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Stephen King returns to the Dark Tower in this second mesmerizing volume in his epic series Roland of Gilead has mysteriously stepped through a doorway in time that takes him to 1980s America, where he joins forces with the defiant Eddie Dean and courageous Odetta Holmes A savage struggle has begun in which underworld evil and otherworldly enemies conspire to bring an enStephen King returns to the Dark Tower in this second mesmerizing volume in his epic series Roland of Gilead has mysteriously stepped through a doorway in time that takes him to 1980s America, where he joins forces with the defiant Eddie Dean and courageous Odetta Holmes A savage struggle has begun in which underworld evil and otherworldly enemies conspire to bring an end to Roland s desperate search for the Dark Tower Masterfully weaving dark fantasy and icy realism, The Drawing of Three compulsively propels readers toward the next chapterFrom ISBN 0142800384 978014280038611 Cds

  • Title: The Drawing of the Three
  • Author: Stephen King FrankMuller
  • ISBN: 9780142800386
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Audio CD

About Author:

Stephen King FrankMuller

Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father s family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good Her parents, Guy and Nellie Pillsbury, had become incapacitated with old age, and Ruth King was persuaded by her sisters to take over the physical care of them Other family members provided a small house in Durham and financial support After Stephen s grandparents passed away, Mrs King found work in the kitchens of Pineland, a nearby residential facility for the mentally challenged.Stephen attended the grammar school in Durham and Lisbon Falls High School, graduating in 1966 From his sopho year at the University of Maine at Orono, he wrote a weekly column for the school newspaper, THE MAINE CAMPUS He was also active in student politics, serving as a member of the Student Senate He came to support the anti war movement on the Orono campus, arriving at his stance from a conservative view that the war in Vietnam was unconstitutional He graduated in 1970, with a B.A in English and qualified to teach on the high school level A draft board examination immediately post graduation found him 4 F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums.He met Tabitha Spruce in the stacks of the Fogler Library at the University, where they both worked as students they married in January of 1971 As Stephen was unable to find placement as a teacher immediately, the Kings lived on his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loan and savings, with an occasional boost from a short story sale to men s magazines.Stephen made his first professional short story sale The Glass Floor to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967 Throughout the early years of his marriage, he continued to sell stories to men s magazines Many were gathered into the Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

Comments The Drawing of the Three

  • Lyn

    What the hell did I just read?The Drawing of the Three is as far as I can tell, a unique literary experience.The second book in King’s The Dark Tower series, published 5 years after The Gunslinger, this really begins The Dark Tower series. From my limited experience at having ready two of these, and myself more than two years in between, The Gunslinger seems like a prologue, a table setting. Maybe, just maybe, The Gunslinger is to The Dark Tower series as The Hobbit is to The Lord of the Rings [...]

  • Delee

    When a very close friend lists a book as an ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!e pressure to love it, and give it a review deserving of its fabulous-ness, is immensewhen that very close friend is the gloooooorious Stepheny- the pressure is OFF THE CHARTS!!!! Anyone familiar with her- will know EXACTLY what I mean. ;)So here goes nothing *deep breath*THE DRAWING OF THE THREE- the second book in The Dark Tower series- takes place seven hours after we last left Roland Deschain in The Gunslinger. The Man in Black h [...]

  • Luca Ambrosino

    English (The Drawing of the Three) / ItalianoThe story resumes exactly where it ended up with The Gunslinger: on a beach. Roland wakes up after a sleep that maybe lasted years, with the only aim of recruiting the Three, without whom the journey to the Dark Tower cannot continueI was right to say in my review to the first chapter of the "Dark Tower" that there would be a turning point in subsequent volumes, and that "The Gunslinger" represented a sort of introduction in which nothing was clearly [...]

  • Mohammed Arabey

    Unlike the dry Book One which was following one man in an endless desert;Here are Threedoing soThe More the Merrier indeed.The Drawing of ThreeOh and it's endless beach this timewith monstrous crabs so much fun, trust me :)لا أنكر أن الفيلم هو سببا رئيسيا لمتابعتي للسلسلة رغم انه كان مبسطا جدا ودون مستوي عمق روايات ستيفين كينج عامالكن الفيلم وضح قليلا من فكرة "برج الظلام" ا [...]

  • Stephen

    ***The quest for the DARK TOWER continues***Beginning mere hours after the events of the The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain wakes from his bizarre encounter with the Men in Black Man in Black to find himself on a strange beach. Before he can even get his bearings, he's attacked by Killer Crabs the Seafood from Hell in the form of ginormous, ill-tempered (though wonderfully delicious) “lobstrosities.” After a near fatal encounter with the vicious entrees, Roland finds himself seriously injured a [...]

  • Kemper

    Mid-World General Emergency Room - 9:19 PM“Step in here, please. What’s your name?”“Roland Deschain.”“And do you have any allergies, Mr. Deschain?”“No.”“And when…wait a second. Roland Deschain? The last gunslinger? The guy who is on a quest to find the Dark Tower?”“That’s me.”“Wow. This is an honor. I mean, I see a lot of scum and mutants come through here. Especially since the world has moved on and all that, but to get Roland the gunslinger in here as a patient? [...]

