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By Steve Frazee | Comments: ( 398 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

This adaptation of the 1950s Walt Disney television series ZORRO, featuring the character created by Johnston McCulley, tells of Zorro s origins and his battle of wits and swords with the corrupt comandante Capitan Monastario.

  • Title: Walt Disney's Zorro
  • Author: Steve Frazee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Steve Frazee

Steve Frazee was born in Salida, Colorado He began making major contributions to Western pulp magazines with stories set in the American West as well as a number of North Western tales published in Adventure Not surprisingly, many of Frazee s novels have become major motion pictures.

Comments Walt Disney's Zorro

  • Andrew Maier

    I read Zorro the WaltDisney version. In the book a young man named Diego was away from for a long time and was returning home when someone took over his home and started to tax people and if they didn't listen, they would be killed or put in jail. Young Diego also had a friend that traveled with on his journey his name was Bernardo but at the beginig they called him a servant but as the story went on he became a very close friend of both Zorro and Diego. So as Diego found about the ruler he was [...]

  • John Peel

    A novelization based on the Disney TV series "Zorro", this book is adapted from the first 13 episodes of season 1. It's a fun romp, and Steve Frazee has a good time with it. California in 1820 is under Spanish rule, and the new military commander of Los Angeles is a nasty, greedy man who bends the law to enrich himself. Don Diego de la Vega plays the scholar and fop to hide his activities as Zorro - the Fox! Enjoy!

  • Molly Ann

    Great book!!

  • John

    It was just like watching the old t.v. show from when I was a kid.

  • Vanessa

    As a one man army Don Diego de la Vega uses optical illusion , deception and good swordsmanship toend King Ferdinand's VII cruel appointee's ( commandante Monastario ) control over pueblo nuestra de la reina in southern California during 1820 .

  • Alena

    This classic board-cover book -- a typical specimen of the mid-20th-century Whitman children's series, which also included such greats as Lassie, Roy Rogers and the Bobbsey Twins -- is a great nostalgia trip for those who watched the 1950s TV series or love the Zorro character/legend in general. (As a long-time masked-hero devotee who faithfully watched Zorro reruns all the way through college, I fit in both categories.)Although this "Authorized TV Edition" is a direct scene-for-scene adaptation [...]

  • Mike Jensen

    This blast from my childhood past does not hold up very well, but then revisiting the favorites of my youth seldom do. The story eventually becomes tedious and the prose has a much lard as Sgt. Garcia, but there is one wonderful incident after Zorro is captured that you will not predict, so I will not spoil it. The illustrations seemed wonderful when I was a child but now seem sketchy and lack compelling compositions. A good book such as this should be fun at every age, but this one is past its [...]

  • Randy

    ZORRO by Steve Frazee is based on the Disney television series of the late fifties starring Guy Williams as Zorro. The book is a novelization of the first thirteen episodes where Don Diego returns from Spain, after three years, at his father's request.A new military commandante, Monastario, was cracking down on the Dons and the common folk for some reason.We see the beginnings of Zorro, how Diego adopts a meek persona to hide his true nature, His only confidant is the mute Bernardo, his loyal se [...]

  • Sandi

    This was a book I inherited from my Dad and read until the cover fell off. I never watched the TV series that the book was based on but that did not diminish my enjoyment of the story.

  • Ronald

    possibly read in spring 1967

  • Ronald

    read during school year of 1965-66, possibly in spring

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  • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ☆ Walt Disney's Zorro - by Steve Frazee ↠
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