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By Lauren Conrad | Comments: ( 451 ) | Date: ( Apr 09, 2020 )

After hitting the 1 spot on the New York Times list with her first novel, L.A Candy, TV star Lauren Conrad continues the deliciously entertaining series about an ordinary girl leading an extraordinary life.Full of dishy details about young Hollywood that only an insider can reveal, this entertaining novel shows that lies are only as sweet as the people telling them.JaneAfter hitting the 1 spot on the New York Times list with her first novel, L.A Candy, TV star Lauren Conrad continues the deliciously entertaining series about an ordinary girl leading an extraordinary life.Full of dishy details about young Hollywood that only an insider can reveal, this entertaining novel shows that lies are only as sweet as the people telling them.Jane Roberts was the average girl next door until she and her best friend, Scarlett Harp, landed their own reality show, L.A Candy Now the girls have an all access pass to Hollywood s hottest everything But there s to life on camera than just parties and shopping.When racy photos of Jane are leaked to the press, she finds herself at the center of a tabloid scandal She turns to her co star Madison Parker for help, unaware that Madison is scheming behind the scenes She might be Jane s shoulder to cry on, but does Madison really have Jane s back Scarlett s working on a scandal of her own She s fallen for someone who s strictly off limits which means Scarlett has a big secret to keep the L.A Candy cameras, the paparazzi staking out her apartment, even from her best friend.Of course, nothing stays secret for long for the stars of the newest hit TV series, and all this drama couldn t be better for ratings But can Jane survive another season in the spotlight

  • Title: Sweet Little Lies
  • Author: Lauren Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780061767609
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Katherine Conrad, often referred to as L.C , is an American television personality and an aspiring fashion designer She is best known for being featured in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach The Real Orange County and for her spin off show, The Hills, which follows her personal and professional life as she pursues a career in the fashion industry She earns an estimated 1.5 million annually for her television appearances, fashion line, and product endorsements.

Comments Sweet Little Lies

  • stephanie

    pathetic, i know. but i do want to read it. everyone needs a guilty pleasure?

  • Tiny Pants

    People, don't let the whole "This was written by a reality TV star" thing get you down on this series. I mean let's be real -- this was written by her "editorial assistant", i.e ghostwriter, just like pretty much everything else any YA packager is putting out these days. Come on, do you think she designs her clothing lines, too? If you do, you probably need to sit down so we can have a tough talk about the Easter Bunny while we're at it. As someone who finished reading this on her 30th birthday [...]

  • Sarah

    Let's be honest. The only reason she has a book deal is because she's famous, rather than has any formal qualifications for writing. And I'm OK with that. I'm drawn to it because I also have no formal qualifications for writing, and so as I read I wonder to myself- could I write this? Could I write better than this? And it fulfills that basic, and somewhat voyeuristic, human desire to compare yourself to someone else who has more fame and money than you do.The only down side I see is that this t [...]

  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥

    **Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs! Booklikes or Blogspot**Basic InfoFormat: Audio Pages/Length: Around 6hrs Genre: Young Adult; Chick LitReason For Reading: ChallengeAt A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: Triangle Cliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 2 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 5Characters: 5World Building: 6Flow:7Series Congruity: 8Writing: 7Ending: 7Total: 6In DepthBest Part: She sees the evil of media!Worst Part: Not enough actually happened! [...]

  • Emerald

    Overall Thoughts The definition of a light, easy read. This series was fun for me cause I'm a big fan of "The Hills" so I found it interesting to see read this series, even tho fiction, it kind of gave me a feel for how things really went down behind the scenes of "The Hills". It was silly but fun and I really enjoyed it. :)Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

  • Mehsi

    I am still not sure what to rate it. I am hovering between 2 and 4 stars. I guess 3.5 might be the best to give this book.Yes, the book was still pretty decent, however Jane. Oh God, Jane. She was so frustratingly dumb and naive, it just got so annoying. Everyone was telling her to watch out for Madison. To watch out for Jesse. But did she believe them? No. Not until she was shown some material and not until Jesse spun further and harder out of control. It took her the entire book (+/- 300 pages [...]

  • Jacoline Maes

    De schrijfstijlNet als het eerste deel leest dit boek weer heel vlot. Lauren Conrad schrijft heel toegankelijk, je zit direct weer in het verhaal en ze zorgt er ook voor dat je af en toe zit te glimlachen om alles wat Scarlett en Jane meemaken.Het verhaalHet verhaal gaat verder waar deel 1 geëindigd was. Jane is gevlucht voor de pers nadat haar foto is uitgelekt en zit samen met Madison in een resort. Lauren Conrad zorgt ervoor dat je je weer herinnert wat er in deel 1 is gebeurd en daarom is h [...]

  • Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Angela S. for TeensReadTooThis second novel in the L.A. CANDY series starts off where the first one left off.Jane Roberts, star of the hit reality TV show L.A. Candy, finds herself in the middle of a national scandal after a tabloid prints some photos of her in a rather compromising position. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, Jane takes the advice of her castmate, Madison, and takes off to Cabo for some much needed peace and quiet with Madison by her side to comfort and consol [...]

  • Elizabeth

    Could this book actually be better than the first? AM I BEING BRAINWASHED? Guys. Guys. Guys. I don't know what's happening. All I know is that I am obsessed with this series. How is this happening? WHAT IS HAPPENING?Okay, there are actually annoying things about this sequel. Jane is THE WORST judge of character and actually trusts EVERYONE except for the one person she SHOULD trust - her BFF Scarlett. Scarlett is increasingly immature and doesn't seem to realise that as an adult you can't just f [...]

  • Cecily Kyle

    Such a guilty pleasure for me! I had really enjoyed everything Lauren Conrad that I have been able to get my hands on so far. I don't think it is because the writing is phenomenal or anything but the story and the catty drama seems to draw me in! XDI will definitely be continuing the series.Great guilty pleasure read!

  • Idalia

    Surprisingly, Sweet Little Lies was fun, charming, scandalous, and light read. Had all the elements of reality show, which is what intrigued me to read this.Nothing has changed since the start of L.A. Candy, the reality show. Everything is the same, except rumors, scandal, and bitchy-ness is swirling in the L.A. life of Jane, Scarlett, and MadisonSS: Keep It Simple Stupid, that would describe the writing in this book. While I was reading, I could imagine how better it could be. With out a doubt, [...]

  • Ann M. Noser

    First off, I should be upfront about any conflicts of interest. My husband happens to be related to the author. This doesn't affect my review, but it is the reason I picked up this book. I don't actually watch reality TV. I'll admit that years ago I watched ONE season of SURVIVOR and then ONE season of some singing show. But, regardless, I was curious about this book, on many levels--the topic (which LC would know about through life experience, not just research) and even just the style of the w [...]

  • Tereza Pecáková

    UPDATE: mundo-da-teresinhaPokračování L. A. Candy se v zásadě nese v podobném duchu jako jednička. Takže jestli vás příběh nevinné Jane a o něco protřelejší Scarlett zaujal, dvojka vám taky sedne do noty. Řekla bych, že je o něco svižnější, jako by se autorka malinko vypsala. Jane je ještě nevinnější (a o to pitomnější, až je to do nebe volající) a ze Scarlett je pro mě favoritka jako blázen, mám tu holku moc ráda :)Jinak Gaby možná není tak hloupoučk [...]

  • Delaney Galpin

    Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad is definitely full of drama and its getting overwhelming for Jane. After the incident with the photos getting leaked to the magazine of her cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend, she wants to stay away from everyone and not go in public. Madison and Jane are becoming really close little does Jane know Madison is the one leaking the photos and stories to the magazines. Madison takes Jane to Cabo to get away and they don't have service so Scarlet can't t [...]

  • Jackie

    So I renewed my SF library card and I had to make sure that I could download a book to my Nook, and wouldn't you know this was the ONLY book I could find that was currently available. Don't judge me!Ok, I WANT to read it. Still, don't judge me.

  • Caitlin Mosterd

    Drama keeps getting better and better.

  • Leah

    After the tabloids get hold of compromising photographs of LA Candy star Jane Roberts, she flees to Cabo with co-star Madison in a bid to forget about her troubles. Whilst there, though, the paparazzi manage to find her and Jane realises she has to get back to LA and face the music. Jane's life is made all the more difficult when best friend Scarlett tries to blame Madison for leaking the photographs to Gossip magazine which Jane refutes angrily - just why is Scarlett so against Madison? It seem [...]

  • Jessica Lawlor

    I was REALLY looking forward to reading this book because I adored Conrad’s first in the L.A. Candy series. However, I was slightly disappointed in this second installment.In Sweet Little Lies, we pick up right where we left off. Jane and Madison are in Mexico lying low after Jane becomes the star of a tabloid scandal. Scarlett, Jane’s BFF is annoyed and suspicious of the newfound friendship between Jane and Madison and disapproves of the relationship between Jane and bad boy Jesse. Scarlett [...]

  • Jessica

    Grade: CIt's been a little over a week since I've read this book, and it wasn't very memorable, so it's not too fresh in my mind. However, I do remember having a lot of gripes about this book.We all know Lauren Conrad doesn't actually write her books. That is not an issue for me. However, whoever they chose to be her ghostwriter can not write. Seriously. The words felt so forced, and the dialogue was cringeworthy. The subject material actually interests me (anything to do with the behind the sce [...]

  • Lauren

    Everyone has guilty pleasures and The L.A. Candy series is one of mine. Since while it doesn’t make you think too much or look beneath the surface, it's easy to get lost in Scarlet and Jane's crazy and scandalous reality TV world for a few hours. Jane for the most part is a very naive character because of the fact that she's so easy to trust and stick with people she truly shouldn't. Though even with that flaw in character, I still found her to be somewhat likable. My favorite character out of [...]

