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By Larry King | Comments: ( 787 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

The definitive autobiography of one of the most famous personalities in television history an intimate, revealing, and riveting memoir that will show a Larry King the world has never known, up close and personal Celebrated as the most remarkable talk show host on TV ever by TV Guide and master of the mike by Time magazine, for a half century the world s most influentiThe definitive autobiography of one of the most famous personalities in television history an intimate, revealing, and riveting memoir that will show a Larry King the world has never known, up close and personal Celebrated as the most remarkable talk show host on TV ever by TV Guide and master of the mike by Time magazine, for a half century the world s most influential figures have been telling their story to Larry King Now the man in suspenders shares his riveting and inspiring story, from his humble roots in Depression era Brooklyn to the heights of celebrity as host of CNN s Larry King Live Before he befriended presidents and iconic entertainers, Larry grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, where he was known to friends as Zeke the Greek the Mouthpiece because he never stopped talking Larry delves deeply into his extraordinary personal odyssey, beginning with the loss of his father at age nine He has lost jobs, had a three pack a day smoking habit, been down to his last 2 when he won an 8,000 trifecta at the racetrack, had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery, quit smoking, founded a heart foundation that has raised millions and assisted thousands, and now, at the age of seventy five, has recently gotten thrown out of a Little League game for arguing a call in defense of his nine year old son Filled with delightfully evocative personal anecdotes and behind the scenes observations on some of our most important world figures, What Am I Doing Here will be devoured by Larry King s millions of fans worldwide.

  • Title: My Remarkable Journey
  • Author: Larry King
  • ISBN: 9781602860865
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Larry King

Larry King is an award winning American television radio host Since 1985, King has hosted a nightly interview program on CNN called Larry King Live.

Comments My Remarkable Journey

  • Jana

    I listened to this on audio. A light, entertaining read. I recommend the audio over the book, simply because Larry King is reading it, and various family members and friends read as well. It makes the book come to life. I really enjoyed learning the details of Larry's life-- his early experiences in Brooklyn, losing his father, becoming a deejay in Miami, gaining (and losing) lots of money, his multiple marriages and everything that led to where he is today. His honesty, about his failures as we [...]

  • Nick

    I wasn't expecting much -- I'm not a big Larry King fan, and this book was a gift. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of the funnier autobiographies I've ever read. It's a little choppy, thanks to Larry inviting other voices to chime in at significant moments. But it's an hilarious, quick read. Larry was a f&%k-up; there's no other word for it. He's had 8 wives. But he's always been surrounded by good friends who have got him into and out of scrapes, including his most serious [...]


    In this humorous, anecdotal account, King at 75-plus marvels good-naturedly at his staying power for a half-century as a talk-show host for radio and TV. Born in Brooklyn in 1933 to Jewish immigrant parents, young Larry Zeiger was profoundly influenced at age nine by the untimely heart-attack death of his father and by the medium of radio. Rejected by the army for bad eyesight and uninterested in going to college, he got his break filling in for a deejay at a radio station in Miami, where he too [...]

  • lp

    this book was so poorly written that there were times i worried that my own writing would get worse just being exposed to it. but then again, it's very larry king. he's not a writer, he's a talker. and you get his voice -- unedited. i knew i'd like this book because i once heard him say in interviews he never uses the word "i". that's smart and hard to do. and reading the book made me realize he's one of those people who is so dumb that he's a genius. he kind of admits it himself. he just asks l [...]

  • Windsor Tevita-Tanielu

    I chose this book because my parents told to read it and I really liked it after I read it.I liked this book because he broadcast,the other thing I liked about this book was reading it.I thought Larry King was one of the kids that are smart,he said his dad died when he was nine and he through lot of pain,his went a lot of thing to Larry safe,now that his he can return the fever.

  • Claudette

    Did this in audio book--HIGHLY recommended. He is a great storyteller, and his voice is so distinctive that it carries the story. Interesting recorded comments by famiily memeber and friends interspersed. Some really interesting anecdotes about celebrities, historical events, and experiences. Loved it!

  • Rebecca

    Loved this book! Reading it you can’t help but hear his iconic voice tell his story. It was interesting and funny. I also found it ingenious to have his closest friends and family insert their personal commentaries on various milestones of his life. I would love to see that become an autobiography trend.

