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By Caroline B. Cooney | Comments: ( 430 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

A fresh perspective on Macbeth from one of today s foremost YA writers Three girls witness the action of Shakespeare s play firsthand and their lives are forever changed because of it.Lady Mary is a ward of Lord and Lady Macbeth whose life is forever changed when her father, Lord Cawdor, betrays the Scottish king and is hanged as a traitor In an instant, Mary has losA fresh perspective on Macbeth from one of today s foremost YA writers Three girls witness the action of Shakespeare s play firsthand and their lives are forever changed because of it.Lady Mary is a ward of Lord and Lady Macbeth whose life is forever changed when her father, Lord Cawdor, betrays the Scottish king and is hanged as a traitor In an instant, Mary has lost both her father and future Now she s trapped in a castle with a power hungry couple who will do anything to get what they want and are willing to crush anyone in their way Including Mary As the murderous events of Shakespeare s play unfold around her, Mary must struggle to survive and do what she can to prevent deaths But can a lone girl save lives when a legion of Scottish lords cannot

  • Title: Enter Three Witches
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780439711562
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Caroline B. Cooney

Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when the best teacher I ever had in my life made writing her main focus He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got I started writing then and never stopped When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people with remarkable results She began to sell stories to Seventeen magazine and soon after began writing books Suspense novels are her favorites to read and write In a suspense novel, you can count on action To keep her stories realistic, Caroline visits many schools outside of her area, learning about teenagers all the time She often organizes what she calls a plotting game, in which students work together to create plots for stories Caroline lives in Westbrook, Connecticut and when she s not writing she volunteers at a hospital, plays piano for the school musicals and daydreams

Comments Enter Three Witches

  • Jean

    Caroline B. Cooney strikes again! I began this book a little warily, because I am used to Cooney's realistic fiction. In this novel,Cooney uses Shakespeare's Macbeth as a springboard for her own story peopled with characters she makes up who experience the events in the play. The author's note at the end of the book encourages her readers to read Shakespeare's play (and tells them the way to get the most out of the reading). I am already itching to reread Macbeth with fresh perspective, and I ho [...]

  • TheSaint

    This novelization of Macbeth, from the point of view of an attractive peripheral player in the drama might be a good introduction to Shakespeare for some motivated readers. The plot is full of action as well as romance, so it might appeal to both boys and girls. I have a quibble with some of the characters. Author Cooney has a very long dramatis personae (longer even than the original), so she uses some stereotypes as shortcuts.

  • Yu-chi

    Coming from someone who has basic knowledge of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Cooney did a great job building her own story on the play while keeping in line with the general plot. There were several instances where specific lines and scenes were described as a kind of timeline that tied Enter Three Witches to Macbeth. Cooney told the story from many perspectives - almost too many, in my opinion. Thankfully, the whole book was in third person limited. I don't think I would be able to stand it if it had [...]

  • Salsabrarian

    Narrated by Charlotte Parry. In this retelling of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," young people witness the power-hungry rise and fall of Lord and Lady Macbeth. There is Mary, daughter of the traitor Cawdor and lady-in-waiting to Lady Macbeth. Illdreth (excuse mispellings; I listened to the book) is maid to Mary and keeps a dark secret involving Seaton. Seaton is Macbeth's lackey, facilitating murders of those who would be in Macbeth's way. Fleance is son of Banquo and seeks to avenge his father's murde [...]

  • Becca

    It took me a while to get into this book (and I actually put it down for a few days and read other things, which is unusual for me) because it jumps between narrators so much. I never got to know any of the characters very well, which may have been a good thing--Lady Mary is pretty stupid and boring. The other characters are right about her. Fortunately, some of the people around her are more interesting. (Also, what is it about Fleance in Macbeth fan fiction? What makes him so desirable?)

  • Karen

    I liked this book more than I thought that I would . . . I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare. The story of Macbeth told from the perspective of three women was engaging, and the language used wasn't as archaic. My daughter loves the language of Shakespeare, but I'm not a fan : ) Altogether, I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Nikki

    A spin-off from Shakespeare's Macbeth. Very fun and entertaining, but I could only give it three stars since it ultimately demonstrates the author's devastatingly confused and inaccurate understanding of Shakespeare.

