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By Bryan L. Lee | Comments: ( 230 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

What if the neighborhood vigilante were a werewolf

  • Title: After Dark
  • Author: Bryan L. Lee
  • ISBN: 2940000786185
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Bryan L. Lee

Bryan L. Lee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After Dark book, this is one of the most wanted Bryan L. Lee author readers around the world.

Comments After Dark

  • Becca-Rawr

    This was one of those books that I got finished reading, and just sat there for a moment, wondering whether or not it was worth my reading or not.For a short story, this carried no weight. It was like plucking a chapter from a novel, and feeling as though there is so much missing. Characters, plots, a storyline, all gone, and you sort of have to pretend you know what's going on when you REALLY don't.The writer can't really work his pen very well, either. Very sluggish, and the same sort of const [...]

  • Sammy Loves Books

    Great short storyIt left me wanting more. It's about a vigilante, but it needs to be developed into a full novel. Cause I wanna read more!

  • Sonia

    Short stories have always been a challenge for me. I've discovered that often when I read a collection, I'll only truly find a few memorable. However, I've long since accepted that the abruptness and suspension of a short story are what defines the piece. Short stories are meant to be incomplete, yet impactful.That being said, I didn't care for this short story at all. It just didn't seem to accomplish anything worthy of note. It didn't shock me, disturb me, nor move me in any way. The character [...]

  • Tammy

    Quick, easy short story about a vigilante werewolf. It really would have been a very good start to a much bigger paranormal romantic suspense novel, but as it is it was a little too short and ended abruptly.

  • Melanie Fair

    I want to weep at the potential. It reads like a rough draft, or a summary, and I desperately wanted to like it. Alas, he should've worked on it more before publishing.

  • Gail Willis

    I found this to be a bit too short and not to memorable.

  • Mimona masarwi

    Even for a short story, it seems too ordinary!The storyline just so basic, that I didn't feel anything while reading its just a short story, I guess!!:(

  • BookNerdette

    Read January 16, 2012ebook,Published November 16th 2009A woman out for a midnight jog was being watched by someone in the woods.The watcher sees the three men get wind, then sight of her and at that moment knew they were going to persue her.The men attacked her and then began to drag her to the woods to do damage.The watcher attacks and kills two of the men. The third man was running with the woman, but he cut her and left her in the woods. The watcher stops long enough to check if she okay. Whe [...]

  • Graham

    Considering the book I read previously, The Vanishing, was so badly written, and full of grammatical errors, this short story seems well-written by comparison. I think the main problem with the book is the summary, "What if the neighborhood vigilante were a werewolf?" and the cover image for the story, a wolf's head. It tells you right up front what you're getting. I think this spoils a good opportunity to take the reader on a little mystery tour, trying to figure out what's happening. Because y [...]

  • Jimmy

    For a short story, it was okay but not good or great. I am very glad that it was a free read. I may try to read one more of the author’s short stories before completely giving up on him.Bryan Lee caught my attention from the beginning, so it was not a boring read. However, the writing was dry and wasn’t very supernatural as I expected it to be. For a werewolf vigilante, the hero was seriously lacking.On the other hand, I was already tired and ready for bed when I wanted to read before fallin [...]

  • Kitty Chatfou

    "AFTER DARK" BY BRYAN LEEThis was a short story of what I assumed to be a werewolf with the tendency to still obtain his human feelings of right and wrong. The story begins with a woman being accosted by two men that apparently have the mind to violate her and likely even murder her as she is out late one night jogging. You can likely guess who or actually what comes to her rescue. It's a well-written story from the prospective of the werewolf describing what he sees and how it makes him feel as [...]

  • Madhu (Madhu LovesBooks)

    A short story.Too short,actually. This story is about a werewolf vigilante who protects the city after dark. A young girl going out for a jog is chased by three men who have no good intentions. The story written in the werewolve's POV,chases down the three men,and in the process,gets shot himself in the back. That's about it. We never get to know what happens of the werewolf.The concept of a werewolf vigilante is quite new to me,although the story is incomplete. Would have been more fun to read [...]

  • Sandra

    This would have been okay as a beginning to or excerpt from a larger book, but as a stand alone it was very one dimensional. The main thing it had going for it (being a short light horror story) would be suspense, but that was significantly lacking due to the cover art and the description spoiling it that our vigilante is a werewolf.

  • Susan

    You really have to rate this according to what it is, a mini short. It really does not have a plot to speak of, it is more of a scene. In that context, it is done very well. It is written in the voice of the wolf which adds some dimension to it. It is worth the very short time it takes to read it.

  • DCRD

    Did I just waste my time with this? Yes, I think I did. No tension. No character development. No closure. No weight. No intriguing style. No editing. No quality. This is something I would have wrote myself in grade school.

  • Dana

    it was a good read until the end where it just stopped. I don't think I like short stories. could have done so much more with this storyline. maybe even more that one bookAhhh, if I only had the talent to do more than edit other peoples great works, oh to be able to create.

  • Shannon Renee

    I get the purpose of a short story. Impactful writing and abrupt action. However, this was sooo poorly written, it failed at everything. I hated this book. It depended too much on the cover to tell the story rather than telling it in words. I have already deleted this.

  • Fee (Ebook Addicts)

    short and sweet

  • Janna

    Just okay - not much to it.

  • Chris

    Wow, I love how it took the point of view of the wolf .

  • Joyce McKune

    A very short story.

  • Vickie

    Very short but to the point. Don't go running in the park after dark.

  • Jessica

    Nice quick short story. It was like a starting to a great book. Wish it was more of a book and not a short story!!

  • Jessica

    9 pages should be able to knock this right out. Can hardly count it as a book :-)

  • Travelling Sunny

    What if the fairy tale wolf from Little Red Riding Hood was actually a good guy? A modern day vigilante for damsels in distress

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    First read by Lee and it left me wanting more. I felt cheated. Just when things were getting interesting it was it. The End. Now, ani't that something.

  • Amber

    Felt a little to short for me even for a short story but, had a good story line behind it.

  • Kym

    Umm9 pages, really? could have been made into a good "book".

  • Kim Galla

    This would be a good prequel for a series.

  • Sharon

    I might have enjoyed this more but I was expecting a full book not 8 pages of text. Perhaps I accidentally downloaded a sample, either way, too short.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ After Dark | by ↠ Bryan L. Lee
    155 Bryan L. Lee
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