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In order to save her father s life, a young woman named Mulan disguises herself as a soldier and takes his place in the army Will Mulan bring shame to her family for what she has done Or will she help save China from the Huns Find out in this 24 page Pictureback book that retells the classic Disney film Mulan, and features a dazzling foil cover

  • Title: Mulan (Disney Princess)
  • Author: Walt Disney Company
  • ISBN: 9780736422628
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback

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Walt Disney Company

Note The decision was made to consolidate all Disney publications under the name Walt Disney Company This profile is for Walt Disney, the characters he created, and the company he founded Any questions, please ask in the Librarian s Group.Walter Elias Walt Disney December 5, 1901 December 15, 1966 was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist Disney is famous for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century As the co founder with his brother Roy O Disney of Walt Disney Productions, Disney became one of the best known motion picture producers in the world The corporation he co founded, now known as The Walt Disney Company, today has annual revenues of approximately U.S 35 billion.Disney is particularly noted for being a film producer and a popular showman, as well as an innovator in animation and theme park design He and his staff created some of the world s most famous fictional characters including Mickey Mouse, a character for which Disney himself was the original voice He has been awarded four honorary Academy Awards and has won twenty two competitive Academy Awards out of fifty nine nominations, including a record four in one year, giving him awards and nominations than any other individual He also won seven Emmy Awards He is the namesake for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort theme parks in the United States, as well as the international resorts Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Hong Kong.Disney died of lung cancer in Burbank, California, on December 15, 1966 The following year, construction began on Walt Disney World Resort in Florida His brother Roy Disney inaugurated the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971.The Walt Disney Company NYSE DIS commonly referred to as Disney is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue Founded on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt Disney and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the company was reincorporated as Walt Disney Productions in 1929 Walt Disney Productions established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live action film production, television, and travel Taking on its current name in 1986, The Walt Disney Company expanded its existing operations and also started divisions focused upon theatre, radio, publishing, and online media In addition, it has created new divisions of the company in order to market mature content than it typically associates with its flagship family oriented brands.The company is best known for the products of its film studio, the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, today one of the largest and best known studios in Hollywood Disney also owns and operates the ABC broadcast television network cable television networks such as Disney Channel, ESPN, and ABC Family publishing, merchandising, and theatre divisions and owns and licenses 11 theme parks around the world On January 23, 2006, it was announced that Disney would purchase Pixar in an all stock transaction worth 7.4 billion The deal was finalized on May 5 On December 31, 2009, Disney Company acquired the Marvel Entertainment, Inc for 4.24 billion The company has been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since May 6, 1991 An early and well known cartoon creation of the company, Mickey Mouse, is the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company from

Comments Mulan (Disney Princess)

  • CP

    Wonderful short story, I like Mulan!

  • Íris

    I remember this was one of the first books I ever had. I loved Mulan as a child. She was the badass warrior, the one who would do anything to save her family and go to war like it was nobody's business.I can't remember much from it, but I definitely remember an afternoon when I was bored and this book saved me from it. I read it about 7 or 8 times - I'm not even kidding - almost to the point I knew all the dialogues.This book brings me such warm memories from my chilhood. Some other people may n [...]

  • Nia

    Berawal dari kerelaan Mulan menggantikan posisi Ayahnya yang sudah renta untuk pergi perang. Karena wanita dilarang perang, maka Mulan pun memakai pakaian pria, untuk mengelabui para tentara.Namun ditengah perjalanan, Mulan diketahui identitasnya dan diasingkan. Di tempat pengasingannya, Mulan melihat segerombolan musuh negaranya sedang menuju ke wilayah tempat raja Mulan tinggal.Mulan menolong sang raja, dan dia diakui sebagai tentara yang hebat

  • Deanna Gurau

    Mulan will always be a classic. It is about a young girl who goes to War disguised as a boy for her sick father. She ends up making amazing friends and fighting for her amazing country. This all takes place during the Han dynasty in China. Throughout this book, the character seems to develop more respect for the people who fight than she already had. She gains a new perspective on the army and on life. What also makes the book a great one is the illustrations in the book. The illustrations are v [...]

  • Magdalena

    Opowieść o chińskiej dziewczynie, która bardzo kochała swoją rodzinę i nie chciała jej przynieść wstydu, ale bardziej niż obowiązujące prawo ceniła więzi i życie blislich. Z tego powodu zgłosiła się zamiast ojca do armii, wiedząc że kara dla takiej kobiety to śmierć. Odważna dziewczyna nie podawała się i zarówno na treningach, jak i podczas bitwy z Hunami myślała nieszablonowo, dzięki czemu udało jej się uratować cesarza. Piękna opowieść o disneyowskiej księ [...]

  • Amara

    This was told with absolutely NO magic whatsoever. Aren't we trying to inspire kids and excite them? This story can do that, but with the right version.

  • Martina Koplíková

    Takový příjemný návrat do dětství <3

  • Ashley Puchala

    As a child I always loved Mulan. I thought she was a brave soldier. I never got the concept of the book until i grew older, and now I hate how she was portrayed in the story, once they found out she was a woman. She was a great soldier and just because she wasn't a man they looked down on her and turned their backs on her. I would never want my daughter to think she cant be a soldier or anything else for that matter cause of the older society, and the mentality that specific jobs are only for me [...]

  • Meghan Takayoshi

    A young woman with the aspiration to show pride to her family name takes her fathers place in a current war China is fighting. Mulan dresses like a man as woman are not aloud to fight in war. She shows much bravery in her fight to save China. This book has a great storyline and is a classic which many children are familiar with. The author uses Chinese symbolism, a theme which connects young readers and also a plot which is very inspiring to young women. Teachers could use this book when doing a [...]

  • Elizabeth ☠

    Por siempre uno de mis favoritos, ya sean el pequeño libro tanto como la película. En Mulan por primera vez tenemos un personaje principal femenino que su meta en la vida no es ser princesa y buscar su "felices por siempre". Aquí Mulán es tanto el "gran héroe" como la dulce niña. Trata temas como machismo y le da oportunidad al personaje de triunfar "como hombre". Mulan encuentra su propio camino tomando SUS propias decisiones, ignorando su "deber" y lo que la sociedad piense. Quizás esta [...]

  • lily:)

    I'm gonna let this quote from the movie see if you love Mulan as much as I do:"Let's get down to business"Y'all comment and finish it for me!I love Mulan! It's a great story and if don't know about it, definitely check it out.

  • Yiyi

    Read part of the book by myslef. I really liked it. I think Mulan was very brave.

  • Theresa

    retelling of the movie with movie stills

  • lolo chigs

    didn't like it. i loved action of fiction books and didn't like it when mummy read it for me aarrrrrgggg

  • April

    One of our favorites~

  • Cws


  • Sam.


  • Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland

    My favorite Disney princess!

  • Amy Mccarty


  • Nandan Cempaka

    how great she isi wanna to be like her. she's very brave.

  • Angela Barakat

    I read this with both my children.

  • Stephanie Snyder

    family favoriteAn enjoyable read.This would make a nice addition to anyone's personal library.

  • Mischa

    it was a nice story and I liked it! :)

  • Gizmonaut Angeles

    A very awesome book Mulan does not take stereotyping beliefs about women

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Mulan (Disney Princess) | by ✓ Walt Disney Company
    121 Walt Disney Company
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