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By Jackie Kessler Caitlin Kittredge | Comments: ( 913 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

AFTER THE FALL OF NIGHT Jet and Iridium best friends turned bitter enemies teamed up to foil the evil plans of the rogue superhero known as Night, but in defeating him they inadvertently destroyed the secret Corp Co transmitter whose frequency kept the metapowered heroes of the Squadron in line Now these heroes have turned against New Chicago, ransacking the city they oncAFTER THE FALL OF NIGHT Jet and Iridium best friends turned bitter enemies teamed up to foil the evil plans of the rogue superhero known as Night, but in defeating him they inadvertently destroyed the secret Corp Co transmitter whose frequency kept the metapowered heroes of the Squadron in line Now these heroes have turned against New Chicago, ransacking the city they once protected.Even worse, the powerful antisuperhero group known as Everyman has taken advantage of the chaos to fan the flames of prejudice against all superpowered men and women Just when New Chicago needs them most, Jet and the small band of heroes who have remained on the right side of the law find themselves the targets of suspicion and outright hatred.Things aren t going much better for Iridium When she springs her father, a notorious supervillain, from prison to help her fight the marauding ex superheroes, she finds that Corp Co still has some nasty tricks up its sleeve.But when the most dangerous man alive, the sociopath known as Doctor Hypnotic, suddenly surfaces, Jet and Iridium will once again be called upon to set aside their differences Yet in the process, deeply buried secrets will come to light that will change everything the former best friends think they know about each other and themselves.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Title: Shades of Gray
  • Author: Jackie Kessler Caitlin Kittredge
  • ISBN: 9780553386325
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jackie Kessler Caitlin Kittredge

Some kids want to grow up to be doctors, or movie stars, or political assassins Me, I wanted to draw comic books Not Archie comics, either superhero comic books Maybe it was all the heavily muscled guys in spandex Around the time I was 15, I realized that as much as I enjoyed drawing note that I m saying nothing about the quality of those pics , it was a lot of fun putting words in the characters mouths I didn t know the term fanfic back then, but I started writing stories about the X Men, Alpha Flight, and the Teen Titans Didn t do anything with those stories, other than horrify my mother She asked why I couldn t write nice stories, you know, about bunnies Nope me, I wanted to write about power About magic About hot guys in spandex And about beating those guys bloody and senseless In retrospect, maybe I really did want to horrify my mother Hey, not my fault When I was a kid, I busted her doodling on the cover of New Teen Titans 6 Argh So maybe it s ironic that the book I wound up writing had nothing to do with overly muscled men and everything to do with scantily clad women Well, temporarily scantily clad Oh, right, and demons.Previously, I was the fantasy editor for Wild Child Publishing Along with working with terrific authors and editors, I d been fortunate enough to interview a number of fabulous people for WCP, including Margaret Weis I think Raistlin was my first crush.In case you re wondering, I live in Upstate New York, along with my Loving Husband and two Precious Little Tax Deductions, two cats, and about 9,000 comics But actually, that number is now closer to 8,000, thanks to a flooded basement Alas

Comments Shades of Gray

  • Jackie Kessler

    Okay, yes, I coauthored the book, so I'm biased. But I've been rereading it -- or, really, reading it for the first time as a book, not a manuscript or page proofs or even an ARC -- and I have to admitI really am enjoying it as a reader. And that's a pretty cool feeling.Thank you for reading SHADES OF GRAY. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Cheryl

    Shades of Gray picks up and continues on from Black and White. After revealing the academy has been using mind control on all the super heroes, Iridium and Jet hope to stop them once and for all. Now that the super heroes are no longer under the control of the academy, things are a bit chaotic. Some of the super heroes did not like learning that they were puppets and have taken to vandalism and a life of crime. Others like Jet are still super heroes. Iridium and Jet will have to band together to [...]

