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By Catherine Gilbert Murdock | Comments: ( 430 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

Catherine Gilbert Murdock s talents for storytelling and creating strong female characters take a fresh turn in this spirited and sophisticated fairy tale.Benevolence is not your typical princess With her parents lost to assassins, Princess Ben ends up under the thumb of the conniving Queen Sophia Starved and miserable, locked in the castle s highest tower, Ben stumblesCatherine Gilbert Murdock s talents for storytelling and creating strong female characters take a fresh turn in this spirited and sophisticated fairy tale.Benevolence is not your typical princess With her parents lost to assassins, Princess Ben ends up under the thumb of the conniving Queen Sophia Starved and miserable, locked in the castle s highest tower, Ben stumbles upon a mysterious enchanted room So begins her secret education in the magical arts mastering an obstinate flying broomstick, furtively emptying the castle pantries, setting her hair on fire But Ben s private adventures are soon overwhelmed by a mortal threat to her kingdom Can Ben save the country and herself from foul tyranny A deliciously frothy fairy tale Horn Book Magazine, starred review The wild adventure, intricately imagined setting, memorable characters, and romance will charm readers, especially fans of Gail Carson Levine s Fairest Booklist, starred review

  • Title: Princess Ben
  • Author: Catherine Gilbert Murdock
  • ISBN: 9780547223254
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I grew up in small town Connecticut, on a tiny farm with honeybees, two adventurous goats, and a mess of Christmas trees My sister claims we didn t have a television, but we did, sometimes only it was ancient, received exactly two channels, and had to be turned off after 45 minutes to cool down or else the screen would go all fuzzy Watching or rather, watching Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds was quite the experience, because it s hard to tell a flock of vicious crows from a field of very active static this might be why I still can t stand horror movies, to this day.My sister Liz, who is now a Very Famous Writer with a large stack of books, was my primary companion, even though she was extremely cautious she wouldn t even try to jump off the garage roof, which involved crouching right at the edge for ten minutes working up your nerve, and then checking each time you landed to see if you d broken anything and she learned early on that losing at games was easier in the long run than putting up with me losing Now, of course, she travels all over the world collecting stories and diseases, while I stay at home scowling over paint chips, and losing on purpose to my kids So the cycle continues Read an New York Times article by Catherine and Liz People sometimes ask if I played football in high school no I ran cross country and track, badly, but I have absolutely no skill whatsoever with ball or team sports Plus my high school didn t even have a football team Instead, I was part of the art clique taking extra art classes, spending my study halls and lunch periods working on my latest still life Please tell me this was not a unique experience I didn t do much writing my sister was the anointed writer but I read my little eyeballs out I was the queen of our library s YA section.In college I studied architectural history The formal name was Growth and Structure of Cities Program, but for me, it was all about buildings I ve always been fascinated with the built environment how spaces fit together, how streets work, how they read And curiously Warning Life Lesson approaching , it s paid off in the oddest ways For example, several of us in our neighborhood recently got quite upset about a enormous building going in across the street, and while everyone agreed that they didn t like the way it looked, I was the one who stood up at public meetings and used words like entablature and cornice line and fenestration all this architectural jargon I d learned back at Bryn Mawr and sounded like I knew what I was talking about And because of that, the building ended up getting redesigned, and in my humble opinion now will look much attractive and appropriate, which is nice because I ll be looking at it for the rest of my life So don t be afraid to study what you love, because you do not know now, and you may not know for twenty years, how amazingly it will pay off But it will Dairy Queen was my first stab at creative writing since high school, not counting several years as a struggling screenwriter which followed several years as a struggling scholar I unabashedly recommend screenwriting for mastering the art of storytelling just don t pin any hopes on seeing your work on the big screen But you ll learn so much in the process that this won t matter I also recommend, you know, living I ve been passionate about food pretty much my whole life first eating it, now preparing and then eating it And so it plays a pretty big role in my writing, and adds so much flavor not literally, of course, but the you can add that s true, whether it s emotion or geography or gardening that s me in the picture above , then the stronger that story is.

