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By M.L.N. Hanover | Comments: ( 397 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

In a world where magic walks and demons ride, you can t always play by the rules Jayn Heller thinks of herself as a realist, until she discovers reality isn t quite what she thought it was When her uncle Eric is murdered, Jayn travels to Denver to settle his estate, only to learn that it s all hers and vaster than she ever imagined And along with properties acrossIn a world where magic walks and demons ride, you can t always play by the rules Jayn Heller thinks of herself as a realist, until she discovers reality isn t quite what she thought it was When her uncle Eric is murdered, Jayn travels to Denver to settle his estate, only to learn that it s all hers and vaster than she ever imagined And along with properties across the world and an inexhaustible fortune, Eric left her a legacy of a different kind his unfinished business with a cabal of wizards known as the Invisible College Led by the ruthless Randolph Coin, the Invisible College harnesses demon spirits for their own ends of power and domination Jayn finds it difficult to believe magic and demons can even exist, let alone be responsible for the death of her uncle But Coin sees Eric s heir as a threat to be eliminated by any means magical or mundane so Jayn had better start believing in something to save her own life Aided in her mission by a group of unlikely companions Aubrey, Eric s devastatingly attractive assistant Ex, a former Jesuit with a lethal agenda Midian, a two hundred year old man who claims to be under a curse from Randolph Coin himself and Chogyi Jake, a self styled Buddhist with mystical abilities Jayn finds that her new reality is not only unexpected, but often unexplainable And if she hopes to survive, she ll have to learn the new rules fast or break them completely.

  • Title: Unclean Spirits
  • Author: M.L.N. Hanover
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

M.L.N. Hanover

MLN Hanover is a pseudonym for fantasy writer Daniel Abraham when he s writing urban fantasy set in something very like our world In addition to The Black Sun s Daughter series, MLN Hanover has published several short stories.

Comments Unclean Spirits

  • seak

    I don't read a lot of Urban Fantasy, but when I do, I read the Dresden Files. Now, I read The Black Sun's Daughter as well.(After putting this up, I realized that Stephen has a much better and awesomer review on this same concept. I didn't copy his [promise], but do check his out, that's the way to do it)Unclean Spirits is the first of M.L.N. Hanover's Black Sun's Daughter series. As you may or may not know, M.L.N. Hanover is the pseudonym of the author Daniel Abraham (Abraham talks about his ma [...]

  • Nafiza

    "You aren't Jewish or Muslim or anything fucked up like that, are you?"And the script the baddies seem to be covered in just happens to look like Arabic. Right. The protagonist might not be but I am. What the fuck, man? I was actually liking the story.

  • Emma

    Very good urban fantasy! I recently read The Dragons Path series by Daniel Abraham and loved it. Shortly afterwards, I discovered he had written this urban fantasy series and decided to give it a go. It was worth it! Very pleased to have 4 more in the series.

  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

    A very long winded book. The characters are fine, but never connected. The main character, Jayné, she was like a pointless blob that sometimes manifested skills - which is never explained. A lot of over explaining some things & nothing on others. Just boring. And worst romance ever. Btw, the cover is a complete lie. Jayné is not that cool, never does magic, never uses a knife/sword.

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    Didn't finish this one. It strikes me as just another attempt at the antihero, ain't I tough and nonconformist urban fantasy niche that is showing up now. I didn't care much about Jayne ( zha-nay not Jane) nor her adventures. Doesn't mean it won't suit you but I've got hundreds of books waiting to be readd many that I'd rather read than this one. If it's your "cup-of-tea" as I've said before, enjoy. I'm old enough and have enough years behind me and few enough ahead that I don't make myself fini [...]

  • Lauren (Shakespeare & Whisky)

    3.5 starsFinally an urban fantasy that isn't sexist as fuck and is self aware without letting go of the tropes that make this genre fun.I should add thou that a weirdly racist (is it racist when it's against more then one religion? What is the word that covers prejudice that is a bit racist plus offensive to people of multiple faiths?) comment came out of nowhere was jarring, offensive and unnecessary. That dropped a star for me. Otherwise it was a great UF book.Edit: Having read the next one an [...]

  • Robyn

    3.5 that I'm rounding up. I enjoyed Jayne and her ragamuffin band, and especially liked the twist on vampires, etc that Hanover gives us in the world building. Really the only thing I wasn't a huge fan of in this was the romance, but I suspect that will improve. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Felicia

    One of the many many UF series out there, this one a tad less romancey than usual, i suspect that MLN Hanover is a guy by the way he writes. Mmmmwhat I liked: really good dialogue. I thought the setup was a bit hard to buy I can overlook that, I guess the thing that bugged me most is that i didn't buy the romance at all. On PAPER it's really interesting actually (no spoilers, but the romance takes nonstandard twists that i hadn't seen before) but i guess i felt the secondary characters were pret [...]