  • Aurumora

    LeseeindruckIch dachte erst ich mag dieses Buch ein bisschen weniger als das erste. Ich hätte einfach nicht so viel zweit zwischen erstem und zweitem Band verstreichen lassen sollen. Noch eins hat mich gestört und zwar die Sache mit Taser, er hätte die Möglichkeit gehabt seinen Posten aufzugeben oder zu wechseln. Ich finde er hätte mehr haben können als er sich geholt hat. An sich war die Geschichtespannungsgeladen, in beiden Passagen im Jetzt und Damals und sogar in den netten Zwischenseq [...]

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders

    This picks up where Black and White left off. While many questions are answered (extrahumans and their origins, etc), there was a few things that were left unanswered. Mainly, the whereabouts of a certain evil asshat. Overall, I enjoyed this. Not quite as much as the first one though.I liked that Jet (Joan) and Iri (Callie) join forces and overcome their shared pasts. I liked the end. It wass fitting and a new path.

  • Susi

    When I received this book as an ARC I was thrilled and nearly out of my mind with joy. I totally adored the first book, Black & White and I couldn't wait to read this one. I completely lost the memory of any other books and jumped head first into the world of superheroes and supervillians againI will try to keep this review spoiler free but it will probably contain a few spoilers from book one, so stop reading if you haven't read that one. You should go to a bookstore and redeem this mistake [...]

  • K.F.

    This was an AMAZING sequel to Black and White. I actually had no idea that this was co-written with another author, but it definitely explains the switching perspectives. But it's actually so seamless in terms of voice and style thatn, you really can't tell it was written by two people.Think X-Men meets 1984 meets Joss Whedon. Again.Maybe a hint of Harry Potter, as well, actually.In the sequel, we get a lot more backstory, which is lovely. Since backstory is pretty much the best part of the firs [...]

  • Larry

    This book, perhaps the most unfortunately timed naming of a novel in the history of the world, like the first book in the series, Black and White, was a wonderful page turning super hero/super villain tale. As with most series, inconsistencies do start to pile up a bit over time, but overall it was a great sequel. Perhaps by intent, perhaps by accident, Iri's character seemed a bit off this time around, with her character seeming less self assured and capable as in the first tale. Perhaps by int [...]

  • Erin

    I can't believe I didn't review this when I actually read it! I finally broke down and bought it from because DCPL didn't show any signs of buying it--although now it looks like they did. Oh, well, I couldn't wait.This was a great follow-up to Black and White, and answers a question that fantasy & SF don't tackle often enough--i.e what happens when the Evil Empire/Corporation/Whatever is actually defeated?In this case, chaos, as Corp-brainwashed superheroes shed their programming and go rog [...]

  • Bobby Corry

    Just like the first book of this series, Black and White, I love this book. Shades of Gray shows that there is not solely good and bad in the superhero world. Good heroes going bad, bad heroes turning good, neutral people turning good or bad is the forefront of this book. In the backdrop is the past showing the corporate, political choices that created and eventually mistreated th oribinal superheroes.In the end there is so much chaos due to the ending of Black and White and the superheroes can [...]

  • Tony Calder

    I enjoyed the first book in this series, Black and White, but I think this one is better. This continues the story of the two main characters - Jet and Iridium - but also delves into a lot of the background, particularly concentrating on the previous generation of heroes.There is plenty of superheroic action and, in fine comics tradition, the characters private lives are also covered. But, a warning to those after the black and white, good vs evil world-setting prevalent in many comics - you won [...]

  • Ea_colon

    Shades of Grey is the perfect sequel to Black & White in that it is a more polished version of it's predecessor with a little bit of embellishment. But I didn't like the last book that much. Fortunately a few of my big concerns are taken care of. True to it's name, this book is where the gray scale becomes more apparent. Not only that but our protagonists are being proactive. But I think the best improvement is in the flashbacks. They tie into the main plot far more than in the previous book [...]

  • Kelsey

    So good! After finishing Black and White, I couldn't wait to read this, and I actually liked this one better!The story was so interesting, and with the new information about the Icarus project and Martin Moore, it keeps you glued to the pages, trying to figure out the mystery for yourself. I also love the flashbacks to Jet and Iridium's parents, and their time as heroes, too. To me, it's so cool and unexpected that the way these stories are written is in a way that, the further you get into the [...]

