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By Gena Showalter | Comments: ( 962 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

Searching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle never dreamed she would discover a secret world populated by mythological monsters or find herself facing a sword wielding being whose looks put mortal men to shame.But there he was, Darius en Kragin, one of a race of shape shifting warriors bound to guard the gates of Atlantis, and kill all travelers who strayed within itsSearching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle never dreamed she would discover a secret world populated by mythological monsters or find herself facing a sword wielding being whose looks put mortal men to shame.But there he was, Darius en Kragin, one of a race of shape shifting warriors bound to guard the gates of Atlantis, and kill all travelers who strayed within its borders.Now Grace s life was in his hands, and Darius had to choose between his centuries old vow and the woman who had slipped beneath his defenses and stolen the heart of Atlantis s fiercest dragon.

  • Title: Heart of the Dragon
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been translated all over the world The critics have called her books sizzling page turners and utterly spellbinding stories , while Showalter herself has been called a star on the rise.

Comments Heart of the Dragon

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    Meh. An unconvincing romance in the middle of an unoriginal story. I just didn't see any reason for Grace and Darius to end up together. I never bought the love at all. I've just seen this done better.***Edit***I read a review of a different book by KimKirt today that mentioned how there's something that rubs you the wrong way about a book that just bugs you and keeps you from fully enjoying the book. Unfortunately there were several with this. But one that I feel I should mention concerns a cou [...]

  • valee

    5 STARS !!I just LOVED this book. It wasso good, just the best thing I have read in such a long time, marvelous , PERFECT!If I had had a clue this series was this good I have read it much sooner. As the AVG rating of this book was 3.88 I just thought I would not like it at all. I just started with it because I was missing paranormal romance terribly! I was pretty sure I had read all the ones worth reading so you can all imagine this was a huge surprise for me! I wasn't aware of how much I was mi [...]

  • Carmen

    Darius en Kragin is a weredragon who lives in Atlantis. Atlantis is populated with mythical beings, apparently. Weredragons, vampires, nymphs, and Formorians. Darius is assigned to guard "the mist" (a portal between the mortal realm and the realm to Atlantis). It's his job to mercilessly kill any man, woman or child who comes through the portal. Although Darius vomits after killing his first human being, he spends three centuries doing this job, brutally murdering anyone who comes through the po [...]

  • Kaila

    Ugh, that was horrible. Let's tick off all the formulaic things, shall we?1) She's a redhead. Now, I have a real soft spot for redheads, being one myself, but at one point she actually says she had never met anyone who went for the red hair and freckles thing. Girl, you have obviously never been outside.2) She's a virgin, although HE has bedded lots of ladies. None of them ever meant anything, of course.3) They "bond" through some spell so that it's like they're married before they actually do t [...]

  • Sammy

    Summary: Red-headed virgin is bedded by a supernatural sex god. Oh, and some other stuff to do with Atlantis happens in the rest of the story. This is the kind of book you leave at home so that no-one knows what you're reading. It was pure romantic trash. Have no desire to pick up the next book in the series.

  • Cyp

    This book was a pure whine-fest. The plot was horrendously predictable, and the heroine is a major whiner, and a B with an ITCH. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her? She's like those anorexic, cheerleader whiner-babies that is totally unsatisfied with her life. And don't get me started on the male protagonist. He was an emotional wreck when he saw her, all "i should kill you but i cant cause i get all tingly with this insta-love shit that i still dont want to acknowledge is love thing". D [...]

  • ◊♦ Naomi

    Heart of the Dragon is one of Gena's first book I believe and while it wasn't bad at all, you can definitely tell it's someone's first. I actually really enjoyed myself for the most part, the universe she created is very mesmerizing and my curiosity was piqued. But the last 20% or so were botched, rushed and I was a little disappointed because of that. The book went in the right direction but at the last minute changed course and it went from a solid 4 stars to a simple 3 for me.I liked Darius a [...]

  • Laura

    Oh, buen señor. Yo realmente quería amar el libro, en serio. Gena teesenta los eventos y los personajes de una manera tan atractiva que de verdad te metes en la historia. Pero eso no me ocurrió con éste libro. Al principio creí que me iba a llegar, hubieron varias cosas que me entretuvieron y me gustaron, a medida que el libro avanza me llegué a aburrir (el tiempo que Grace estuvo retenida en el palacio fue muy pobre y predecible). Luego de eso el libro tomó fuerza y el hecho de que Dariu [...]

  • Felicity Heaton

    I went into this book not expecting much which is perhaps why I got so much out of it. Just like how I really enjoy a movie when I go into the cinema with zero expectations about the film. We enter the book in the past, with Darius as a child taking on the role of a guardian responsible for killing anyone who enters through the portal in his palace. Understandably he’s a little reluctant to kill, but he’s driven by a need to protect his dragon people and Atlantis from the kind of brutality t [...]

  • Brandy

    A Gena Showalter se la conoce por otra serie títulada "Los señores del Inframundo" de la que ya he hablado en alguna otra ocasión. Esta novela adolece de las mismas características que la antes citada, novelas pseudoeróticas donde el sexo es el ingrediente principal ya que aparece cada tres párrafos. Al menos, la de los Señores tiene la particularidad de que cada uno de los hombres tiene un demonio que le supone un problema a la hora de encontrar pareja, y eso lo hace más ameno al lector [...]

  • Sophia

    I love the idea of taking the premise that Atlantis is real and still here though hidden so I was very eager to read this series. This first book also hit one of my other favorites- dragons!!!Darius is a stone cold dragon warrior king and guardian of the portal to the human world. He is sworn to kill any who stray through the mist into Atlantis. After three hundred years, a lone woman becomes the exception when he is attracted to her and cannot find it in himself to kill her right away. He must [...]

