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By Vincent J. Donovan | Comments: ( 286 ) | Date: ( Feb 28, 2020 )

This classic work tells the story of a missioner and what he learned of God among the Masai of Tanzania Includes essays by Eugene Hillman and Lamin Sanneh as well as a personal reflection by the sister who knew the author best.

  • Title: Christianity Rediscovered
  • Author: Vincent J. Donovan
  • ISBN: 9781570754623
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Vincent J. Donovan

Vincent J. Donovan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Christianity Rediscovered book, this is one of the most wanted Vincent J. Donovan author readers around the world.

Comments Christianity Rediscovered

  • LuAnn

    Donovan’s book gives readers much to ponder regarding how the message of Jesus is presented. From his work with the Masai in Tanzania, he came to realize that often the gospel message carries much cultural accretion that is not present in the New Testament, such as Western hierarchical authority structures, missions buildings, lack of mobility in reaching new groups, even economic and political philosophies. He builds a strong case, highlighted with vivid examples of interactions with the Masa [...]

  • Mar

    Donovan died in 2000, and this book is a re-issue of his original publication. Donovan went to Tanzania as a Catholic missionary (he was a priest) and worked among the Masai tribal peoples. His work there cause him to reconsider everything he knows about missions and evangelism and to "re-think" Western Christianity as he questions what it means to "bring the gospel" to a new culture. What exactly are we sharing--culture? buildings? Institutions? Jesus? Worth asking the questions of the church t [...]

  • Zachary Brooks

    In the 1950's a Roman Catholic missionary surveys his mission and discovers that after 20 years of work a mission covering 5,000 square miles has a great hospital, 4 fine schools, and exactly 2 practicing Christians besides himself. He comes up with the novel idea of doing nothing more and nothing less than talking about God with people who had never heard the Gospel. This book is a reflection of what, exactly, it means to "talk about God" with people who haven't heard of Jesus. An interesting r [...]

  • John

    Father Donovan explores what being a missionary to the Masai really requires. He throws the classic approach to missionary work under the bus and implements his own approach. Copying the work of Paul he establishes a year long communication with each community with the aim of convincing them of the truth of Jesus Christ.

  • David

    Vincent Donovan was a missionary to the Masai tribe of Tanzania. After struggling with his mission and the ineffectiveness of it, he begins to search for something that would work. What he finds is that Western Christianity was the biggest impediment. With this revelation he discovers that the simple Gospel and the methods of the early church were needed in this time and place. This book is the story of how it developed.What I find interesting is that his discoveries forty to fifty years ago are [...]

  • Brandon Stiver

    Incredible book. This book radically challenged my preconditioned thoughts on what missions, intercultural involvement and even the Christian faith are. "Christianity Rediscovered" is an incredibly apt title. Over the last couple months that I've been reading it, I took my time and really pondered the things that Father Donovan discussed and shared about his time evangelizing the Masai of northern Tanzania, so much pondering in fact that I couldn't possibly fit it all into this review, but I'd l [...]

  • James Titterton

    In 'Christianity Rediscovered' Vincent Donovan, a Roman Catholic missionary from the USA, reflects on his experience evangelising the Masai people of Tanzania in the 1960s. Having become disillusioned with the model of mission he had inherited, he sought to engage with the Masai in a new, more Biblical form of mission: nothing more or less than telling them the gospel of Jesus Christ. In his mission to the Masai, Donovan realised that he had to strip Christianity of its Western cultural trapping [...]

  • Adam Parker

    I'm so glad I came across this book. In spite of its age, it is still completely relevant and more needed than ever in the church of 2013. There have been few books I've read that I've bookmarked to this degree. It was epiphany after epiphany, page after page. I've walked away with a much deeper understanding of what mission should look like, the struggles and freedoms of introducing the pure gospel to unreached people groups, and had my theology bumped around quite a bit along the way. I never [...]

  • John

    It is ironic that a Catholic priest writing about what he learned about himself, God and the church while serving as missionary in Africa would give perhaps the clearest picture of the pure Gospel and the emerging church today. It is a fascinating read that will challenge you and give you great nuggets of theological concepts to mull over late at night while trying to go to sleep. You'll learn about the Masai tribe in Africa and about how best to reach any people group, tribe or culture. Donovan [...]

