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By Bryan J.L. Glass Michael Avon Oeming | Comments: ( 959 ) | Date: ( Jun 03, 2020 )

Before their fall, the Templar preserved the order of the natural world, maintaining the balance of life and death for all creatures But an ideological dispute pitted the noble brotherhood against itself, where they destroyed themselves in a vicious civil war Chaos descended in their wake, where predatory and scavenger creatures now reign supreme bringing anarchy to theBefore their fall, the Templar preserved the order of the natural world, maintaining the balance of life and death for all creatures But an ideological dispute pitted the noble brotherhood against itself, where they destroyed themselves in a vicious civil war Chaos descended in their wake, where predatory and scavenger creatures now reign supreme bringing anarchy to the night world of the Shadow Time Karic soon learns of an ancient prophecy that one mouse will be chosen to recreate the heroic exploits of the past, and thereby save his family and his people But Karic s calling soon makes him both a target of his enemies, and a tool to be exploited by those seeking to use the savior of all for their own schemes And thus begins the first chapter in an extraordinary adventure of magic and wonder, faith and valor, and of one small mouse whose destiny might change the entire world Collects Mice Templar 1 6.

  • Title: The Mice Templar, Vol. 1: The Prophecy
  • Author: Bryan J.L. Glass Michael Avon Oeming
  • ISBN: 9781607061274
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bryan J.L. Glass Michael Avon Oeming

Bryan J.L. Glass Michael Avon Oeming Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Mice Templar, Vol. 1: The Prophecy book, this is one of the most wanted Bryan J.L. Glass Michael Avon Oeming author readers around the world.

Comments The Mice Templar, Vol. 1: The Prophecy

  • Dan

    This was much better than the other Mouse warrior comic that I read recently. The art was better than that one and the use of legend. This kinda reminded me of The Secret of the Nimh, because it's mice vs rats.

  • Quentin Wallace

    This was a graphic novel that really wasn't for me, but it's just my own personal taste and no reflection on the true quality of work. If you are a hardcore high fantasy fan, you'll probably love this one. It's just a little too deep for me. There's dream sequences, lots of fictional history, some hard to pronounce names, and the other tropes that most fantasy readers love. There's also a ton of supplemental bonus material included.To me, it was just too wordy, the art was hard to follow at time [...]

  • Jonathan Roberts

    Not terrible not great but will read the next volume.

  • Madmortigan

    This was such a delicious surprise. Ever since being a sucker of the Redwall series my thirst for mice and swords has run deep. This book has a pouch given from the Gods that gives as much water as is desired. My thirst has been slated. The characters are real. They are flawed, they are kill able. The world of mice is not an easy one and the authors use this to make you feel very vulnerable and small. The art is amazing. For those of you that want an epic tale of fantasy and magic and faith and [...]

  • Joss

    The story of this graphic novel encompassed some of the traits I love in tales told by the greats like Tolkien. I won't get into details to avoid being a spoiler alert, but bits and pieces of the general plot did bring up thoughts of other stories I've read in the past. The differences and true creativity were in the details though. Although some of the main points in the plot were classic warrior and underdog themes, the author crafted his work in a way that made me almost not realize it while [...]

  • Steve

    Your first mistake is thinking this is a kid's story/comic. It becomes apparent after the first page or so that this is anything but. This is nothing less than a deep, engrossing fantasy epic. Yes, the protagonists are anthropomorphic mice, so if that doesn't do anything for you I'd say stay away but if you loved things like Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH as a kid, and enjoy Game of Thrones as an an adult then give this a chance.

  • Lonnie Smith

    I REALLY wanted to love this, but I couldn't quite get there. The art was good, and the basic story was great, but the dialogue writing was painful. I believe the writer was going for dramatic to match the graphic nature of the violence and to juxtapose that the main characters were mice, but it came across as over-dramatic and extremely cliche.

  • BellaGBear

    3 stars because I the artwork is very, very pretty. I also am slightly curious were this story is going ( to see if it is going to be a generel epuic fantasy quest, but then with mice (which is fine for fun reading) or if it is going to become more) I also love fantasy set in cities, which I hope is going to happen a lot of the action in the next volumes.

