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Hardback 17th edition with leather look a like edition Nice copy

  • Title: Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
  • Author: JohnBartlett
  • ISBN: 9780316025409
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:


June 14, 1820 December 3, 1905 Father a descendant of the pilgrim ship Mayflower A very bright boy, he was reading at age three and had read the entire Bible by nine He finished school at age sixteen and went to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he worked for the University Bookstore that served Harvard By age twenty nine he owned the store Known for his memory for quotations and trivia, Ask John Bartlett became a byword in the community when someone was stumped.He began keeping a commonplace book of quotations to answer queries and in 1855 privately printed the first edition of his Familiar Quotations That edition of 258 pages contained entries from 169 authors One third of the book was quotations from the Bible and from the works of William Shakespeare, most of the balance being lines from the great English poets enpedia wiki John_Ba

Comments Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

  • Aldean

    This is another tome I would scarcely leave home without (not if I was going to be gone for more than forty-nine hours, at least). I had the library edition checked out as often as they would let me have it when I was teenager, and my sole reason for joining the Book-of-the-Month Club was to get my hands on my very own (and much newer) copy. In college I would sit up at night and page through, looking for the next day's quote, which I would then calligraphy onto an index card or other scrap of p [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    I have this book, and it's a wonderful resource. I hate to admit however that in this "digital age" I'm far more likely to, when preparing to speak, try to track down quotes I might want to use on line. That is such a sad admission. There is in the volume something that can never be captured by a screen. It can be browsed and enjoyed. Like so many books it's a friend, that sets there on the shelf waiting for us to visit again, to stop by and spend time with the thoughts and wisdom saved here bet [...]

  • Chaplain2

    An excellent resource, a standard in reference books.

  • Robbie Travis

    Bartlett, J. & O’Brien, G. (2012) Bartlett’s familiar quotations. Boston, MA: Little, Brown, & Company.Type of Reference: HandbookCitation by: Robbie TravisContent/Scope: This handbook includes over 20,000 passages, phrases, and proverbs from ancient and modern literature.Accuracy/Authority/Bias: This is the longest-lived and most widely known collection of quotations available. The book was first published in 1885, and is currently in its 18th edition.Arrangement/Presentation: Entr [...]

  • Jennifer Emberton

    Familiar QuotationsCitation by: Jennifer EmbertonType of Reference: FactbookCall Number: 808.8 BarISBN-13: 9780316250184Publisher: Little, Brown and CompanyPublication date: 12/2/2014Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.Format: eBookEdition number: 18Pages: 1504File size: 3 MBContent/Scope: This is an updated Bartlett quote book, with more than 2,500 new quotes!Accuracy/Authority/Bias: Bartlett’s Familiar Quotes have been around for years. This edition appears to be just as reliable as the last. How [...]

  • Monique

    Who does not Have Bartlett's quotations on their bookshelves. I, for one, and I will remedy this omission pronto and buy the latest edition.What a gem to be able to refer to at any time. It reminds me of browsing the dictionary when I was young and memorizing new words. Obviously, I needed a lifeMy only beef with it is that quotations from French authors are translated in English; many I learned in French as a youngster and it is a bit jarring to see how the effect and meaning can be different t [...]

  • Erica

    This book and Benet's Readers Encyclopedia have been a part of my life since I was old enough to read. My mother had several different editions of both books. We would sit together, each with an edition, reading bits we liked, and comparing what was included, and what had been deleted or added from edition to edition. My love for this book stems from both its content, and its context in my life. I know that the Interet has surpassed mere books for speed of reference, and I use the online version [...]

  • Lisa (Harmonybites)

    The strongest reason for getting rid of this book is the reason I probably never will--this stood on the family bookshelves before I was born--this edition is from 1955. I remember browsing through it as a child and finding quotations that spoke to me. As such it was a gateway to literature, since it made me want to read books by the authors of those beautiful lines. And I like that although there are Author and Subject Indices, the book is organized chronologically, from Ancient Egypt ("To resi [...]

  • Susan

    Trying to find the perfect close to a (classy) love letter? Need an inspirational quote for a sadsack friend? Look no further Sure you can 'google' a poet or a topic, but it's so much more fun to open to a random page and spend the next hour marking the best finds. Trust, me, I know.My original copy, found in my parent's basement, was lost after I loaned it to a fellow x-country runner - she wanted to post motivational stuff on the locker room bb. And then she STOLE IT. Or at least she had it a [...]

  • Alicialeeanne

    I really really enjoy this book.It has some great quotations but not on authors I would expect.I own The Divine Comedy but never got a chance to read it and the selections from that book in my Bartlet's was really great but writers that I love and was hoping to see good quotes on like Poe and Lord Byron were a little disappointing.So its a mixed bag but holds lots of uncharted territory that I look forward to continue reading its such a large book.

  • Claude

    Well, some gems in here. Knowing how specific I am when looking for things, I personally just needed a little patience to find applicable thoughts, but in return I (conveniently) found many thought provoking passages/quotes.Also, for the creative that deals with the use of language in art, I recommend this book as a sprawling pool of creative inspiration. Any book that does this is welcome to sit around on my desk.

  • Eric

    I've read this cover to cover at least twice. I'm about to toss it on top of my toilet and read it again. It is consistently fascinating and easily digested. I'm about a third of the way through transcribing all of my quotes into one page on my website. You can find it here:furstgwhoop/?page_id=2513I hope to be done by the end of winter break.

  • Richard

    It's really meant to be a reference book, but I read it straight through once. There is some great stuff in here. All of the noteworthy passages from Shakespeare, also a lot from the classical Greek and Roman writers, and the Bible.

  • Stephen Witt

    How obsolete is this thing? I don't even think it has any Simpsons quotes. I'm putting it on my bookshelf between my copy of the Minneapolis/St. Paul 1994 Yellow Pages and the 'C-D' volume of a World Book encyclopedia I stole from the library.

  • Theresa

    Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: A Collection of Passages, Phrases and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources in Ancient and Modern LiteratureBartlett, Johni have a note book of quotes form this book gathered in high school

  • Kathy

    I use this falling apart paperback all the time when at a loss for words or want something special to quote when writing. I can't imagine living without it. Ok, that's a little dramatic, but you get the point.

  • Jena

    I LOVE this book.

  • booklady

    It probably seems silly to list this book, but as I use certain reference books ALL the time, I wanted them on my bookshelves.

  • Abigail

    Some really good messages

  • John Jr.

    A wonder.

  • Joy H.

    I must check to see which edition I own.

  • Jen

    Interesting to see where some quotes came from - for me, though, a lot of them were too obscure or random to be "familiar."

  • Fredrick Danysh

    A compilation of quotes from famous people throughout history. A useful reference tool that covers many diverse topics. It is easy to use.

  • Val

    I love this book and use it often. It was a gift to my Father on his 60th birthday. I inherited it upon his demise. Thanks Dad, for introducing me to wonderful books.

  • Jeanne

    Just because "they" have said it better than you, you need a boost to think in a new direction and perspective is never boring.

  • Dwight Walker

    Famous book of quotations.

  • Virginia Carmichael

    Absolutely indispensable. Wonderful for every writer. 500 pages of concordance makes it easy to use. :)

  • Nola

    This is the 14th Edition edited by Emily Morison Beck, published in 1968.

  • George King

    A student of literature should not be without this book--or a writer, or just about anybody with intellectual curiosity.

  • Chad

    Helpful guide to quotations. Well-indexed with diverse entries from various figures and periods about multitudinous people and subjects.

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