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By Nina Bangs | Comments: ( 916 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

The Eleven an alliance of ultimate predators Primal, lethal, irresistible.The Prophecy an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12 21 12.The Prey where can you hide from pure evil Lies He s been promised a new life as the hunter he once was But Al soon learns that all the rules have changed Now he must control his most basic urges the need to kill, to feeThe Eleven an alliance of ultimate predators Primal, lethal, irresistible.The Prophecy an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12 21 12.The Prey where can you hide from pure evil Lies He s been promised a new life as the hunter he once was But Al soon learns that all the rules have changed Now he must control his most basic urges the need to kill, to feed, to mate And the woman he wants looks at him with both heat and fear in her eyes Jenna Maloy doesn t buy this story that he s come to Philadelphia to save souls She seems to see through the layers of deception to the primitive heart of him With her beside him, Al stalks the dark forces that crouch in the city s night shadows But the real battle rages in his heart Love is a formidable opponent How can he ask her to stay with him after she s seen the savagery of his beast He only knows that if she turns from him he ll be cursed with an eternal craving.Eleven gods of the night The only creatures deadly are the ones they ve been summoned to destroy.

  • Title: Eternal Craving
  • Author: Nina Bangs
  • ISBN: 9780843957938
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nina Bangs

Talk about misspent youth What did I do during those lazy summer days of childhood when I could ve been honing my writing skills Nothing Okay, so I spent a lot of time dreaming I was a cowgirl with a trusty black stallion Oh, and I read every Walter Farley horse novel I was an only child so I relied on my imagination to supply the excitement in my life.By high school, I d decided to trade in my lariat for a trench coat I was into dark and dangerous As an intrepid foreign correspondent, I d stalk the mean streets of the world Did I actually write anything No, but I did read all of Agatha Christie s mysteries.I worked at a department store during college My short stint in the accounting department taught me a lot about math Three hundred dollar shortages plus hysterical tears equaled instant move to gift wrap A career in math was not in my future I didn t care because I d discovered real literature I plowed through James Joyce s Ulysses and Tolstoy s War and Peace If it didn t make my eyes cross then it wasn t worth reading Yes, I admit it, I was a literary snob.Nina and best buddy, Barbara Joyce.Folk singers extraordinaire.But there s just so much real literature one person can take I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in English Literature and a determination to avoid books that induced eye crossing or had tragic endings The only things I managed to write during those years were research papers.I taught second grade for several years then spent two years in Dublin, Ireland A friend and I supported ourselves by singing folk songs in Irish pubs We weren t great, but we were young, enthusiastic, and wore short skirts It was obviously my destiny to be the next Judy Collins I spent a lot of time poring through music books.Returning to New Jersey and reality, I taught elementary school until I grew restless again My cross country odyssey included stays in Arizona, California, and Texas Along the way, I indulged my love of horses No black stallions, but I did have several beautiful Arabian mares I read tons of books on breeding and showing.Somewhere between California and Texas I grew addicted to romance novels and cats The cat s independent attitude was exactly the quality I admired in my romance heroes And once I decided to try writing my own romances, I made sure a cat crept into each story.Texas is my permanent home I ve come full circle Born in San Antonio, I spent most of my life in New Jersey Maybe the Texas in my blood accounts for my attachment to strong men, fast horses, and wide open spaces My love of cats Haven t a clue.

Comments Eternal Craving

  • Alp

    I'm still asking myself, is this the most creative or the weirdest PNR book I've ever read? I don't know whether to laugh or cry! The dinosaur shapeshifters!!!When I first picked up Eternal Craving, I didn't know it was the second book in Gods Of The Night series. After reading for a while, I was wondering if I should go back to read the first one but then decided to try continuing it. I found out that there was not a problem to start the series with this book because the author provided enough [...]