  • Beth Shapeero

    How can you not love LC? She’s so cute. Sweet Little Lies is the second in the LA Candy series which follows ‘fictional’ girls in their early 20’s as they deal with fame from a reality TV show. It is very obviously Lauren’s storey from the Hills; she has mixed up the charcters and storey lines a bit but if you are a fan of the TV show you recall most events in the books.I loved LA Candy, the first in the series, because it gave an insight into the lives of the girls beyond what you are [...]

  • sofia

    [image error]BREAKING NEWS!!! L.A. Candy's Jane Roberts is all smiles, easily portrayed as the "girl next door" type of gal on set. There are so many instances where we, as America, used to see ourselves in this one figure, someone who we could relate to. According to Gossip magazine, Jane isn't who we thought she was. PopTV could've simply blurred out all her flaws in one single motion if they wanted to.Many questions continue to stump us.Could PopTV be hiding the real Jane?Has "America's Sweet [...]

  • Maryam_M_145509

    This book is the second out of the "L.A. candy" series by Lauren Conrad. It's a book based around 2 girls who moved to LA in order to pursue their dreams and attend the universities they want. However, they met a TV producer called Trevor Lord and meeting him changed their lives forever. If I can sum up this whole book in one word, I would pick the word drama. I like how whilst reading the book I feel like I am actually watching what's happening on TV as a reality TV show. Lauren Conrad, the aut [...]

  • Lissa

    Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series is perfectly named: They're fluffy and enjoyable, the main character is sweet, and when the story's over, it's pretty forgettable. I read the first of these books last summer and when I picked this on up at ten last night, I couldn't remember what had happened in the first novel. The first of the book nicely recapped everything, though, and when I finished a couple hours later, I had thoroughly enjoyed this little treat of a celebrity novel. The story's written ve [...]

  • Nicole

    I know I know. I said I wouldn't read the second book in the L.A. Candy series, but I have succumbed to the madness that the series is composed of,LOL. I saw the book on the shelf at the library and couldn't resist it. That being said, time to move on to my review. I enjoyed the second book alot better than the first(though that isn't saying much) and this one is written a little better than the first(not much;Don't expect Conrad to pen the next "Great American Novel" anytime soon)though it's st [...]

  • Hannah

    The cover is so cute! I can't wait for LA Candy #3 to come out. Then again, I'm pretty much excited for a lot of thingsCover releases, book releases, author interviews, etcSo I'm an energizer bunny. LOLAnywayI think the first one was better. But this one was almost as good. Especially with the pictures of Madison thrown in the mix. She deserved it! She shouldn't have done that to Jane. Even if she did want the spotlight. She had it coming.Jesse has always and will always be a jacka**. He doesn't [...]

  • Mollie

    This book is about an average life girl that follows her dreams into fame on a Hollywood reality t.v. show called "Sweet Little Lies." When the papparazzi catches her in an affair with her boyfriend's best friend, she has no idea what to do and what to say to anyone. Throughout the course of this book she finds out who are the liars, who are her true friends, and who aren't worth caring about. I really like this book because first of all, i'm into the whole reality t.v. show thing. I also like t [...]

  • CarmabelleJane

    Ook dit tweede deel kon me bekoren. Nadat ik het eerste deel had uitgelezen, haastte ik me zo vlug mogelijk naar de bieb wanneer ik kon (nog steeds examens dusja). Op een avondje lezen had ik ook deze weer uit. Het vorige boek stopte op zo'n spannend moment! En daar ging het nu weer mee verder. Ik vind het niet fijn als iemand zijn tweede (of welk vervolgdeel dan ook) begint met heel veel herhalingen. Ik ben van mening dat iemand die een vervolg leest, ook de eerder verschenen delen wel gelezen [...]

  • Connie N.

    #2 L.A. CandyThis was a very quick read--fun and entertaining and fluffy. We continue to follow Jane Roberts and her costars on a popular reality show. In the last book, Jane became the most popular girl on the show L.A. Candy which follows 4 young women living in L.A. Now she's struggling to juggle her failing relationship with actor-but-drinking Jesse, her feelings for his best friend Braden and the fall-out from the media blitz, plus her deteriorating friendship with Scarlet and growing BFF s [...]

  • cara

    so, i'm a little embarrassed to have read this book, just like i'm a little embarrassed to admit that i REALLY like reality tv. and here we have a book ABOUT a reality tv show! ya, i was all about it read just like watching a reality tv show. i get halfway through a season of episodes and think, "why am i watching this stupid show?" yet, i'm now hooked and have to see it through to the finale. same with this book. it read really fast until about halfway through, then i started wondering why the [...]

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    483 Lauren Conrad
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