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By Ada Calhoun | Comments: ( 625 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Babble s readership has tripled in the past year and is still growing rapidly, indicating that today s busy parents especially those from Gen X and Gen Y are hungry for advice According to editor in chief Ada Calhoun, many parents are unnecessarily anxious, worrying and trying to follow advice from their own parents, other parents on the playground, or board certifiedBabble s readership has tripled in the past year and is still growing rapidly, indicating that today s busy parents especially those from Gen X and Gen Y are hungry for advice According to editor in chief Ada Calhoun, many parents are unnecessarily anxious, worrying and trying to follow advice from their own parents, other parents on the playground, or board certified experts She believes, if we encourage our kids to be kind and generous and we trust our own instincts about all the other stuff, we may just be able to rear a generation of capable people and stay relatively happy ourselves Sound easy It is, and in Instinctive Parenting, Calhoun makes smart sense of all the available choices and opinions for how to raise one s child right As a mother herself, Ada knows firsthand about all the pressing issues, fears, and anxiety parenting brings And she s discovered that food, shelter, and love are all kids need to thrive a welcome antidote to many modern childrearing philosophies that are currently popular So forget the organic cotton t shirts, ergonomic wooden toys from Sweden, and locally grown chickpeas for snacks, and instead do the very basic things that matter most Thoughtful, hip, and relatable, Calhoun s parenting advice is a refreshingly simple approach for every parent wanting to raise a decent human being.

  • Title: Instinctive Parenting: Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids
  • Author: Ada Calhoun
  • ISBN: 9781439157299
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ada Calhoun

Ada Calhoun is the author of Wedding Toasts I ll Never Give, named by W magazine one of the best 10 memoirs of 2017 and of St Marks Is Dead, chosen by Kirkus and the Boston Globe as one of the best books of 2015.

Comments Instinctive Parenting: Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids

  • Aubrey Denton

    I was truly disappointed in this book - maybe my hopes were too high? It started out with the lovely premise that parenting is unique, that we shouldn't judge one another's parenting choices as long as kids are being given the basics of food, shelter, and love in whatever ways parents find works for them, and in an effort to raise decent human beings. She then proceeds to hypocritically tear down this premise by either defending or mocking a variety of parenting choices. On page 154-155, she is [...]

  • Courtney

    This book is the poster child for why I dislike pop psychology. Hypocritical, opinionated nonsense for the most part. The author says she hates "self proclaimed experts," (but what about the real experts out there?"

  • Pamela

    I enjoyed reading this book. I bought this book over the weekend, read it within two days and will read this book again soon!Ada Calhoun's Instinctive Parenting is a well-written, interesting, funny and intelligent look at parenting in the 00s. It's not necessarily a how-to guide but mostly a memoir on how this NYC mom parents her son Oliver and is part of a progressive and interesting community of moms and dads. The book provides a thoughtful discussion on what being a parent means in these hyp [...]

  • Genny

    This isn't exactly a "parenting" book in the sense that it tells you how to handle different situations. This books if full of real life experiences of the author as a step-mom/first time mom to her own child. I enjoyed the personal stories and experiences she shared, observations she has made, and articles/books she has read, parents she has talked with about child rearing. But I think the most important message that came through this book was that there is not one right way to raise our childr [...]

  • Jessica

    So far I am loving this! It is entertaining, easy to get through, and I totally agree with the author's minimalistic attitude.Ok, now that I'm finished with it, I still like it. There are parts I agree with, parts I don't. But I absolutely LOVED reading a parenting book that at least wasn't BORING! I actually looked forward to reading a short chapter or 2 while eating lunch, etc. And invariably I learned something interesting or at least entertaining that I would want to remember to tell my husb [...]

  • Hayden

    If I wrote a parenting book, it would probably be a lot like this one. So I mostly agree with Calhoun and have given her several silent mental high fives. (For example: It's fine if your kid doesn't feel like sharing, or feels angry, or whatever. Not fine: not sharing, hitting, etc. Children have a right to their feelings, but not necessarily the right to act on them or have them validated all the time.) On the other hand, what the heck do I know about anything? My kid is still in diapers (and s [...]

  • Taylor

    This book is basically nothing more than the authors experience of being a first time mother. Since I already have 2 kids of my own and have been through many of the same experiences I didn't really gain much from reading this. However, as I was reading this book there were many times that I was nodding my head in agreement with her. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in the world because many of her views on parenting were the same as my own. I think this book would be a good read for someone [...]

  • Julie

    Interesting read. If you are looking for a list of parenting tips-look elsewhere. This isn't what this book is. If you are looking to learn something, you can probably get the gist within the first couple of chapters. Trust yourself, don't worry what the rest of the world is doing. However, it was well-written and I feel like she is a friend now. Even though some of her take was a little more worldly than my views are, I liked her down-to-earth common sense style. I think all first time mothers [...]

  • Sarah

    While the parenting advice applies more to older babies and toddlers, I still had a great time reading this book. Ada Calhoun's stories made me laugh, especially the antecdotes about the parents who just go overboard trying to make everything "perfect." While I didn't agree with every single thing she said, I liked how her main message was something along the lines of; Relax. There are a million different parenting styles, so don't worry about being sucked into various camps. Your job is to rais [...]

