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  • Title: Heavenly Bridegrooms
  • Author: Ida Craddock
  • ISBN: 9780404609917
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ida Craddock

Ida C Craddock was a forceful public exponent of women s rights and sexual freedom whose interest in Theosophy and Spiritualism led her into a profound involvement with the occult Attacked by conservatives as promoting obscenity and immorality on account of her reforming activities, Craddock became the focus of an organised campaign of persecution Facing a lengthy prison sentence that she did not expect to survive, she instead took her own life, at age forty five.After her death, Craddock s work on sexuality and occultism attracted the interest of a small number of well known figures, including Aleister Crowley, who wrote that she possessed.iated knowledge of extraordinary depth She seems to have had access to certain most concealed sanctuaries She has put down statements in plain English which are positively staggering.

Comments Heavenly Bridegrooms

  • Meghan

    She had a remarkable ability to draw connections across cultures and eras, a clear line of thought, and an incandescent life.

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  • [PDF] Download Å Heavenly Bridegrooms | by ↠ Ida Craddock
    237 Ida Craddock
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