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By Thomas Kinkade Katherine Spencer | Comments: ( 419 ) | Date: ( Jul 13, 2020 )

As the spirit of the season is spreading through the rustic seaside hamlet of Cape Light, town mayor Emily recieves an unexpected and precious Christmas gift a baby girl tucked away in a decorative cradle set up outside the church, with a note begging whoever discovers the child to take care of her Emily is granted temporary custody and realizes that if the mother is nAs the spirit of the season is spreading through the rustic seaside hamlet of Cape Light, town mayor Emily recieves an unexpected and precious Christmas gift a baby girl tucked away in a decorative cradle set up outside the church, with a note begging whoever discovers the child to take care of her Emily is granted temporary custody and realizes that if the mother is not found, she desperately wants to keep baby Jane as her own Now, in the midst of the year s most joyous season, Emily must come to terms with her duty to her own family, her own feelings of regret and loss and what her heart truly desires.

  • Title: The Christmas Angel
  • Author: Thomas Kinkade Katherine Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780425211755
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Thomas Kinkade Katherine Spencer

Thomas Kinkade was known as the Painter of Light His works, although spurned by the secular art establishment were very popular with Christians and many others.

Comments The Christmas Angel

  • Rebekah Morris

    Having enjoyed the book before this, and having read almost the first chapter earlier, I was eager to read the entire book. I ended up being disappointed. The plots (yes, there are two story lines going on again) were pretty typical. The "Christianity" was watered down so much that there were times I felt like I was reading a non-Christian book. The characters weren't as interesting to me, perhaps because the ladies were all a bit more of a feminist mindset and the men weren't that strong. But o [...]

  • Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo

    Welcome back to the late painter of Light, Thomas Kinkade's fictional Cape Light. He and his co-author Katherine Spencer have created delightful reading in the Cape Light Series. Cape Light and its citizens are preparing for Christmas. Emily Warwick has plenty to be grateful for: her job as Mayor, her daughter, Sara, and her husband of nearly a year. She's also thankful for her new nephew and for her many friends. But a morning run on an early December morning will turn her world upside down. An [...]

  • Donna

    The town of Cape Light is once again preparing to celebrate the holidays. Town mayor, Emily Warwick, finds an unexpected gift when she finds a baby girl tucked into the cradle in the nativity scene outside the church with a note asking to take care of "Jane." Emily cannot believe that someone would leave a baby outside in the cold. She goes into the church where Rev. Ben finds her and the baby. Officer Tulley is contacted and soon an ambulance arrives to take the baby to the hospital to be check [...]

  • Dottie

    I'm sad to think I'm almost done with his first series of books. I hope that all the rest I read will bring me just as much joy and comfort. I especially love the books set during the Holiday season, although predictablewho doesn't love a happy ending! I love the fact that it gives truth behind the real meaning of Christmas!!!

  • Barb Bailey

    Another of Kinkades inspirational Christmas books. A very nice Christmas read that is full of the true Sprirt of Christmas.

  • Michele

    # 6 in the Cape Light series. Town mayor Emily receives an unexpected and precious gift when she finds an abandoned baby girl in a creche outside the church. She is granted temporary custody of Jane yet her husband Dan is not so eager to go through the challenges of being a father again. Emily has reconnected with her daughter, Sara, that she gave up for adoption when she was a baby and is eager to experience being a mother to a young child. After the town goes through a fire tragedy, Dan has a [...]

  • Deb

    The story of how an abandoned baby found in a Christmas creche turns a small town from selfish to generous. I loved the Christmas theme in this book a small town learns acceptance of all its people regardless of social status, finances and faith. So many good lessons here for people regardless of whether you live in a small town or a big city!

  • Christopher 164

    This book had a few different twists than what I am familiar with from the previous Cape Light novels. The story regarding Emily and the baby was very precious. I still have a few problems with the book, but as a Cape Light novel, it was very good.

  • Sherry

    Light Christmas read. Schmaltzy diversion.

  • Lisa Blair

    A small town mayor finds an abandoned baby. This book shares her and her husbands journey as they care for the baby as foster parents and contemplate adoption.

  • Angie Fehl

    Emily, mayor of Cape Light, is out for her morning run one day during the holiday season when she discovers a newborn baby left abandoned in the baby Jesus' cradle of the church nativity scene. Outside. In the snow. Naturally, her immediate instinct is to get the baby someplace safe and warm, but the more time she spends with the child, the more it brings up painful memories she thought she had made peace with. Is the appearance of this child an opportunity to make past mistakes right?There are [...]

  • Raine

    This was an enjoyable book for the Holidays and surprisingly, I got a little invested while reading it. I was a bit shocked that Emily had taken her husband for granted and didn’t clue in Dan of her nearly impulsive (if monumental) decision of adopting baby Jane. I was sure their marriage was heading for the rocks yet Dan astonishingly, showed his own maturity by seeing her side (even if he was strong-armed into it). One theme seemed to center the book and its other characters which was taking [...]

  • Paula-O

    this is my first time to read any of the Thomas Kinkade books, written by Katherine Spencer, it is one of the Cape Light Novels "The Christmas Angel".It is the story of Emily the mayor or a thriving little town and the events that followed after she found a baby that had been abandoned near a church in the nativity set. Emily had went for her usual run and as she passed the church she thought she saw movement and went back to check. A beautiful little girl and it brought back so many memories as [...]

  • Bonnie

    A nice little Christmas read about a town called Cape Light in the days before the holidays. Town mayor Emily goes out jogging and notices movement in a crèche. When she stops to investigate, she sees a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. No, that's another story. This baby is wrapped in a tattered blanket with a pink wool cap on her head. She takes the baby and goes into the church where the pastor calls for an ambulance. Emily asks to ride in the ambulance to the hospital and is granted permis [...]

