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By Fleur Beale | Comments: ( 127 ) | Date: ( Apr 08, 2020 )

Juno is young she has no authority, no power, and to question the ways of Taris is discouraged She knows what it s like when the community withdraws from her turning their backs and not speaking to her until she complies.The Taris Project was the brainchild of a desperate twenty first century world, a community designed to survive even if the rest of humanity perished.Juno is young she has no authority, no power, and to question the ways of Taris is discouraged She knows what it s like when the community withdraws from her turning their backs and not speaking to her until she complies.The Taris Project was the brainchild of a desperate twenty first century world, a community designed to survive even if the rest of humanity perished An isolated, storm buffeted island in the Southern Ocean was given a protective dome and its own balmy climate And now Juno is one of 500 people who live there but what has happened to the outside world in the years since Taris was established The island has not been in contact with Outside since the early years of its existence.Juno yearns to know about life Outside, just as she yearns to be allowed to grow her hair It is a rule on Taris that all must have their heads shaved bare But is it a rule that could be broken Danger awaits any who suggest it.

  • Title: Juno of Taris
  • Author: Fleur Beale
  • ISBN: 9781869419882
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Fleur Beale

Fleur Beale is the author of many award winning books for children and young adults, best known for her novel I am not Esther which has been published worldwide.Beale was one of six children of a dairy farmer Cedric Corney and of a teacher and author Estelle Corney n e Cook She was born in Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand, on the farm where her father was born Beale grew up in the town before attending Victoria University, Wellington and Christchurch Teachers Training College, where she met her husband Since 1985 she has taught at Melville High School in Hamilton, Waikato and in Wellington Beale s first stories were written for the children s radio programme Grandpa s Place Her first book was a small reader and picture book for young children and she started to write for teenagers in 1993 Her stories often involve troubled adolescents engaged in outdoor activities.Beale was a finalist in the Aim Children s Book Awards junior fiction and her 1998 novel I am not Esther was shortlisted for the senior fiction section of the 1999 New Zealand Post Children s Awards In 1999 she was awarded the Children s Writing Fellowship at Dunedin College of Education and quit teaching to write full time Her 2001 novel Ambushed was a finalist for the Junior Fiction section of the 2002 New Zealand Post Children s Book Awards Her 2004 account of how an indigenous girl discovers how her education can save her tribal lands My Story A New Song in the Land The Writings of Atapo, Pahia, c.1840 received a Notable Book award in 2005 as did Walking Lightly.

Comments Juno of Taris

  • Taneika

    A few weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I were all having drinks at their house and one of the roommates got a new kitten so she was having a quiet night in! I had so much fun there (let’s be honest here, I always do) but me being me, I decided to have a random hour-long discussion with said roommate about nerdy things like the pros and cons of different computer operating systems, internet privacy and of course, BOOKS! This friend has just recently moved to Australia from New Zealand so when [...]

  • Taylor

    I really enjoyed this book and am excited to read the other 2!!!

  • Kathleen Dixon

    Here's an embarrassing confession - in a state of haste (and a culmination, no doubt, of nearly 2 months of extra stress) I gave myself a No.1 haircut instead of the No.3 that I had intended. I did this the evening before I picked this book at random off a shelf, so when I read the first line On Taris, we shave our heads I had to laugh. Of course, our situations immediately diverged, but I imagine that my distress over so idiotically removing my hair was somewhat similar to Juno's distress every [...]

  • Maddisen

    Beales novel has an unsophisticated plot and writing style, undeveloped characters and the themes of identity and belonging are poorly executed. The characters were obtuse and were difficult for me to connect with which affected how enjoyable the story. ‘Juno of Taris’ seemed like it would be a novel filled with danger and passion and a good read overall, but it was a substandard book that, personally, did not appeal to me.