  • Sarah Anne

    Yep. Four stars again :) It has its flaws but it also has some excellent action. I do love this series.

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    Jayné (Zha-nay) Heller is a twenty-two year old university drop-out, alienated from her upright, conservative family, and doesn't even know where she's going to sleep next month when she gets the call about her uncle, Eric. The black sheep of the family, he's dead and has left her everything: his numerous properties around the world, his vast fortune, his friends and his legacy. The fortune was hard enough for her to swallow, but when she learns that Eric was involved in a battle with evil wiz [...]

  • Scott

    A good introduction to this new series. I love me some Abraham so it's cool to see him in another genre. The guy can tell a damn story, that's for sure. Interesting world and beasties with a young female MC who obviously has some issues to work throughWasn't much a fan of the "love story" but it didn't take up much time. And, honestly, Aubrey kinda seems like a douche. Much prefer Chogyi-JakeWill be continuing on

  • Cathy

    2.5 stars. It's hard to believe that this author is really Daniel Abraham. I just read the first four books of his Dagger and Coin series, which were great, and the first two of the Long Price Quartet, which were good, and while they could be a bit slow paced at times, they did not have the many issues that this had. And of course The Expanse books, co-written with Ty Franck, are great too.It was weird because it had a lot of potential. The main character, Jayné, had a good backstory. She broke [...]

  • Mike

    Unclean Spirits by M. L. N. Hanover, a pen name for one of my favorite authors Daniel Abraham, is the first in urban fantasy series the Black Sun's Daughter. While I didn't have any major trouble reading Unclean Spirits it is a far cry from other works by Abraham. It stands head and shoulders above other urban fantasy books I've read, and its excellent pacing and smooth prose makes Unclean Spirits a quick read.Unclean Spirits opens with the troubled 22 year-old Jayné Heller arriving in Denver a [...]

  • Sarah Anne

    A large part of me didn't want to give this four stars. There was this asinine conversation (view spoiler)[ where the MC sleeps with a guy. Afterwards she's using his computer to google him and enlighten herself on the research he does. She finds out that he's married. She opens up his email and finds emails from the wife so she checks his tax records and finds out that they're still married. I fully admit these last two steps were over the line. She splits and heads back to her house and he arr [...]

  • Katie Michaels

    Unclean Spirits puts a new twist on the standard urban fantasy fare. Yes, it's got vampires, lycans, and demons of a fashion, but the ideology is different. Here, otherworldly spirits can transcend out of their own world into ours and latch on a human. They become "riders" --taking over their host's body and wreaking havoc.Jayné knows nothing about riders or magic. But when her Uncle Eric dies, she inherits his home and his money; his secret life is an unexpected part of the deal. Eric fought t [...]

  • Kindra Erickson

    I couldn't finish it. And I'm still in my rereading slump. *sarcastic cheer* It was just too predictable (the plot has been used before), and the author had extremely strong opinions that she pretty much shoved in your face. Now I'm going to go reread "The Kiss of Deception" and count the days until I get enough money to buy the sequel. :)

  • Beth F.

    Jayne Heller, pronounced Zha-nay, is a college dropout and still recovering from her upbringing in a strict Christian family. She rebelled from her upbringing by attending a secular college and partaking in all the expected vices like drinking beer and sleeping with her boyfriend. But then the money ran out and she realized she couldn’t identify with her peers. While trying to figure out the next step, she found out her favorite uncle had been murdered and had left her everything: money, real [...]

  • Veronica

    What to say about this bookum, it has a cool cover? Here's the thing, if the overall plot of a book is weak but there is a yummy romance then usually the romance aspect can sustain my interest in a series. Conversely, if the romance is not all that but the plot and world building are top notch then I'm along for the ride. The problem for me with this book is that it fell short both counts, plot and romance. As for plot, nothing really happened in this book. It was a group of people basically han [...]

  • Fangs for the Fantasy

    When I finished reading Unclean Spirits, I found myself staring at the cursor on my computer screen, not sure about what to say about this series. I certainly am not overwhelmed by the story, but the book sorts of leaves you with a blank feeling. It begins with Eric Alexander Heller, sitting in a dive bar attempting to hire a few low lives to do a job. He seems to have a sort of special sight that allows him to determine if someone is really human or, nosferatu or loupine. Apparently, these crea [...]