  • Dave Calver

    I never really paid attention to Larry before hearing him interviewed recently by Cal Fussman. A fascinating life, rich with ups and downs, recounted with lots of humour. Well worth reading, whether or not you are into his CNN persona.

  • Julia

    很精彩的一本書, 從來沒看過賴瑞金現場的我, 不能理解怎麼這位老先生在美國怎麼好像很紅的樣子, 聲音也沒有多好聽啊!但看了這本書, 似乎有所瞭解他的本事在哪了! 一種讓人對之放下戒心述說自己的能力. 對他來說似乎是與生俱來的 突然有點想看看他主持的節目了! 但他好像已經不主持了, 來去youtube搜一搜吧!

  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)

    This is a tremendously entertaining book. Reading it felt like I was sitting down with Larry for a few hours and having a wonderful conversation, leaping from one fascinating topic to another. In the prologue Larry explains how he would have liked to be a comedian if he hadn't gone into broadcasting and his sense of humour emerges strongly throughout the book. The man is seriously funny.This is not a intimate, soul-searching autobiography. For example, Larry has famously been married eight times [...]

  • Betty

    What a strange feeling to be reviewing "My Remarkable Journey" by Larry King! With a rare gift of communication, he takes us on his journey through life beginning as a little Jewish kid in Brooklyn through local radio to global TV fame. From the loss of his father who died of a heart attack at work and the loss of his grandmother two weeks later, Larry King seems always to be looking and finding love only to lose it again. The book is very revealing, honest and fascinating, not because of all th [...]

  • Brad Revell

    This is the second time I have tried to read Larry King's autobiography and am glad I dedicated the time to finish it. I find at times reading the beginnings of biographies quite difficult because it is hard to relate to the person when you haven't seen them grow up. Once you have made it to the stage of their life (when in the spotlight) is easier to do so."My Remarkable Journey" is certainly a warts and all story of Larry King's life. He talks about money he has lost, regrets/mistakes he has m [...]

  • Julie

    I enjoyed this book. It always amazes me what sacrifices celebrities are willing to make for their fame. Larry King is no exception. He made many. Too many in my opinion. I guess I just never wanted fame more than family. I do find it very interesting that people from his generation have a sense of friendship with undeviating loyalty to friends a quality that the younger generations seem to have lost in their relationships. My father and his life long friends had loyalty to one another. In busi [...]

  • Michele

    Entertaining, light read. Just skims the surface of some events in his life. While one doesn't mind Larry opting for laugh over detail, it is rather too vague when it came to the chapter of Larry almost bribing Nixon. I'm not sure that anyone could be as naive as King paints himself in that fiasco.The book makes an obvious effort to avoid offending by being careful not to discuss broken relationships and long lost children too closely, but when the facts are glossed over so speedily, it only rai [...]

  • Ken Bronsil

    Larry King tells interesting, sometimes hilarious stories, and you sometimes suspect they didn't quite happen as they seem. But he does say in his introduction that, since he is 75 years old, he might have added a few things to his stories so they were more enjoyable to listeners and now those parts are part of what happened. Maybe. They made for enjoyable reading anyway.What he does best, though, is show what is behind the public persona of many political leaders, entertainers, and other people [...]

  • Jay

    interesting if uninspiring autobiography. i recommend the audiobook version where larry (and friends & family) actually read passages from the book. he's a great storyteller and is very captivating on tape--his sense of humor really comes across. however, if you are looking for juicy tidbits about larry's marriages or personal life, this book won't help you see much in to that side of him; he definitely delves in to his personal life but manages to put a positive spin on everything. the book [...]

  • Laura

    If you love Larry King like I do.For some reason, I really like Larry King. I enjoy watching his interviews, and like his interview style. It is fascinating to watch his interchange with people. He is good at not taking over the interview or situation and leaving the focus on the people interviewed. Anyway, when his book came out, "My Remarkable Journey", I had to take a read. And I did. I really enjoyed most of it. Much of the book is little funny stories of his life which I really enjoyed. Lar [...]

