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By Richard Lockridge Frances Lockridge | Comments: ( 855 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

First in a long and extremely popular series, the main sleuth is actually Lt Weigand of the NYC police this is a cosy police procedural, with some nice bits of The Norths who find the body even though most people only remember them In this first novel they do only a little sleuthing, and the focus is on police procedureom the back cover of The Thorndike Edition First in a long and extremely popular series, the main sleuth is actually Lt Weigand of the NYC police this is a cosy police procedural, with some nice bits of The Norths who find the body even though most people only remember them In this first novel they do only a little sleuthing, and the focus is on police procedureom the back cover of The Thorndike Edition THE NORTHS MEET MURDER in the top floor studio of the old house in which they live Long left vacant, Mrs North decides it is just the place for a party and takes her hsband up to check it out They open a door and find a murdered man in the bathtub With no clue, not even the identity of the corpse, nothing to start from but the Norths and thei black cat Pete, Detective Weigand begins spinning his web and gathereing into it the most amazing conglomeration of information With the aid of Mrs North s hunches he carries through to a brilliant, entertaining and fascinating conclusion.

  • Title: The Norths Meet Murder
  • Author: Richard Lockridge Frances Lockridge
  • ISBN: 9780891909163
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Richard Lockridge Frances Lockridge

An American writer of detective fiction, Richard Lockridge s frequent collaborator was his wife Frances Lockridge, who co wrote the Mr and Mrs North mystery series.

Comments The Norths Meet Murder

  • Mark

    The characters Pam & Jerry North were originally invented by Richard Lockridge for some vignettes he wrote for the New York Sun during the early thirties and which he later resurrected in the short domestic comedies he contributed to The New Yorker, by which time the Norths had acquired their full names but not yet their abilities as amateur detectives. A collection of the stories was published in 1936 as Mr. and Mrs. North. The crime novels originated when Frances Lockwood started writing a [...]

  • Bev

    Current review [6/29/16]Nobody is going to that much trouble to get murdered. But if you're going to murder somebody, you expect to go to a lot of trouble. I would. [Pam North]The Norths Meet Murder (1940) is a lovely beginning to Frances & Richard Lockridge's series which features (to varying degrees) Pam and Jerry North as the slightly "screwy," yet classy amateur sleuth husband and wife team and the sharp Lieutenant (later Captain) Bill Weigand and his faithful, often confused sidekick De [...]

  • Shorty

    This book was a real slog. I had a hard time finishing it. The probable only way I will continue this series is if I have already bought them, and I feel I have to.

  • Shoshana

    A million years ago when I was a girl, I thought that the Mr and Mrs North mysteries were the height of sophistication. I read every one I could find, and I am delighted to see these marvelous stories available to a new audience for Kindle.Although this book was published in 1940, it hardly shows its age. The gang's all here; Pam and Jerry North, of course, Lt Bill Weigand, Detective Mullins, and even Inspector O'Malley makes his appearance. The only ones missing are the Siamese cats whom I seem [...]

  • Abbey

    1940, #1 Pam&Jerry North, Lt Bill Weigand NYC PDUpper-middle-class New York City urban sophisticates (1940s style) find a dead man in a bathtub in an empty NY apartment; classic cosy police procedural four stars. Pam North is a nice, slightly fuzzy youngish urban Missus who, with her publisher husband, lives a good life in New York City, filled with parties, shopping, dining out, etc. When she decides to give a big party she wants to use the space available in her small apartment building, t [...]

  • Marley

    I've been a fan of Mr. and Mrs.North since I was about 7 years old when I watched the TV series with Richard Denning and Barbara Britton. Decades later a local low power TV station ran the show and I found a DVD collection as well. I was surprised at how we they stood up. As an older fan I was impressed with their chemistry, their sexy marriage (by 1950s TV standards especially) and that they were happy and childfree. The Norths clearly had a great time with each other. The scripts themselves we [...]

  • C.P. Murphy

    I found this book in an antique shop while vacationing in the 1,000 Islands. The room was full of dusty books that smelt of age but I wanted to buy something anyway so I grabbed this one. It had no blurb on the back cover, no picture on the cover, but yet intrique was all over the hardcover. I truly enjoyed the story. The story took place in NYC in the 1940s and I felt like I was in that time era. Though, I know that the book was written then and there and its purpose wasn't to try to take me ba [...]