  • Kittiya

    I just finished writing a small review on The Goddess of Yesterday, and I had said I didn't feel the draw to her other books like that one. Well I was wrong! lol I really enjoyed this one as well. I don't think I've been able to relate to a MacBeth character as well as the main heroin in this.

  • Mandi Murphy

    What a great read! I've never read MacBeth, but I think I will give it a try now.

  • Matthew Connolly

    This is sort of a Macbeth fanfiction, letting the plots of the well-known plots of the play unfold, while focusing on different characters throughout the novel. Lady Mary is a main character,not in the play, though she is the daughter of the Thane of Cawdor, who preceded Macbeth and was executed. She was a ward of the Macbeths, and was betrothed to Asleep, who she loved greatly, but Asleif was murdered in battle. Her father, thane of Cawdor, is executed and she becomes a scullery maid. She witne [...]

  • Destiny

    The book Enter the Three Witches is a very good book in my opinion because of the how the plot changes but still stick to it's meaning. I also like this book because of how it has fiction but yet still sticks to the medieval nonfiction way. I really do recommend this book to people who like to read about the time when witches were feared and Kings and Queens ruled the land.

  • Jasmine

    I love reading different perspectives of classic stories, and this one takes the cake.

  • Louie

    Hard to get into at first, but definitely a good read.

  • Lauren

    Very good retelling of Macbeth.

  • Madalena Elshoff

    Cooney's re-envisioning of Shakespeare's Macbeth is an excellent read. I enjoyed watching the downfall of Lord and Lady Macbeth through female protagonists (but omniscient narrator), which offers a fresh perspective on Shakespeare's original tragedy. Although not accurate in terms of Scottish history - Shakespeare's wasn't either - it reminds us of female oppression and strength, as the women in the story are equally, if not more, complex than the male characters and face much adversity. This is [...]

  • Vanessah

    I didn't exactly like the whole drawn out way of the book. However, the whole plot I did love. I enjoyed the whole focus and I liked how dark everything was.

  • Nancy

    Mary a innocent pretty little girl is living in the castel with Lord and Lady Macbeth. She has a room and practically everything she need. While the country was at war she is living in the castel and is one of the only four girls in the castel. One is named Swin, a girl who slaughters animals and often meeting witches, Ildred a maid of Lady Macbeth she is the exact opposite of Mary her only friend is a dog. Mary sometimes have a hurting thumb which she later founds out that it means something wi [...]

  • Kelsey

    Having seen Macbeth performed live, I was really excited to read the actual play. Remembering I had this in my TBR I started it as soon as I could- and really enjoyed it!Caroline B. Cooney is a terrific writer. One of my favorite series ever (The Face on the Milk Carton) is written by her so I was beyond excited to start this. Luckily this was another excellent read and is perfect for those who have read Shakespeare's play as well as those who haven't.To begin with, Enter Three Witches wasn't a [...]

  • Christi

    This is the story of Macbeth featured in The Scottish Play, seen by the eyes of young noble, Lady Mary. When Mary’s father, Thane of Cawdor, betrays the Scottish crown, Mary finds herself worrying about the future of Scotland and hers as well. When King Duncan is mysteriously murdered during the night at the Macbeth’s castle, Inverness, the vantage point of Lady Mary; Fleance son of Banquo; Ildred, Lady Macbeth’s maidservant; Swin, the castle’s butcher; and Seyton a soldier become import [...]

  • Cassie

    Enter Three Witches by Caroline B Cooney tries to retell that most famous Scottish play. Her writing style is solid and comprehensive. It was what I would consider an 'easy' read, if you will but it keeps with the olden days feel and era appropriate language. The author chose to tell the story from multiple people's perspective. She handled a large cast of characters. As anyone who knows this is aware when you have lots of characters that you try to get to know the reader can feel distanced and [...]

  • Maryanne

    There's a story behind my reading this book, which is appropriate given the subject matter. I had recently read "Lady Macbeth" by Susan Fraser King (a review for another day) and I also happened to have watched "Shakespeare Retold" with James McAvoy as a modern Macbeth at around the same time. I was walking down an aisle in the teen library in Louisville, when out of the corner of my eye, I happen to see "Enter Three Witches" on the top shelf facing out. I pick it up. It doesn't take even a seco [...]

