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By Frédéric Beigbeder Frank Wynne | Comments: ( 526 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Windows on the World debuted at 2 on the French national best seller list and won the prestigious Prix Interalli prize in 2003 Now available in paperback, this unprecedented novel will once again astonish, provoke, and embrace the reader as it attempts to penetrate the unspeakable Windows on the World unflinchingly imagines the moments from 8 30AM to 10 28AM inside theWindows on the World debuted at 2 on the French national best seller list and won the prestigious Prix Interalli prize in 2003 Now available in paperback, this unprecedented novel will once again astonish, provoke, and embrace the reader as it attempts to penetrate the unspeakable Windows on the World unflinchingly imagines the moments from 8 30AM to 10 28AM inside the World Trade Center on September 11 Weaving together philosophy, myth, world politics, and humor, Beigbeder succeeds in creating a tapestry of fury and wonder, a tribute to thousands of unsung heroes.

  • Title: Windows on the World
  • Author: Frédéric Beigbeder Frank Wynne
  • ISBN: 9781401359881
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Frédéric Beigbeder Frank Wynne

Beigbeder was born into a privileged family in Neuilly sur Seine, France His mother, Christine de Chasteigner, is a translator of mawkish novels Barbara Cartland et al his father, Jean Michel Beigbeder, is a headhunter He studied at the Lyc e Montaigne and Louis le Grand, and later at the Institut d Etudes Politiques de Paris Upon graduation at the at the age of 24, began work as an advertising executive, author, broadcaster, publisher, and dilettante.In 1994, Beigbeder founded the Prix de Flore , which takes its name from the famous and plush Caf de Flore in Saint Germain des Pr s The prize is awarded annually to a promising young French author Vincent Ravalec, Jacques A Bertrand, Michel Houellebecq are among those who have won the prize In 2004, the tenth anniversary of the prize, it was awarded to the only American to ever receive it, Bruce Benderson Two of Beigbeder s novels, 99 Francs Jan Kounen, 2007 and L amour dure trois ans Beigbeder, 2011 , have been adapted for the cinema.In 2002, he presented the TV talk show Hypershow on French channel Canal , co presented with Jonathan Lambert, Sabine Crossen and Henda That year he also advised French Communist Party candidate Robert Hue in the presidential election.He worked for a few years as a publisher for Flammarion He left Flammarion in 2006.In May 2007 he spent time in the United States to shoot a film about the reclusive American author, J.D Salinger.

Comments Windows on the World

  • Elizabeth

    I couldn't decide on what star rating to give this. This is, at once, the most horribly self-indulgent book I've ever read, and one of the most insightful looks into today that I've ever seen.The author is an asshole, who blends himself with the fictional character constantly. But I've been reading a ton of French philosophy and perspectives on America recently. He's drawing a lot of it from that.This book is an attempt at the hyperreal novel. Where fiction becomes more real than reality. What c [...]

  • Кремена Михайлова

    „Някои секунди траят повече от останалите.“Виждала съм книгата и преди, но не съм я вземала, тъй като с две прочетени книги на Фредерик Бегбеде си казах, че може би са ми достатъчни. Сега реших да я прочета, защото пак я забелязах в библиотеката точно на 11 септември.От 2001 г. н [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Windows on the World is quite a depressing piece of French literature at times because of its subject matter, but it captures New York around the boom pre-9/11 perfectly, and its characters feel just like real people, making the book all the more powerful and memorable.

  • Rima

    This book introduced me to several issues I had never thought of regarding the WTC attack on 9/11. First off, I did not know that the people who were stuck in the floors above the level where the plane entered were stuck there for 2 hours before the tours collapsed. I also did not know there were no attempts to rescue them (thru helicopter, for example). So, this book deals with the sinister story of what might have happened to these people. And of course, this being Beigbeder, he also deals wit [...]

  • Bookaholic

    Evenimentele din 11 septembrie nu i-au lăsat indiferenţi nici pe scriitorii din afara spaţiului american, aşa că apariţia cărţii Windows on the World a lui Frédéric Beigbeder (cunoscut la noi mai degrabă pentru volumul Dragostea durează trei ani), în 2003, nu a fost surprinzătoare. Alegînd un titlu ce face referire la celebrul restaurant aflat la etajul 107 din Turnul de Nord al World Trade Center, Beigbeder plasează centrul acţiunii în chiar mijlocul dezastrului: în locul din [...]

  • Sabina Manolache

    A bit annoying in the beggining because of all the Anti-american talk, but after you pass that part, I found something incredible. A realistic technique of writing brought me tears. They call it fiction novel, but it's full of reality. They could've been saved and no one reacted. They were left to die in horrible torture and this most certainly is not fiction anymore. Everything is amazingly illustrated in words. If you want the book to have a bigger impact, i also suggest watching some document [...]

