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The Gentleman Bug is perfectly content leading his quiet life in the garden as a school teacher and bookworm He doesn t even mind the ceaseless teasing of the dapper bugs But everything changes when the Lady Bug arrives in town The Gentleman Bug falls legs over antennae for her at first sight But how will he get her to notice him After a series of mishaps and a fThe Gentleman Bug is perfectly content leading his quiet life in the garden as a school teacher and bookworm He doesn t even mind the ceaseless teasing of the dapper bugs But everything changes when the Lady Bug arrives in town The Gentleman Bug falls legs over antennae for her at first sight But how will he get her to notice him After a series of mishaps and a failed Victorian makeover, the Gentleman Bug learns that love and a love of literature trumps all, as he wins his fair Librarian Lady Bug s heart.

  • Title: The Gentleman Bug
  • Author: Julian Hector
  • ISBN: 9781416994671
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Julian Hector

Julian Hector was born in Los Angeles, grew up in rural Texas, and graduated from Parsons the New School for Design in New York City His debut picture book was The Little Matador Julian lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Comments The Gentleman Bug

  • Lupine

    Mixed feelings about this one. I liked the illustrations and the premise but the story seemed a little choppy to me, like there were some major holes that a preschooler might not necessarily be able to fill in.

  • Kendra

    I loved this as well as I could have considering the fact that I felt that something was missing. The moment you open up to the end pages of this book, you get illustrations of bug characters that somehow don't even have honorable mentions in this book, like Mayor De Mothschild and Batilda Bee. And then, you get the loveliest map that is inherently British-inspired. You have a Bugadilly Circus for Picadilly Circus. Honeyhive Palace. Queen's Cross Station. And so, you're thinking to yourself, it [...]

  • Sweet on Books

    The Gentleman Bug is a studious little bug living in a garden full of bugs. He loves books and reading and even teaches a class. Some bugs make fun of his interests but he never minds until one day a Lady Bug comes to town. When she doesn’t pay attention to him, he decides to make some changes to his appearance. The result of these efforts teaches him -and readers - an important lesson about being comfortable with who you are and never changing to satisfy someone else. Although the story is sh [...]

  • Britt Leigh

    I loved the story. The bookish gentleman bug tries to capture the attention of the ladybug through a delicate courtship dance. I make no secret that I am a romantic at heart, so, accordingly, this quiet love expressed warmed my heart. I'm not sure what young readers will get out of the text, though. It appeals to adults because we seek love and can relate to feeling invisible in that context. The old-fashioned setting of the illustrations (looks like watercolor and pencil) in whimsical muted gum [...]

  • Kathryn

    So cute! The little bugs are so adorable (especially Gentleman Bug and his love of reading) as is their world. I loved the little details, like the English-countryside look to some of it and "Bugadilly Circus", and the Moulin-Rouge inspired (fortunately very "G" rated here) theater. I'm not sure the storytelling flowed perfectly for me, but the illustrations won the day and I liked the message of being true to yourself and the ending is just darling and even a little bit romantic. Very sweet.

  • Shannon

    Julian, Y U always so wonderful? The colors in this book are my favorite. My students love The Gentleman Bug's students' families, and I thought the garden's London-ish nature was perfect.Upon an additional reading, I am impressed anew at this book as a reinterpretation of Cinderella. Love it.

  • The Styling Librarian

    Loved this world of bugs, so cute. Love the celebration of books as well. So cute!

  • John

    The Gentlman Bug is one awesome little fellow.

  • Eric

    The book chronicles the adventures of a book reading gentleman bug who's a very smart kid and a new lady bug comes to town and catches his eye that he likes her but doesn't know how to get her attention. He tries to act differently but ends up screwing it up and she doesn't notice him until it's revealed that she's the new librarian and invites him to a tour and she liked him how he was to start with. It works to show kids that you shouldn't change who you are to get people's attentions because, [...]