  • Joe

    After having spent time with Missionaries in South Asia, i was in the right headspace for this book. the central tenet of this book is to re-evaluate the idea of mission to the non-Christian world. Nowadays there is a lot of interest in "converting the lost nations," ( after all, this is a key point is Rick Warren's plan.) but the new Christians seem to me to be disdainful of learning form the wisdom of those who tried to do it in the past. That is a mistake, and we would all be well served to r [...]

  • John Borthwick

    It's an interesting read that offers a very sensitive and open minded perspective on the act of missionary work. The author's perspective is incredibly respectful and in many ways different from what one typically thinks of with regard to missionaries. I especially liked his commentary on the Church in North America and found some of those pearls very helpful in my ponderings around the future of the Church in Canada. The book came highly recommended by some colleagues several years ago. I can s [...]

  • Mark

    This book is a wonderful rethink of the truth of the Gospel. The images Donovan uses and the way he shares his experiences received from the men and women of the Masai with whom he lived and worked was inspiring. God is like a lion the Masai declare. Lions leap and totally enfold their prey drawing the prey to itself. God, they say, embraces in the same waytally and will never let you go. Good thought

  • Drew

    On the whole, I liked this book. I find him a little too Hans Kung; that is, in many places, he doesn't read like a Roman Catholic. I think it was about 40 or 50 pages in where he Donovan even used language that indicates Catholic identity. As a mainliner longing for Christian catechesis that is up front and robust about its tradition, he was a little too self-loathing (or perhaps closeted Protestant) for this reader.Still, on the whole - quite beautiful and fascinating.

  • Emily

    this is a good read about one priest's experience as a missionary to the Masai people of East Africa. really good insights on rethinking not only the missionary task but also the full message of Christianity. was helpful to re-think some of our message in light of the cultural context where God has called us. i don't agree with everything he said about missionaries and evangelism, but the author definitely has some interesting points to make.

  • Beth

    It's not perfect, of course. Certainly, as I'm reading the 25th anniversary edition, parts are outdated, and there are parts with which I disagree, but this is an extraordinary expression of mind and heart, a call to the church in the U.S. to repent of cultural idols and to seek the God of all the nations. I was moved to tears several times in the reading.

  • Daunavan Buyer

    This is a great book. It really challenged my thinking on mission, interpretation of scripture, and the gospel. We need to remember that the gospel needs to be the gospel for people who have never heard it before not just for North American or European Westerners with a certain worldview

  • Heidi

    Excellent incite into how missions should be done. Also, it shows us that no people group is unreachable and we should share the Good News with all. I can hardly wait to go to the Maasai this summer myself!

  • Shane

    Excellent book!

  • Laura Anderson (Hollingsworth)

    One of the books that has changed me.

  • Mike

    Beautiful story of a Roman Catholic priest bringing the Gospel to Masai people of East Africa, and realizing that God was already there.

  • Jeremy Copeland

    A powerful book set amongst the Masai warriors of East Africa, but with much to say about evangelism in the western world. I loved it.

  • Matt Friedman

    Fascinating, although I guess I could have done without some of the odd bits of Tillich

  • Daniel Arseneault

    A post Vantican II view of the gospel. Donovan seems sincere but confused about what the gospel really boils down to. This book helped me ask some serious questions about what I believe.

  • Nathaniel Grimes

    Might be helpful to read along with Part II (Translation) of Willie Jennings' The Christian Imagination

  • Toby

    Justly recognised as one of the most important books on missiology published in the past fifty years. Should be read by anyone with an interest in the subject.

  • Andrew

    Moving narrative of the inculturation of Christianity among the Masai. Convicting inditement that what we practice - and call mission - is but a pale shadow of the real thing.

  • dthaase

    This has been one of the top ten most influential books I have ever read. A must read for anyone interested in the church and evangelism.

  • Wadudu

    So far so good

  • David

    Awesome paradigm shift!

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Christianity Rediscovered | by ↠ Vincent J. Donovan
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