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By Shirley Parenteau David L. Walker | Comments: ( 341 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Can five bears share four chairs The infectious rhymes and easy charm of this winsome read aloud will make young listeners sit up and take notice Ages 2 6 FOUR HAPPY BEARSON FOUR SMALL CHAIRS.Four chairs Four adorable bears All is well until Big Brown Bear shows up what a stare and wants a seat Can these clever bears put their heads together among other thingCan five bears share four chairs The infectious rhymes and easy charm of this winsome read aloud will make young listeners sit up and take notice Ages 2 6 FOUR HAPPY BEARSON FOUR SMALL CHAIRS.Four chairs Four adorable bears All is well until Big Brown Bear shows up what a stare and wants a seat Can these clever bears put their heads together among other things and make space for one With endearing, expressive illustrations and a sustained rhyme in every line, here is a cozy tale that makes it clear there is room for all.

  • Title: Bears on Chairs
  • Author: Shirley Parenteau David L. Walker
  • ISBN: 9780763635886
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Shirley Parenteau David L. Walker

This is my second time around as a children s book writer When my own 3 children were young, I had 8 books published My children grew up and for a time, I wrote women s fiction Now I have 6 grandchildren, all girls I m writing for children again and loving it One of my granddaughter s play with stuffed animals in a bookstore children s area led me to write Bears on Chairs, a picture book published by Candlewick Press The bears have made friends around the world and are especially popular in translation in Japan where David Walker s adorable illustrations have captivated readers Bears on Chairs was followed by Bears in Beds and in 2014 by Bears and a Bath Illustrator David Walker is currently preparing adorable bear pictures for a fourth book, Bears and a Birthday While I hope to keep writing about these whimsical sweet natured bears, I m excited about a new project for older children My oldest granddaughter when three participated in Hinamatsuri, a festival of dolls in Japan Online research of the festival led me to the 1926 Friendship Doll Project when American children sent than 12,000 dolls to children in Japan I wanted to write about that beautiful hope for friendship between children in two countries My middle grade novel, Ship of Dolls, the first in a planned series will be published by Candlewick Press in fall of 2014.

Comments Bears on Chairs

  • Kathryn

    Problem solving, the merits of sharing, and extremely cute bears! I like very much ;-)

  • Hilary

    What a great little book! Easy to overlook, it's a very sweet and easy to understand illustration of how sharing and cooperation can make everyone happier.

  • Cosette

    Not my type of book

  • Hannah

    Great read aloud for preschoolers.

  • Dee

    Bears on Chairs! I love this book. It's not the same thing each page, so it mixes it up for the parent! It is a counting and color book if you make it into one. Most of all though I love the message it sends. 4 Happy Bears on 4 small chairs. Then comes big brown bear with no chair. It teaches kids about sharing, working together, problem solving and not leaving others out. Going over and trying to make another kid happy and including them in with everyone else. No matter if they are different fr [...]

  • Joann Aubain

    I really like this book because it teaches the concept of sharing and taking initiative. While reading this book I thought of how children can easily be influenced by the crowd and may not want to immediately help or share with others. However where the action of sharing and helping those that may be different or alone you are bound to have an individual stand out. A learning experience I would do with this book would be to introduce the idea of sharing and helping others. As part of the egocent [...]

  • Margaret Chind

    LOVE!!!! From the pictures drawn, the patel colors used and the rhythm of the rhyme I am completely in love with this book and have a new favorite. This little board book is entertaining, but also so much more. Provlem solving and sharing is introduced in a way that toddlers may grasp and I will gladly read this one over and again. Bears, chairs, there, share, stare, spare, pair and fair!*Thanks to Candlewick Press for providing a copy for review.* Originally posted: creativemadnessmama/blog/2

  • Bridget R. Wilson

    Calico Bear, Fuzzy Bear, Yellow Bear, and Floppy Bear each have a chair to themselves. They are perfectly content with their chairs until Big Brown Bear comes along. There's no chair for such a BIG bear. The bears work together to find room for Big Brown Bear.What I Thought: Where was this book when I did teddy bear story time? It's perfect for the preschool crowd. The illustrations are cute. There's no other word for them. They are soft and pastel-colored. I like that this book teaches a lesson [...]

  • Kristen

    I actually enjoyed this book. The pastel colors gave the book a more antique feel to me. I liked the style of the illustrations. The rhyme throughout the book was really well done - the author rhymed "chair" throughout the entire book. I enjoyed seeing if these bears were going to be able to figure out how to get all 5 of them on the 4 chairs. My daughter actually really enjoyed the book. Even when it was over, she loved pointing at everything on the cover of the book.If I ran across this book a [...]

  • Cai

    There are 4 bears and 4 chairs until Big Brown Bear comes along. With 5 bears and only 4 chairs, the Bears must figure out how to make room for Big Brown Bear.This is a great book about sharing. The way the bears try different ways of arranging the chairs to make sure everyone is included is brilliant. I love children's books that teach a lesson and sharing is a very important lesson.The illustrations were incredibly cute. V @ 6 months.

  • Romelle

    A very sweet story about four bears each on their own chair. When a big bear comes along, they all wonder if there is enough room for one more bear on four chairs. A story about sharing and problem solving. The story is written in simple rhyme. What I love most about this book are the persona of the bears depicted by the lovely art of David Walker. The bears have such sweet and tender expressions. I give this a 4.5 stars.

  • Candice

    A terrific rhyming book about problem solving and sharing that even the very young can enjoy. Four sweet pastel-colored bears each have their own chair to sit on. "Four happy bears on four small chairs. Not a bear has to share." But what happens when Big Brown Bear looks for a chair? Can five bears share four chairs? I loved the rhyme and the rhythm, and the bears were super-cute as they put their fuzzy heads together to come up with a solution to their problem.

