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By Elizabeth Peters | Comments: ( 426 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

Amelia and family have arrived in Egypt for the 1911 archeological season after the marriage of young Ramses best friend David to Amelia s niece Lia But trouble finds them immediately when David is accused of selling ancient artifacts While Amelia and company try to clear his name and expose the real culprit, the body of an American is found at the bottom of their exAmelia and family have arrived in Egypt for the 1911 archeological season after the marriage of young Ramses best friend David to Amelia s niece Lia But trouble finds them immediately when David is accused of selling ancient artifacts While Amelia and company try to clear his name and expose the real culprit, the body of an American is found at the bottom of their excavation shaft As accusations of drug dealing and moral misconduct fly, a child of mysterious antecedents sparks a crisis that threatens to tear the family apart Amelia brings her brilliant powers of deduction to bear, but someone is shooting bullets at her and coming awfully close

  • Title: The Falcon at the Portal
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380798575
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters is a pen name of Barbara Mertz She also wrote as Barbara Michaels as well as her own name Born and brought up in Illinois, she earned her Ph.D in Egyptology from the University of Chicago Mertz was named Grand Master at the inaugural Anthony Awards in 1986 and Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America at the Edgar Awards in 1998 She lived in a historic farmhouse in Frederick, western Maryland until her death.

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Comments The Falcon at the Portal

  • victoria.p

    I love the Amelia Peabody books, some more than others, but this one I am exceptionally conflicted about, because this is the one where Nefret screws the pooch, basically, and all the tolerance and even liking for her that I'd finally built up was destroyed, and I've never really gotten any of it back. This book - or, rather, Nefret's inexplicable and incredibly asinine actions in this book (for which I'd desperately hoped there would be some mitigating explanation inHe Shall Thunder in the Sky, [...]

  • Nicole

    Alternate title: Amelia Jumps the Shark.The first book in the series was 262 pages. I like a good, long book, but this one just feels bloated. After letting other things take priority, I forced myself to blast through the second half of this book largely because I wanted to make my books-read total for the year an even 50. A lot of this book feels like filler. There are lots of passages in which characters dither or lurk, or talk about dithering and lurking, or go over what they know. The plot a [...]

  • Alantie

    This review can be summed up in one sentence: Nefret is an idiot.Yikes. Backtracking a little, I'll start off by saying that this book seemed a bit slower moving to me than some of the others in the series. It opens with David and Lia's marriage which I cheered for of course. But the mystery this go around seemed lacking somehow, and really didn't pick up steam until around the last third of the book. Which is part of the reason I knocked off one star. Usually I'm pretty caught up in the mystery [...]

  • Celia

    Oh, Nefret. Deary me.I enjoyed this book very much - much more so than the last few I've read in the series. The emotional drama was really stepped up a notch, and the tormented will they/won't they thing with Ramses and Nefret is killing me (and also creeping me out every time another character refers to them as siblings - e)Anyway, there's the introduction of a brand new character causing turmoil (awwww - er, not to the turmoil, but the new character), a terribly ruthless enemy (or perhaps two [...]

  • Tarissa

    This volume CAN'T BE MISSED. Some really epic changes take place in the Emerson-Peabody household. Like new marriage(s). What an intriguing mystery trail on who is ill-using David's name as a forged antiques dealer too. There's actually some emotional ups and downs. Shocking secrets pop up. I just didn't know if the surprises were ever to stop. However, I am disappointed though in Nefret's poor decision Why, Nefret, why??? But perhaps it had to be done for other (future-and-unknown-to-me) plots [...]

  • Colleen

    This installment of the Amelia Peabody novels literally knocked me off my feet. A few of the previous novels seemed to be lacking something, but this novel had everything that made me fall in love with the series, adventure, death, love, loss, and humor. Every action that is taken in the novel is connected to the events later in the novel and it was just wonderfully done. I have to admit that I did not see the ending coming and this is the first book in the series that didn't end happily. I am r [...]

  • QNPoohBear

    The Peabody-Emerson clan are back in Egypt for the 1911 season, minus David, who recently wed Emerson's niece Lia. Before the family left England, however, they discovered that someone has been manufacturing and selling forged antiquities using David's name! Determined to keep the new groom ignorant, everyone else steps in to prove his innocence, which is difficult to do once the amulet is stolen from their home! The trail leads back to Egypt where Ramses uncovers another illegal activity being [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    Peabody and Emerson at Zawyat el'Aryan in 1911, excavating at an exhausted, rather dull early pyramid. This season their work is interrupted not only by the requisite murder mystery, but also by the need to prove that David is not illegally selling ancient artifacts.These novels keep getting better and better. They've become more substantial and more emotional, while still retaining the improbable, madcap adventures of the early books. The addition of the younger generation has kept the books fr [...]

