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By Kathy Kulig | Comments: ( 985 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

While working on an environmental project in the Arizona desert, research scientist Amy Weston finds herself caught in the war between two men Dante Akanto lures her into the desert to explore the dark side of her passions, pleasuring her in ways she never thought possible with his bizarre sex games And park ranger Jake Montag has a compelling mysticism and powerful sensWhile working on an environmental project in the Arizona desert, research scientist Amy Weston finds herself caught in the war between two men Dante Akanto lures her into the desert to explore the dark side of her passions, pleasuring her in ways she never thought possible with his bizarre sex games And park ranger Jake Montag has a compelling mysticism and powerful sensuality that s impossible to resist.But the two men, demon and shapeshifter, are engaged in a supernatural fight between worlds Amy and her high level of life force energy is the key Dante s world and his immortality depend on claiming her as his own The choice Amy makes between the two men will affect both her world and her future.Reader Advisory Contains scenes of mild bondage.Publisher Note This book is loosely based on a short story previously published elsewhere.

  • Title: Desert of the Damned
  • Author: Kathy Kulig
  • ISBN: 9781419919527
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Kathy Kulig

New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author Kathy Kulig has published than a dozen titles, spanning multiple genres of steamy romance paranormal, contemporary, suspense and BDSM Beyond Your Darkest Desires.Signup for Kathy s newsletter smarturt.KathysHotNewsHer non fiction work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and various on line venues Kathy s sensual fiction has been published in e book, print and anthologies.When she s not writing she enjoys traveling, mountain biking, hiking, movies and reading of course including romance, erotica, sci fi, thrillers and some non fiction.

Comments Desert of the Damned

  • Laurie Garrison

    4 1/2 starsI really enjoyed this one. Again the Indian and demon folklore is really excellent and not to be missed. I so enjoy how Kathy writes her steamy sex lines, they are written to draw you in to enjoy the two characters together. I really liked the interesting cast of characters Kathy has going on in this book. I look forward to reading more on them in the future. Few spoilersAs Amy’s new life in Arizona is just starting out. She really wants to go back home. Amy has been somewhat seeing [...]

  • Donna

    How did we end up hereIf I remember correctly I picked this one up at my very first BEA trip back in 2009. I didn’t really know who any of the outlying publishers were outside of the Big 6 and I noticed Ellora’s Cave had a lot of nifty swag at their booth. Not to mention they kind of threw the book at me since the author was doing a signing. Needless to say it’s taken me a little while to get to it but hey, I got to it.Okay, book. You've got 50 pages. Go!Nipples and pussy and cocks right f [...]

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva

    Desert of the Damned is one of those stories that took me completely by surprise with where it was going. The blurb made me think that there would possibly be a ménage. That is not how things worked out though. So please be aware that with this multiple partner erotic romance you’ll get a happily ever after that has you cheering and an anti-hero that has you salivating for more of him. The Native American mythology that tale is immersed in was a wonderful addition to this tale. Dante has limi [...]

  • Jolene

    This is one of the first erotic romances that I have picked up and I gotta say it got me blushing. The sexual energy was jumping off the pages and the story took off right at the first few pages. Wow, I knew it was going to be a good read. Amy was a very likeable character and I loved reading about the indian folklore and the realm of Anartia. Dante was a little confusing. I couldn't tell if I liked him or hated him. Part of me wanted some good to come from him because I detected that he wasn't [...]

  • Liala ~ The Goddess of Books ~ Starr

    Shape shifters and Shamanism, 2 of my favorite thingsI think the rating is more for the way the story makes you feel. It's easy to know who Amy is and it becomes clear that she is important in some way. It's not as easy with Dante. It's understood by the third or fourth chapter that he is somehow linked to the paranormal world, but you get this strange vibe from him. I know that you shouldn't be able too really get vibes from a character in a book, but you will.I really am at a loss for words tr [...]

