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By Jade Lee | Comments: ( 145 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

Requirements for being a royal consort 1 Exemplify purity.2 Pass all demanding tests.3 Gracefully withstand petty backstabbing.4 Be chaste Very chaste.Check to all Chen Ji Yue is on her way to empress superstardom in nineteenth century China She only has to vanquish 300 rivals to bring her family great honor Oh, and she may not find the deliciously sexy Sun Bo Tao Requirements for being a royal consort 1 Exemplify purity.2 Pass all demanding tests.3 Gracefully withstand petty backstabbing.4 Be chaste Very chaste.Check to all Chen Ji Yue is on her way to empress superstardom in nineteenth century China She only has to vanquish 300 rivals to bring her family great honor Oh, and she may not find the deliciously sexy Sun Bo Tao the emperor s best friend at all delicious Or sexy.Damn Ji Yue is in big trouble.Because Bo Tao is definitely very sexy.And Ji Yue is about to discover that chastity is overrated.

  • Title: The Concubine
  • Author: Jade Lee
  • ISBN: 9780373794539
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jade Lee

Librarian Note Also writes under the pen name Kathy Lyons A USA Today Bestseller, JADE LEE has been scripting love stories since she first picked up a set of paper dolls Ball gowns and rakish lords caught her attention early thank you Georgette Heyer , and her fascination with the Regency began An author of than 40 romance novels and winner of dozens of industry awards, her latest series is RAKES AND ROGUES The first one, 50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE, is an awesome tale of love and laughter And don t forget Kathy Lyons She s Jade s paranormal half Check out her new shifter series GRIZZLIES GONE WILD To find all the latest news on Jade or Kathy, visit them at jadeleeauthor or kathylyons And find out where you can meet her at jadeleeauthor appearances

Comments The Concubine

  • Dina

    For starters, here's "my" yummilicious Bo Tao:I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this book would have been better if it was PG-rated. Serioulsy! I didn't know if I should have laughed or cried at the purple prose that filled the pages: dragon organ, root, jade stalk, jade stem, woman's petals, I know some readers enjoy that writing style, but it does nothing for me. Here's my "favorite" line: "She could feel his dragon organ push into her belly while her woman's petals grew moist." Real [...]

  • Mojca

    A forbidden love in the Forbidden City.Chen Ji Yue is one of the hundreds of virgins flocking to the Forbidden City in hopes of becoming the new empress of China. The road ahead of her is rocky. She has to shine among the other girls to even get into the final cut of 28 emperor's wives, among which he'll choose his consort and four head concubines, while the others will be relegated into the middle and lower harems, probably never to see their husband again.The task ahead of Ji Yue should be a p [...]

  • Becky

    I feel like I've been reading this book forrrreeeeevvvveeeerrrrr. It's short. On my Nook it was less than 200 pages. But I just really could not work up any interest in the romance aspect of this book. I just find romances, at least those I've read (which is admittedly few) to be predictable in the worst way. I knew from the moment I learned who the dude in the palanquin was what would happen - it was just a matter of the details. I probably would have known before then if I'd read the book desc [...]

  • Elena

    This was a very interesting setting and had a lot of potential to be a great read That being said - it fell flat because it was just too short for things to get developed ! These are my main complaints:- At the beginning we are told that Ji Yue is "nothing special" and shouldn't even pass the "first round" in the Empress selection process 30 pages later, she's the Emperor 's favourite?!? We don't know why, we don't know how.- The events and Forbidden City schemes and intrigues would have been in [...]

  • Lynsey A

    This was my first read by Jade Lee and I quite liked it. At first I wasn't a big fan on Ji Yue but she definitely grew on me. This tale of forbidden love was a good first read of this author for me. It has me intrigued to read more of her books.

  • Jennifer

    I loved that this book took place somewhere in the past OTHER than England. I found some of the writing clunky in places and, like other reviewers, wanted more description of the setting. I hope that books like The Concubine, The Shadow Duke, and Not Quite a Husband are signs that the historical romance world is branching out of London.

