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Not too much happens in the sleepy little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolinawhich is fine with pizza purveyor extraordinaire Eleanor Swift The spunky owner of A Slice of Delight is trying to mend her broken heart and could use a little quiet time But when a late night delivery customer turns up dead, she s in for just the opposite in this delicious mystery series debutNot too much happens in the sleepy little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina which is fine with pizza purveyor extraordinaire Eleanor Swift The spunky owner of A Slice of Delight is trying to mend her broken heart and could use a little quiet time But when a late night delivery customer turns up dead, she s in for just the opposite in this delicious mystery series debut, featuring pizza as the prima character .

  • Title: A Slice of Murder
  • Author: Chris Cavender
  • ISBN: 9780758229496
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Chris Cavender

Chris Cavender is the pseudonym used by Agatha Award nominated author Tim Myers.

Comments A Slice of Murder

  • Obsidian

    Please note that I gave this 3.5 stars and rounded it up to 4 stars on .I have to say that I really do enjoy a good cozy mystery. I started reading these type of books when I was in college and even though they may not have been the most sophisticated mysteries out there, they have enough mystery and romantic elements that can appeal to a wider audience. I decided to read the first book in the "Pizza Lovers" mystery after my library recommended it to me. Fair warning though potential readers, do [...]

  • Erin

    Okay mystery, but a little slow. Also, I had a hard time believing that in a small town, the chief of police would immediataely jump to the conclusion that the pizza delivery person who happens to be his ex girlfriend would be the killer. Forensics were nonexistent (time of death, anyone?) and the fact that so much info would be left in the murder victim's house really shows a seriously inadequate police department. This plotline was just totally unbelievable.

  • Amber

    Eleanor Swift and her sister Madeline Spencer run and own the pizzeria A Slice of Delight in Timber Ridge North Carolina. When Eleanor discovers a dead body while delivering a pizza, everyone in the town thinks it is her. Can she find out who the real killer is and clear her name before she dies next? Read on and find out.This is the first book of the Pizza Lover's Mysteries series and I enjoy reading them. Each book features recipes for pizza too. If you love Pizza and mysteries, then def check [...]

  • Nancy

    First off I always feel duped when a cozy writer writes multiple series with different names. I can understand when you change genre you might want to change an authors name, but when you write within the same classification, why not use one single name. Well, that rant being said, Eleanor is trying to make ends meet by continuing to run a pizzeria, A Slice of Delight, which she and her recently deceased husband had started together. Near closing one evening she is called to make a delivery to R [...]

  • Luffy

    The first of the Pizza Lovers series is one that I remember well. It's the first book I rated on this site that earned a perfect score. Why I didn't write and start writing reviews after reading this one is in itself a mystery. Alas I've forgotten much about the 2nd and 3rd sequels. But here I do remember who the culprit is. All the books, all five of them earned 5 stars. I recommend this book and if you like it feel confident enough to read the sequels!

  • Kellene

    This is the first in the series, and new author for me. I wanted to like the book a lot better than I did. How could it miss? A cozy set in NC and featuring pizza? What’s not to love? To be perfectly honest, everything about the book…. I didn’t love any of it. The main character came across to me as kind of ditzy and whiny, characteristics I really don’t like in female cozy protagonists. The police chief was a narrow-minded jerk who was determined to pin the murder on Eleanor, evidence b [...]

  • Linda

    Good first entry in the series. I liked Eleanor and Maddy and their pizzeria. The story kept me guessing and even though it was long it didn't seem too long. I'd love for Eleanor to make me a pizza, they sound so good. Looking forward to making another visit to Timber Ridge.

  • Chelsea

    A fun little cozy mystery set in a pizza palor owned by Eleanor Swift, who finds a dead body while delivering a pizza. Eleanor sets off to prove her innocence with her sister, Maddy. This was a typical cozy. Nothing extrordinary sets it apart from other books in this genre. Two little pet peeves, as soon as Eleanor put the newspapers in her car, I knew they would play a part in the story. It was kind of obvious, but the author still tried to surprise us with it. Duh.Second, on the one hand the a [...]

  • Dany

    This was pretty much your typical first in a cozy mystery series with the female amateur sleuth. I almost always cringe at the first book in one of these types if series because they generally follow a very predictable pattern. The sleuth is accused of the crime and then has to solve the crime herself. For this one the "gimmick" is built around a pizza shop. The mystery was decent albeit obvious. The characters were ok, and I liked the addition of the sister as a co-sleuth. however my biggest is [...]

  • Kate

    A fun, light mystery that was well plotted out and made me hungry for pizza! I liked the dialogue between the main character and her sister, and the main character's inner struggle about dating after the death of her beloved husband made her seem very real. I look forward to the next book in the series!

  • Sandra

    One of the better cozy mysteries I've read. The actual murderer is perhaps a bit obvious but there were enough red herrings to make it worthwhile reading to the end. And the heroine didn't commit any felonies in order to solve the mystery.

  • BJ Rose

    3.5*, but I can no longer eat pizza that often (darn it!). Will likely continue the series

  • Moondance

    Enjoyable cozy set in a small NC town.

  • Marjo

    April 2017: DNF. I don't like opening on the murder, I don't like when the MC seemingly has no understanding of police work, I don't like when the police suspects the (usually female) MC of having had sex with the murder victim and keeps pushing even after she denies it. 3 strikes, out.