  • Writerlibrarian

    Bouleversant, perturbant, chirurgical. Accrochez-vous bien à votre cœur lorsque vous débutez le roman de Frédéric Beigdeber sur la dernière heure et demie des personnes prisonnières dans le restaurant « Windows on the World » de la Tour Nord du World Trade Center le 11 septembre 2001.Frédéric Beigbeder l’écrit lui-même, ce roman est une tentative peut-être vouée à l’échec de décrire l’indescriptible.La structure du roman, une alternance entre un chapitre dans la tour et u [...]

  • Georgi

    След като прочетох книгата, отворих YouTube и изгледах няколко клипчета с репортажи на живо от сблъсъците на самолетите и рухването на кулите-близнаци. Вцепених се до такава степен, че мозъкът ми спря. Толкова е нереално, че изглежда като фантастичен филм или високобюджетен ек [...]

  • Florencia Parodi

    Loved it. Beautiful and honest view of life. Amazing book. The best line: kids just want to eat, adults just want to fuck (but in spanish)

  • Lucy Baldock

    This book was so eye opening for me. I know a lot about 9/11 I’ve seen so many documentaries on it, and yet I still learnt more throughout this book. The story goes into horrifying detail about what it would be like to be trapped in the tower, through the heat, the smells, the panic; it all felt so real. The words and phrases he uses to describe it really did make me feel like I had a sense of what it would be like to be trapped there. If you have been through a similar experience like this or [...]

  • Jeroen

    One of the disadvantages of preoccupying yourself seriously with writing is that the techniques start to shine through the art of the text, and you are constantly taken out of the fictional world the writer is trying to embed you in. I once heard a typographer complain that he could never watch period dramas because they always got the fonts wrong. I guess it's a little like that.Reading Murakami recently, arguably my favourite author once upon a time, I had a feeling of being cheated. I felt, r [...]

  • Lectrice Hérétique

    J’ai rarement lu un livre aussi affligeant. Le matraquage médiatique de ces derniers temps concernant le 11 septembre m’a fait penser que j’avais ce livre dans ma PAL. Je me suis dit que c’était là l’occasion de le lire. N’ayant pas d’opinion particulière sur l’auteur j’y suis allée gaiement, sans a priori, sans espoir particulier, mais avec beaucoup de curiosité.L’idée, c’est d’alterner les chapitres racontés par un père de famille divorcé qui amène ses deux f [...]

  • er3bors

    I'm not sure what to do with this book. It's an uncomfortable read, but totally necessary. Not so much for the fictional story that unfolds inside-- the unlucky people trapped in the North Tower of the World Trade Center are basically stock characters: the self-absorbed, hedonistic divorced dad (of course he's a Texan!) who is a shitty father to his two spoiled little hellions; the awful high-powered stock brokers carrying on an extra-marital affair. I never really bought any of them as characte [...]

  • Christine Rebbert

    It came back to me recently that I had read this book at some point in the last -- hmmm, I'm going to say 5-6 years; and it appears I never added or reviewed it here. I just read a bunch of others' reviews, and am reminded how the book slips back and forth between a modern-day examination of America by a Frenchman, and a fictionalized story of a father and his two sons who are visiting New York and having breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower when the att [...]

  • Ines Prodan

    „Vrem să fim celebri pentru că vrem să fim iubiți. Vrem să fim iubiți pentru că suntem răniți. Vrem să avem un rost. Să folosim la ceva. Să spunem ceva. Să lăsăm o urmă. Să nu mai murim.”„Crezusem că a face copii este cel mai bun mijloc de a învinge moartea. Nu e câtuși de puțin adevărat. Poți să mori împreună cu ei, și asta e ca și cum nici unul dintre voi n-ați fi existat vreodată.”„Agentul imobiliar e un om care îi obligă pe alți oameni să munceasc [...]

  • Sandra

    Definitely a YES!I remember reading Beigbeder when I was a teen & when new dandyism was the actual trend in Paris… I was cut between hating his view on life -cynical, alcoholic, boho- and it's incredible quality on writing.But now, ten years later, it's a revelation : what kind of delicious character is that Beigbeder! He makes me think of Rousseau in the Confessions "total narcissism hidden on a sort of self indulgence, unbearable but so attractive!"I don't know if it was that book (the o [...]

  • Patricia

    J'avais beaucoup aimé ce roman, l'avait trouvé très touchant. Les parties où Beigbeder parle de lui même sont sans intérêt mais les autres, celles avec le père et le fils, viennent nous chercher profondément. Tout le monde connaît la fin mais le développement est si touchant voire déchirant que qu'on connaisse la fin importe peu.

