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An adventure, a fairy tale of sorts, a black comedy and a love story, Little Gods is the story of Eugenia Jean Clocker, whose birth challenges the balance of nature and her mother s capacity for punitive cruelty Though her name is swiftly shortened, Jean s body resists all attempts to curb it and she grows into a girl of unusual size and strength With the unwitting pAn adventure, a fairy tale of sorts, a black comedy and a love story, Little Gods is the story of Eugenia Jean Clocker, whose birth challenges the balance of nature and her mother s capacity for punitive cruelty Though her name is swiftly shortened, Jean s body resists all attempts to curb it and she grows into a girl of unusual size and strength With the unwitting power to upset the order of things, as well as most people, it takes the chaos of war to bring the rest of the world up to Jean s level of disorientation When the accidental bombing of her house leaves her orphaned, extravagantly scarred, but brilliantly alive, she finds herself ready to relish life, and all the strangeness and opportunity her unique appearance brings Reminiscent of the work of John Irving and Michael Chabon, yet also entirely original, this is one of the most moving and inventive novels of recent years.

  • Title: Little Gods
  • Author: Anna Richards
  • ISBN: 9780330464406
  • Page: 229
  • Format: None

About Author:

Anna Richards

Anna Richards Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Little Gods book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Richards author readers around the world.

Comments Little Gods

  • Gareth Lewis

    I’m bailing on this at page 254 (of 423). It’s simply too long for what it’s worth. And it’s far from worthless. There are some beautiful sentences in Little Gods, but the length of the book leaves them too few and far between. There’s a lesson in debut novel writing here. Unless you’re some sort of prodigy, keep it short. The story of Jean is compelling, and as a character she’s hugely likeable (hahahahahaha). But there are inconsistencies aplenty. She goes from being a sort of mu [...]

  • Plum-crazy

    I was disappointed in this which is a shame as I'd hoped I'd like it. I've wanted to read it for ages,since hearing about it on a book programme when it was first published - thought it sounded intriguing.It started off well enough & I thought it was going to be an interesting read as the humour had a hint of Kate Atkinson about it & that, IMHO, can only be a good thing. Sadly that didn't last. I didn't engage with Jean, hated Wisteria & found the storyline rather mundane given that [...]

  • Simon

    For anyone choosing to be different, life can be extremely difficult to negotiate at times, but it’s just that: a choice. However, for those who are born different, life is even more difficult: it was not of their making, just a fateful throw of the dice. Little Gods takes this premise of accidental difference and weaves a tale of a unique woman in search of (and coming to terms with) herself, looking for acceptance and purpose in a world not geared to non-conformity, set against the tragedies [...]

  • Tom

    I was hooked from the first chapter. In just the first three pages of Little Gods, Anna Richards captures, in loving detail and with the pace of a film scene in slow motion, the catalyst that would propel her heroine toward her melancholic destiny. A random bomb, dropped on a random house, destroying everything but the extraordinary girl who never doubts that her very existence is a mistake.In the pages that follow, Richards tells the story of Jean Clocker, an ian born in England, beaten into th [...]

  • Gael

    I've been thoroughly absorbed by this for the past few days. It constantly surprised and delighted me, full of empathy, pathos and humour. It's one of those books that you are sorry to finish, because of its ability to transport and involve the imagination.Richards writes beautifully - although there were a few lines here and there that I had to reread, and still didn't quite get what she meant (hence not quite a 5 star rating). But on the whole this first novel is a marvel. Lines like "Ermeline [...]

  • Fiona Tavernier

    I really enjoyed this book. Written by my friend, Anna Richards, the story is beautifully unusual both in plot and character development. The main character Jean, is so atypical of a main character, yet is so likable and interesting to follow. I think what was most intriguing about the character of Jean is how Anna Richards has captured the evolution of a personality over time, specifically that of an abused child and how she comes into her own as an adult. Fascinating. You will not guess the wa [...]

  • Ali

    I liked the writing style, I would read another by this author but this book felt like she lost her way a bit after a great first half. Ultimately disappointing, I'm sorry to say.

  • Nick Oxley

    Started to read this thinking it was a Sci Fi novel and it was not. Damn good read.

  • Moore

    Gareth's review below is splendid. There's not much more to say. This starts out with such promise, and the writing is a delight - she has a descriptive knack that is inviting and funny, while being rather delicate. But the ending scenes are rather ghastly. As if there has been a terrible cut and paste incident at the printers and the end of a much less good story about a much less interesting and real person has been stapled in by accident. I do get that the displacement of the 'abnormal' body [...]

  • Ermy Rukmana

    The story of Jean is highly compelling and her character is a marvel in itself. Little Gods is depressing from the get-go but I guess that just contributes to engaging the reader. Richards' writing is impeccable and her flair for language is beautifully and amazingly displayed in Little Gods.While many may criticise the lengthiness of the book, I assure that you will not regret reading it to the end. (The middle of the book somewhat 'lost steam' but it was not overly draggy in my opinion.) The v [...]