  • Julie (jjmachshev)

    Hubba hubba. A group of eleven Alpha males brought to this time to save humanityd did I mention they're all WAY hot predators? Just yummy. "Eternal Craving" is the next book in Nina Bangs' 'Gods of the Night' series about deadly predators in human bodies fighting an alliance of evil to save humans from the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar. I loved the first book and couldn't wait to get my hands on this ARC of the second in the series.This time we learn about Al. An innocuous [...]

  • RondaTutt

    Fantastic Read! HOT!Wow, what a great follow up to Eternal Pleasure. This God’s of Night series just gets better and more exciting. I couldn’t put the book down because I just had to know what was going to happen next. These dinosaurs are awesome and so savagely sexy with just one look deep into their eyes and they have you stripped and pounding into your heat in a beastly ravaging feast (imagining and licking my lips – time for a cold shower). Al and Jenna’s romance was very adventurous [...]

  • Cindi

    This is one of the most unique PNR series I've ever read. Oh, the concept of immortals coming to earth to save the day has been done before, maybe done to death, but never have the immortals been pre-historic dinosaurs!That said, the execution of the unique idea could be a little better. I'm probably being a bit tougher than usual because I just came off of Patricia Brigg's 5th Mercy Thompson book Silver Borne (Mercedes Thompson, #5), which is a home-run according to most reviews. The difference [...]

  • Kerstin

    It's a copy of the first one. Somethings are fun but alot doesn't make sense.

  • Laurie Garrison

    Another hot dinosaur adventure worth reading. I found this one better then the first book. It has all the predicaments as the first just pumped up more, this one carries some sad moments and more humor. You get to learn more about the Mayan prediction and more about Fin and who wouldn’t want to know more about gorgeous Fin;). I really like the new character additions Bangs adds in this book, I think it will be interesting to see them grow. Few sopilersJenna is Kelly’s sister and also a tablo [...]

  • Cindy

    Great read - second book in the THE GODS OF THE NIGHT series. The heroine of book 1 [Eternal Pleasure:] sister's has come to visit - in truth she's there to check out the new husband and the guys he works with. She finds guys who are as gorgeous as they are dangerous and discovers her experiences with tabloid journalism haven't even skimmed the highlights of the REAL supernatural world.The hero is Al, a man with the soul of an allosuarus and anger management issues. He and the heroine are pitchf [...]

  • Tamsin

    I am being generous with 3 stars as it did make me chuckle on many occasions, however should there be a sliding scale within the 3 star mark, this would definitely be towards the lower end of it. Basically we have a group of budding alpha males who happen to contain the souls of various dinosaurs who have been awoken after 65 million years in order to help save humanity from a bunch of immortals who want to destroy it. Yup, dinosaurs. Whilst not exactly shapeshifters, when “the 11” are angry [...]

  • Cathy

    It was a little bit better than the first book in the series. She's come up with a good formula for the series. This makes the romance aspect of the story very predictable, but that's what romance series are about. There are a few interesting developments in the basic premise of "The Gods of the Night" vs. the bad guys. The Fin character is an intriguing mystery. I like the guys and the girls in this series. It still bugs me that the premise is so faulty; no one knows why the bad guys can't kill [...]

  • Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell

    Love this STRANGE new series. I don't know how Nina does it, but she makes it not only work, but rock. This has quickly become one of my favorite series.

  • Lindsay

    Ok.So.The first book in this series was very enjoyable to me. It wasn't a good book so to speak, but it was a fun book. It was campy, at times over-the-top, and just a good way to pass a few hours reading.This book was the opposite for me. I honestly thought about giving up halfway through. Jenna was insufferable. I was a bit ambivalent about Kelly in book one, but over all liked her well enough. Her sister drove me up the wall from her introduction onward. The only redeeming thing about Jenna w [...]

  • Crankyfacedknitter

    Finally managed to finish it. Um. Well. So that's done.