  • Meran

    Loved this series from the moment I began reading. The lives of mice, as we've never thought of them; their challenges, wars, enemies, dreams, religions, familiesLots of violence, wars, grown up topics. This is NOT for young children.Highly recommended.

  • Claire

    The art in this was fantastic, but the story was so hard to follow. The mice just look to much alike and everything happens so fast with not a whole lotta reason. The snake did give me the heeby jeebies though.

  • James DeSantis

    Got this one from the Library. Figured I might enjoy it from the coverwas letdown. What I like: The idea and the art. The art is pretty great at times. Especially the areas and such. Also the idea of this is cool, something different and unique. What I didn't like: The story was dull. The one "death" was easy to see coming and felt lifeless (no pun intended). The dialog was okay, average at best. Also as much as I enjoyed the art a lot of characters (mice) looked very similar. I dunno, this didn [...]

  • Peter

    So I just finished Glass and Oeming's 13 year epic (all 7 volumes). While not all the pieces are perfect, as a whole, it is one of the better fantasy stories I have read. Very vivid characters, who develop gradually and evolve as the narrative progresses. The story is bursting with characters and even the minor ones have their own motivations and arcs. If you like fantasy at all, this is well worth your time.

  • Lou

    The majority of this will be under a spoiler tag, as I discuss things at different points of the book and I'm not entirely sure what will qualify as a spoiler.(view spoiler)[I want to start out by saying that I really love animal fantasy type books, and have been a huge fan of Redwall and the Deptford Mice books since I was a kid. I read MouseGuard (fall) a while ago and enjoyed it, and picked this up thinking it was similar. In a way it is, but it ends up feeling off in the same way that knock- [...]

  • Christopher Jamison

    Finished reading the graphic novel The Mice Templar (#1 The Prophecy) by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming. I enjoyed it, and I recognize, admire and respect the effort underlying it. As I read the book, I picked up on Christian themes of humility, submission to a higher power, and similar. Explicitly the authors point out that a weak creation is chosen to be the vessel of God’s power precisely because he is a weak creation. This echoes exactly the reason God chooses the weak to humble [...]

  • Joshum Harpy

    So the artist of this book makes a big deal out of saying that this book was something he had wanted to do for 30 years or 10 years or some b.s but this book is without a doubt a massive ripoff of mouse guard and only got made because of mouse guard's success. He prints a short story he allegedly did years ago, but what fucking ever. Mouse guard is the same concept to the T and is just a better story, so do yourself a favor and read that instead. Obviously though, as a fan of Mouse Guard, I went [...]

  • El Templo

    "Con algo de retraso, como ya es habitual en nuestro país, llega esta serie de aventuras protagonizadas por ratones antropomórficos. Aunque a primera vista la suma de estos dos términos: Ratones + Templarios puede recordarnos a otros productos del tipo Tortugas + Ninjas, no es ésa la línea abordada por sus autores. No estamos ante un cómic cachondo, que parodia géneros clásicos. De hecho el guionista ha confesado que si esta historia está protagonizada por ratoncillos es por culpa de la [...]

  • Venus Maneater

    First things first: The author opened a big barrel of tropes and used every single one of them. At first it gets a bit tiring, because most of it we've already seen. A mentor dying in front of his student, a young starry-eyed Chosen One, Evil Rats, a family that needs saving and a trinity that prophesizes Glory and Hope.But after a few pages, after the first action scene, I got a bit invested in the naive protagonist. He's stupid, but noble hearted. I wanted him to succeed in his goals, wanted h [...]

  • Brianna

    I picked this up for two reasons - one, because I'm a lifelong fan of the Redwall series with it's heroic woodland characters, and two, because I'm a sucker for a pun, and Mice Templar made me laugh.After the first few pages I wasn't laughing anymore, but that's not a bad thing. Rather than the lighthearted mice-as-heroes story it could have been, The Prophecy follows more in the tradition of The Lord of the Rings or Arthurian legend. The characters haven't been entirely filled out yet, but it's [...]