  • Holly

    I could not love this book more if I had given birth to it myself. There were so many quotes that I wanted to paste onto my facebook status or blog that I would have violated major copyright laws. I want to send copies of this to all my friends with young kids.The only flaw I saw was that in a book where she is advocating parents being okay with whatever choices they make, she does judge some choices as "wacky" ("elimination communication" and "anti-vaccine" parents, most notably). I don't disag [...]

  • Brandy

    I do recognize the irony in someone writing--and me reading--a book on parenting by instinct, but the book is really more a loose collection of short anecdotal essays, rather than a tome on How To Raise Your Child. It's an entertaining read in a way that parenting books usually aren't (this is the first one I haven't skipped all around in), and the main point is "you don't have to listen to so-called experts on everything; do what's right for YOUR family and YOUR kid," which is pretty refreshing [...]

  • Jessica

    Pretty interesting book, although it felt more like a bunch of blogposts put in book form, which is fine. There were a few sections I greatly disagreed with, and a few that I very much enjoyed. This isn't so much a parenting advice book as in "things you should do when your child does x,y or z" but more a parenting advice book filled with tidbits about how we should trust our own instincts as parents because, basically, as long as we're doing the best we can for our kids, we're doing it right.

  • Jessica L

    This was an enjoyable quick read. The title is a tiny bit misleading, as it suggests this is an advice book. It really is more a collection of parenting-related essays tied together with a common theme: Don't stress out over all the conflicting advice out there. Instead, trust yourself and do what works for your family. I enjoy reading the submissions on Babble (the website the author edits). This book takes the same tone as many of the Babble articles.

  • Casey

    This is great. I really only agree with 70% of how she raises her kids, but that's ok. Her point is that we will all do it differently and the kid will mostly turn out how they are going to turn out anyway. This is a great read for parents and parents-to-be because it is simply about doing the best you can.

  • Sally Tsang

    A funny, commonsense and laid-back look at parenting and all the issues that plague first time parents. A good call to not sweat the small stuff (a lot of the stuff that seems big is actually small stuff) and trust that with love and the right priorities, our kids will turn out alright. An easy read full of humorous anecdotes of her own life as a parent.

  • Terri

    This was okay but started getting repetitive quickly, and sometimes more judgmental than I liked. Being interested in what "experts" say doesn't make one a bad parent any more than not caring does. I did like some of the essays, though, and the overall message -- though I also skipped a lot of it as I got further in.

  • Jenn

    This book changed my life, it is like kryptonite for mommy guilt! I wrote to the author to let her know how much the book helped me and she responded with a very kind message. All you mommies out there, treat yourself to this one, Grandma's treat your daughters to this book, OBGYN's insist your post partum patients read it, pediatricians, insist your new sleep deprived mommies read this!!!

  • Sarah

    While I certainly did not agree with all of the positions that the author took, I felt respected by her words and cheered when she attempted to place some responsibility on the culture/society as far as helping family's raise kids. Also, a lot of what she says about the basics being most important make sense. In short: relax, everything will be okay.

  • Emily

    My mom picked this up for me. The author has a fantastic sense of humor and a super laid back approach to parenting. It's contains lots of completely non-judgmental parenting 'advice' and I loved it.

  • Kaye

    This book isn't really prescriptive (as in, how to parent), but it offers some levity to all the intense theories out there and injects some common sense to the job of being a parent. As someone who is expecting twins in a matter of weeks, I found the middle ground tone reassuring.

  • Julie

    Doesn't seem to have much to say other than, do what ever you think is probably fine, and your kids will be fine. That's what I've done,and so far so good. (Her son is all of 2 years old.) Not worth reading, IMHO.

  • Heidi

    Quick read - I really enjoyed. It was like having a conversation with your best friend. I had fallen into the trap of worrying about every decision about well everything regarding parenting. This helped me put things into perspective!

  • Nicole Buhler

    hilarious and so true! Takeaway: it doesn't matter how you raise your kids as long as you give them all of your love. Even if you have to work and put them in front of the TV with cheetos and french fries - if you love them they will turn out just fine.

  • Nicole

    More memoir than parenting advice. Entertaining and I had a few - yeah I did that - moments, but otherwise not worthy of my few spare reading moments. Although it was a good counterbalance to all the "Mommy Wars" articles spinning around lately.

  • joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire*

    short, funny chapters with parenting insight and anecdotes. nothing earth-shattering, but amusing and spot-on. easy for parents to actually read since the chapters are short enough for reading during potty breaks. ;)

  • Ashly Nelson

    Funny and very informative. I love the way she wrote it.

  • Emerald

    Entertaining book filled with the author's personal stories and viewpoints on most of the current "hot" button parenting issues. Numerous laugh-out-loud moments - easy and fun read!

  • Jennifer

    Practical advice that doesn't try to scare you. Thank you!

  • Unit of Raine

    Easy, fast read. Probably because she's a blogger/editor and we have similar view points. So yeah. Kinda of a mirror and not informative.

  • Chiara

    Good news! I never have to read another book on parenting, because I've found my sane, unalarmist guru in Ada Calhoun and this lovely, calming, rational book.

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