  • Jim

    have I read too many novels of this sort? Am I just getting bored with them? I asked myself this several times & I don't think so. The writing just wasn't that good & the heroine wasn't very believable or well done. I wouldn't have minded if she or anyone else died. The basic idea wasn't bad, a different take on the whole vampire/werewolf thing. Riders, spirits from another dimension, take over human bodies & make the bad guys. Her uncle fights them. She does now too. She suddenly ca [...]

  • K

    hmmm I was really intrigued by the premise but the characters felt really flat. I was about half way through it when I put it down in favor of a new release that I had been dying to read. I feel like the book had a lot of potential just no character development and in the end I realized that I really didn't care what happened to any of them. I may resurrect it later depending on how the sequel is received.

  • chucklesthescot

    I had seen a lot of mixed reviews of this book which I had already bought so I wasn't sure what to expect. I must admit that I really enjoyed it!Jayne arrives in Denver as heir to her Uncle Eric's estate, the only family member who never disowned him. Now she has become very rich, with lots of properties and storage units to look through. Eric was also up to his eyes in magic a demons, a talent he may have passed to Jayne. Now Eric's team want to continue with his plan to stop evil Randolph Coin [...]

  • Kevin Kelsey

    This was my first Urban Fantasy novel, and I’m pretty sure that this genre just isn’t for me. I don’t really like the idea of writing a whole genre off like that, but I’ll get around to explaining my reasoning a little later. The world building was well thought out, and I really appreciated the unique take on trying to explain the usual mythological creatures from a biological angle, but the story was just so generic, the characters pretty see-through, and the writing merely competent.It [...]

  • Lightreads

    Daniel Abraham under yet another pseudonym. Typical urban fantasy setup -- attractive and disaffected girl in her twenties inherits untold wealth when her estranged uncle dies, and also his supernatural fight with creepy demon thingies.I always react a little . . . complicatedly to men writing female POV urban fantasy. And by "always" I mean here and for Tim Pratt, the only other example that springs to mind. These guys write books that actively respond to all the bitching I do about urban fanta [...]

  • Natasha

    This was my first M.L.N Hanover book and I really enjoyed it!I really took to her writing and the way she made her characters. I don't want to give too many spoilers away, but here's a rough outlineIn Unclean Spirits Eric Heller is in the start of the book and quickly dies and leaves his entire estate to his niece, Jayné Heller (her name is pronounced zha-nay, but it’s usually mispronounced as Jane). She's very close to her 23rd birthday, and although her uncles death is tragic she really had [...]

  • Anita

    I love it when you pick up a book with no expectations and are blown away by it. This book did that to me. It's a contemporary/urban fantasy set in Denver, and it's one of the best series intros I've read in a long time. Jayne Heller inherited everything from her uncle, Eric Heller, when she was only 23. Along with money and property, she also chose to claim his life's work as a part of that inheritance - hunting down evil beings called riders that take over human bodies (vampires, weres, other [...]

  • Darcy

    I wasn't too sure what to think about this book at first, but was interested enough to keep going, then all of a sudden it sucked me in and I had a hard time putting it down. I liked Jayne, she seemed like a lost soul. Her comment about Eric dying couldn't have come at a better time made me really like her. I knew she wasn't trying to be mean, just that her life was in such a mess. Her finding out that Eric left everything to her was interesting and funny at times. Her way of dealing with things [...]

  • Spectre

    The world in which Unclean Spirits exists offers a new twist on a well-worn genre. This world mixes science, paranormal, and religion, yet the author does not come across preachy or judgmental. This world simply is, and that is the main strength of this novel. The downfall is in the partially developed characters. Jayné, the lead character, has an appealing first person voice that shows promise but lacks development because Jayné herself is not completely sure who she is. While that might be a [...]

  • Michelle

    Jayne's life turns upside down when her long lost uncle names her as the sole inheritor to his wealth, estates, and supernatural enemies.The reason I loved this book as much as I did was because of the main character. Jayne was the perfect combination of smart, tough, and vulnerable. I also felt a strong kinship because her upbringing and subsequent life choices were so similar to my own (minus the rich uncle who hunted demons, lol). I loved Jayne's progression from deadbeat dropout to woman wit [...]

  • marlene

    I picked this book up at least a dozen times in the store and the reviews always made me put it down. i got it this week out of desperation, and i am so glad i did. it was amazingly refreshing to see a heroine who does not say "oh hi there you are a *insert random monster here*? they exist? oh ok lets be BFF and/or have sex." Jayné needed proof about the things that go bump in the night before she killed things or set her life completely upside down chasing them. even then she hesitated. even w [...]

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