Comments Princess Ben

  • Monica Edinger

    Started to write this here and realized it was developed enough to be worth posting on my blog. So here is my post:I’ve read, loved, studied, and taught fairy tales all my life. Every three years I co-teach a graduate school fairy tale course and, since 1990, I’ve been doing a Cinderella unit with my fourth graders. So I’m always interested in new versions of these old tales as well as original ones. At the same time, because many of these come up short for me, I am a wary reader of them, [...]

  • Miss Clark

    I liked the premise immensely, but was disappointed by how it was handled. I mean, dragons. Magic. Locked in a tower. Arranged marriage to the prince of your country's enemy, same enemy that probably killed your parents. Lots to love, but somehow these elements did not come together as I had hoped they would. I wanted more one on one time for the two protagonists and felt that, honestly, Benevolence was really a little too spoilt. She had next to no self control and even less of a desire to try [...]

  • JM

    YA alternate-world fantasy. Chubby Princess Benevolence had a scrappy, indulged childhood: she was heir to the throne, but she was the daughter of only the king's younger brother, and therefore didn't actually have much to do with the court. When her parents are killed and Ben falls into the custody of her pitiless aunt the queen, she is entirely unequipped to deal with the strict and interminable lessons in courtesy, the tiny portions of ladylike food her aunt allows her, or, when relations wit [...]

  • Cara

    I have got to say this keep me up at night. Literally. The urge to read the last word was so great I forced my eyes to pry open. At first it was slow going, but that was understandable. We needed the whole background. I had mixed feelings going in because I had already gobbled and enjoyed reading Dairy Queen and The Off Season by the same author. This series has one of the best protagonist I've seen in young adult books, so my expectations were almost unreachable but I was pleased to find that I [...]

  • Brooke Shirts

    I remember something Diana Wynne Jones wrote that went something along the lines of this:"In Fantasyland, a princess is either a1. Wimp, or 2. Rebellious spunky swordswoman with a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her tip-tilted nose."Needless to say, the rebellious-princess character has become something of a cliché. So it's quite refreshing when an author takes this setup (of an "ordinary princess" rejecting the frou-frou court, then escaping and having grand adventures) and can mak [...]

  • Elysse

    I wish I could give half stars because this book deserves four and a half. As the inside jacket says, this isn't your ordinary fairy tale. Princess Ben (short for Benevolence), is a whiny, overweight, spirited girl who recently mourns the loss of her parents. Her country is threatened by a neighboring kingdom, who claim no part in the murdering of the king and Ben's parents. Orphaned, Ben is put under her strict aunt's wings, Queen Sophie. Completely miserable, locked up and starved until she ca [...]

  • wychwood

    This was really disappointing - I'm a huge fan of her Dairy Queen trilogy, so I was expecting to enjoy this. Unfortunately it has tons of enormous gaping plotholes, impossible characters, and a bad habit of showing something entirely different to what it tells. And the thing is - this was her third novel published (and, as far as I can tell, written), so she'd already done vastly superior work.(view spoiler)[So - why is it set up as though the important thing is that his feelings are hurt becaus [...]

  • Cecilia

    I found the heroine extremely childish and intolerable in the first 3 parts, but I suspect Murdock deliberately made her that way. However, I do not think Murdock meant her to be so unlikeable that readers would not be able to stomach her. I did not truly like Ben until the last part when she finally grows up and recognizes the purpose behind the "princess" lessons, her responsibilities as the sole heir to the kingdom. When she got over herself, acted less spoiled, and actually got some spunk. P [...]

  • Camly Nguyen

    Definitely could've been more exciting.I feel like the author spent so much time trying to develop the main character that she just forgot about everything else. I expected perhaps a bit more magic and and bit less " I hate the queen so I'm going to be a little bitch". The writing just wasn't compelling and fun to read. It felt more like a badly writing diary which was a tad upsetting. The romance is hardly believable but since this book takes on a fairytale-ish side, I'll let it pass. Overall d [...]