  • Heather

    Cooney, Caroline B. Enter Three Witches: A Story of Macbeth. New York, NY: , Inc 2007.Abstract and Mini-ReviewQuite a noble undertaking, and yet Cooney did not quite succeed. Very few have succeeded in doing what Shakespeare did best, taking the familiar story and making it new and exciting. In Enter Three Witches Cooney blends the historical Macbeth with the Macbeth portrayed by Shakespeare and creates the new character of Lady Mary through whom the majority of the action is observed. Although [...]

  • Cindy

    I'm about half way through this one and am a bit distraught. I LOVE Macbeth, so was really looking forward to reading this book. Enter Three Witches is about Lady Mary who is the daughter of the Thane of Cawdor (who was executed for being a traitor, then his title was given to Macbeth, which was one of the prohecies), and overheard the original 3 prophecies. I'm half way through the book, and King Duncan was finally executed.s rather slowly. But like with Jake Reinvented, maybe it's because I kn [...]

  • Ruhama

    A retelling of Macbeth by Shakespeare.Lady Mary is the first main character we meet, and we learn she is staying with the Macbeths' while she waits for the war to be over, and her betrothed to wed her once it is done. But tragedy befalls her, and the entire country, as her father betrays the king, who is victorious, and then the king is killed while celebrating at the Macbeth castle, creating confusion and accusations at Inverness. The plot thickens as the readers learns of all the different mee [...]

  • Abbey Stellingwerff

    This is another book I had to read for my Modern Shakespearean fiction class. Unfortunately, I liked it less than the last one.Enter Three Witchesis the story ofMacbethtold from the perspective of some of the minor characters and some characters that the author made up. My question after reading this book is Why read this book when you could just readMacbeth ? I didn't think that telling the story from the point of view of the minor characters added much to the story. We are watching the events [...]

  • Cindy

    Lady Mary is a ward of the Macbeths. Yes, those Macbeths. The ones in the play. She is beautiful, rich, and sweet. She has a perfect life. Until her father is captured as a traitor to the king and executed. Her lands are given to Macbeth and she is expected to work in the kitchen. From idle rich to scullery maid in one day.Lady Mary begins to notice some odd things happening in the castle. First she saw Macbeth speaking with some witches. Then she saw Lady Macbeth reading a letter, something qui [...]

  • Heather

    This book would appeal both to those who have read Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and to those who haven't, but the former group will want to reread the play afterwards just as the latter will probably be interested in reading it for the first time. Caroline Cooney creates a few young additional characters to add to the mix and make the connection with her young readers, but unlike most YA novels that try to do this, her additions seem believable and do not take over the action excessively. I was espec [...]

  • Marilag

    The book I picked up on a whim, honestly. I was in the mindset of "triple deities" and saw one on the witches of Macbeth. I immediately borrowed it. And this was the result.In her "Author's Note," Cooney urges the reader to read Macbeth after Enter Three Witches. I have to say, I really do want to read Macbeth right after. And I've already read the play once or twice. It's probably one of my more favorite tragedies, and considering the heavy dialogue in the play itself, I was curious over how th [...]

  • Danielle

    Yet another retelling of the MacBeth story (apparently there's a bunch of these), told mostly from the point-of-view of a young lady who lives in Inverness Castle. They had this at the library, so I grabbed it. I'm almost halfway done - it's a surprisingly quick read, considering the weighty topic. I actually saw MacBeth performed when I was in HS, but I barely remember it. I'm not a huge fan of historical novels, but the author has a very interesting way of structuring the chapters, and I reall [...]

  • dixy

    I read this book for the YA book club I am a part of, and at first sight I did not believe I would like it that much, partly due to the fact that I tend to be a skeptic of books that are written based off of other stories/books. I was pleasantly surprised though, when I constantly found myself wanting to know what happens next whenever I put the book down. I liked Cooney’s choice to write the chapters from the point of view of different characters, and I loved that her style wasn’t repetitiv [...]

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  • ê Enter Three Witches || Ú PDF Download by ☆ Caroline B. Cooney
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