Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ☆ Four to Score - by Janet Evanovich í

By Janet Evanovich | Comments: ( 624 ) | Date: ( Apr 09, 2020 )

Stephanie Plum, Trenton, New Jersey s favorite pistol packing, condom carrying bounty hunter, is back and on the trail of a revenge seeking waitress who s skipped bail With the help of 73 year old Grandma Mazur, ex hooker Lula, a transvestite musician named Sally Sweet, and the all too hospitable, all too sexy Joe Morelli, Stephanie might just catch her woman Then agaiStephanie Plum, Trenton, New Jersey s favorite pistol packing, condom carrying bounty hunter, is back and on the trail of a revenge seeking waitress who s skipped bail With the help of 73 year old Grandma Mazur, ex hooker Lula, a transvestite musician named Sally Sweet, and the all too hospitable, all too sexy Joe Morelli, Stephanie might just catch her woman Then again, with mishaps than there are exits on the Jersey Turnpike including murders, firebombs, and Stephanie s arch rival bounty hunter chasing after the same fugitive Stephanie better watch her back big time if she wants to live to crack this case.

  • Title: Four to Score
  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.

Comments Four to Score

  • James

    Book Review4 out of 5 stars to Four to Score, the 4th book in the "Stephanie Plum" cozy mystery series, written in 1998 by Janet Evanovich. I was still playing catch-up on this series when I read this one several years ago. Hard to believe this series is nearly 25 years old. Wow! In this little caper, Stephanie's trying to find a waitress who causes lots of trouble. And she seems to have stepped it up a notch now that those who come in contact with her wind up dead. Then there's Joyce, Stephanie [...]

  • Lauren Fidler

    10 steps to writing a Stephanie Plum novel:1. give stephanie a "skip" who isn't easy to find immediately or who disappears, thus leaving her feeling "funky" in her gut2. include several scenes where stephanie finds herself with her "skip" but the "skip" is not caught - actually, make one scene involve stephanie getting her own equipment used against her and you'll meet this requirement3. toss in a few "dinners at home" with her funny/dysfunctional family, including her gun-totin' grannie and her [...]

  • Choko

    *** 4.25 ***A re-read with the BB&B groupWhat can I say in order not to repeat myself on every review and sound like the typical fan-girl? Nothing. I am a fan-girl when it comes to this series and find JE to be one of the best authors out there in ability to make people laugh, even when confronted with some really tough themes and situations. Does she use stereotypes and make fun of bigotry and biases? Yes, she does. The difference is that there isn't one intentionally hurtful or hateful sen [...]

  • Jilly

    "You're Calamity Jane in fucking Spandex!"True. Stephanie manages to get not one, but two cars blown up in this book, along with her apartment. It might be some kind of record. But, the good news is that with no apartment (and let's not even mentioned that poor Rex's life was endangered again) we find Stephanie in need of a place to stay. A safe place. Like maybe with a certain good-looking cop that she played doctor with at the age of 6??So, in this one Stephanie has a simple job: bring in a wa [...]

  • Alisha

    Yay! So glad I read through to this, the fourth book in the Stephanie Plum series. Within the first 30 pages, I knew I would enjoy it more than the previous three (and they themselves weren't bad at all).For one, the "I brushed my teeth, put on nighties, fed my hamster, got in bed and fell asleep" coverage is greatly scaled back (though, it was a minor gripe before, anyway). Instead we're treated to more action, more plot. I found myself loathe to stop reading for any reason (sleep, work, etc). [...]

  • Sarah

    When Stephanie is asked to hunt down a waitress who skipped bail after stealing her ex-boyfriend's car she thinks it'll be easy. That's before the ex-boyfriend offers her extra cash on the side if she'll tip him off to Maxine's location before the cops get involved though. It turns out that Maxine has been leaving clues for her ex and now Stephanie finds herself on a crazy treasure hunt trying to figure out what Maxine is really up to. When Maxine's friend loses a finger and her mother gets scal [...]

  • Book Concierge

    Audiobook read by C J Critt3.5***This is book four in the popular Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie’s still pretty inept at her job, her romance with Morelli is heating up, she’s responsible for a couple of cars blowing up, Grandma Mazur is as nuts as ever, Steph gets a new “partner” in a cross-dressing leader of a rock band, and she tangles with rival bounty hunter Joyce Barnhardt. The earlier books in the series are very entertaining, but I lost interest after about book 12. I re-read t [...]

