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By Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor | Comments: ( 346 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Modern civilization has disintegrated.The technological advances of mankind have flourished beyond expectations and have escaped the controlling hands of the human race Cloned humans and genetically engineered creatures prowl the lands, pushing the earth over the edge to a third World War.Four centuries later, the world has regressed to a feudalistic state, unaware of itsModern civilization has disintegrated.The technological advances of mankind have flourished beyond expectations and have escaped the controlling hands of the human race Cloned humans and genetically engineered creatures prowl the lands, pushing the earth over the edge to a third World War.Four centuries later, the world has regressed to a feudalistic state, unaware of its advanced past Now, kingdoms live in fear of mutated demons, of shadowy forests, and of frosts destroying their spring crops It is a land where only the secret of society s past is known by a select few and those few seem to have their own agenda on the upcoming successions of thrones.Nadia, the eldest princess of Damewood, flees for her life after her castle is attacked by an underground cult bent on bringing society back to its roots Disguising herself as a knight, she joins a hunting party along with her best friend a demon horse with his own dark past to put an end to the massacres and retrieve a stolen key that will unlock the cult s mysteries and the history of her people.Demons of the Past is the story of a young girl from a land that turns its back on the ideas of race, country and technology, and is thrown into the midst of these issues with no warning or protection save her sword and trusty steed.

  • Title: Demons of the Past
  • Author: Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor

Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Demons of the Past book, this is one of the most wanted Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor author readers around the world.

Comments Demons of the Past

  • Flannery

    As a huge lover of fantasy, I was psyched to win this from the Giveaway program. I'm sorry that life (well, mostly school) kept me from reading/reviewing it for so long. The cover art made me a little skeptical, but as the story unfolded I found myself appreciative of how the artist actually depicted characters from the book rather than generic cover art.In terms of plot, this first installment in a trilogy follows Nadia, a princess, as she joins a group attempting to deliver and play an ocarin [...]

  • CaliGirlRae

    “Daaang, that was trippy” were the first words to pop into my mind as I finished the last page of Damewood: Demons of the Past, the debut novel from Erin Durante. The novel is a hybrid of sorts, much like the driving them and some of the characters composing this science fiction tale of the far off future where technology and biotech advancements have gone haywire. I love stories that weave the two together and Damewood: Demons of the Past seamlessly leads the reader from future to a feigned [...]

  • Ben Babcock

    Four hundred years have passed since the fall of civilization As We Know It, society has reverted to a series of medieval monarchies, where technology has become magic and the genetic mutant experiments who now roam the Earth are the eponymous "demons of the past." Our protagonists are on a quest for a magical ocarina needed to refresh the magical barrier keeping more demons from escaping their four-hundred-year-old prison. Of course, soon we learn that things are not as simple as they seem.The [...]

  • Penelope

    Nadia is just your ordinary princessexcept for the fact that she secretly hunts demons in the surrounding areas of Damewood. Oh yah, and her horse, Vestro is actually a Kelpie; a demon who is able to shift back and forth between human and horse form. He's also her best friend.When her home in Damewood is attacked by demons in an attempt at killing the off royal lines, she is sent into hiding. Instead, she sneaks off to join forces with representatives from each of the surrounding kingdoms, disgu [...]

  • Cherie

    Modern Civilization has disintegrated and the technological advances of mankind have been suppressed for centuries. Society has regressed to a medieval state, and an ancient ocarina imbued with faery magic is the only thing standing between a civilized society and one overrun with demons. Unfortunately, the secret of society's past is known only to a select few, most of them belonging to a group of radicals known as the Ordi who would very much like to see society brought back to it's technologi [...]

  • Lee Stephen

    I must preface this review by stating that I am not a fantasy person. My first love will always be science-fiction. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the occasional foray into the realm of fantastic literature. My latest voyage has led me to Erin Durante’s Demons of the Past, the first book in her Damewood trilogy.Cataclysmic events have led to the demise of modern technology. The world has fallen into a feudalistic state, where magic and the supernatural have “replaced” the nuts and bolts of human [...]

  • V.L. Jennings

    All I could possibly say at the end of this book was wow! Damewood is definitely a fantastic ride from beginning to ending! The story is a tantalizing mixture of mystery, science fiction and medieval fantasy with plenty of action and suspense to keep your heart pounding. I was simply amazed at Ms. Durante's ability to combine so many genres and describe the scenes in the story so vividly! I really felt as if I were a part of the band of noble knights and princes who where questing to find the oc [...]

  • Amily

    Full Disclosure: I received this book through the Good Reads First Read program. I won the second book in the trilogy, Stones of Time. However, since I had not read this first book, the publisher, Leucrota Press, sent me a copy of Demons of the Past. Thank you!This is an interesting and fun read that draws you in right from the start. The world building is well thought out and thoroughly developed. Nadia is a strong protagonist with lots of spunk. Each of the characters comes to life throughout [...]