  • Jordan

    Originally posted at Musings of an Incurable BookwormJenna Maloy travels to Philadelphia to check in on her sister, Kelly, who has been whisked away by her new husband. Jenna has some suspicions, since Kelly only knew her new man for less than a month before they got hitched. In Philadelphia, Jenna meets Al—one of the Eleven—who she finds out actually has the soul of an Allosaurus. Because of course he does. Kelly hasn't actually told her sister anything about the new "family" that she has j [...]

  • Sandy M

    Nina Bangs always surprises me when I read her books. There’s usually a little something — the book starts out slow, a certain character bugs me, whatever — that makes me think I’m not going to enjoy the story. Next thing I know, I’m caught up in everything going on and can’t put it down. Same thing with Eternal Craving. The issue with this book? Men who shift into dinosaurs. Please.And I’ll be damned if I didn’t love every last word of this book, despite my initial eye rolling. [...]

  • Brandi

    And here we are again. Yet another dino romance read for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club.I think I got most of my eye-rolling out of my system when I read the first book in this series three years ago. (Here's my review for that previous book, Eternal Pleasure.) This time, while I was not enthusiastic (to say the least) about reading another book in this series, by this author, I went in knowing what I would find.And find it I did: some cheesy writing with an overabundance of repeating phrases ("t [...]

  • Renee Rearden

    *spoiler*I love finding books about shiftersat aren't the norm.In Eternal Craving, Al has the predatory instincts, memories and soul of predator Allosaurusl shoved into the body of a man newly woken to his human existence.Though he's learned enough to pass as a normal person, he could care less about actually being one. He just wants to kill the demons threatening mankind so he can return to his real life with his dinosaur pack.That is, until he meets Jenna. She arrives on his doorstep under the [...]

  • Kelly

    I remember when I picked up book one a few months back and thought Dinosaur shifters? I don't know about this. I really glad I decided to ignore that inner voice of mine and give this series a try because they are gooooood. Sexy good. Wicked good. Epic good.I'm still slightly shocked that anyone could find a way to make dinosaurs sexy. I've always seen them as brutal, bloody, survivalists. That Nina Bangs not only made them sexy but found a way to make it believable that they have to find a way [...]

  • Steph

    Again, I am astounded. Again, the character depth and super-special-awesome plot have left me craving (haha, get it?) more. Like an addict, only without that dirty feeling. The small revelations were a delightfully tantalizing tease, miraculously manainge to neither reveal too much or too little. I appreciate the talent it takes for an author to do that, because I would probably struggle to count on one hand the number of books I've read that've pulled it off. I really liked Al. The way his stru [...]

  • JoAnna

    i read the first of the god of the night series and was excited to read the next in the series. the amalgamation of so many creatures and myths should be overwhelming but nina bangs does an amazing job of making them mesh. the only major plot blunder i didn't like was how the epic battle to banish one of the 9 immortals took place in the last 20 pages of the book and was prematurely ended. i wish it had been longer and more exciting as it should have been the climax of the story and therefore mo [...]

  • Lover of Romance

    Jenna Maloy comes to visit her sister, worried and concerned for her, so when she comes to Philadelphia, she never realized how much her life would change. Al is having a hard time learning to control his urges and instincts, having only been put into a human body only a few months ago, the hunter in him hard to keep in line at times. So when he meets Jenna, his urge to mate becomes only stronger whenever he is near her. Jenna, is shocked when she realizes what Al really is, and the kind of life [...]

  • Kelly Willcoxbrackeen

    Awesomely differentI first read this series at least five years ago. It stuck in my memory the way a great story should but I forgot the author's name and the name of the books. My husband gave me book money for my birthday and I spent three days going through author profiles on before I stumbled upon the series. The first book of the series isn't available on Kindle so I bought a paperback edition and couldn't wait for it to arrive before I started reading the books. Does it sound like a lot o [...]