  • Yvonne

    Eleanor Swift dedicates her life to her pizza restaurant, A Slice of Delight, situated in the small town of Timber Ridge in North Carolina. Her late husband dreamed of making a success of the place and Eleanor is determined to carry on for him. With the help of her sister, Maddy, Eleanor is fulfilling his dreams as well as her own. Then, during a late night pizza delivery run, everything takes a deadly turn. She finds her customer dead and she’s the number one suspect.The police chief is an ol [...]


    Dollycas’s ThoughtsI have read several books by this author, under his many pseudonyms, (Tim Myers, Casey Mayes, Melissa Glazer) so I knew would like this story.Eleanor Swift and her husband owned A Slice of Delight. He has passed away and she and her sister now run the pizza joint with the help of a few part-timers. Eleanor takes a late pizza order and delivers it on her way home. But when she arrives at the address the door is ajar and her customer is dead on the floor. She does the right th [...]

  • Jenn

    Culinary Cozies thinks A SLICE OF MURDER is a “Yummy Read.” This first book in the Pizza Mystery series, by Chris Cavender, was a suspenseful delivery of pure mayhem. Eleanor Swift, the owner of A Slice of Delight, gets quickly caught up in a murder investigation when she delivers one of her famous pizzas to a dead man. In no time flat, the small town of Timber Ridge, NC has named her the murderer. Leaving Eleanor (with the help of her sister Maddy) to solve the case and desperately try to c [...]

  • Heidi

    I borrowed this book from my mother's Nook and have really enjoyed the first of the Pizza Lovers mystery series by Chris Cavender. Eleanor Swift owns the local pizzeria of Timber Ridge, North Carolina. Her sister Maddy works with her after Eleanor's husband Joe was killed in a car accident. When her delivery boy calls off sick, Eleanor decides to do a run to deliver a pizza to Richard Olson but, when she arrives at his house, she sees him laying in his kitchen with a knife sticking out of his ch [...]

  • Alicia

    Okay, so putting away books recently at work and I kept slowing down in the mystery section, reading over titles of series and having a strong desire to read some food/hobby type series. I'd read a few Maggie Sefton knitting mysteries and liked them okay. I thought there was some stereotypes, characters that all seemed very similar, and I didn't like how the ladies would make body comparisons or "fat" comments. On the other hand they were easy reads with a nice light mystery and there was someth [...]

  • Mary

    It was good!Dispute the fact that the book started out dull, even though the murder was the first thing we encountered, the book was very good.Eleanor and Maddy are sisters. Eleanor Owns The Slice of Delite Pizzeria in a small town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina. She has been the sole owner since her beloved husband was killed in a car accident. Maddy helps Eleanor at the Slice as they call the pizzeria. Eleanor delivers a pizza to a friend in town because her delivery people have all called in [...]

  • Kimberly

    This was a great read. Chris Cavender weaves an action packed mystery. The characters are well rounded and drag you into their lives quickly. I love that this story is clean!! It is refreshing to find an author that doesn't think that that the shock factor of foul language and steamy sex scenes is the only way to s sell books. Thanks for a great story!

  • Brian Frauenknecht

    The book was good, just not as good as I hoped it would be. I felt the story and the mystery could have been stronger. Plus the character interactions could have been much stronger than they were. I will read the second entry in the series and hope it is better. Good story, just could have been better.

  • Debbie

    I really enjoyed this book and although it is based on a pizza shop owner, the pizza does not play a big roll in the plot. I really enjoy cozies and when I read Glazed Murder by the same author I craved donuts and coffee. I will be moving on to the next book in the series after the holidays. Now maybe I'll have some pizza

  • Cindy

    This was the first book in the pizza lovers mystery series. I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. It was fast paced and the friendship between the two sisters was lots of fun to read. I look forward to reading more in this series and am glad that I happened to find it!Oh, yes, you will be very hungry for pizza while reading this book! :)

  • Jennifer

    Eleanor Swift, a widow, lives in the small town of Timber Ridge, NC and runs A Slice of Delight, a pizza restaurant that she and her husband Joe, opened some years before his death. She continues to run it with the help of her sister Maddy, and a couple of part-timers. Like most pizza places, she delivers. Forced to deliver a pizza because her delivery guy was sick, Eleanor delivers the pizza only to find that the person it was going to, Richard Olsen, is dead, stabbed with a knife. Unfortunatel [...]

  • Mary Brown

    Synopsis:Not too much happens in the sleepy little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina, —which is fine with pizza-purveyor extraordinaire Eleanor Swift. The spunky owner of A Slice of Delight is trying to mend her broken heart and could use a little quiet time. But when a late night delivery customer turns up dead, she's in for just the opposite in this delicious mystery series debut, featuring pizza as the prima character . . .()Review: The characters were well developed and well rounded. I r [...]

  • Faye

    This book is an easy read if you are looking for something just to take you away from reality for awhile. The sibling rivalry and love between the main character and her sister is a nice foil for the rest of the characters in the book. It's a fun read.

  • Nancy Bandusky

    Grab a slice of pizza and a soda and then curl up with this cute cozy mystery involving a small town widowed pizzeria owner.While the characters are standard, the story is an enjoyable light read.

  • Laarin

    Easy fun read.

  • Adele

    Enjoyed reading about the female pizzeria owner and her trials and tribulations. Looking for more by this author.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ A Slice of Murder | by ✓ Chris Cavender
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