  • kathi

    Since I recently started watching Larry King on CNN I wanted to know his background, etc.This book concentrated on building his career with a God given gift for communication and interviewing.What I liked most was his description of boyhood pranks. They were pranks boys used to play in the 40's and 50's. No one got hurt--physically or mentally, they were full of laughs and make great memories. His friend was nick named "Hoo-ha" and reading about this character and his name was so funny.He touche [...]

  • Nanci Robertson

    This was a enjoyable and entertaining book. I always like reading how other people become successful, and this memoir fit the bill. Excellent stories from Larry's childhood, early work as an interviewer, arrest and banishment from the radio, and then success at CNN. Also includes a smattering of introspection and hindsight about his 8 marriages, children he never knew he had, etc. The book is co-authored with Cal Fussman (a writer for Esquire), so the wording and delivery of the story is probabl [...]

  • Karen Rovner

    Larry King is like Forest Gump- he was always in the place that was 18hot 19, or happened to be around people that were making news, or running into famous people, like the time he had a traffic accident with John F. Kennedy, before JFK became President .This was an interesting and Funny read and I felt honestly told story of Larry King. He was friends with Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason and led a fast life. In my opinion, I am surprised that Larry King does NO preparation for any interview 13 [...]

  • Jenn Hailley

    This book was an easy read, although sometimes it was tedious. I guess it was differnt than I expectedI expected more on the celebritiy encounters and his marriages. He treated the first 7 marriages to about a page total in the whole book. But he had some funny stories which I enjoyed, as well as information on his early career that I didn't know and found interesting. Wasn't a super page-turner needed more of 'whats going to happen next' theme

  • Derek Meier

    Oh Larry. What a life, what a book. Larry writes about his life like he lived it without worry or fear and just danced his way the entire way through singing with celebs and partying with super models. Maybe I should move to L.A. Love that Larry is a big dog/horse track guy, it just seems so fitting. This guy has left more women in the wake of destruction than Hef, and he's unapologetic about it. Regretting nothing is a pretty cool achievemnet. His greatest gift: his charity.

  • Krazykat

    I learned that not only is Larry King a remarkable Jew (formerly Zeiger), he also has lived a remarkable life and met some remarkable people. His storytelling style is as smooth as his interviewing ethic and his humor is hot damn hilarious. I could not put this book down and was so sad when it ended but am happy for him that he is entering a new chapter in his life at 75 with his young, fascinating family.

  • Songnoonesings

    Larry takes us there and back again with this great book on his life and journey. This book was long overdue. I had no problems loving every part of this book excluding the part where he brings up the Uncle Don thing. He swears it happened, and that he heard it. While there is plenty of valid proof that this is no more than a myth. Where plenty of people recall hearing it by more than one radio announcer. Maybe age is starting to sink in on Larry afterall.

  • Shirlene

    Larry King is a well-known talk show host on television. In this biography he talks about his personal experiences, as well as those involved with media and broadcasting personalities. He was married eight times (twice to the same woman). Probably his age (75) and the fact that his present wife, Shawn, has ties to Provo, Utah and the Mormons attracted my attention. The book is easy to read and entertaining.

  • Marisela

    Excellent! I love hearing about Larry King and his multi-marriage life, his liberal type attitudes even though he may or may not be a liberal. I liked the way he and his son Larry King, Jr. found each other when the timing was right and how they run their organization for people who can't afford heart surgery. I also liked the end of the book and how the tables are turned on him and he is the interviewee.

  • james

    I experienced this literary work by audio, with Larry King serving as both the author and the narrator. King reveals all from his impoverished youth to his early days in radio to his career on TV. Wifes and sweethearts came and went and from time to time, children appeared, including Larry King, jr whom the father met when the son was 32 years old.

  • Becky

    If I were to have rated the book when I was only about 1/4 through I would have given it 4.5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed Larry's stories about his early childhood and friendships in Brooklyn. When he began to talk about his adult life, however, I was very disappointed and bored. Thus, the 2 star rating.

  • Susan

    I listened to the audio while RV traveling. Larry has lived a very interesting life. I appreciated his honesty. He included things that did not show him in the best light. It was narrated by the author. Recommended.

  • Eric Fought

    There are many reasons why I've always been a fan of Larry King. This is an interesting memoir with lots of great stories, some of which made me laugh out loud. Yet, it's a bit over-the-top at some points.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ My Remarkable Journey : by Larry King ✓
    479 Larry King
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