  • Anki

    I received this book as an ARC, and I found the characters to be interesting and the overall premise to be intriguing. I enjoyed reading the story and found it to be reasonably well-written for a debut novel in terms of action and pacing.Although I enjoyed the story, I did have a few technical issues with the writing itself. All the characters speak with more or less the same voice; there are very few distinct speech patterns. This makes it harder to differentiate between individuals, especially [...]

  • Chris

    As the Damewood Kingdom comes under attack, Princess Nadia flees on her trusted steed Vestro. After her two guards are killed during her escape she ventures to join King Andrew's hunting party to seek revenge against the demons who have coordinated attacks again all the local kingdoms. Her adventure becomes a fight for survival. Who can she trust as he world as she knows it is turned up side down?This is a book I would not have normally chosen to read. However, a friend strongly encouraged me to [...]

  • John

    DAMEWOOD: DEMONS OF THE PASTErin DuranteLeucrota PressA ReviewBy John G. HnathNovember 29, 2008This is a science-fiction novel combining elements of a feudalistic time with unimaginable technological advances. The heroine, living in the feudalistic time, is basically unaware of the technological world she must travel through to fulfill her destiny, and the story takes the reader through a perilous journey filled with numerous, completely unexpected events to an ending even more unexpected. Altho [...]

  • Molly

    I didn't know what to think about this book when I read the cover and saw the art. It's not something that would have spoken to me if I had been browsing through books at a book store. I received a review copy from the publisher and am extremely glad I did. I'm usually not into science fiction at all but I love feudalistic novels. This book turned out to be a good mixture of both. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Durante did a g [...]

  • Eva

    I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the expression "don't judge a book by its cover". This is truly the case with this book. I won this book off of the website and if I saw it in the bookstore I would have walked right by thinking it was a Harlequinn romance type book. After reading it I was pleasantly surprised that I could not have been more wrong. This book hooks you right from page one and is full of action at almost every turn. The author's ability to describe the action scenes is pre [...]

  • Beth

    After her beloved Damewood is attacked, Princess Nadia must leave the castle. But instead of heading for the safely of cousins in the Countryside, she begins a journey to join other royalty to fight and take back her kingdom. With danger at every turn and her life upside down, Nadia learns that nothing is what is seems. First of all, this is not a genre that I usually read. I don't know if I would have picked this up had it not been given to me. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did e [...]

  • Penny

    Disappointingly, only two pages in and there were a couple of minor inconsistencies. On page 1 the straps holding down the patient are said to be nylon and on page 2 they are leather. Also the patient on page 1 hears the whir of an air-conditioner but they are underground. I'm no expert but if it is possible to run such a thing underground I doubt that it would be needed.Off to a bad start but the story took over and magically erased the small "issues". Really good story, I love a strong female [...]

  • Kat

    In spite of the fact that I didn't warm up to the main character much at all, this is a good story and the other characters make up for her lack, as does the world building.I found Nadia to be very annoyingly immature and self-centered in ways that I wouldn't expect from one who was raised as a princess. She acts more like a spoiled child in her early teens than someone in their early twenties. The writing is a bit weak in spots also, with incomplete sentences scattered throughout that very much [...]

  • T.J. Webb

    I was not very impressed with this book. THe story was lack luster there did not seem to be a strong voice to any of the characters. The pacing was sluggish and seemed to meander. The protagonist was pretty unbelievable in that she knew there might be a traitor in the group but then seemed to be completely clueless when others in the group began suspecting each other. The story didn't really suck me into the world until the final chapter and epilogue. If my wife had not won the second book in a [...]

  • Rick Maydak

    A fistfull of warm pennies.What stands out to me the most in this novel is the description. Durante's writing pulls you into the text to where you feel the novel. The scenes are lavish, the descriptions stay with you after you are done. You really enter into another world, another realm and time altogether in this novel. Typically I reach for pure science fiction or horror novels. Erin has introduced an entire new genre to me as a reader. An amazing debut novel from one of my new favorite author [...]

  • Dianne Fraser

    Well written Sci fi/Adventure trilogy The future and the past sewn together keeps you interested and well written characters with a feisty heroine. Hard to put down and the pace is very fast , enjoyed reading and look forward to the final book . The author has a new look and story not like any fiction adventure i have read , thoroughly enjoyable reading.

  • Rachel

    I was one of the lucky winners of this book from first reads. It has been a couple of months though and I have yet to receive the book. So for now I am giving it a 2-star rating based on the book description. As soon as I receive the book, I'll read it and update my review.

  • Marcos

    I really liked the sci-fi feudalistic genre of the book, come a world torn, interesting and believable characters and an unexpected ending.Great character in Nadia i could really follow can't wait for the next book

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Demons of the Past | by ✓ Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor
    273 Erin Durante John S. Grosvenor
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