  • Ithlilian

    I feel like this series could just go on forever. Prophecy and special heavenly creatures, betrayal, the masses not believing the old stories, evil king, confused protagonist. It was generally enjoyable, but somewhat disjointed. I'd start to root for the main character and enjoy the journey then some mystical creature would chime in. Tales of godlike entities from the past and special weapons just didn't interest me. It didn't fully mesh. I could do without the spiritual good and bad guys, and I [...]

  • Fizzgig76

    Reprints Mice Templar #1-6. Cricket's Glen is raided by rats, and Karic is faced with his destiny as a member of the Mice Templar. If you want a better story with a similar feel, pick up Mouse Guard. Mice Templar is rather confusing in plot and Oeming's art isn't his strongest. It is hard to follow what mouse is being portrayed because (especiallly at the beginning), they all look alike. Once the mice break up into groups, it becomes a little easier, but many of the relationships between the mic [...]

  • Amy

    *I read this book over a long span of time, putting it down to read pieces for homework instead. I feel like my view on the work overall is skewed because of this.*I love Oeming's art throughout the book, but I wasn't really into the story. I weirdly have read a lot of stories about warrior mice and the like, and I felt Mice Templar to be an amalgamation of the best parts of all of them but done in a mediocre way. The page design was also disorienting at some times, with word bubbles being awkwa [...]

  • Denise

    Something about this book drew me to it. As I began to read it I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but as I got further and further in to the book, I was hooked. I read it all in a single sitting, while not unusual for me with a graphic novel, I have been known to put them down when something distracts me, and this time I did not. (Yes mom, just the way I used to read the Sunday comics, ignoring the house burning down around me.)An inspiring story that mixes Arthurian legend and tales of Nimh wit [...]

  • Camilo Guerra

    ¿ratones templarios?,¿Ratas asesinas?, ¿guerra entre buhos y murcielagos?, ¿magia negra?, oh por dios, lo único que lamento de este libro es haber esperado tanto por leerlo.Bueno, esta bien, la historia esta plagada de cliches del genero, como:-Elegido para sacar a su pueblo de la oscuridad -Maestro de pasado nubloso-Guerra inmensa entre dos ejércitosy muchos mas, pero son tratados de una manera honesta y preciosa, además el arte es inmaculado y la historia fluye sin problemas.

  • Andrew Winkel

    While I think that the style of the artwork really is well suited to the story concept, I couldn't always tell the mice characters from one another, and this was exacerbated by the numerous dark/shadowed scenes. The result is that there were times while reading that I found myself uncertain about the story events, which forced me to re-read sections.I think readers who enjoy Glass's inspirations (The Secret of NIMH, Lord of the Rings, Watership Down) will enjoy this book.

  • Alex

    Just finished Volume One of the Mice Templar, and I am impressed. Great artwork and a very dark story line make for good reading. It is a little confusing at times to keep the characters straight, but the core of the story is honoring beliefs even when things are dark and not going your way. Looking forward to the next volume3.5 stars

  • Elizabeth

    Rather cute graphic novel about a young mouse who finds out that he will be the one to reunite the mice templar (a group of mice who go around protecting animals who need help) and save his family from the evil rats.

  • Sarah Middleton

    I gave it 4 stars but it's closer to 3.5. It can keep the half star for having such a kickass introduction and its smooth coloring/lettering/ transitions but the language used was too pretentious and labored for me. I noticed it enough that it distracted me from the actual story.

  • Eric Orchard

    Beautifully drawn and surprisingly dark in tone. My one complaint is the digital colouring which I felt was too dark and sometimes obscured the artwork. I would have preferred it in black and white or coloured by Oeming.

  • Val

    I wanted to love this story, but sadly it fell a bit short. The artwork is fantastic and the idea is intriguing. However, the dialog was a bit confusing and I found myself re-reading quite a few pages in an attempt to figure out where the story was headed.

  • Scott

    Reminded me a lot of Brian Jacques' animal stories that I used to read in grade school with my friend Dave. Very cool story and art. Not 100% on board with it yet, but I am interested in reading the next one.

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