  • Drew Graham

    Four little bears fit nicely on four little chairs. But what will happen when Big Brown Bear comes along and wants to sit too?This was another cute and fun Bears book, this time about sharing and compromise. It's a perfect length and has a lot of color and personality. The Boy (2.75) especially likes little chairs these days, so it's obviously a hit with him.

  • Bethany

    Four bears on four chairs--all are happy, no one shares! But what happens when a fifth, BIG bear shows up? Readers will puzzle with the bears as they try to find a fair solution that makes everyone happy. Soft colors, teddy-bear bodies, and childlike proportions make this a gentle lesson about kindness and sharing.

  • Rachel

    An adorable rhyming board book about four small bears who sit in chairs and are happy with them until a fifth bear comes along. They must problem-solve to figure out how to fit all five of them in chairs. I read this aloud to my 8 month old and he loved it! Recommended for ages 8 months - 3 years, 4 stars.

  • Tdavis

    I really like this book about sharing and caring! It has a nice rhyming text and soft illustrations.Early Literacy Skills:Narrative SkillsPhonological AwarenessPrint Motivation

  • Melanie

    Such a cute story about bears finding chairs to sit in. One for each bear. But when Big Brown Bear comes along, there isn't a chair for him! Can the other bears help find a chair for Big Brown Bear? Very child friendly, colorful illustrations.

  • Laura

    This is the cutest book I have seen in a long time! The story is cute and the pictures are DARLING! Every parent, grandparent, pre-school teacher & lower grades teachers should own a copy of this book.

  • MissInformation

    A lesson about sharing when one big bear comes along and isn't able to fit on any of the small bear's chairs. Rhyming text. Uber-adorable guachy-pastelly illustrations. Use for Story Time with small teddy bears (or kids) and one big bear?

  • Emilie

    This book was recommended to me by a friend. It has really cute illustrations and a wonderful story, teaching sharing and cooperation, without being preachy. Rhythms and rhymes flow well and my daughters (7, 5 and 2) all enjoyed it.

  • Miss Sarah

    four bears try to fit onto four chairs but where will big brown bear sit. Can they all fit? How will it work? A found this book a little longa nd it would need an extension activity to break it up for me and then it would be toddler and preschool level.

  • Kate

    Cute and makes a good read aloud - just practice first so all the rhymes don't trip you up. The toddler crowd really enjoyed this one, and it can be a counting book if you decide to turn it into one.

  • Michael Earp

  • Claire

    Fun story of five bears figuring out how to share four chairs. Cute problem solving, I can easily see little ones offering solutions to the bears and laughing along with them as they solve their dilemma.

  • Library Quine

    All's fair when four bears share four chairs, but things get complicated when a fifth bear wants a chair. The friends find a solution in this engaging rhyming text. I feel the illustrations could have been brighter for a better group readaloud experience.

  • Mary

    This is a great story about friendship and sharing that is written for an ECE audience. There are simple phrases on each page, all written in rhyming meter. The bears are really cute, and the story is accessible to everyone.

  • Erin

    A delightful storytime read with a lot of rhymes and repetition for the younger crowd. It doesn't hurt that there's a nice little lesson on sharing for its own sake, since Big Brown Bear isn't particularly polite.

  • Devon

    Cute little bears, soft pastel color schemes, catchy rhymes, and a lesson on sharingwhat's not to love about this book? Children and parents alike are sure to enjoy watching Big Brown Bear find his place.

  • Paula

    Four chairs. Four adorable bears. All is well until Big Brown Bear shows up -- what a stare -- and wants a seat. Can these clever bears put their heads together (among other things) and make space for one more?

  • Heidi-Marie

    Grabbed this to try in Movement storytime. Cute story with simple rhyming. Worked for the crowd I had. I may have missed reading a page, but no one seemed to notice. Love the illustrations!

  • Adrienne

    Absolutely adorable! I love the illustrations and the story, with the four small bears figuring out how they can get their four chairs to have room for a fifth, larger bear. So, so cute!

  • Dianna

    The end of every single line in this book rhymes with bear (or bears). I've never seen a book that does this before. Pretty neat!

  • Jae

    I think I accidentally read this too many times and am tired of it. It is cute though.

  • Rita

    I guess if you really need a storytime bear book or counting book this one would work.

  • Katie

    Cute rhyming story about cuddly bears that learn to share!

  • Diane Bowden

    Lovely problem-solving lesson about sharing.

  • Ashley

    Super adorable, AND pastel! Two great combos :)

  • Tia

    Cute way to teach children about sharing.

  • Ruth Ann

    Nice story about sharing.

  • Anisa Onofre

    Maya gives 5 stars for it being "so cute!" She also digs all the rhyming.

  • The Library Lady

    Okay, there are messages here about being friends and sharing and helping each other. The rhymes work well. It ALL works.But it's all SO sweet, sweet, SWEET that my saccharine meter is beeping.

  • Rochelle Sondae

    I'm not really sure what to think about this book. It has beautifully soft illustrations. The message of sharing limit resources is told in short 4 line rhymes on each spread.

  • Edna

    What a wonderfully cute teddy bears' story about including and sharing with new acquaintances with repetitive and ryhming text that also includes counting up to five.

  • Kelsey Yates

    Adorable bear illustrations. My 4 year old loved it. I changed any "wants" to "would like" since I tell my kids that "I want" is no reason to get or do anything.

  • Melissa

    Just like in Bears in Beds, the bears/chairs/there rhymes are almost too much. But the bears are sweet and the problem and solution are good ones.

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