  • Allison

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. First let me say that I'm not a fan of these realistic book covers, which seem to be all the rage recently. I much prefer the more artistic covers that allow me to imagine what the main character etc. look like. I'm also usually a little skeptical of fairy tale retellings because it seems that they can so easily go awry.This one, however, did not. Yay! Murdock takes all the most familiar parts of the princess fairytales (the tower, the sleep-enchanted pri [...]

  • Valerie

    After reading Dairy Queen and The Off Season by this same author I really had no idea what to expect in this book. The transition to fantasy seemed easy. I still enjoyed this book after the second time I read it. I like Ben and enjoyed seeing her grow from a self-pitying but soft-hearted girl to a determined ruler.I've always liked fairy-tales and if anything this book has made me like them even more. Ben is a dynamic protagonist. She was not raised as a real princess so she is more relatable. A [...]

  • Sarah

    I really wish I could give this less than one star. This is probably the worst book I have ever read. I seriously don't think I can even review this properly because I am so dumbfounded by the stupidity of this book. It's written as if the Princess herself is writing her own memoir, and she keeps breaking in saying things like, "If I haven't yet addressed the matter of" in order to explain certain parts of the world she has poorly built. Also, she repeatedly says, "I thought my situation couldn' [...]

  • Bayley

    I'm all for fairy tale romances and such, but Princess Ben falls short in so many ways. Murdock seems like she is attempting to write a unconventional heroine in the beginning of her novel, but Ben herself develops into such a bland character. Then again, she wasn't exactly a marvelously crafted character to begin with--she doesn't like to do anything but eat. She's got some serious eating disorder and eats her feelings, spends her time feeling sorry for herself (and later, practicing magic that [...]

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    There was one quote that made this one on my favorites shelf, because lo and behold I look up and see this on the news after reading it.“With that, I hurled the slipper at him, not caring if I caused his decapitation. (I did not.) Marshaling what little dignity I yet possessed, I stomped down the corridor - challenging indeed with one shoe - and around the corner. I lay awake for hours. The prince had no right, not one, to indict me so, and if I had held the slightest hope of the book's assist [...]

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    I thought this book was rather charming and unique. I enjoyed Ben’s character, and reading about her many adventures. I thought she was easy to relate to because she wasn’t perfect, and things didn’t always turn out the way she wanted. It was fun to follow her progress throughout the book, as she turns from a somewhat spoiled girl to a Queen. I liked the concept of Prince Florian, but thought his character was underdeveloped. He didn’t really appear until about 200 pages and even then th [...]

  • Dex

    I was really disappointed in this book. The premise is great. I was excited at the prospect of a protagonist who, while a princess, is not skinny and beautiful. I was expecting something that would go against the "only the beautiful people get the guy" mindset so common in our society; however, the book did the absolute opposite, and it was only once she changed (lost weight, became more beautiful and ladylike and submissive, etc) that she was able to get the guy, earn respect, and save the day. [...]

  • Anna Koski

    A great story about exploring ones self and discovering what truly matters in life.

  • Vonnie

    A princess locked in the tower who discovers magic? Sign me up! I was looking forward to start listening to this book. I wanted a fairy tale type of story that would be enjoyable. Unfortunately, this book was a disappointment.The concept of the story was promising but the execution was poorly done. Benevolence, aka Ben, lost her parents and was then locked up in a tower. She soon discovered a secret room where she learned to control magic. Afterward, she ran away trying to avoid an arranged marr [...]

  • Wealhtheow

    Benevolence is the beloved only child of the royal family. When the king (her uncle) and the princess (her mother) are killed, Ben's life takes a terrible turn. No longer is she allowed the cozy, unpretentious, rough-and-tumble childhood she so enjoyed. Instead she must live in the palace with her aunt, the queen regent, who is so controlled and controlling that it nearly drives Ben mad. Her only solace is learning magic on the sly. After a disastrous ball, Ben embarks on an adventure by turns h [...]

  • Christine

    I really liked this book. Until the end, but I'll get to that later. I love novelizations of fairy tales, and this was a good one with a bit of a twist. It was part Sleeping Beauty, part Cinderella, with some Jack and the Bean Stalk thrown in for fun. I liked the old fashioned verbage and was glad I was reading on my Kindle which made looking up words a breeze (there were quite a few).Princess Ben starts out a bit spoiled, but I like how her character develops through the story, and I think the [...]