  • Tilly Slaton

    I had a lot of fun reading this book! This is the second time that I’ve read this series, and I must admit, I am laughing just as hard now as I did the first time around.Lula and Stephanie Plum’s team work has become something of a force of nature.“Drop your gun, you punk-ass old coot,” Lula yelled. “you don’t drop your gun, I’m gonna bust a cap up your ass!”Vinnie, the slime ball cousin that owns and operates the bond agency that they work at, has begun to pop up in the books mo [...]

  • Kate

    Two things I learned from this bookeveryone in the Burg carries a gun and the women of the Burg seem to be carrying the biggest guns. Secondly, my life is completely boring compared to Stephanie Plum. In Four to Score we can add yet another blown up car to Stephanie's list not to mention her apartment which is torched which leads her right into the arms of Morelli. Add a Grandma Bella and a Grandma Mazur to the story and you've got yourself one heck of a bookI finished this book and kept right o [...]

  • ☆Brittany☆

    I had the *hardest* time getting into this book. I have read the previous 3 Stephanie Plum books - which I thoroughly enjoyed & couldn't stop reading - but this time it took me forever to finish.I think my main problem with reading it was that I have been super busy & when I haven't been busy I've been tired & this book didn't suck me in like all the other books had.Evanovich still made me laugh - she has a great sense of humor & an amazing way with words but I'm assuming my lack [...]

  • Catherine

    Oooh! We get intellectuals in this one - codes no less! Don't worry, we don't have The Da Vinci Codestyle disappointment of finding out how trivial they are really because the details are not revealed, they're simply beyond Stephanie's brain and get passed on to Sally. I do like the way the cast of supporting characters is growing with each book and each of them brings something new to the party. This was the last of the first block of these I read, as I was missing (or at least thought I was mi [...]

  • Bhanuj

    Another bounty hunter adventure of Stephanie Plum. This novel finally broke the dry spell in Stephanie's sex life. It was funny, sassy, chick and entertaining! Lula is slowly driving up on my list of kickass female characters.

  • Laura

    3 for the story, adding half a star for the laughs. If you're looking for a book to listen to at 3am when trying to find the sandman, this series is a good choice. It's a little violent for me, but the laughs make up for it. A nice escape read.

  • Tracy

    I enjoy these books because they make me laugh out loud. Grandma Mazur, Lula and all the ridiculous comments that get made! And I like to see if I can figure out the mystery before it's all revealedBook 4 was fun and I'll do book 5 soon!

  • Jessica

    Imagine finding yourself burnt, or getting beat up or even shot at! All of this comes with Stephanie Plum’s job’s territory. It’s occupational hazard. She’s a bounty hunter. In the fourth book of the series, Stephanie is after Maxine, a first time offender who stole her boyfriend’s car after a fight. The problem is Stephanie is not the only one after her. Her nemesis, Joyce, has given up her make-up counter job at Macy’s for the glamorous job of felon apprehension, and is after the s [...]

  • fleurette

    Many people love this series, to me it's just one of these nice reads.Stephanie is given a new task, she has to find Maxine, a girl accused of stealing her boyfriend's car. Seemingly easy task, turns out to be much more difficult since no one saw Maxine for few days. Stephanie will need some help from her friends while also meeting some new interesting people. Soon catching Maxine becomes only one of Stephanie's problem. The story is okay, nothing special. I won't remember it after few weeks. Th [...]

  • Mari

    4.5Nei periodi neri l'unica che riesce a sollevarmi il morale è Stephanie. È impossibile non ridere di tutte le disavventure che le capitano. Dall'inizio alla fine non ho fatto altro che ridere e ridere.Con questo volume finalmente abbiamo una svolta nella vita sentimentale di quei due testoni, evvai! E quello che ne consegue è esilarante. (view spoiler)[Senza che nessuno dei due coinvolti abbia mai detto nulla: prima i parenti di Joe pensano che siano conviventi, poi che Stephanie sia incint [...]

  • Mandy

    I'm really starting to have a problem with how often Janet Stephanie thinks of overweight people as "fatties." Stephanie eats like a pot-smoking college kid, she just happens to have a pretty decent metabolism so she doesn't put on the pounds. I love these books, don't get me wrong, but I find it hard to love a character who looks down at other people who share her weaknesses. And I'll never understand why some authors feel it's fine to body-shame people of any size.Knocking two stars off this o [...]