  • Kim

    This was a nice, heartfelt holiday read; however, at times it was predictable and a little long-winded. In all fairness, I think I might have enjoyed this book more if I had read other books in the Cape Light series and was better acquainted with the characters.If you're looking for a light Christmas read with spiritual references that is in the same vein as Debbie Macomber's books, you will enjoy "The Christmas Angel."

  • Angela Anderson

    Another Cape Light Series beautiful read! This is a wonderful Christmas story! Mayor Emily Warwick finds a beautiful baby girl in the nativity display at her church while running during her early morning run! Life is good for Emily and her new husband Dan. They are in a good place. Finding the baby sparks up memories and feelings of Emily and her desire to have a baby. She now has her daughter Sara, who is now all grown up in her life but it is just now the same. She missed out on actually raisi [...]

  • Jenny

    I like to grab books off the Christmas display at the library and seeing that I really like Thomas Kinkade's artwork (I probably was drawn to the idyllic picture on the front of this book)figured I'd give it a try. It definitely isn't anything to gush about, he is a much better painter than author. The story is fairly simplistic and writing isn't that fabulous but it was a good, uplifting story, even though it was a bit contrived. It was nice to read a clean, Christian book at Christmastime. Of [...]

  • Molly Cline

    This was a nice book, but I have to admit I got half way through and had to stop reading it. And I know that sounds crazy because if I liked it then why did I stop? To me this book read just like a Love Inspired Harlequin book. But their books aren't very long; and this one shouldn't have been as long as it was, because literally (to me) the story wasn't getting anywhere. Where I stopped at I read the last chapter and I still had half the book left but the last chapter closed the story without r [...]

  • Dorry Lou

    I really enjoyed this story about a woman who finds a baby in the Cradle of the manager scene at Church. This woman had given her own daughter up for adoption some 20 years before. Her mother has insisted she do this and even tho' the daughter looks her up & reunites with her this woman still feels she missed out on raising a child. So when she finds this baby she feels she is given a 2nd chance. Her husband of just 1 year does not feel the same way. It is interesting how the role of each ch [...]

  • Alona Perlin

    Thomas Kincaide is a gem! This book was heart-warming and charming. I enjoy "being" in the fictional town of Cape Light! It's a community that you would want to live in. Thomas' books are as magical as his paintings. It's such a shame that he won't be contributing any more great works of art or literature to our world. I hope at least his partner, Katherine Spencer will continue to write the Cape Light series! It would be a shame to stop it. I'd like to know what happened to some of the characte [...]

  • Mary J

    This is the first book I read in this series. It hook me right away with this storyline. I have always being attractive to the Thomas Kinkade art prints, so having stories to go with the pictures was comforting to me. I might be critize for liking the sugar coated context of these books, but they have been a comfort for me. My real life has been trying off and on for the over the last twenty years. It's been rewarding to read books that offer a release. I have continued to read this series. Some [...]

  • Bonnie McHenry

    A bit of true to life situations mixed with a little bit of unrealistic happenings. The Emily/Dan storyline was a bit far-fetched. The Sara/Luke storyline will hit home with anyone who has been in a relationship and a past love suddenly re-emerges. And lastly, the Pastors storyline seemed authentic in the way that he feels stagnant in reaching his congregation anymore and feels a need for change. I love how at the end, they all seem to tie together behind the same meaning. Worth reading if you h [...]

  • Marcie

    This is my third Cape Light book I've read (sucked in by all the Christmas titles of course)and this has been my least favorite. The books seem to all follow three general story lines: One religious story, one romance storyline and one conflict storyline. ALL three story lines in this one were kind of lame for me (pretty much completely unrelatable). I will keep reading the series (remember, they all have "Christmas' in the title ;) But wouldn't recommend this one.

  • Jenny Karraker

    I hadn't read any of this series, but my Mom gave it to me at Christmas time. It seems like a stand-alone story. It seemed a little trite or formulaic--professional woman finds abandoned baby at Christmas time, takes it home until foster care can be arranged, remembers her past (having given up a child), debates with husband about whether they can adopt the child, etc. A feel good story that's predictable. It was a nice light read in between my heavier fiction reading.

  • Dana

    This is a nice feel good story. The main characters are real people and have aspects that most people can relate to. It looks at real world problems and how people deal with them. The only thing that disappoints me somewhat is that it seems like the ending can be a bit rushed and where the characters end up is where they should, but you aren't shown all the way in how they get there.

  • Linda

    This is a book about a baby found at the Nativity scene in front of the church, the lives of a woman who found the baby and her husband, a daughter given up for adoption as an infant and her boyfriend, and a preacher. It is about committment, faith, love, and helping our neighbors. A wonderful read for the Christmas holidays or anytime you need uplifting.

  • Carol

    Finally a good story even if it was predictable. I like the characters in this series and enjoy continuing with their lives. they have real problems and joys and don't just know how to get through life and its bumps and turns. I know Thomas Kinkade doesn't really write the stories but the cover art was really beautiful. And it's nice to read a truly NICE story for a change.

  • Beth Pearson

    This book says it is "A Cape Light Novel" and there may be books before this one, I don't know. There were times though that I felt the author was doing a quick summary of someone's back story that was probably in another book. A nice Christmas story about several people that live in the town of Cape Light and the various "angels" that touch their lives. Fun to read at Christmas.

  • Darlene

    Despite starting this series with the sixth installment, it was an equally beautiful and touching story. Having read some of Kinkade's written work before, I was holding this to a high standard and it surpassed any expectations.

  • Mary Sewell

    I have enjoyed all the Cape Light books, but I especially liked this one. All the characters got me caught up in their lives, especially Emily who hadn't been at the forefront that much in some of the other books. I also got really caught up with Sara and Luke and their relationship.

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