  • Lucy

    #11 in the Amelia Peabody series. Although the following book in the series (He Shall Thunder in the Sky) is arguably Peters's masterpiece, I think this volume in the Amelia Peabody diaries is magnificent. Peters expertly brings the reality of WWI into the Emerson clan, forcing all sorts of revelations and heartache. I would not recommend reading Falcon without He Shall Thunder in the Sky on hand, however. Peters most definitively leaves the reader dangling from a wrenching cliff at the end that [...]

  • Krystal

    I don't think I've actively rooted for a character to die so much since Dora Copperfield but it made for a delightful read! And he did die so that was a bonus. And seriously, can the Peabody-Emersons adopt me already?! A cooler family there never has been and they just keep getting better with each book.

  • Vanessa

    As usual, Amelia and her family get in a sticky situation, but they figure out how to get out of it together. As with her recent books, there is less archaeology happening in this book and more drama and trying to catch the killer. I hope that Ms. Peters gets back to the archaeology in future books because I miss seeing more of that. Part way through this book, there is a wonderful scene between Nefret and Ramses - something that I've been waiting to witness for several books now. I was surprise [...]

  • RavenclawReadingRoom

    Oh, Nefret. What the eff, girl? Her actions in this one kiiiind of make me headdesk forever. That said, this book is a hell of a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the mystery in this one. I love how Amelia and Emerson are a little bit "?!?!?!" where Ramses and Nefret and David are concerned. Like, they still think of them as children, even though they're now in their 20s and totally capable of running their own lives. It's pretty adorable. I have a lot of love for David and Lia, because OMG INTER [...]

  • Samantha

    Sadly, I'm enjoying these books less and less. They use to make me laugh and the mysteries were engaging. The latest have lacked the humor and the mysteries have been perfunctory, especially in this book. Half way through I realized nothing much had happened not just related to a mystery but to anything. Then, whenever the mystery seemed to get going, the storyline was interrupted by a foray into Egyptology or the Ramses-Nefret soap opera that annoyed me no end. Nothing is helped by Barbara Rose [...]

  • Laura

    I have never been able to understand how they figure out who the murderer, even though I've read it at least three times, but that's okay because the joy for me is being with the Peabody-Emerson clan. I particularly enjoy the use of different points of view, and being able to see Amelia through her loved ones eyes.

  • Becky

    Okay- I really like this Amelia Peabody- there is a fantastic scene in the middle of the book- but then- Nefret- What were you thinking?!? Your motivations make no sense! None at all! Why? Luckily- there is He Shall Thunder- my favorite of the series- just after.

  • Michelle Johnson

    QUICK PITCH: The Peabodys are at it again. VERDICT: SO INTENSE

  • Vivienne

    Again this was my audiobook in the car for a number of weeks and again Rosenblat did an amazing job with the various characters. Love her.

  • Linniegayl

    This was such a difficult book for me the first time I read it. Part of the rather dark "internal quartet" of the Amelia Peabody series, it leaves us hanging in undoubtedly the darkest place for the main characters.The book begins on a happy note, in England, with the wedding of David (the grandson of the Emerson's longtime reis (foreman) Abdullah to their niece Lia (daughter of Walter and Evelyn). However, while in England the Emerson's learn that forged artifacts are being sold to dealers arou [...]

  • John Frankham

    More or less half way through this run of about twenty crime novels. Told through journals by the acerbic and self-important Amelia, and some, which give an amusing counterpart, by her son, this volume is, as usual, full of intriguing plot-lines, and a good denouement. Key developments amongst the family as well."Amelia and family have arrived in Egypt for the 1911 archeological season -- after the marriage of young Ramses' best friend David to Amelia's niece Lia. But trouble finds them immediat [...]

  • Gawelleb

    Je n'aime pas Nefret et ce tome n'a rien arrangé ! Par contre quelle évolution de Ramses!!! On est loin du gamin insupportable !!En qui concerne l'intrigue policière je l'ai trouvé encore plus brouillonne que d'habitude et trop en retrait.

