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By Julio Cortázar Stephen Kessler | Comments: ( 298 ) | Date: ( Jan 26, 2020 )

The power of Eros, the enduring beauty of art, a love hate nostalgia for his Argentine homeland, the bonds of friendship and the tragic folly of politics are some of the themes of Save Twilight Informed by his immersion in world literature, music, art, and history, and most of his own emotional geography, Cort zar s poetry traces his paradoxical evolution from provincialThe power of Eros, the enduring beauty of art, a love hate nostalgia for his Argentine homeland, the bonds of friendship and the tragic folly of politics are some of the themes of Save Twilight Informed by his immersion in world literature, music, art, and history, and most of his own emotional geography, Cort zar s poetry traces his paradoxical evolution from provincial Argentinean sophisticate to cosmopolitan Parisian Romantic, always maintaining the sense of astonishment of an artist surprised by life.

  • Title: Save Twilight: Selected Poems
  • Author: Julio Cortázar Stephen Kessler
  • ISBN: 9780872863330
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julio Cortázar Stephen Kessler

Julio Cort zar, born Julio Florencio Cort zar Descotte, was an Argentine author of novels and short stories He influenced an entire generation of Latin American writers from Mexico to Argentina, and most of his best known work was written in France, where he established himself in 1951.

Comments Save Twilight: Selected Poems

  • PGR Nair

    When Julio Cortázar died of cancer in February 1984 at the age of sixty-nine, the Madrid newspaper El Pais hailed him as one of Latin America’s greatest writers and over two days carried eleven full pages of tributes, reminiscences, and farewells. Such is the reputation he enjoyed as a giant of Latin American Literature . I am a fetish of anything Cortazar has written and therefore have over the years accumulated virtually everything he has written and eagerly wait for untranslated works too. [...]

  • Jimmy

    Cortázar isn't known for his poetry, but his poetry is pretty good. This is a very charming, soft book. It has the childlike playful quality of his prose, and the rhythms of a dream, and can sometimes be endearingly simple without being simplistic. Every day we're more, we who believe lessin so many things that made our lives more full,Plato's or Goethe's highest, most indisputable values,the word, its dove above history's ark,the work's survival, the family line and our inheritance.The transla [...]

  • Tosh

    Reading the poetry of Julio Cortázar, I sense a fellow who is caught between the culture of his country of origin, Argentina, and the city he lived in, Paris. The reflection of both worlds is prominent in Cortázar's book of poems "Save Twilight." He reminds me of Boris Vian, in that he's a man who loves culture, including the world of jazz, and how that comes into his poetry. The book reads like a snapshot of time here and there. The poems are not in chronicle order, but from different periods [...]

  • Xavier

    Hay poemas inolvidables en este libro de Cortázar, no hay más que leer la sección de Ars Amandi para darse cuenta de ello, estos no son poemas que son buenos en un momento y luego se olvidan, al contrario son poemas que persisten a los avatares de la memoria y que con el tiempo se recitan mentalmente sin haber querido recordarlos, -se vuelven parte de uno-. Lamentablemente esto sucede solo con unos cuantos poemas, mientras que los demás se quedan viviendo para siempre dentro de las páginas [...]

  • jeremy

    a slim, bilingual collection of cortázar's poetry. published as part of the city lights books pocket poets series, the poems in save twilight were culled by renowned translator stephen kessler from cortázar's posthumously published collected poems of the same name, salvo el crepúsculo. as kessler makes evident in the preface, the selection of poems chosen for this book aim to "represent the range of cortázar's poetic accomplishment, from traditional verse to open forms, romantic lyrics to an [...]

  • M.

    (August 2015)Still love this book. --(July 2013)It's (un)surprisingly hard to find a poet who is self-aware, direct, earnest, and still able to take a step back from his work and laugh at it. Cortázar says exactly what he means to say, without trying to necessarily make it "poetic". The result is honest, simple poetry that's far too rare.Two excerpts: "Get on with this poem, it's so prosaicsome people might even understand and the rest, fat chance""But I don't miss you!It's just that little thi [...]

  • Marie

    I wanted to give this 5 stars but I couldn't. I think that I really loved it but some poems weren't as good as others. It's still interesting, his fusion of avant garde with diverse languages and ways to conceive poetry, and that even in France his poetry becomes so familiar and at the same time, searching for that Rimbaud-like form. Then again, rating poetry is almost impossible, given that in Cortázar's case there's some style interruptions.

  • metaphor

    I feel myself dying in you, over taken by expandingspaces, which feed on me just like hungrybutterflies.

  • Loren Jakobov

    I read this book of prose and poems on subway train rides and while taking care of a little boy. It was easy to weave in and out of this landscape without drifting too far off. I enjoyed the instructional prose on how to assemble the order of poems and choose ones based on the whims of your heart, and listening to headphones. The poems about women, love and desire felt vacant and as a woman I felt like my body could not be present with the poem. There was a sensation of a trance of the mind that [...]