  • Anastasia

    Four to Score by Janet Evanovich is the 4th Stephanie Plum novel. Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is assigned t bring in Maxine Nowicki who is charged with stealing her boyfriends car and becomes targeted by a crazed fire bomber as well as a counterfeit ring. Another fun, light read with plenty of action and laughs. I love all the characters and their eccentricities and various talents. Always have a fun time with this series.

  • Diana Long

    Hilarious read.

  • Randy Tramp

    I've enjoyed this series up to this point. It took a turn down the sleazy and raunchy road. A cross dresser is one of the main characters and I wasn't impressed.Lula was funny, always wanting to shoot something or someone. She shot out a tire while a lady sat in the driver's seat to get rid of the pest. "Can I shoot him," Lula argued with two others when a would be thief tried to steal their purses. Stephanie, the calm one, told them they couldn't shoot anyone.Hopefully, the series gets back to [...]

  • Shxrxn

    He had an annoying habit of periodically popping up in my life, frustrating the hell out of me and then walking off into the sunset. I couldn't do much about the popping up or the walking off. I could do something about the frustrating.- StephanieI could have called.- MorelliI thought maybe you were dead.- StephanieI hate fix-ups. Fix-ups are always awful.- StephanieHe's not my type.- StephanieWhat's wrong with him?- MomHe's got too many buttons open on his shirt.- StephanieI couldn't stand fuck [...]

  • noelle

    here is a series of my tumblr posts that relate to this book and others of its ilkpost 1: does janet evanovich integrate the cast of jersey shore into her later stephanie plum novels?those are really the only things i know about nj other than the fact that it smells like shit as you’re going into nyc. i remember a couple of years ago they had billboards up trying to promote how much it didn’t smell like shit. if you have to put billboards up, nah, probs aint true.what i appreciate about j.e. [...]

  • Michelle

    I've made a new pact with myself. I am not going to apologize for reading books that lack any real intellectual value. I suppose if that was all I read everwell then maybe I would need to excuse my horrible habits. However, since I do read plenty of good and worthy literature, both fiction and non, I am not going make excuses. I like Stephanie Plum, and I like this series. And at some point in time, I am going to get tired of it and that will be that.Won't say much about this. Same sort of formu [...]

  • Heather

    Another glorious tale in the saga of Stephanie Plum, A.K.A. aqua net welding, car destroying bounty hunter.Hilights include:1. Sally the transvestite in all his glory (I think he may curse more than me which is an impressive feat)2. Tula experiments with the taser3. Stephanie moves in with Morelli, hello #9 and #10, it's about freakin time

  • Aoibhínn

    This was a light funny enjoyable read. The characters are developing well. I thought the plot was a bit boring though but there was a good mixture of action and humour. Three stars.

  • Colleen Scidmore

    Actual stars 4.5-4.75.Four to Score is the hilarious fourth installment of the Stephanie Plum mystery series.I could not stop laughing at the crazy jams Stephanie continually got herself in, which is now her signature style. Some of it is dumb luck and some of it using her bounty hunter skills (sort of) to locate her current bail jumper. I was thinking when I started this book I was probably going to be bored with this series soon. There is only so much you can do with Stephanie going after her [...]

  • Doris

    Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, is really in trouble in Four to Score. However, this little adventure is a little different from any previous ones as well as those still to follow that I have read already. Mind you, that's the idea, isn't it?Janet Evanovich really goes all out in this mystery where nothing is as it seems. The tale starts off oh so simple with an FTA for our heroine to find and then everything appears to get out of control and it feels more than usual. The reader gets 'josselled' [...]

  • Lisa B.

    I listened to the audio version. I still find this series to be very funny.

  • Ana T.

    So I read another Stephanie Plum this week too. And I loughed out loud yet again!This time Stephanie is looking for Maxine Nowicki. She went missing with her boyfriends car and he made a complaint and had her arrested. When she fails her court hearing Stephanie enters the scene and is hired by the boyfriend to find Maxine and some papers she took. At the same time Maxine starts to leaves a trail of clues for the boyfriend, Eddie, to find and some of her friends and family start being attacked. I [...]

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  • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ☆ Four to Score - by Janet Evanovich í
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