  • Rhonda

    I'm in the process of re-reading the entire Amelia Peabody series again, from start to finish in one go. They are still some of my favorite books. They must be read with tongue firmly inserted in cheek. It also helps to have an interest in and some knowledge of Colonial-era exploration narratives, fiction like that of H. Rider Haggard, Orientalist studies, the competitive acquisitive zeal of western museums at the turn of the century, and the "gentlemen archaeologists" of the 19th century who br [...]

  • Tracy

    The reason I enjoyed this book so much was entirely because of the characters. Although these people could never possibly exist in reality, it is inspiring to read about such passionate, tireless humans who are superior in every way. Peters has created demi-gods, with flawless human forms, absolutely in control of their thoughts, words, actions, even facial expressions, loved by everyone, the epitome of honorable behavior, and nearly omniscient. It honestly makes me want to be perfect too, despi [...]

  • Mel Campbell

    I fished this book out of a trolley outside my local op-shop labelled FREE. It was much creased and well-loved. I decided to read it because it's set in the Egyptology scene that roughly overlaps the period of my own novel-in-progress, and I wanted to see how Peters wrote about it. At first I found the florid, expository, old-fashioned language very offputting (nobody has blue eyes when they can have "sapphirine orbs"), but I minded it less as I went along and came to realise this clunky style m [...]

  • Teri-K

    I really enjoy this book. We get to see all of the family together - except for David and Lia who are on their honeymoon in the first part of the story, and David, who is a favorite of mine, is important to the plot. Cyrus and Katherine show up, too, helping the Emersons as much as they can. The mystery(s) are ones I can care about. Though shots flew a lot without doing much real damage I hardly noticed and ddin't care.(view spoiler)[Finally Ramses and Nefret get together! Now Ramses can stop mo [...]

  • Robin

    My review is really a high three and a half, and mostly because I'm annoyed at the sequence. Trying to find the correct order in which to read these books is driving me right up the wall.Also, SPOILER ALERT if you're trying to read these in order. Stop reading now if you don't want to know.but to get back to this one. If I'm reading these in the right order (it turns out I'm not), this is the first season for the Emersons without Abdullah. On the other hand, David and Lia have gotten married. So [...]

  • Raymond

    The first problem with the book is that there are too many heroes, all of them members of the Peabody family. The second problem is that the plot hinges on the sale of ancient artifacts from Egyptian burial sites, some of which are forgeries. It is only in Chapter eight (of fourteen) that a murder is committed. Until then, there are a seemingly unending series of red-herring investigations of the artifact sales. The only reason for the Peabody’s investigations is the possible involvement of on [...]

  • Rach

    There were a few moments while listening to this book when I literally gasped out loud. The first one was accompanied by a "Yes! Finally! Wheeee!" and copious amounts of irrational grinning. If you've read this book, or even any of the previous 2 in the series, you'll know why. Unfortunately, that first gasp was soon followed by a second one. This second gasp was horrified, exasperated, and angry, and might have involved some involuntary swearing. That stupid, thoughtless, silly girl. I could st [...]

  • Alison Stuart

    This book is not my favourite EP which is why I have recently re-read it. We seem to lose Amelia and Emerson with the concentration moving to Ramses and Nefret, which is, I suppose to be expected except that Nefret drove me to distraction in this book.I suspect the author of being a teensy bit in love with her own creation, Ramses and who wouldn't be. He is a deserving romantic hero. Stunningly good looking, talented and courageous but with a vulenerable heart. Nefret behaves in the worst TSTL m [...]

  • Milena Benini

    I used to be a great fan of the Amelia Peabody series but, around book ten, the novels started all blurring into one another, so I gave the series a rest. Having recently run into the series again, I decided to start again, and The Falcon at the Portal made me glad I did.Unlike A River in the Sky (which was published last year, but comes before this one in the internal chronology), The Falcon at the Portal has all the ingredients that made me like the series in the first place: it's funny, well- [...]

  • Donna

    I had been steadily working my way through this series and it fell off my radar for a bit so it's been a year since the last one. Sadly, it was Elizabeth Peters recent death that brought it back to my attention but it was wonderful to return to her world and it felt like catching up with old friends.It amazes me how fresh this series stays--I'm on book #10 and they just keep getting better. This one has a lot of drama and emotion. There's a new character and an unexpected villain. I was pleasant [...]

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