( not OLD) man decides to win his heart by cooking and cleaning his hut in secret. He discovers who has been doing this and also discovers her motive is to entice him to marriage. But he feels she is too young for him. He also realizes [...]

  • Karen

    aweQuick sweet read. Have a feeling I'm gonna love these books. I recently found this author so I'm way behind on her books but plan on catching up on what appears to be some wonderful stories

  • Michele

    This is one of the shortest but most complete historical romances I have ever read. All the elements are in place--the characters well developed! I was honestly amazed. Historical romance is the genre I gravitate to--it is my favorite genre. Especially when it involves strong Highland men an even smarter Highland woman!How this Highland lass captured her man--well at first I wondered if the hard headed man would capitulate---and it did seem like a lot to go through--If you love this genre or eve [...]

  • Virginia Tican

    Nicely done! A Good and Light read.

  • Sabina Bundgaard

    This is a very short read, only 13 pages or so, but the writing truly captured me (no pun intended). Teresa caught me with her writing style, and my heart was cheering for the young lass, Grace, to be successful. She also made me giggle like a little schoolgirl.If you want to try and see if Teresa’s work might be something for you, pick To Capture a Highlander up, it’s free at the moment. I know I’m going to read more by Teresa. :-)

  • Gayle Roberson

    Gabriel and Grace This was a short read to wet your appetite for more to come. Teresa Reasor does it again. She strikes gold. Grace is the quite maid to the lady of the keep and Gabriel is one of the warriors to the laird. Grace loves Gabriel but he doesn't think he is ready for love and marriage because that is what Grace deserves. I recommend reading the next book in the series.

  • Kimberly

    Shy lady’s maid, Grace MacNab has loved Gabriel Campbell from afar for sometime now. She has decided to inform him of her interested by offering him her heart. Gabriel dismisses her feelings. Can Grace make him see the woman she has become?I really enjoyed this short. I love books about Highlanders. I am very excited to see what happens in this little series! Great job Teresa!!

  • Tara (box5angel)

    This is exactly one of the types of romances that I love to read. Scottish Highlander historical romances. It didn't disappoint. It was sweet and very short (it is a short story after all). There is another part to the story and I can't wait to read it, to see what happens between Grace and Gabriel, whom I like very much.

  • S.R. Roddy

    This short teaser was an entertaining read while I waited to get my oil changed. I was impressed by how much the author managed to fit into such a small amount of writing. While the characters are not fully developed you can discern enough about them from what she does share to whet the appetite. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  • Catherine

    Beginning:There isn't many words to describe this book.Is this how they acted back then?I loved it but also hated it. I think it was because it was too fast and too short to understand what was going on.Confused.

  • Kath

    3 stars because it was a taster of a great story to come. I just fell into this little snippet. I have not read anything by this author before, but really liked how she writes and i can't wait to read the rest of this book.

  • Hildegart

    Short story- it's like a teaser for more. That can be good or bad. Thankfully this little snippet didn't end on a cliffhanger.

  • Tara Battle

    Teaser is really short, how long do we wait for the book??

  • Jennifer-Eve Workman

    I will update my review later this evening

  • Melissa

    At a lost hereThis was really to short read it in 10 minutes. I started reading it will finish the rest of the series if I can find them.

  • writer...

    Brief but colourful characters' intro to author's upcoming new release

  • Deliasue

    I don't usually read partial books, but this one sounded very good, so I read it.Teresa Reasor has a unique way of writing her stories. I will read more of them.

  • Stephanie Bolen

    She broke it up and just gave a taste for the free ebook.

  • Emma Long

    As promised, very shortA nice introduction of more to come, I suppose. A bit too short, but the price was right as it was free on Kindle.

  • Meg

    Short, sweet, and really good! I love the idea of a woman tempting courtship while the man think the Fae are to blame!

  • Corleen McTavous/DeVanya Christian

    Too shortI don't think his should be a short story. It should be longer because my appetite was wet yet not quenched.

  • writer...

    Brief but colourful characters' intro to author's upcoming new release

  • Tasha

    This book is part of a series. I know what you are thinking (is it worth it if I have to wait for the next book to come out). Your answer is Yes it is worth it!

  • Lisa

    A very short tease of what it to come. However, it is the perfect free read to begin to know Grace and Gabriel

  • Linsey

    I enjoyed this free short story, but not enough to pay for the followup novellas.

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  • ✓ To Capture a Highlanders Heart || ì PDF Download by ✓ Teresa J. Reasor
    465 Teresa J. Reasor
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