  • Helensvale Library

    Jean is a big baby, a large child, and a huge woman - not fat - but a human with ian proportions. Some people treat her like a freak. Her mother treats her as a waste of time and space.- in other words - very badly. The abusive relationship with her mother will colour all her days, and even when her mother dies, Jean hears her speaking, pouring down verbal abuse like waste from a garbage truck.Jean has one friend Gloria, who befriends her and becomes the one bright light in her otherwise bleak e [...]

  • Wayne

    I really wanted to like this book, as a it was recommended to me by a friend who claims it in his top five. But it ultimately ended up with only 2 stars from me. While the story started out interesting, it felt like it lost steam about halfway through. At the 3/4 mark, I had to force myself to skim-read the rest of the way to the end. I liked the characters of Jean and Gloria, but the story was too thin to carry a book of this length. The writing in this book was great, at times very beautiful, [...]

  • Hannah Purcell

    I loved this book so much, it has definitely become a favourite. Jean is such an engaging character, I couldn't help but pity her, root for her and experience bouts of overwhelming sadness right along with her. Impeccably written with a flair for language most writers can only dream of, Little Gods challenges preconceptions of the 'abnormal' on a grand scale. While some may find the sheer length of the book a little off-putting, all I can say is to stick with it, that even the slow parts are cen [...]

  • Anna

    I loved the book, and thus have a hard time deciding which aspect of it made the most impact on me as a reader. First, I was simply in love with the desciption of Jean, and the setting. Richards paints a picture of a time when so many things changed, and leads the reader through the confusion, right along-side Jean. It is a empowering (and thoroughly feminist) journey, thoughtful, dreamy and a wonderfully absurd portrayal of human nature.

  • Peter Baran

    Starts really well, almost a superhero origin story for the between wars set, and while the book stays in England is is a strong coming of age story of someone finding herself. Once the book moves to the USA, it starts becoming a list of bad things that befall Jean, a shopping list of misfortunes and tropes, the war bride, a noir thriller, some sci fi baloney. It races then towards a happy ending which it then undercuts and doesn't know how to finish. Worth it for the promise of the first half.

  • Lauren Cowan

    One of the most engaging first chapters I've read in a while. The novel is full of truely original imagery and a cast of rich characters with an enjoyable dark humour running through the story's core. However, I felt as if the first half promised more than the latter half could deliver; although there are still gems to be found later on in the story, by and large I felt as if it could have been at least 200 pages slimmer. I am excited to see what the author will produce next.

  • Sarah

    I just couldn't finish this! My feeling was it could have been so good - it had an interesting premisea biologically overgrown girl who finds her place in the world through the chaos of the Second World War, and Richards really has an eye for a quirky simile, but it just didn't grab me - I felt that it kept wasting its opportunities to be a really good page turner. May try to finish it as Jean was just about to head off to America as a GI bride, but for now I need something more gripping!

  • Laura

    I really liked this book, right up until about 50 pages near the end that I felt dragged. Those 50 pages seemed like they didn't have any purpose but the beginning of the book was excellent in its strangeness and brilliancy. The ending, whilst wasn't exactly what I wanted to happen, could be appreciated. Overall, a very good, enjoyable book that I would recommend.

  • Amber

    This book had a new writing style i'd never encountered before and it's one that real made me think differently about the way I write. Jean made me unafraid to take up space in this world when i'm constantly being told that I should make myself smaller

  • Lil Zo

    I loved this Book, and i intend on purchasing a copy so it can sit on my shelf and be one of the few that can be read over and over again!! I recomend it highly to anyone who has interestes in the WW2 / the blitz, and perseverance!

  • Judith

    Enjoyed it - original and well-written. Kept my interest until the end (though I felt the ending was a bit rushed.)

  • Beejay

    Weekend magazine review makes this sound like a great read - "grown-up fairytale leaves you with the feeling of having hitched a ride with a travelling circus".

  • Penny Little

    Interesting. I felt sorry for Jean but she managed to get by and seemed happiest when helping others.

  • Stuart

    I loved this book when it came out. So unique, humours, tragic/comic.A magical heroine. I cannot rate this book highly enough.Fans of Kate Atkinson & Angela Carter should love this book.

  • Kris Fleitz

    I really like the characterization of Jean.

  • Lotta.p

    The one and only star tells everything. Boring

  • mari reiza

    A bit of a different one themewise. Poignant and funny

  • Lance

    Fantastic opening chapter that after almost the halfway mark seemed to just lose steam.

  • Anna Sternberg

    A modern day fairy tale, epic and unusual. Vividly told and is both moving and funny and so different as a novel.

  • Amanda

    The first half of this book was great. I loved the writing. Then it just went on and on and on.

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  • [PDF] Æ Free Read ✓ Little Gods : by Anna Richards ↠
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