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By M. Darusha Wehm | Comments: ( 244 ) | Date: ( Jan 26, 2020 )

The future is boring Technology has solved the world s most pressing problems, leaving people with tedious work and mundane play Jack is a Security Officer Class 5, which sounds important, but isn t However, her banal life as a cubicle worker by day and tinkerer by night is interrupted when she discovers that her employer s computer system has been invaded Jack enlistThe future is boring Technology has solved the world s most pressing problems, leaving people with tedious work and mundane play Jack is a Security Officer Class 5, which sounds important, but isn t However, her banal life as a cubicle worker by day and tinkerer by night is interrupted when she discovers that her employer s computer system has been invaded Jack enlists the help of her only friends her co worker, Gilles and Adrian, an online friend she s never met to help her track down the source of the invasion Her investigation leads her to a shadowy group called the Red, where Jack learns that not everyone lives a life of quiet servitude Even though she believes that the Red are responsible for a series of gruesome attacks, Jack begins to become attracted to their worldview In her search for the people responsible for the attacks, she confronts the leaders of the group as well as her own burgeoning sense of self awareness.

  • Title: Beautiful Red
  • Author: M. Darusha Wehm
  • ISBN: 9780973746716
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

M. Darusha Wehm

Darusha writes science fiction and speculative poetry as M Darusha Wehm and mainstream poetry and fiction as Darusha Wehm Science fiction books include Beautiful Red, Children of Arkadia and the Andersson Dexter cyberpunk detective series Mainstream books include the Devi Jones Locker Young Adult series and The Home for Wayward Parrots forthcoming from NeWest Press.Darusha s short fiction and poetry have appeared in many venues, including Arsenika, Nature, Escape Pod, and several anthologies.Darusha is originally from Canada but currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending the past several years sailing the Pacific For information, visit darusha.

Comments Beautiful Red

  • Vincent Awkerman

    Admittedly, it's been quite a while since I read 'Beautiful Red', but from what I remember of the story, while I did have a few issues with the overall plot as well as with the pacing in some areas, I do have a soft spot for the intriguing way that technology and our relationship to it is addressed. All in all, it's a perfectly decent read my opinion and I'd be curious to read what the author's done more recently.

  • Andy Parkes

    Review Originally Posted: andyparkes/blog/indexThis book actually needs to be thought about in two parts.The idea behind it and the story that goes with it. So what’s the idea? Think about how the Internet is entrenched into your daily life. Pretty deep I imagine if you’re anything like me. Technology is slowly integrating with our lives, so much so that we’re no longer surprised by hearing about things like the Internet connected refrigerator! So think about a world where the computer bec [...]

  • Vincent

    This was my first read from this author. I was intrigued by the storyline, having just finished Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle, a great treatise on the possible futures of man & computers. I was curious to see one author's picture of this kind of future.Wehm paints a fascinating picture of a society where the internet is everywhere and everyone is connected to it at all times -- a society where most of the world's problems have be [...]

  • David Major

    Read in EPUB, on a Sony PRS-650.The premise of this book was much better than the story that it propped up. The idea – that the Net has become so all-pervasive that it has transformed every aspect of peoples’ lives, that it inspires resistance, and that, ultimately, it becomes self-aware, is hardly new, but in Beautiful Red, the author has put together an interesting scenario that could have been the backdrop for a great story. And in parts, it is. But towards the end it started to feel as t [...]

  • A.F.

    If you like your sci-fi full of cyber-tech, intrigue, moral questions and just that slight touch of nihilism, then you should read Beautiful Red by M. Darusha Wehm. It is a well-written, well-crafted and engaging novel.It is the story of Jack, who works as a security officer in a world where corporations run the show and most human interaction takes place in a virtual environment. One day she stumbles on some anomalous security breaches which lead her into the path of a radical protest group tha [...]

  • Debbie J

    My thought when I got to the end of Beautiful Red: “Um, okay then. Did that just happen?”The story involves artificial intelligence which has achieved self-awareness and can pass the Turing Test. A lead warrior against what he sees as the humanity-destroying pervasiveness of AI develops a virus program aimed to destroy all technology. Systems security analyst Jack decides to try to stop the charismatic cyber terrorist by infiltrating his cult of followers. She’s hot on the trail until the [...]

  • Marianne Grisdale

    I really wanted to like Beautiful Red. I downloaded the Podcast to listen in the car. I had just finished Nathan Lowell's Solar Clipper series and enjoyed how fast it made all my trips around town. However, Beautiful Red suffers from poor character development. M. Darush Wehm has the characters discover the differences between our time and this new future world rather than having the characters explain to us about the future. It ruins the character development and is completely distracting. I co [...]

  • Jamie

    A quick read and an enjoyable one.Taking place in an indeterminate future where our computer terminals are replaced by implants in our bodies that respond to mental commands and connect us at all times to the 'everywherenet'. With this comes a definitive change in our perspective toward our lives and surrounds, perhaps more so just an exaggeration of what we even see today. With such an internal system, you can remain connected even as you walk the streets, with proximity reminders in place to k [...]

  • PurplyCookie

    The premise was interesting and familiar enough for readers who read science fiction and/or the dystopian sub-genre it has spawned. Unfortunately, the story failed to deliver.The internet has been deeply entrenched into our lives that we no longer feel that there is a need to socialize outside of virtual reality. Jack, the main character, longs to find something amiss. Her investigation leads her to a shadowy group called the Red and from there the plot just became ridiculous. More of Purplycook [...]

  • Shiny

    The premisses were great, I really enjoyed the world M.Darusha created, it was spooky how close to being immersed in a everywherenet 24/7 we are even today, no brain implants are needed! Really makes you think about where are we going with the technologies and how it affects person-to-person interactions. What I did not like was the feeling that I only got half of the book - the building up of the story, the investigation, and then suddenly - it's all over. the end. I wish there was more :)

  • Bevan Mcguiness

    it took some getting into, but when I did - and it was subversive, creeping up on me until I was hooked - I found it entrancing. The author's ideas were compelling and intriguing and she did the mix of the boredom of the world and the gradual building of suspense really nicely. In the end, I found that I was loving the story, and found the denouement rather chilling. In all, I would describe the book as rather disturbing. I liked it.

  • Wesley

    Not great, not bad. Character development is minimal, the plot is a bit loose, but it still all hangs together well enough to have kept me interested. There are not really any new ideas introduced, yet the presentation is somehow personal. As it turns out, the deficiencies actually make sense considering the narrator of the story

  • Gary

    A good book with likeable characters and a decent story plot. I felt it was sort of a mixture of the movies Strange Days, Total Recall, and Minority Report. The ending was not what I had expected it to be.

  • Broken85

    Such an excellent world Darusha has created. This first look into her relm explores the dynamics of technology and our possible future.The twists and turns and little peaks around the corners keeps it exciting.

  • Benjamin

    It was a good read, and had interesting ideas about both the social and personal implications of technology.

  • Milo

    A decent book, But the ending seemed a little lackluster and left me wanting more.

  • David Schuster

    Some fun ideas, but he should have run it by an editory editor. I enjoyed the read, though.

  • Steve

    Great audio book. I really enjoyed the story and the future that Darusha has outlined in the story. The podcast release was chapter by chapter. With one release every week.

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  • [PDF] ¾ Free Read ↠ Beautiful Red : by M. Darusha Wehm ✓
    497 M. Darusha Wehm
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