  • Dorothy

    The Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries are not something that would necessarily appeal to me today, but back in the day - late '60s, early '70s - I loved those books and devoured them like peanuts!

  • David Clayton

    I am a fan of both the radio and tv show, the book did not disappoint. A fun read for any fan of the North"s.

  • Karen

    What fun this was! I remember listening to the radio show occasionally when I was growing up thanks to my local NPR station playing a lot of old time radio and I vaguely remember seeing the Gracie Allen as Mrs North movie at some point when I was young. Somehow it didn't dawn on me that they were based on a book series until I was poking around the hoopla app from my library one day. Jerry and Pam North live in New York City where he works in publishing and she plans parties, shops, has lunch [...]

  • Nancy

    I have been randomly reading Lockridge's series for the past year and finally stumbled on Book #1 in the series. For any reader interested in this series of gentle and slightly comic "classic murder mysteries" I recommend reading them in order. I didn't do that---but highly recommend that you do what I didn't do.The character development is far more interesting if the books are experienced in sequence. In this novel, Mr. & Mrs. North literally stumble upon a body -- the fun begins when they [...]

  • Rachel Burke

    The last third is great!But my, the first two-thirds are oh so long. The story is told from the perspective of third person incredibly formal narrator. I think that's part of my problem with it. By the end of the first chapter I never wanted to read the words Mr. North or Mrs. North again. The narration is just so very formal and stiff and separate from what's going on around it. It makes the beginning incredibly slow and, to be honest, fairly boring. Luckily, the action and interest picks up qu [...]

  • Kathy Davie

    First in the Mr. and Mrs. North mystery series set in late 1930s New York City and revolving around a curious couple. Jerry North is an editor with Kensington & Brown, and Pam North is a housewife.My TakeI suspect my biggest reason for giving Norths Meet Murder a "4" is for the quaintness of it. I keep reminding myself that this is a period mystery, set in the late 1930s (and written in 1940), and I have to take this into account. It has a number of oddities in it which I attribute to the st [...]

  • Liz

    Again trying to re-read as much of this series as I can get a hold of. It is just nice to find a well written story with humor. They are really cozy procedurals set in New York City. with everyone drinking martinis plus there are catsrfect light reading for the summer.

  • Jan P

    First book in the murder mystery series of Mr. and Mrs. North. I liked the old movies so I thought I would give this a try. Entertaining, wry, hard to figure out. I liked the olden days of NY aspect to it.

  • Demerara

    A really good old-fashioned mystery.

  • Annette

    This book was originally written in another era. There are no cell phones, no computers and no high tech forensics. But there is detection. A great deal of thought is given to each situation and each person. And things get solved.Pam and Jerry North are a couple who live a comfortable life in New York City. Their friends are others who live comfortable lives. Everyone knows everyone. They attend the same parties, they drink a great number of cocktails and they gossip about one another. One autum [...]

  • DelAnne Frazee

    Title: The Norths Meet Murder - Mr. & Mrs. North Mystery 1Author: Frances Lockridge & Richard LockridgePublished: 3-8-16Publisher: Open Road Integrated MediaPages: 200Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub Genre: Police Procedures, Amateur SleuthsISBN: 9781504031073ASIN: B01AVTUZK2Reviewer: DelAnneReviewed For: NetGalley. Pamela North decides to make use of the empty apartment in her Greenwich Village building for a party she wants to throw for her and her husband's friends. Jerry, [...]

  • Crittermom

    The Norths Meet Murder is a novel from an earlier time. Published before the onset of WWII, it blends mystery and the charm common to the screwball mysteries of the time. While very different from the more action filled mysteries of the present, The Norths Meet Murder is a pleasure to read. I'm happy to see Open Road Media releasing it in ebook form.The best word to describe the Norths is "civilized". They are an ordinary, good natured couple with an easy, accepting manner. Mrs. North is energet [...]

