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Jon Loomis s sharp and witty debut, High Season, starring Detective Frank Coffin, a onetime Balti homicide detective who came back to his hometown after one too many grisly crime scenes started to take their toll, was one of The Washington Post s best mysteries of the year and an editor s choice title for The New York Times Book Review Coffin had hoped that the move tJon Loomis s sharp and witty debut, High Season, starring Detective Frank Coffin, a onetime Balti homicide detective who came back to his hometown after one too many grisly crime scenes started to take their toll, was one of The Washington Post s best mysteries of the year and an editor s choice title for The New York Times Book Review Coffin had hoped that the move to Provincetown, Massachusetts, would put an end to his panic attacks, but so far, the quirky Cape Cod tourist town has been every bit as brutal as the big city Now in Loomis s winning follow up, Coffin has to get a grip in order to investigate the murder of one of the town s most popular women.Beautiful and the heir to a tremendous fortune, Kenji Sole had an active love life a very active love life When she s found stabbed to death on the floor of her bedroom dressed only in a negligee, it s clear someone very close to her is probably responsible Since she didn t care about her many lovers marital status, Frank and his partner Officer Lola Winters have their work cut out for them interviewing all of her lovers not to mention their jealous wives to find out who killed the much sought after Ms Sole.With Mating Season, another wry and wickedly suspenseful mystery, Loomis continues to be one of crime fiction s most promising stars.

  • Title: Mating Season
  • Author: Jon Loomis
  • ISBN: 9780312367701
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jon Loomis

Jon Loomis is an American poet and writer He is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Vanitas Motel, his first book of poetry, won the 1997 annual FIELD prize in poetry He is also the author of the Frank Coffin mysteries set in Provincetown, MA.

Comments Mating Season


    Again, two and one-half stars.The first book was a good set-up for the second because the major characters were already established. But the sub-plot of Jaimie, Frank Coffin's girl-friend, trying to get pregnant seemed pointless and the graphic sex scenes gratuitously unnecessary.A perfect beach book, also suitable for airports and long flights.Not exactly a "spoiler" alert, but it is rather lightweight; I read all 284 pages in a single sitting.

  • M. Sprouse

    I really enjoyed this quick, light read. I wasn't expecting a "To Kill a Mockingbird" type of experience. On the positive side, without going over the plot (see others), I think it was fairly realistic. Perhaps a bit exaggerated on the number of partners the victim was running. I grew to like poor Frank Coffin, a cop who can't catch a break and seems to do everything the hard way. There were a lot of quirky elements that made it amusing, like the Chinatown visit and the monkey poo. So the pace w [...]

  • Robyn

    "Mating Season" is the second novel of Loomis's Frank Coffin mystery series. Having not read the first novel, I was unprepared for Loomis's kindergarten writing style and character development. First, though, the plot. "Mating Season" revolves around the murder of a sex addict. I feel that the author chose this plot line so that he can write about kinky sex, even if it doesn't serve to further the story. The characters were thinly drawn and demonstrated no real emotional depth or complexity. Som [...]

  • Clare

    I just loved this book! I gave it 5 stars not because it is great literature but because it takes place in Provincetown which is a most unusual town and one with which I am fairly familiar. Loomis captures the character of P-Town like no other writer I have come across.In addition to the setting, I loved the characters in this book. Imagine a detective - Frank Coffin - with a weak stomach who lives in an ocean side town but who feels like barfing every time he steps near a boat. Loomis not only [...]

  • Robert

    This is a pretty decent follow up, or number two in the series, to the first novel about this east coast detective. There was a pretty important part to the mystery, a murder mystery at that, that caught me by surprise. When the detectives uncle comes into one scene I guess the author caught me sleeping at the switch. I did not recognize the name at all when I first saw it. This could be, as previously stated, my own fault. It has been awhile back since I read the first in the series. Still this [...]

