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By Håkan Lindquist Else Claus | Comments: ( 523 ) | Date: ( Jan 22, 2020 )

Jonas wordt geboren 502 dagen na het overlijden van zijn broer, Paul Hij heeft nooit de kans gekregen om zijn broer te kennen en gaat, tegen de zin van de ouders, op zoektocht naar antwoorden Paul is omgekomen nadat hij een wandeling in het bos ging maken.Hij ging vaker maar was, volgens de ouders, die keer verstrooid geweest en had de trein niet horen aankomen De ouderJonas wordt geboren 502 dagen na het overlijden van zijn broer, Paul Hij heeft nooit de kans gekregen om zijn broer te kennen en gaat, tegen de zin van de ouders, op zoektocht naar antwoorden Paul is omgekomen nadat hij een wandeling in het bos ging maken.Hij ging vaker maar was, volgens de ouders, die keer verstrooid geweest en had de trein niet horen aankomen De ouders hebben nooit de waarheid geweten, maar Paul twijfelde aan zijn geaardheid Hij wist dat hij homo was, maar wist helemaal niet hoe hij ermee om moest gaan Zelfs nog niet tegen wie hij het kon vertellen.Uiteindelijk leert hij in de school een vriend kennen die ook homoseksueel is Ze weten het stiekem van elkaar en starten een relatie Na een hevige brand in het ouderlijk huis van zijn vriend, denkt Paul dat zijn vriend is omgekomen Paul vertelt zijn verdriet tegen een kameraad en beste vriend van zijn ouders, Daniel.Maar Daniel is zelf verliefd op Paul en kan het niet aanhoren wegens dronken te zijn Paul weet geen raad met zijn verdriet en pleegt de dag nadien zelfmoord Petr, de vriend van Paul, is echter niet omgekomen maar ligt in coma Tegen de tijd dat hij uit de coma is, is het te laat en gaat de mooie liefde verloren.

  • Title: Ik heb een broer gehad
  • Author: Håkan Lindquist Else Claus
  • ISBN: 9789068223859
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Håkan Lindquist Else Claus

English version H kan Lindquist was born in Sweden He lives in Stockholm and in Berlin He has written five novels, many short stories, one opera libretto and several articles mainly on literature and art He is currently working on a new novel German version H kan Lindquist wurde in Oskarshamn Schweden geboren, wo auch einige seiner Romane spielen 1993 ver ffentlichte er den Roman Min bror och hans bror , der inzwischen in viele Sprachen bersetzt ist und im Deutschen unter dem Titel Paul, mein gro er Bruder ein gro er Erfolg wurde 1996 folgte der Roman Dr m att leva , der 2008 im Bruno Gm nder Verlag unter dem Titel Ein Traum vom Leben erschien, 2003 Om att samla frim rken deutsch Der Briefmarkensammler, 2010 bei Bruno Gm nder.Lindquist lebt in Stockholm und Berlin Seine Werke sind in vielen Sprachen bersetzt worden Augenblicklich arbeitet er an seinem neuen Roman Mehr Infos ber den Autor auch auf Deutsch gibt es unter hakanlindquist Die E Mail Adresse des Autors lautet hlq comhem Swedish version H kan Lindquist, f dd 1958 i Oskarshamn, Sm land, r en svensk f rfattare.

Comments Ik heb een broer gehad

  • Macartney

    A simple and beautiful Swedish story, originally written in 1993 and only recently translated. A love letter to brothers of all kinds—biological, romantic, missing, imagined, desired. A ghost story that is equally mysterious and heartbreaking, without being trite. A study in the desire to connect. A quick read if you open up to it. I sobbed for like the last 40 pages.

  • Trevor

    This novel was both a "detective" story and a love story, and really did combine the two elements successfully.A "detective" story of a brother searching for the story of the brother he never know, and a love story of both one brother for another, as well as the "love story" uncovered as a result of the detective story.I was drawn into the story from the first paragraph. This was a great read.

  • Joanka

    What a disappointment! I’ve been searching for this story for years and there was always something in my way to get it. So I wanted it more and more, having already some picture of how it can look like in my head. Based on the summary and the positive reviews I believed it will be a deeply psychological story with a crime-like subplot. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with psychological novels. I have no idea – maybe in Swedish it’s a wonderful read. The author himself translated it int [...]

  • Guille Osorio

    Linda, valiente, fácil de leer, simple pero intensa, triste pero a la vez llena de amor. Hace rato que no leía un libro tan lindo. Es interesante ver como las preguntas, intuiciones y dudas del protagonista van cambiando según la edad y eso que empieza cerca de los 13 y el libro termina cuando tenía 16 o por ahí. Debo reconocer que tiene varios factores que hacen que un libro no me guste (pero no afectó nada porque lo amé) Me cargó Daniel, demasiado. Tiene cosas que no se resuelven y el [...]

