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By Emily Prager | Comments: ( 794 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

Together Clea and Zeus became a show business phenomenon, but now they are divorcing and they have decided to make their last television special a creative chronicle of their breakup A cast of characters only Emily Prager could invent.

  • Title: Clea and Zeus Divorce
  • Author: Emily Prager
  • ISBN: 9780394755915
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Emily Prager

Emily Prager is an American author and journalist.Prager grew up in Texas, Taiwan, and Greenwich Village, NY She is a graduate of The Brearley School, Barnard College and has a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics from

Comments Clea and Zeus Divorce

  • Myles

    I read Prager's short story collection A Visit from the Footbinder a couple years ago (a couple years ago? wow) and was impressed with her idiosyncratic take on modern feminism. Clea and Zeus Divorce concerns feminism to an extent, but adds cold war nuclear fear and white post-colonial angst as a backdrop to the novels primary conceit: a televised prime-time spectacle about the end of a marriage.Husband and wife Zeus and Clea are an internationally renowned performance institution. Through dance [...]

  • Paul

    Inasmuch as a proudly random genre like postmodern fiction can be formulaic, "Clea & Zeus Divorce" is pure formula. Stick a romantic convetion (divorcing couple), a historic atrocity (European imperialism), and a modernist obsession (television) into one pot and you'll get a stew much like "Clea and Zeus Divorce." Adequately written but not mesmerizing, interesting but not engaging, not really worth your time.

  • Chad Bearden

    Emily Prager's Clea and Zeus Divorce is a rare case of reverse synergy, in which the sum of the parts adds up to be less than the whole. The story wants to have a scattershot, surrealist tone, but is often told with an earnestness that undercuts its grander strangeness.The central pole around which the story is hefted is an emotional televised stage performance from the title characters, in which they reenact their love story from its inception to its demise. The audience adores Clea and Zeus an [...]

  • Nicole

    I've read the novella four or five times but haven't revisited it in many years. I love the entertaining of life and entertainment. Prager's writing style is crisp and witty. Others have mentioned that the book is about colonialism which is certainly true. More than that though I think it is about the losing of self and identity especially when the anchors that ground you - whether people or places - are ripped away. Who are you when your country is no longer there? When your mother is gone? Wha [...]

  • Greyor

    Deeply ambivalent about this book. It has an interesting premise and has some wonderful little moments, but I fear it is less than the sum of its many parts. Liked it overall but probably would not read it again.

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  • Best Read [Emily Prager] ↠ Clea and Zeus Divorce || [Romance Book] PDF ☆
    174 Emily Prager
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