  • Tamula

    This is my first YA novel by a New Zealand author and I was thrilled by how good it was. The setting is mysterious and unfolds gradually. What I loved most was Juno and the messages the author gave us about the importance of being an independent thinker in a world where everyone is telling you that is dangerous. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • Abbey

    Disappointed, thought it was going to be good. The way they solve the problem is so unfulfilling and boring. It's poorly executed and I wouldn't recommend. In this book there was only one part I enjoyed and it wasn't even that great

  • Purple Elephant Shrew Girl

    Special thanks to Aria for lending me a copy of this book, and not getting cheesed off when I had it for three weeks I kept forgetting to give it back

  • Reader Girl

    Sort of stumbled across this book due to it being on special. I had seen it in book stores before but never looked at it due to the cover. It just didn't appeal to me. It was a great book though and I read it in a matter of days. Set in the future Juno lives on an island covered by a large bubble to control the atmosphere (kind of like in the Simpson movie) and they are cut off from the rest of the world. Their lives are controlled by a group of people who insist on such things as everyone shavi [...]

  • Melissa Simmonds

    I hate this book. I've had to read it for English and it's just so predictable and boring. Everyday that I have had to read it, I have been forcing myself because there is no other way to get through it. I just can't deal with it. It's boring and average. I'd rather read another Shakespeare play instead of this because at least Shakespeare is interesting.

  • Kirsten Millar

    Found this book quite boring until the later chapters

  • Abigail Espejo

    Interesting book but not keen to read the next books in the series :)

  • Jess Hale

    Set in the near future (and probably nearer than you think), Juno of Taris benefits from a heroine who is curious, tenacious and observant. Although the story being told isn't one that relies TOTALLY on the actions of an 11-14 year-old, the fact that Juno is able to build relationships with her classmates, older people, and her grandparents means that it's believable as her actions (or support of actions) affects the whole 500-person community.The structure of the society (and how older people u [...]

  • Shilana Brooks

    I'm 80% through this book and have found the whole thing slow. I feel like the main character is too young to relate to and 'Vima' would have been a better main character. Honestly not a lot has gone on so far and it IS a book I can put down. Overall it's not terrible, just not action packed and fast paced.

  • Emma Plomp

    It was a bit confusing at first with all the names, but you soon start to become part of Taris.

  • Jamie

    Juno of trais . How I got to read the book :My story of reading this book is kind of funny because I would never have read it if it wasn't for a school project. It all started on th first day of school, the start of the year I tried to get into the book but found it to hard so I left it in my bookshelf till now when it's term 3 at school and I have to read it for homework during the holidays anyway so I started this book slowly and found it let's just say boring but I couldn't stop I had to read [...]

  • Sally906

    Opening Sentence: ‘…On Taris, we shave our heads’Juno is a young girl who is living in an isolated island society of 500 people that fled the chaos of the 21st century. A group of pioneer scientists volunteered to start the new civilisation on an island “somewhere in the southern ocean,” there they developed an enclosed dome where the atmosphere; water; rain and temperatures are all regulated by computers and it is designed to survive even if the rest of humanity perished. Not long aft [...]

  • Hals

    Juno of Taris tells the story of Juno, a young girl living on an island named Taris.Alright, it's not just her daily life - but mostly, it is.I enjoyed Juno of Taris. The world-building is extremely well done, the writing is okay, and the characters are alright - though my favourite ones didn't get much screen time. I was most impressed by the fact that though there's isn't a hint of romance regarding Juno, our main character, the book still managed to captivate me. (Yeah, I know it's stupid, bu [...]

  • isla

    I loved reading Juno of Taris. The plot was well-formed, the story didn't leave any gaps, and it was very enjoyable!I didn't like how the blurb didn't quite match the plot line. It says that Juno and Vima's rebellion is all about not wanting the shave their heads anymore, but the book is so much broader than that - it is about all different factors that lead to their rebellion, which only stemmed off the shaving heads.But all in all this book was very enjoyable!

  • Miss Wilson

    It's a story about rulers seeking utopia, but at what cost? Taris is a society where all points of difference have been removed (wealth is a foreign concept, useful items were stored for all to share), yet it is far from an 'open' society. We follow Juno who unravels hidden truths which no longer serve to protect or save her people. When accessing information via an online encyclopedia she pauses at the thought that what she discovers may be awful. Her and Vima take that risk: "That's the troubl [...]

  • Sarah Norman

    I decided to read this book because I really liked Fleur Beale 'I am not Esther' and 'I am Rebecca' and I was meant to read the book last year but never got around to doing it. I also wanted to read it because there are two other books to the series so it would keep me busy when I had spare time. My favourite quote from the book is the very first line 'On Taris, we shave our heads. No. That's wrong. On Taris, we have our heads shaved for us.' I liked this quote because it gives a little insight [...]