  • Anwen Hayward

    I was interested in this book as I'd had a similar idea for a story myself a few years back (about a child investigating the life of a sibling they'd never known) and I thought I would see how this author kept the narrative going. For the plot of this book, I'd give 3 stars - it's quite a gripping idea, but the characters are so thinly drawn that I just stopped caring after a while. As for the style; well, I can imagine the draw behind translating your own work and having control of it in as man [...]

  • Gerry Burnie

    Gerry B's Book Reviews - gerrycan.wordpressI was first drawn to My Brother and His Brother [Bruno Gmunder Verlag Gmbh, 2011]by the intriguing title, as well as the strikingly handsome, Nordic lad portrayed on the front cover by photographer Howard Roffman. Now, I’ll admit that this is not the best way to choose a novel—“you can’t judge a book by its cover,” etc.—but fortunately Håkan Lindquist came through with an intriguing story as well.Written in Swedish in 1993, but not translat [...]

  • Rodrigo

    Una historia de amor entre hermanos que nunca se conocieron sonaba como una gran base para una novela increíble, pero me dejó esperando. Y probablemente es el estilo de Lindquist el que me dejó frío. Es un relato plano, completamente objetivo, sin ninguna emoción. Se limita a informar qué es lo que pasa, e incluso cuando alguien llora, simplemente dice: Sara lloró. ¿Alguien siente algo en esa historia? ¿Alguien se emociona, se entristece, siente alegría, enojo? La búsqueda completamen [...]

  • Jon O

    The first few pages were good enough to make you want to read the whole book in one sitting. It was interestingly written that would draw curiosity. It was haunting. At times, I thought I would be seeing the ghost of his brother coming back for a visit. Personally, it was that chilly. And I like the way the author chose to end the book, without attempting to reveal the confrontation of the gay issue with the parents. Somehow, it felt like the mother knew. This is a good book. Definitely recommen [...]

  • Bill

    It is a Holmesian style mystery about a teen trying to discover his Gay brother who died before the detective was born. It was translated from Swedish by the author and is written in a simple, but elegant prose style. Unlike most mysteries, it's solution is elusive and left up to the reader. The unexpected is not obvious. It's a quick read and recommended.

  • Josh

    Extra points for translation. Not a romance novel.

  • Ralph Bardsley

    Good book - unique voice. Probably more YA than adult fiction. Still - a nice mystery unfolds as you read this novella. It was a great read for a quiet afternoon at home.

  • Marthese Formosa

    Really enjoyable read! I got this book from someone last queer summer camp and I'll be sure to pass it around now that I read it.I had previously read two mystery novels and I tend not to read the blurb, so I realized early on I was accidentally going to read a mystery novel! But it's ok, it's not a detective sort of type novel but rather a slice-of-life mystery.The story, set in Sweden, sees Jonas, a boy living with his parents. He's living in the Shadow of his brother Paul, who died the year b [...]

  • Kevin

    I loved this book. You don't know where it leads you until you are there.

  • Grady

    'Sorrow has its own life'Håkan Lindquist wrote this sterling, poignant, profound little novel in his native Swedish in 2002. Now, courtesy of Bruno Gmünder Verlag embarking on a very welcome avenue of adding literature to their repertoire of fine quality art books, the author's English translation is available in the United States. MY BROTHER AND HIS BROTHER has been published in Denmark, France, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Germany, and Italy: the impact on audiences is obvious. This is [...]

  • Benjamin

    At fifteen years, Jonas begins to take an interest in his older brother, Paul, who was killed in 1968 in an accident at the age of fifteen just seventeen months before Jonas himself was born. This interest will consume Jonas for the next three years, until at the age of eighteen his investigations really take off and when he is eventually able to solve many answered questions.Jonas pursues his investigation with rather like a young Sherlock Holmes, and he soon discovers that his brother had an i [...]

  • Elizabeth

    It was probably one of the best books I've read so far. The suspence was thrilling and excruciating all at the same time wich made the book all the more beautiful. It was also interesting watching Jonas grow up as well as developing a well built image of his brother that would please his curiosity and interest, at the same time taking in different views of Pauls behaviour during his last years. Personally crime-literatur doesn't peak my interest that much but this book was such a delightful litt [...]

  • Kergan Edwards-Stout

    The following review comes from a post of mine on recent Swedish efforts, including the tv series "The Killing" and the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" Millenium series. For the entire post, please go to: kerganedwards-stout/swedisThis section on the novel comes mid-post:“My Brother and His Brother”, a terrific new book I recently discovered by Swedish author Håkan Lindquist, shares this complex balancing act, leaving the reader thoroughly entranced in the process. Acclaimed in both Sweden an [...]

  • Chris

    Swedish author Hakan Lindquist’s short novel, My Brother and His Brother, is a jumbled and relatively slow-paced yet intriguing account of a young man’s quest to learn more about his deceased brother and the events leading up to his death.Eighteen-year-old Jonas discovers a letter in the pocket of the jacket that belonged to his brother, Paul, who was run over by a train almost two years before Jonas was born. The letter is written to someone named "Princi," and Jonas learns from his mother [...]