  • Tania

    ***PLEASE NOTE: I don't normally put so many spoilers in my reviews but needed to in order fully explain why this book only got two stars from me. If this is going to bother you please read no further***In all honesty this read like two books - the first half was great, setting up a really strong male lead, an interesting world and a potentially strong female lead. The second half of the book went wrong somehow. Aside from the very relevant point PhotoJim makes in his review, there entire second [...]

  • Lina

    Benernya buku ini berpotensi 5 bintang kalau saja :- Ceritanya lebih banyak tentang mitologi atlantis dan penghuni-penghuninya. Padalah gambaran sekilas tentang atlantis di buku udah cukup keren.- More deep characters rather than standard characters, lebih suka Darius yang dingin dan kaku yang sebelum ketemu Grace lebih keren dan coba kalau Grace digambarkan lebih galak, keras kepala dan ngga terangsang setiap kali ketemu Darius, pasti lebih keren. Tapi setelah ketemu karakternya malah pada jadi [...]

  • Aly is so frigging bored

    Buddy read with Maru.January 2013 read:Favorite quote:“You saw the violence of my past,” he said, mistaking her silence. “You know the things I’ve done and can guess the things I will do. I’m asking you to accept me regardless. If you can do this, I will give you my life, my riches and my vow to always protect you.” The last words left his lips with all the desperation inside him. With all the longing. With all the need.Her expression softened; her lashes dipped to half-mast. “I do [...]

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    Meh. An unconvincing romance in the middle of an unoriginal story. I just didn't see any reason for Grace and Darius to end up together. I never bought the love at all. I've just seen this done better.

  • ★Moonrise Books

    Before Gena Showalter’s hit series, Lords of the Underworld, there was Atlantis: a series about an undersea world inhabited by immortal, mythological creatures, including dragons, nymphs, shape shifters, and more! The first installment, Heart of the Dragon, introduces us to the shape-shifting guardian of the gates of Atlantis, Darius en Kragin. Vowed for centuries to protect his dragon kin and Atlantis itself Darius has seen his fair share of wayward humans, lost in the jungle’s mist, slip t [...]

  • Jas

    I am a huge fan of Gena Showalter, I love her Lords of the Underworld series, her Alien-Huntress series, and even a couple of her stand alone books. So while I think that Heart of the Dragon was good, in comparison to her other work this book was booooring. What I admire about GS is that she makes you fall in love with her characters and with the world she creates. There is always someone or something to connect to in her stories and she usually has a fast pace that makes the book flow. All of t [...]

  • Angela

    8 January 2016: $2.99 on Kindle

  • Varied Books

    5/12/17 sale .99.

  • JESSICA ~Snuggly Bear Paws~

    Not one of my favs. Kinda glad I read LOTU first. Might not of read them at all if I hadn't. This fell short of my expectations of her writing. Srry Ms. Showalter.

  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)

    When Grace Carlyle sets out to find her brother in the middle of the jungle, what she doesn't expect to find is the mythical land of Atlantis and its gorgeous guardian Darius en Kragin. Darius is charged with guarding one of the portals to Atlantis and killing any who enter, be they man, woman or child. But he can't seem to destroy Grace when she stumbles through to Atlantis; her fiery red hair the first colour has has seen in centuries and her bravery touches his long neglected heart. However, [...]

  • Stine

    The only reason I read this book was because of the word "Atlantis". I've always liked the Atlantis myth and I found the concept for this book quite intriguing. Unfortunately it wasn't all that great. Basically there's this woman who is lost in the jungle and accidentally finds her way to Atlantis. And then there's the dark and brooding man that has never felt love, guarding the entrance. It doesn't take a genius to know where this is going. I liked the concept about Atlanis being a place for al [...]

  • Barbara

    3 StarsIt was okSo I have tons of Showalter books that were given to me by a friend who's obviously a big fanbut I just don't understand why. I don't think I've ever rated one of her books above a 3 Star so maybe I'm just not "getting it". Creativity is there, but there just seems to be something missing in every book I pick up. I will say though that HOTD was one of the better one's I've read by her so I'll for sure give the second in the series a shot.

  • Exina

    Not enough of• action,• world-building,• information about the supernatural beings of Atlantis,• twists and turns,• delineation of emotions.Too much of• slushy sentimentality,• half-hearted erotica,• superficiality,• hasty events.But no need to worry, I still love Lords of the Underworld! :)

  • Chippy *Moves Like Jagger* Marco

    Damn hot! Jumping onto the next Gena Showalter book like an old man on Viagra!

  • bells ♡


  • Christy Stewart

    "I've got a cracker jack idea for the cover, boss.""What's that, Smitty?""The back of some broad with a tramp stamp.""Perfect! You sure do know how to market to the ladies, pal."

  • Danielle

    3.5 stars I feel so bad about giving this book such a low rating. I love Gena Showalter books and never giver her less than a four stars, but this one I had to give three and a half stars not because I didn't like it, but because Darius and Grace were my least favorite couple out of all the Gena Showalter books that I have read. I just didn't love this couple or romance. It just wasn't this gut wrenching, angsty read that pulled at my heartstrings. My heart just wasn't touched. The potential and [...]

  • Merve Özcan

    Darious ,Javar'dan sisin koruyucusu olma görevini alır.(annesi öldürülmüş babasıile birlikte kız kardeşleri tecavüze uğrayıp öldürülmüş. çünkü başka bir koruyucu görevini doğru yapmamış) Darious bu görevi isteyip istemediginden emindegildir. Ayrıca koruyucu olmak sisi gören herkesin öldürülmesi demektir ve bu onunn için zor bir karardır.Javarın ailesini hatırlatması üzerine sise hayatını ve ölümünü sunar(yemin eder) ve ilk defa kılıcını birine sapl [...]

  • Megan


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