  • Joy (Cheery♡Reads)

    I really do not know how to rate this. It is not called a Harlequin Romance for nothing. But I do appreciate that the story has some solid substance. I was curious about the story because I wondered how the conflict will be resolved as being an Imperial Virgin isn't something to be taken lightly as your fate lies in the Emperor's every whims and fancies.I had no idea why I read this. Seriously. I admit I used to years ago and have stopped for so long. Out of curiosity I guessed. As the saying go [...]

  • CaliGirlRae

    I'm always jazzed to see Harlequin feature different cultures especially in their historicals (which isn't very many times, sadly). Although this was a short book, the story was interesting and I loved the tension between the hero and heroine. There were some genuine suspenseful scenes in the book and I found myself pretty shocked towards the end at how far some would go to test the potential brides of the Emperor. I wish there were more descriptions of the customs and scenery so I can fully imm [...]

  • Gabri.13

    Secondo me questo libro merita tutte le 5 stelline per diversi motivi Prima di tutto il realismo della descrizione , e la capacità dell'autrice di introdurre il lettore nella realtà della storia Insomma , scorrendo le pagine sembra quasi di vivere davvero nella Cina della seconda metà del 1800 ! Un altro motivo per cui questo libro mi è piaciuto è il rapporto tra i due protagonisti che all'inizio litigano fino quasi a prendersi per i capelli e poi d'improvviso lui si trasforma nell'unica [...]

  • Desere

    To be honest at first look at the title I was not too keen to read the book as the whole male over woman your lower than I am thing has never been a favourite of mine,but because I have read and enjoyed other Jade Lee books I was certain that I would be surprised rather than disappointed.And yes I was delightfully surprised, I loved that the characters were both unique in their own manner. The back drop was stunning depicted by Mrs Lee and once again she left me with that "speechless " feeling.T [...]

  • Jeanette

    I didn't know if I would make it past the first chapter. However, this is the first book I have read written by Jade Lee so I soldiered on. I'm not going to lie and say some things didn't leave me shaking my head, because it did. BUT, the more I got into it and tried to envision the time and setting of the story, I just found it funny. It became enjoyable. As the end became near, I was actually looking forward to finding out who the heroine was going to choose. This book was different and not th [...]

  • Jessica

    Mainstream romance heroes and heroines don't reflect the diversity of everyday society. So when one comes out, I buy it immediately. Unfortunately, this is my second, and likely to be my last Jade Lee book. Her characters are too superficial, and Blaze should not pursue the short form historical romance. 55K words is not enough to do the past justice.

  • Marianne

    I liked this historical with a sexy slant written for Harlequin Blaze. Unusual setting, appealing characters, unusual circumstances. It is a winning combination. The hero is yummy and the heroine is strong and determined to win the Emperor as his Empress of China.

  • Sandra R

    So far I have enjoyed all Jade's books. I found this one especially interesting as it was set in the world of the Chinese Emperor and all the characters where Chinese. Very different from the usual ! Very well written.

  • Ingrid Hahn

    Amazingly unique setting brought to vivid life. Loved characters, loved story, loved writing. Would read ten more set in the same time and place. Thank goodness for all authors writing outside the lines, like Jade Lee and Jeannie Lin. Definitely need to be more among their ranks!

  • Ester

    This was a great story! Very entertaining account of what it's like to be a concubine in China in the 1800's. So much history and culture woven in made me feel like I was actually in the Forbidden City. And did I mention it was a hot, steamy novel?

  • Julie Jones

    I didn't like this book very much at firstCan't say I understand the culture. But eventually I liked both characters.

  • Tasha

    Yay! This book was delightful.Read the review on Truth Beauty Freedom and Books>>>

  • Darla Lee

    It was unique on how virgins in the forbidden city in china was. It proved that sublet glances can be just as seductive as a very heated sex scene.

  • Seul

    A well written love story based in the forbidden city in Ancient China.

  • Katherine 黄爱芬

    Awalnya sih seru, belakanganandar harlequin untung Xian Feng nya ksh Ji-Yue, kalau ga ??????????

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  • ↠ The Concubine || Ô PDF Download by ↠ Jade Lee
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