  • Kris

    I was really hoping I would love this book. The concept behind it really sounded like something I would enjoy, and the added angles of the gay relationship and it taking place in Sweden also made me want to read it. It's not a bad book, but there were a few things that kept me from really getting into it and from rating it higher. The book was originally written in Swedish; the English version, translated by the author, does not read as smoothly as I'd like. The dialogue among the characters, re [...]

  • Thomas

    What is it about Swedish authors and mysteries? No I don't mean those "Girl With " books. I haven't read any of those. I mean books that fall outside of the mystery genre and yet employ the elements of a mystery to drive the plot. "Sophie's World" comes to mind, besides this book, which also features a mystery and a juvenile who slowly solves it. The mystery motif energizes this novella greatly, but the solution to the mystery is not nearly satisfying enough to warrant using it as the driving de [...]

  • Simon Stanford

    This is a compelling and simply told tale about a boy trying to find out about his brother who died before he was born. It works best the less you know about it. Reading the blurb on the back took away some of the mystery but it was still very enjoyable. There are some lovely ambiguous scenes, things left unsaid and the reader is left to draw their own conclusions.The author translated it himself and I'm afraid is does sometimes show that is has been translated by someone who is not a native spe [...]

  • Tina

    The idea of this book, to get to know your dead brother through what he left behind, is interesting enough. but the execution? Oh man it is a mess.The writing is not at all appealing to me,The dialogs pretty awkward at times,The characters flat and just have the oddest way of reacting.(view spoiler)[ Especially Jonas, the main character, did the weirdest thingsHe frustrated me so muchI mean he had no real reaction to his MOMS FRIEND taking naked picture of his, at the time, underage brother???Or [...]

  • Zauberlehrling!

    Diese Geschichte ist herzerweichend. Es fängt langsam und dickflüssig an und ich hatte die Befürchtung, dass ich es kaum bis zur Mitte schaffen würde aber da war ich schon über die Mitte hinweg. Ich konnte es nicht mehr aus der Hand legen und überlegte mit Jonas (dem kleinen Hauptakteur des Buches) was passiert sein könnte. Es ist rührend, dass mir sogar jetzt noch da ich diesen Kommentar schreibe die Gänsehaut den Körper lang hochkriecht, und kommt ohne viel Action oder Konflikten au [...]

  • Juan Ortiz

    todo libro que me saque una lágrima merece cinco estrellas“ La eternidad está enamorada de las obras del tiempo” Una obra sublime y dura que no puede dejar de mover susceptibilidades en mi ser, unos personajes que me dejan atónito y que me hace pensar que el amor puede traspasar las fronteras de la muerte, y no solo es una frase bonita sino una realidad plasmada de una maravillosa manera en este libro. Jonas es un chico estupendo que va buscando los vestigios que ha dejado el paso de su h [...]

  • Gert

    Het boek heeft echt een indruk op mij nagelaten. Ik weet welke periode Paul heeft meegemaakt en ik voelde echt mee met het boek. Omdat ik het boek zo goed en levenecht vond heb ik hem zelfs laten lezen door mijn grootmoeder. Zij was ook danig onder de indruk en stelde zelfs vragen aan mij als ze iets niet begreep. Het is echt een aanrader. Niet alleen voor holebi’s, maar ook voor mensen die geen zicht hebben op de holebiwereld of er misschien zelf tegen zijn. Deze boek heeft naast al de boeken [...]

  • Stéphanie

    L'histoire d'un jeune homme Jonas dans sa quête pour essayer de mieux comprendre qui était son frère, mort avant sa naissance. Le sujet de la perte d'un proche est traité ici avec beaucoup de pudeur et ne tombe jamais dans le pathos. Quand à l'homosexualité, elle n'est ni stigmatisée, ni caricaturale. Cette histoire parle d'amour tout simplement, et de la perte d'un être cher. Un roman poétique et bouleversant.

  • Milan/zzz

    I've read this novel in one sitting (which doesn't happen quite often). It was a lovely melancholic story written in simple but quite effective language. One of those quiet, unpretentious books you stumble upon every now and then and after you're done you realize that you just found a true gem. Absolutely recommending to everyone in love in fine literature.

  • Erik Orrantia

    Slight spoiler alert. Truly a nice read. The language is so simple yet effective. No words are wasted here.I almost felt like it was the story of a reincarnation and I was waiting for a bigger hint regarding Jonas' sexuality or even some attraction between him and Petr. Perhaps for my anticipation, I thought the ending was a tad weak. Still, I truly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

  • Nicola

    Quick read but worth it. Lovely story

  • Neil Warmington

    This book follows a young boy who explores the past if his deceased brother. Having never known his brother, our narrator is able to piece together the feelings that his brother explored, particularly with regards to another young Czech boy who captured his heart.Beautifully written, this short book makes a touching read. I very much enjoyed it.

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