  • Roxanne Hsu Feldman

    This book both feels that it's for older readers -- some of the language is purposefully archaic or less familiar -- and very young -- the emotional twists and turns and the adversaries that Ben has to face are not earth-shattering, to say the least. It's a weird combination of very simple Tamora Pierce and Pride and Prejudice. The middle section of the story is fun and the last part is quite exciting but the set-up (80 odd pages of Part I) is a bit long and too leisure a pace, I feel. Definite [...]

  • Joanmissing the vampire bunny slippers!

    First of all I didn't finish this book.Reading the blurb I thought it might be interesting, but the writing was too hard to follow and the whole diary thing got a bit tiring too.The idea was there, the problem was with the execution.It just didn't click for me and that's too bad.

  • Debbie Gascoyne

    Meh. Pretty standard medieval world fairy-tale-ish fantasy. Really had difficulty liking "Ben" or believing in the predictable relationship. Also found prissy, pseudo-formal voice really irritating.

  • Kristi

    Princess Ben short for Benevolence is orphaned after the assassinations of her uncle, the reining king, and her mother, her father’s body is not found. As the last remaining member of royal blood, Ben is forced to move into the castle and endure her aunt, Queen Sophia. Sophia insists that Ben act like the princess she should and insists that Ben learn to dance, sew, proper penmanship, and control her appetite. She later learns these "lessons" are to make her appealing to a suitor, so that the [...]

  • Darla

    (Genre:Teen Fiction/fantasy) I really enjoyed this fairy tale. It is about the adventures of the princess "Ben" (Benevolence). Princess Ben finds herself next in line for the throne of her kingdom after the unexpected and tragic death of the king (her uncle). Her mother perishes in the same incident as the king and Ben's father (the younger brother of the king) is missing. Queen Sophia (her aunt) turns Ben's life upside down as she strives to turn Ben into the future ruler. I really enjoyed Ben' [...]

  • William

    I had a hard time getting used to the style and the presentation as laid down in the first few chapters, but around chapter five the magic appeared and that is where things began to get interesting. What's more is that all of the spells and the artefacts (perhaps with the exception of the broom) were new to me, as was the use of the "secret passages" to aid Ben in moving about the castle.But what I really liked, in reflection, were all of the "moral lessons" that Ben learned as she lived those t [...]

  • Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩

    Excellent. A very cute little fantasy story, reminded me of the stuff I used to read when I was, like, ten. *sigh, nostalgia* Princess Ben is an unusual but strangely likable character, who makes a good narrator of the story. The writing style = very good. It had the same clever, fairy-tale charm as books such as Ella Enchanted or Once Upon a Marigold. The pace was mostly good, except I found the ending rather rushed and a little confusing. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Camille

    Princess Ben promised to be a fun and unique fairy tale adventure, combining magic and aspects from famous fairy tales, and while it contained all those elements (which I thought alone would make me really enjoy the story), I was still left feeling a bit disappointed after completing it. To begin, I loved the writing style. The narration had a delightful old-fashion feel, reminiscent of classic fairy tales, and was written as if Ben herself were writing her memoirs, causing her captivating voice [...]

  • Colleen

    Last night I started and finished Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. This was definitely a different twist on a few old stories. Princess Ben is the niece of the king, who has no other heirs. When the King, his brother (Ben's father) and Ben's mother are killed while on a pilgrimage, Ben is taken over as Queen Sofia's pet project. The story is told as an autobiography from a mature, adult-Ben perspective. Because of this, the narration voice is able to provide some analysis of Ben's acti [...]

  • Turrean

    Meh. I thought the premise was great--I love a wronged-heir-to-the-throne tale as much as the next person. However, there were a few things lacking here. First, the faux fancy speech was a drawback. The author really liked high-falutin' vocabulary, and never used an everyday phrase when a $5 word would do. For example, we have "He alone could save me from a fate verily worse than death into which I was about to be so indifferently plunged." Sentence structure is complex and sometimes difficult: [...]

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    212 Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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