  • Anne

    I was expecting the main characters to be Mr. and Mrs. North and their investigating, but it was really Weigand and Mullins from the police dept and I didn't find them that interesting. Mullins, especially, is a multi-drink one note character. I also felt that the reader couldn't really figure out the killer based on the info. given and I think we really should (if we want to). There was no shortage of potential suspects and the police weren't doing a very proficient job of interviewing, perhaps [...]

  • Bill

    This has to be one of the slowest moving mysteries I have read in a dog’s age – and I love my dogs to have a long and happy life.I read this, though, because I remember watching an old TV show in reruns about Mr and Mrs North when I was a kid and the show was very cool, but I also love the insightful Mrs North. The book has a restrained humor behind it that keeps the mystery fresh and light.Written in a day when women seemed to be more tolerated than accepted, when guys would puzzled by what [...]

  • Jessi

    When I requested this book from NetGalley, I assumed it was like the recent Nero Wolfe that I had read -- a new book by a recent (currently alive) author. I know the Norths from old time radio stories and was confused when they met Lieutenant Weigand. Didn't they already know him? Oh! This is a reissue is the first book in the series! It starts when Pam decides to throw a party. She's been to quite a few parties and "owes" her friends. She decides that it might be nice to use the empty apartment [...]

  • Victoria Mixon

    I got a huge kick out this book! Crazy as all get-out, the Mr. & Mrs. North who followed on the NY heels of Nick & Nora Charles are charming, silly, and just astute enough to get themselves into trouble when someone they know takes advantage of an empty apartment above them to get someone else they know quietly out of the way.I did figure out the culprit pretty early on, but the Lockridges do a nice job of muddying the waters. The only reason I didn't have the character pegged definitely [...]

  • Charlene Roberson

    I received a free advanced digital copy of this book in return for a review. Here is my review:The Norths are a delightful couple!! They are "screwy" as Sergeant Mullins says, but they are fun to follow! I can't wait to read moreThis story is set in New York, around the end of the 30s, between the two world wars. It evokes a time that is long gone, glamorous, and pretty carefree. The Norths are not rich, but are "comfortable" with a large group of friends with whom they are social. When a murder [...]

  • Mimi

    Murder light This was a good light murder mystery. It held my interest and it was not as silly as most cosy mysteries I've read.

  • Sarah Adamson

    This is the first in the series. It is best described as an old fashioned mystery - full of wonderful detailed descriptions, a lot of fantastic sarcastic humour, great references to the time it's set in without feeling too researched and with nice twists to keep you going. It is not a cozy mystery. It is more comparable with books like the great Agatha Christies although perhaps more complex and less easy reading. A good book, made me laugh and made me puzzle. I will read more in the series but [...]

  • Susan

    Jerry and Pam North (then called Fran) originated in a number of short pieces that Richard wrote about two people much like his wife and himself. When the pair decided to write a mystery, the characters were ready-made. Seemingly scatter-brained Pam decides to hold a party in the vacant apartment upstairs--there will be room for dancing. But then they find a dead body in the bathroom, and meet Lieutenant Bill Weigand and his faithful assistant Mullins. By the time Bill figures out whodunnit, Pam [...]

  • M.L.D.

    Fun vintage mystery. I love that the recent introduction of electric razors was a factor in the police investigation. Also, anyone know why October was the moving month back in the day? It was mentioned specifically that you could expect lots of apartment vacancies and people moving in October.The Norths weren't in this as much as I thought they would be. This was OK. While Mrs North did solve the mystery, so did the detective that the reader followed for the bulk of the story.

  • Jenn Estepp

    1940s mystery, set in NYC (Village) - I was hoping it would be a sort of Thin Man thing, but the North's aren't nearly so charming or witty. Also, the thing where they are only referred to as Mr. North or Mrs. North for like 98% of the book is extremely irksome and the mystery isn't always solid. It's still enjoyable and as this is the first of a pretty long series, maybe they get better. I like them - and their detective friend well enough to give another a go some time.

  • Lisa Morin

    While this is a funny story and the plot was good, the story as a whole did not appeal to me. Mrs. North decides to have a party in a vacant apartment and upon checking things out she and her husband discover a dead man in the bath tub. As the story carries out, they offer their insights and while the story has some good qualities, it just didn't hold my interest. I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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