  • Jeff

    Available: Amazing Beach Front Property!!!Plots available for building your dream home in a lush vacation paradise.Only 666 lots left! Little to no money down! Hurry! Act Now!!Great ocean view!! Mountains only an hour's drive away!Unlimited parking!You’re a doorway away from such exotic NYC entertainment as: Naked gunfights, wheelchair obstacle course, police car races, Whack-a-gangster, Bop-a-cop, and the locally famous flaming-creep subway run.For the sportsman: minutes from an unlimited sup [...]

  • Dan Schwent

    Roland Deschain, fresh from the events of the Gunslinger, lies exhausted and poisoned on the shores of the ocean. In his delirium, he finds three doorways leading to our world and his new ka-tet. Will Roland survive long enough to bring his new ka-tet?This is when the Dark Tower really started coming together. The first thing that happens really shocked the crap out of me. Damn lobstrosities! I had no idea what Roland was going to go through when I first opened this one.The new characters are in [...]

  • Markus

    Without thought, with the simple resolve that had made him the last of them all, the last to continue marching on and on long after Cuthbert and the others had died or given up, committed suicide or treachery or simply recanted the whole idea of the Tower; with the single-minded and incurious resolve that had driven him across the desert and all the years before the desert in the wake of the man in black, the gunslinger stepped through the doorway.The journey to the Dark Tower continues, and the [...]

  • Adina

    What have I just read? Is this written by the same author that put The Gunslinger on paper? It does not seem so at all. If the name of the main characters hadn’t been Roland, I wouldn’t have known that the two books are from the same series. That’s how different thee 2 books are in writing style. Notwithstanding, I’ve enjoyed both of them just as much. The Drawing of the Three starts where the previous instalment left us, on the beach. The beginning is abrupt and unexpected with Roland h [...]

  • seak

    "There's going to be shooting.""There is?""Yes." The gunslinger looked serenely at Eddie. "Quite a lot of it, I think." And so begins the coolest, most intense gun fight I've ever read.Ever since I put down The Stand 300 pages in, I thought I'd never read another Stephen King novel. You could say I was even proud of the fact. Everyone seems to love King and I'm the only one who doesn't. I'm unique I also don't like Katy Perry.Well, then he had to go and write The Dark Tower series. The premise s [...]

  • Mark

    OH wow I am so glad I am reviewing each volume as I go rather than the whole lot at the end. I have just finished this second in the series and I swear if the central character did not have the same name then I would hardly recognize this book as a continuation of the first.The Gunslinger introduced us to Roland and his quest for the Dark Tower and presumably the central plot of the whole series. At the end of the Gunslinger we were left with many unanswered questions - be warned! The Drawing of [...]

  • Apatt

    “Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-check?”This bit of nonsense is likely to send shivers down the spine of Dark Tower fans, it is one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series which spans seven books (originally). The bizarre “questions” are constantly asked by the “lobstrosity” creatures even while they are munching on people.The above picture—lifted from the graphic novel edition—is not quite to scale as the lobstrosity is described in The Drawing of the Three [...]

  • Will M.

    Roland continues with his quest for The Dark Tower. While he was alone at first, he decides to have some company. He decides to have a drawing of the three. Three more people to be involved in his obsessive quest for the tower. Will he compromise the lives of the chosen ones, or will he make them better? The amazing quest continues in this second installment of the series.Once again King introduced amazing characters. Right from the start I knew I was going to like Eddie Dean. He was this drug d [...]

  • Stepheny

    I’ve read the Dark Tower Series several times over the years. It is a series I hold very close to my heart, one that draws me in and whispers in my ear; begs to be read again. So, whenCalamity Bev,Rootin’ Tootin’ Pistol Packin’ Delee,Jumpin’ Jeff and Straight Shootin' Susan asked me to join them along the Path of the Beam on a most noble quest to the Dark Tower I said yes without a moment’s hesitation.The Drawing of the Three is a book that on its own is in my list of top 10 books ev [...]

  • Justin

    Stephen King gets back to his old self and Stephen Kings all over the second book of the Dark Tower series. This one is written more in the King style we have all come to know and love. It’s much more what you would expect from picking up a King novel, but it still has that western fantasy vibe pulsing throughout its pages. And, again, the book is pretty good. I’ve read half of the series before, I know the next two books are really good, especially Wizard and Glass. I keep saying that. I’ [...]

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2), Stephen Kingعنوانها: انتخاب سوم؛ انتخاب سه در جادویی؛ اثر: استیون کینگ؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و هفتم سپتامبر سال 2012 میلادیعنوان: انتخاب سوم - کتاب دوم از هفتگانه برج تاریک؛ اثر: استیون کینگ؛ برگردان: ندا شادنظر؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، افراز، 1388، در 496 ص، شابک: [...]

  • Kyle

    Just not my kind of book or series I guess.I found some parts interesting but having to dig through the paragraph-long sentences that seemed to jump randomly from subject to subject just lost me. Some people really enjoyed this book. I've had many people recommend it. I passed the 50% mark today, which is my rule before giving up on a book, and decided I simply was NOT enjoying it at all and saw no point in continuing.  I'm really disappointed because I had heard so many good things about this [...]