  • crystalibrary

    A futuristic story about the world of Taris, which was a project created presumably by scientists in our time, trying to protect a small community of selected people from the dangers of humankind (reference are made to war, famine, disease and greed). However, all is not well in this(Dis)topia. There are set rules and regulations that govern wevery aspect of the lives of the people of Taris- they are not allowed to grow their hair, everyone must behave like a model citizen, no-one must show orig [...]

  • Marita

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book by New Zealand author, Fleur Beale. It reminded me of Divergent (Roth) which I read and loved. The experimental colony of Taris follows many of the values of Abnegation in Divergent. But Beale's story is focused on a much tighter community, living in a much more hospitable land, although facing the limits of its capacity in several ways. Taris is a community where much is proscribed and gutsy hero, Juno, finds many of the limitations almost unbearable. She suffers, [...]

  • Webfrau

    This story is set in an isolated alternative 21st century community that was designed to survive the problems that beset the "outside" world. The society has its own rules and way of life to ensure it's harmonious existence, at least that's what the inhabitants are told. I really enjoyed following the progress of the teenagers as they begin to question their way of life and gather the courage to make a stand for truth. A really quick and enjoyable read, I'll be keeping an eye out for other Fleur [...]

  • Sophie Chilcott

    i chose Juno Of taris becuase it has a series of books and one of my friends told me to read it. This comes under the category of a book with a female author. My favourite quote from the book;“We need to be the same. It stops competition and therefore division.” it is my favourite quote its what the whole books about. they have to be the same on Taris. i learned that we are lucky to live in a normal society and not have to live by rules and to have the freedom to live my live the way i want [...]

  • Liz

    Juno of Taris feels like Lois Lowry's The Giver meets John Wyndham's The Chrysalids. Stuck in an isolated bio-dome, one of 500 survivors of the ecological deterioration of the Earth, 13-year-old Juno hates the rules of her society; the need to conform and comply or be shunned by her neighbors and loved ones. Juno's drive to do things differently marks her as a 'trouble-maker,' but it's this very quality that helps her to reveal the lies underpinning their supposedly idyllic world. I highly recom [...]

  • crazy

    I loved this book but at the end of the book fisa ( real name sofia preston) died and juno (the main charcter)and her family found out that fisa was junos blood mother before she came to live in taris, where they only use frist names for every one and she was known as fisa for so long that every one forgot her real name (tear tear)therefore the people of taris were informed and no one believed them. any way i am not going to ruin the story for u guys so read it for a good read!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matilda Fyles

    AMAZING it is a must read for anyone of any age but particularly teens because the main characters range from 12-19 as they age throughout the novel. Juno of Taris addresses all sorts of themes relevant to todays society such as power corruption, standing up for what you believe in, the fact that knowledge is power and blind ignorance is dangerous and things such as having a affair. 5 stars all the way for plot, ideas, character development and everything.

  • Emily W

    Set on an island isolated from the outside world, Juno is a young preteen girl who strongest suit has never been conformity. Juno questions everything, and soon discovers secrets about the island of Taris - a dark history which has been kept from the public for a long time. I really enjoyed this book and give it 4.5 stars.Juno of Tarisexplores the experience of living under a dictatorship, and the power of unity in rebelling against it.

  • Diana

    Very interesting take on closed communities. I felt that I was very immersed in the world, with fully fleshed out characters with real thoughts and feelings.I was first introduced to Beale with 'I am not Ester' that I was intrigued by this series from the onset. Beale tells a real story one that grips you and takes you on a ride questioning your ideals on society religion and all.I was very glad that I picked it up and will be continuing on with the Juno series.

  • Lyndal Brimson

    I enjoyed this dystopia, which shows how a societal norm can be challenged e.g. going from all people having heads shaved to allowing all members of the community to grow their hair, which is a very personal and unique aspect of one's identity. There are many dystopia novels for teenagers. This one is one of the more interesting & thought-provoking ones.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Juno of Taris | by Ð Fleur Beale
    152 Fleur Beale
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