  • Quang

    Là cuốn đầu tiên của Frederic Beigbeder mà mình đọc.Cũng là cuốn đầu tiên mình gắng gượng đọc.Thực ra không phải cuốn sách này dở, hay đáng chán.Mà mình nghĩ tại khi đó mình không có nhiều kiên trì và sức tập trung như bây giờ.Hẹn một ngày nào đó sẽ đọc lại, có khi lúc đó mình sẽ có một cảm nhận khác, thấy nhiều lớp ý nghĩa của cuốn sách hơn, cũng như thấy rõ chất Pháp hơn ở [...]

  • Maki

    This book is an unique addition to the dozens of things written on 9/11. It is different--I like it. It is written from two very different people who live countries apart and I think this is what makes it stand apart from other things I've read. It is interesting that the author puts in his own opinions here and there. Sometimes it's a bit unnecessary and a bit preachyon a whole, though, nice!

  • Jaga

    I read this book three years ago and all I remember is the description of a couple having sex while the building starts to collapse. Unnecessary provocation IMHO. Apparently this is the way a French person deals with trauma Oh I'm sorry is it a stereotype? Well, kinda well deserved!

  • Fay

    Read it in the original French a few years back in school. Hated it and loved it and back and forth as it went along.

  • Tekla Inashvili

    Windows on the WorldWindows on the Plane. Windows on the Crash. Windows on the SmokeOKEN WINDOWS

  • Jose Carlos

    UNA VENTANA ABIERTA AL PAVOR Desde que sucedieron los ataques a las Torres Gemelas, un puño de angustia se me ha quedado atravesado en la garganta. Siempre he necesitado saber más, tratar de comprender algunos aspectos del horror para que, con ese conocimiento, pudiera hacérseme, quizás, algo más asequible. Sin embargo, nada de lo que leía o veía, podía desanudarme ese dolor. Nada… hasta que me topé con esta novela del autor francés Frédéric Beigbeder, al que ya conocía por la div [...]

  • Ellen

    This is quite possibly the most arrogant, pompous book I've ever read. How you can possibly make a book about the 9/11 attacks about you I have no idea but this book managed it and good god I did not enjoy it. There were parts that peaked my interest but they were overshadowed by the main character (who seems very much like the author himself) who I wanted to punch at almost ALL times. **SPOILERS** Also, the author somehow manages to put a chapter about him masturbating JUST before one of the ma [...]

  • Serda

    Et voilà pourquoi j'adore Beigbeder. Il est vraiment l'un des rares individus qui disent toujours ce qu'ils pensent sans hypocrisie et arrière-pensées.Sujet toujours actuel, langage moins vulgaire par rapport les autres livres de Beigbeder.La structure du texte (déscription des heures avant et pendant la catastrophe de 11 septembre 2001) est intéressant et stressant en même temps. Chaque minute, chaque second le stresse et la tension augmentent.De toute façon, en nous décrivant "l'indés [...]

  • Aurélie Tortosa

    De manière générale, j'ai moins aimé que les autres livres de Beigbeder que j'ai pu lire. Je n'ai même pas reconnu son style. Je n'ai pas spécialement trouvé utile le parallèle des deux narrations, mais ce n'est qu'une opinion personnelle. En revanche, on note un vrai travail de recherche sur les attentats du 11/09, et des faits si réels qu'on a l'impression que l'auteur y était. J'ai pas dévoré le livre, pourtant court, mais ca s'est laissé lire tranquillement.

  • Oksana Naumchuck

    Ця книга видалася мені спекулюванням актуальної на той час теми. Якщо підставити іншу катастрофу, пов'язану з тероризмом, текст буде майже ідентичним. Звісно, це цікава спроба уявити увесь мисленнєвий потік людей, які потрапили в таку ситуацію, але, здається, Бегбедер в так [...]

  • Ilze

    Cepuri nost par visiem interesantajiem faktiem, ko uzzināju, lasot šo darbu! Piemēram, ka slavenās dziesmas, kur ir vārdi "oh baby baby it's a wild world" (sarakstīta tikai 22 gadu vecumā, slimojot ar tuberkolozi) autors, brits Kets Stīvenss, 1977.kļuva par radikālu islāmticīgo, atbalstot Rušdi nolemto nāvessodu "katram zaimotājam pienākas nāve".

  • Alyssa

    This book disturbed me. This is NOT your normal 9/11 book with tributes and heroic stories. It's thought provoking and at times hard to even read. The way it all ends for the characters is heartbreaking. This is a book you won't forget, even though you might wish you could.

  • Constancebdl

    This book made me cry so much. Frederic Beigbeder is one of my fav, and this one espacially is poetic, true, and hard. As so story he's writing about.

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