  • Luffy

    Having read this book, I'm scrambling to try to compare the first two ones, and to understand why I rated this book a three, while at the same time I enjoyed reading it on a basic level. The twists in this book are no better than those in The Gunslinger. However the world they are set in make the difference. The Gunslinger made the cut as the better of the two because its characters, I realize, are given more time to shape. Here the people in our world are not the equal of the man in the desert, [...]

  • Amanda

    "What the hell was that?!!?" basically sums up my response to The Drawing of the Three. And I mean that in the best possible way. As I opined in my review of The Gunslinger, I have avoided The Dark Tower for so long because it's a series and usually series books serve up a formulaic reheating of what happened in previous books. I usually enjoy the first book, like the second book, and begin to get that deja vu feeling that I've read all of this before somewhere around book three. Not so with thi [...]

  • Laz

    I knew ever since reading the first book that this series would only get better in time. To be honest, I expected it to become really good after the 3rd or 4th book but this one really is the turn. The first one is only a small tease of what this series is and can be. Being a big Stephen King fan, I find his mind exceedingly sharp, and his thoughts utterly cohesive, building and building and then breaking everything apart. He's extremely talented and it shows in his work. While in the first book [...]

  • Lindsey Rey

    I love Stephen King, but this series just isn't for me! I won't be continuing on with the series.

  • ScottHitchcock

    Book 1: 2.5*Book 2: 2.5*The dichotomy that is this series. On the one hand I want to know how it turns out. On the other I don't think I can do another book with senseless rants, non stop nostalgic pop culture references, stereotypes ad nauseam and a storyline that meanders aimlessly. The characters are all tough to like. Not because they have flaws but because they all have non sequitur inane ramblings that drive the reader to the brink of the craziness which drives the characters. I simply can [...]

  • R.K. Gold

    Just terrific! So many perfect characters to pick from in this and the back and forth from detta to Odetta just made the experience in between worlds that much more colorful. The adventures Roland has on Earth are just, well, unreal. It was sometimes hilarious, other times straight out of a superhero movie. Reading this series has been long overdue and I'm so happy to finally have the opportunity to give it the time it deserves.On to book 3!

  • Algernon

    [7/10] - "What's on the other side of the door for me?" Eddie asked the gunslinger quietly. "Go on and tell me. If you can tell me, maybe I'll come. But if you lie, I'll know." - "Probably death", the gunslinger said. "But before that happens, I don't think you'll be bored. I want you to join me on a quest. Of course, all will probably end in death - death for the four of us in a strange place. But if we should win through " His eyes gleamed. "If we win through, Eddie, you'll see something beyon [...]

  • Cindy Newton

    Okay, I've been schooled. For lo these many years, I've prided myself on being one of the original Stephen King fans, the quintessential Constant Reader. I grew up with him, meaning that I am of an age that I read his books as he actually churned them out. I was there, hands outstretched, waiting for each eagerly anticipated tome, ready to devour it and add to my ever-growing admiration for the god of horror--except for the Dark Tower series. I can't even offer a satisfactory explanation for thi [...]

  • Ashley Daviau

    I'll probably end up saying this for each book in the series so I apologize in advance! But this series really does just get better and better with each book. Especially from the first to this one, the difference is quite stunning! Don't get me wrong, I loved the first book in the series! But the writing is much easier to read in the second instalment and it allowed me to fly through this one much faster than the first. Although that could also be due to the fact that there is a lot more action [...]

  • Nikoleta

    Το κάλεσμα των τριών νομίζω ότι έχει πιο ενδιαφέρουσα πλοκή και περισσότερη αγωνία από το πρώτο μέρος της σειράς. Επίσης νομίζω τα βρήκα αρκετά με τους ήρωες διότι κατάφερα να συμπαθήσω λίγο περισσότερο τον Ρόλαντ, όπως επίσης με εξέπληξαν ευχάριστα οι δύο καινούριους ήρω [...]

  • Evelyn (devours and digests words)

    THIS BOOK IS SO FUCKING WEIRD AND AWESOME AND GODDAMN, I JUST WANT MORE.The thing withThe Drawing of The Three is that it is a helluva weird story but somehow King managed to make sense of THAT weirdness and turn it into something completely EPIC.Also, the characterization game is very strong in here.I'm already half in love with Eddie Dean and Odetta and even more so with ROLAND OF GILEAD. Seriously. How did King managed to get me so hooked to them like this?I'm babbling away so obviously I can [...]

  • Ms. Smartarse

    Roland is forging ahead determined to find the three people prophesied by Walter Padick at the end ofThe Gunslinger. As the Universe in our hero's world seems to have a particularly twisted sense of humor, the gunslinger is given a heavy handicap at the beginning of the story. Some huge lobster-like monsters (a.k.a lobstrosities) bite off the first two fingers of his right hand, which puts quite a dent in his shooting skillsThreatened by both blood loss, as well as the constant chatter of monste [...]

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