  • Julii Pereyra

    La verdad Cortázar nunca me decepciona, hace mucho que no lo leía y necesitaba algo de él. El modelo del libro es muy curioso el mismo te guia, y te dice que va a hacer lo que quiera con su libro y su narración entonces derrepente hay narración, continuad de poemas o poesias y asi la verdad una gran opción sin duda si eres fan de este escritor.

  • Allsane

    A most magical, playful, collection, feeling like playing (or tarot) cards-- like little postcards launched into a wind blowing back into your face.

  • Joe Imwalle

    This is one I'll keep coming back to for poetry that reawakens something each time.

  • Antonio Delgado

    Poetic lessons from of the greatest

  • Lausº

    Salvo el crepúsculo, tenía ya mucho tiempo en mi lista de “libros por leer”.cuerdo que lo incluí a la lista, por algo que leí de Cortázar y que me gustó tanto, que investigué en cuál de sus obras venía. Lo curioso es que, a causa del tiempo que tardé en encontrar el libro, cuando me rendí y lo compré en digital ya no pude recordar cuál fue la frase que me atrajo esa primera vez.Este libro es un cuaderno de juegos de Cortázar, tiene de todo; prosa, poesía, citas de otros autore [...]

  • Chadwick

    I've enjoyed some of Julio Cortázar's fiction over the years, both novels and short stories. And with this volume, I was pleased to be introduced to his verse.As with all the volumes in their Pocket Poets series, City Lights has done a wonderful job here. The book is handsome, and the clean presentation and illustrations enhance the readability of the work. The new introduction to this second edition by translator Stephen Kessler is short but helpful, and it adds a nice personal touch that wasn [...]

  • dirt

    this book holds a great memory for me. i happened upon this book while polly mae and i were rooting through city lights bookshop. i read the selection "una carta de amor/a love letter" to pmae as she relished the words. una carta de amortodo lo que de vos quisieraes tan poco en el fondoporque en el fondo es todocomo un perro que pasa, una colina,esas cosas de nada, coidianas,espiga y cabellera y dos terrones,el olor de tu cuerpo,conmigo o contra mía,todo eso que es tan pocoyo lo quiero de vos p [...]

  • Albert

    Being familiar with Hopscotch and short stories like "Blow-Up" and "Axolotl", I had a sense of his poetic nature but never saw any of his poetry in translation. I stumbled upon this shopping at The Tattered Cover in Denver CO, and was a bit disappointed at first. As I kept reading, the "prosems" or "meops" as he calls his hybrid forms, I became more accustomed to the style and found some favorites like 'Background' and 'Etruscan Tombs' come to mind. Many re-readable moments, but even Cortázar h [...]

  • Carlitos Caprioli

    Beautiful City Lights edition. Translation is ok. Title is perfect example: Save Twilight is too ambiguous, maybe should be 'cept twilight? There are more instances like that, but overall is good. But what's important here is the original, which is fkn beautiful stuff. They're poems he wrote in bars, airports, etc, most deal with his lover who passed. Some became tango lyrics. Makes fun of himself for suffering so much. They all flow like songs.

  • John

    This is a large selection from Cortázar's book Salvo el Crepúsculo - in a bilingual edition with translations by Steven Kessler. Great poems. And the translations are very good, if you don't know Spanish. This is an expanded edition from the earlier City Lights Pocket Poets release. Highly recommended!

  • Teresa

    Cortazar does what we forget to do as poets sometimes. He drives a poem up hill and then drops it off the side. I read this three times on the plane from San Fransico to Minneapolis and I still cannot recreate his power. I will keep reading.

  • Walter

    He’s mostly known for his novels, but his poetry is magic FUNKYou see the Southern Cross,You breathe the summer with its smell of peaches,And you walk at nightMy silent little ghostThrough that Buenos AiresAlways through that same Buenos Aires.

  • Sarah

    Poetry has wronged me so many times in the past. But I love Cortázar's approach to poetry and prose as something not necessarily meant to be "poetic" in that crappy, lofty metaphor filled jargon mannerism - but to be honest, simple, and human.

  • Raisi

    Poemas, partes de Julito, partes de París, partes de Buenos Aires, partes de amor, partes fantásticas; un todo de Julito.

  • Juan M

    Brillante libro de poemas, meopas, pameos, sonetos, prosas, prosemas y otras letras algunos más geniales que otros, pero brillantes en su conjunto.

  • Luz Ciccone

    Una joya del lirismo hispano

  • Meter

    !!!What would we do w/o South American writers?

  • secondwomn

    cortazar is famous for his fiction, but his poetry is beautiful. surreal without being unmoored. he walks the careful tightrope between internal worlds and the external world with great care.

  • Jeffrey

    Cortazar's prose is stronger than his verse, but it's still interesting to see this side of his creativity.

  • Mariel Zani Begoña

    Magnífico como siempre Tan Cortázar

  • Alison

    Disappointing needy, clingy poetry. The disappointing part is kind of a surprise -- he does needy/clingy brilliantly in his stories and his prose style is superb.

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