  • Darcy

    This book picked up right from where the last one left off, and seems to be a game changer, unusual for a second book in a series.In the last book we learned about Jet and Iridium as kids and how they became enemies. This time around we get to see the tentative friendship start back up between Jet and Iridium, along with their parents allowing us to see them in a new light.The past and the present come clashing together in the main story, the past of the parents, the past of the Corp-Co, and the [...]

  • Brian

    The Sequel (apparently under the Icarus Project #2) to Black and White. Makes me wonder if they are working on a #3. It's a fun, easy read. Some of the descriptions and dialogue are a bit amatuerish- almost cliche and forced. There is an intersting spin to heroes, and villians and how they are created, as well as the shades of gray for right and wrong. These authors have written many of other books seperate from each other but they are in vampire-romance/fantasy that I am not interested in. If y [...]

  • Eric

    Once they were called Extrahumans. Now they're known as superfreaks. A bunch of superheroes who honor sponsorship deals above civic duty, heroes who appear on reality programs, superfreaks who sell personal sex tapes to the media to improve (!) their favorability ratings. In the future all of our superheroes will be super sycophants. Full review here: superheronovels/2010/07/06

  • Gordon Mackenzie

    Fun alternative future history book continues the series about what horrifying consequences that come from the creation of an genetically-engineered nd potentially mentally-unstable corporate-sponsored cadre of superheroes and villains when the all of the controls seemingly came off. Chaos ensues and secrets long hidden begin to emerge.

  • Stefan

    Im Zwielicht, der zweite Teil der "Das Ikarus Projekt"-Reihe), gefällt mir eben so gut wie der erste Teil. Die Story wird sehr schön weiter geführt und die Gesichten der einzelnen Figuren wird stark hinterleuchtet. Das Ende finde ich gelungen, die alten Freunde finden wieder zusammen und alles wendet sich zum Positiven.

  • Niels

    A sequel to the good super hero novel Black and White. It delves into the past of the parents of Jet and Iridium's parents as well as the future of New Chicago and the super heroes that are supposed to protect it. A good easy read and their were loose ends at the end of the book but as far as I know, no sequel was ever written.

  • Steven Smith

    In the process of reading this and I'm enjoying it very much. It starts off right where the first book, Black and White, left off. It was pretty good. I enjoy almost any tale of super powered individuals in the modern world. This one isn't as good as the wildcards books but it isn't bad.

  • April Hollingworth

    Second in the series and doesn't let you down only problem is I want more. What can I say this is a fantastic series when superheros fight against each other and humans have to decide are they going to hide or fight with them!

  • Katja

    Now don't get excited, this isn't THAT book. This is the second in the series that started with "Black and White" and is about superheroes/supervillains. I am definitely enjoying the books and look forward to the next one.

  • Annie

    Hibernating right now b/c I wanted to go back and re-read Black and White before starting in on this one loved that the first time and I can't imagine this second book in the series will be much different once I get to reading it :)

  • Lisa Kessler

    Wow! This one was even better than Black and White!!!I loved the world building in this book and seeing more of the history of the superheroes and Corp, but I think my favorite part was the "latents"I don't want to give any spoilers, but this one is definitely worth reading! :)

  • Dora Okeyo

    I have to say that Jet is my favorite character in this book. I am looking forward to reading 'Black and White.'

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    The premise is cool but it's starting to feel like they're dragging the story and character arcs out too much. And the seemingly impending then averted love triangles — STOP PLEASE.

  • Trish Heinrich

    Short review. AWESOME!!! Could've been two books, it's jam packed from start to finish, and I really, really, really hope someday to see a third. READ THESE BOOKS!

  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

    Just wow. Will review.

  • Thoraiya

    Superheroes are not my thing, though the writing is fine. Also, I might have enjoyed this more if I knew it was a Book #2!

  • Lisa Kessler

    This was a great addition to the series!!! I was sad to reach the end of the book :)

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