  • Aleece

    Gentleman Bug loves to read, sometimes others make fun of him but he doesn’t mind because he loves reading. He teaches a class to help others read. One day Lady Bug arrives in town and Gentleman Bug wants to get her attention so he tries to be someone that he isn’t. In the end he goes back to being his normal self and gets an invitation to the new library where Lady Bug is the librarian and they enjoy their time together reading.Really cute story, not too many words per page which makes this [...]

  • Jana

    This is a cute picture book with a sweet message about being yourself and making friends. The Gentleman Bug teaches school and loves to spend all of his free time reading books. Several of the other bugs make fun of him, but it's not a problem until a new Lady Bug arrives in town. Trying to impress her, Gentleman Bug puts on fancy new clothes and hangs out at the popular night spot, but that doesn't work out so well. Young readers will enjoy finding out just how easy it is to make a new friend w [...]

  • Hannah Cobb

    The gentleman bug likes to read, even though all the other bugs in the garden laugh at him. But when a new lady bug shows up, the gnetleman bug stops reading and dresses up to impress her. It doesn't work--until he finds out that the the lady bug is the new town librarian. Now the gentleman bug can go back to being himself, and keep his new friend! Humorous watercolor illustrations and sparse text make this a great read-aloud for storytime. Ages 3-5.

  • Maria Burel

    The Gentleman Bug is really a book celebrating libraries and literacy, with a little buggy romance thrown in :) A cute story, and the classic illustrations are very well-done. I had a little trouble making the jump between Lady Bug's stand offish to suddenly warm and friendly demeanor towards the Gentleman Bug, though I appreciated the "be yourself" message.

  • Dergrossest

    Great art and a good story about the bookworm getting the girl - who on this forum wouldn't love that premise? I suggest reading it aloud with a Victorian English accent. I only wished there was a little more to read since the text was surprisingly sparse for a book about the love of reading. Anyway, I hope subsequent books involve some of the other cute bugs listed on the dust jacket.

  • Sandy Brehl

    The Gentleman Bug (a fun bounce from our familiar Lady Bug), loves to read. The images in this oversized book make the story, including all the six-limbed critters in their various garbs and settings, rich with detail and oddly appealing. Happy ending- Gentleman Bug and Lady Bug become friends and explore the library (she's the librarian).

  • Michele Knott

    The beautiful illustrations just soften your heart to this gentle little bug. The two bugs' love of books is heartwarming and touching. The illustrations of the library are so fun to imagine yourself in!

  • Robynn

    Recommended by byhopewesteer.wordpress/ Tales of an Elementary School LibrarianCharming little book for bookreaders and librarians to embrace. I like the map on the endpapers.

  • Tracy

    my idea of mr. right. loved it. george's favorite.

  • Michelle

    The miniature bug world created for this story is well drawn in both pictures and words. The main character is appealing and I'm left wanting to know more about what happens in the bug town!

  • Sarah

    I loved this story and its illustrationsd I really liked the surprise ending. I will definitely be reading this aloud to third graders this year.

  • John

    Too lengthy for storytimes, but a fun read.:)

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)

    Beautifully illustrated and love that this Gentleman Bug is such a lover of books.

  • Jamie

    SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  • Beth

    A lovely little story about a gentleman bug who fancies a lady bug who doesn't seem to notice he's alive.

  • Miss Ryoko

    The illustrations are super super cute! The story is adorable too!

  • Rachel

    Review to follow soon.

  • Emma

    Super cute story of friends and non-creepy bugs!

  • Judith

    I just didn't connect with this book, mainly because of the illustrations. I thought they were too busy and the characters too similar to stand out on their own.

  • Leslie

    What's not to love about a bug who loves to read and falls in love with the new librarian? Wondering if students will connect with this or just librarians?

  • Lauren

    I ADORED this

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  • Free Download [Science Book] å The Gentleman Bug - by Julian Hector Ñ
    434 Julian Hector
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