  • Whispers From

    First time reading this authorAmy works at a lab and is having an affair with her boss. He is a coyote shifter and needs chi to help his demoness keep her world. When he makes her climax her chi is the strongest but he can't actually have sex with her or it taints it. So she breaks it off with him but he still needs her. Amy meets Jake a forest ranger who is a shifter too. He protects her from the coyote and is afraid to tell her about him. But she knows something is different about him. When Da [...]

  • Caro

    An ok freebie. I liked the basic story line and the characters, but the story didn't really pull me. There wasn't so much feeling to this as it felt like this was supposed to be more about the scenes. I liked the paranormal aspect and the mythology slant but the 'bad' characters were more a part of this and kinda made the book feel crude and mean. I won't read this again and since it was free, you pretty much get what you pay for it. There were good spots and the good side characters definitely [...]

  • ⚜️Trea

    This book just had way too much going on in it to make any sort of sense! World building was non-existent, and it jumps right in to what is supposed to be erotic reading. Sadly, my confusion with the plot distracted me too much to get event the remotest thrill with the sexy bits. I didn't enjoy Amy as a heroine at all, she kept whining about Florida too much for my tastes, and I couldn't respect Dante at all, as he came across too much like a rapist and user for my tastes. Not to mention, Jake w [...]

  • Amie

    This book fell flat for me. The main character aggravated me. The story felt forced and the ending rushed. A lot of things in this book didn't make sense. Like Norwegian shapeshifters changing shapes exactly like Navjo skinwalkers, magical beings not believing in magic, victims being made into bad guys. The sex scenes were steamy but because the story wasn't that good I just started skipping them. This of course is just my opinion and I'm sure others have enjoyed this story.

  • Amy

    Amy has been carrying on a weird relationship with Dante, but she cannot remember all of it. Dante is using her to collect chi for his mistress. Jake has special power that allow him to shift into different animals. These two both thought their secrets were crazy but together they made sense and saved them.

  • A.C. James

    I have a fondness for mythology and folklore. I love how the trickster folklore, the anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks, was weaved into this hot love triangle. The shifter relationship between Amy and Jake had a lot of tension and romance. Everything you'd expect from an erotic romance was delivered with well written sensuality and characterization.

  • J.L.

    3 StarsThis book started hot and heavy and stayed that way. I wasn't sure what to expect from it since it was a new author for me and the book was good for an erotic quick read. The only things that was tiring was Gwyllain's attitude (if no one liked her why didn't they rebel or kill her) and that parts were repetitive.

  • Mei

    I wanted to like this story but there were just too many gaps and holes in it. Loose ends like Dante, Sienna and Truly. Once they were introduced into the story, I expected them to have some significance or resolution. Editing is an issue as well. Nice try but it misses the mark.

  • Yuyin Tsai

    Trying to finish it but failed eventually. The storyline attracts me but the tempo is a bit slow. Can't decide if there will be ménage. I like Amy. But Dante took too many pages in his immortal land so bye-bye for now!

  • Jennifer

    Normally I love shape shifter, demon, paranormal books. However, for some reason this book just did not suit me at all. From the very beginning I just could not get into it there was just something about it that I found weird.

  • Roni

    I really enjoyed reading, but after witnessing more than 5 typos, it was a bit turn-off for meke it was a careless rush job to write that book.

  • Alicia

    Interesting mix of shifters. One is demon-based, the other is animal skin-based. Alternate dimension.

  • Tracy Gilson

    Not a bad book. Steamy romance and an interesting plot.

  • Robyn

    I would give this story 3.5 stars. The story was unique and interesting, but there was a great deal of potential that was missed.

  • Venetia Green

    I loved the Arizona desert setting, however I didn't find the demon dimension worked so well. An enjoyable read.

  • Joyce

    Boring and repetitive. Only read about 35% just couldn't get into it

  • Momreadstoomuch

    Cool idea with a good execution. Something was just off that kept it from being more than 3 stars.

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