  • Dawn

    Eternal Craving is the second book in the series where a group of shape shifting dinosaurs are trying to protect humanity from destruction. Jenna who is Kelly’s sister is a tabloid reporter with some deep rooted issues about her relationship with her family. Jenna has followed Kelley to Philadelphia to make sure she is ok and to see firsthand about her, Kelly’s new relationship with Ty. Meanwhile Al, the Allosaurus is not fitting in well with the group, he is moody and hostile towards Fin fo [...]

  • Jennifer Defoy

    I just recently got into paranormal romance, so I'm still feeling my way around the genre. So this book was a little out of my normal reading, but I think it was pretty decent. I loved Nina Bangs' writing style, and the idea of prehistoric beasts saving humanity was pretty original. However I just didn't love the story all that much. Granted once I got near the end I couldn't put it down. Bangs' is a great storyteller. Her descriptions are great and her character development is awesome. The stor [...]

  • Jessica`~Blahyze~`

    This read was to say the least, peculiar. Paranormal is what I love, Otherkin beings with nonhuman souls in a human body, a read right up my alley. However, the non-human soul being the soul of a dinosaur? That is just a bit weird for my taste, though a very original idea I couldn't wrap my head around it and it didn't allow me to enjoy the read as much as I wanted to. Despite the whole dinosaur thing, I did like the characters themselves and it was an entertaining read. The leader Fin is a very [...]

  • Astralnature

    I'd say it was a 2.5. It was okay once you got at least half the way through. I didn't realize that the female main in this book was the sister of the female main in the last book. That is important because it would have warned me that I was going to be massively annoyed with this book. She is the most obnoxious, pushy, "journalist" minded female. She gets better after she starts to come to terms with her own cowardice but JEBUS CRISP ON TOAST! The author did such a great job with making Kelly a [...]

  • Donna

    And now for something completely different Ok, not completely different but certainly not your run of the mill paranormal romance novel. Nina Bangs writes fun paranormal romances with lots of sexy men & women and fun situations. The Gods of Night series is off her beaten path. Yes, there is romance and lots of creatures of the night but her sexy men are the original uber alphas and the situations they get into are a lot darker than her other series. That said I am really enjoying this series [...]

  • Laurie

    This Eternal series of books are a bit different than her previous ones. There has been more of a dark edge to the two I have read. If you like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter books, I think you’ll find the same type of bite to this series of Nina’s. A darkness and a sense of foreboding with these evil doers, Immortals from a different place. It’s different enough too with the guys being dinosaurs of various kinds. And yes I did the same as all of you will; I looked them up on the web to [...]

  • Anita

    This is book two of a buddy-warrior vampire paranormal romance series. The band-of-brothers-fighting-evil type, where one man finds his mate in each book. It's clichéd and silly (weredinosaurs? really??), but like cheap drugstore candy, it's craveable and strangely satisfying. This is the one about Al (an Allosaurus, or something like that) and Jenna (Kelly's sister) getting together. They are in Philly this time, and by the end they off evil villain Eight. You get to learn just a smidge more a [...]

  • L8blmr

    I am so conflicted about this book about the whole series! Some of the writing is very good, but the whole premise just stretches my imagination almost to the breaking point, which is not a comfortable position. I have become accustomed to all kinds of shape shifters and were-animals, but prehistoric dinosaurs (like there's ANOTHER kind of dinosaur?) make me want to LOL sometimes. Oh, I should also say they have souls, these dinos. Or the men's souls ARE dinosaurs see what I mean? On the other [...]

  • Michelle ♣ Ndayeni

    Dinosaur shapeshifters may seem rather improbable as the heros in a paranormal romance series, but these work. Mostly. No monster porn here -- the sexy times only happen in their human forms -- so if that's your thing, then look elsewhere. It also isn't your typical shapeshifter romance though, for there is an entirely different backstory to why these men are what they are, one that is mostly a mystery though a few hints are given here and there. This book is the second in the series, and while [...]

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    456 Nina Bangs
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