  • John

    Definitely doesn't stand alone, so if you haven't read the previous book you'll quickly feel as though you're "missing" things.The first book had a subplot regarding Coffin's girlfriend's manic desire to have a baby, and a screw-by-screw replay of attempts. Mega-UGH! Unfortunately, that returns here, though not nearly in such a graphic manner. What did seem a bit grating were the descriptions of "light S&M" that were pretty tame indeed to me, but on the other hand were supposed to be shockin [...]

  • Mary

    This is a fast, fun mystery following Detective Frank Coffin and his trusty partner Lola solve the murder of the wealthy heiress, Kenji Sole. I recommend this title for hardboiled mystery readers who enjoy the quirky characters who populate Loomis' series set in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Mating Season is the sequel to High Season published in 2007. Loomis has written his second Frank Coffin mystery which again features very witty dialogue, and a fast moving plot that makes Mating Season a gre [...]

  • Lynn

    Though the writing did not seem as lyrical in style as Loomis' first book, High Season, this was still an entertaining mystery. Loved the setting - Loomis' descriptions of Provincetown places are spot on. I felt as if I were right there with Frank and Lola. And I always enjoy quirky characters. I think Capt. Nickerson is my favorite but you'll have to read one of the books for yourself to find out who that is. I'm looking forward to Frank Coffin's next adventure.

  • Carolyn Crocker

    The unique social make-up of Provincetown figures as strongly as any vengeful murderer in this and in High Season, the first in the series. Corpse-phobic Detective Frank Coffin finds the tip of Cape Cod as rife with danger and malice as his former role as Baltimore cop. His sergeant Lola Winter , his much younger lover, and his senile mother add to the color of these smart, funny, skillful mysteries.

  • Catherine Woodman

    This is a pretty light read, but reasonably written and likable characters who seem real. The depiction of life in Provincetown is maybe not all that accurate (there are almost no annoying people, for example), and the plot is well thought out. Frank Coffin is a protagonist to go back to and the thing that I am fond of--getting to know the cop outside his job--is a goodly part of the book. Recommended

  • Brian

    How could a first book so good, and a second be so hideous? I blame all of these decisions on publishers. Editors make the difference in a book, and this book was clearly edited by an imbecile. Also, I'm not a fan of writing that has gratuitous sex purely for the shock value. There's plenty of that in this book. I'd skip it.

  • Joanne

    This is another easy reading, rather compelling mystery building on the same characters as in the first book, High Season. It isn't great writing but it held my interest and I somehow like the two main characters, especially the woman who is his sidekick. I enjoyed it and would read another if he continues this series.

  • Bill

    Loomis does a wonderful job of describing Provincetown, Massachusetts, a genuinely atypical town year round. Add a local cop who gets physically sick when he investigates a homicide, his lesbian partner, oddball relatives, a lover who saps his strength in the hopes of getting pregnant, and various corrupt government types and you have a book that is a fun read. Enjoy.

  • Sig!

    I liked High Season better. I think a murdered cross-dressing televangelist is more interesting than a murdered dominatrix porn freak. Still, for airplane/vacation reading, this kept my interest. It was a quick, fun read.

  • Shiela

    Enjoyed this one more than the first. Frank Coffin is quite an the dynamic character and it will be interesting to see how his relationships with the supporting characters play out. A good mix of detail, gory, dark humor, conflict and whodunnit. Will look out for the next one in the series.

  • Al Stoess

    Humorous. Well done. Good story.

  • Susan

    A quirky mystery with a cast of oddball characters. A fun read.

  • Natalie

    I read his stuff for the setting - Provincetown. Very formula detective series. Very formula sexual references.

  • Jennifer

    Very good, simple mystery. Extremely well written. I look forward to reading more by Loomis.

  • Lauren

    Most of the charm of this book for me was it taking place in a location dear to me, beyond that I'm not sure if I would of thought much of this book.

  • Lynn Kearney

    It decide whether to be a funny book or a serious crime story. Provincetown setting very appealing, though.

  • Ronald Howell

    Very slow read and not very interesting.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Mating Season : by Jon Loomis ✓
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