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By Carla Kelly | Comments: ( 559 ) | Date: ( Jan 24, 2020 )

Beautiful Miss Libby Ames knew little about the man who landed unexpectedly at her country manor Only that he called himself Mr Nesbitt Duke, a London merchant And after one look at Libby, he claimed he d fallen in love But it was soon clear that this handsome stranger was not being entirely truthful.Arriving at Libby s doorstep was not fate, but rather an encounter ofBeautiful Miss Libby Ames knew little about the man who landed unexpectedly at her country manor Only that he called himself Mr Nesbitt Duke, a London merchant And after one look at Libby, he claimed he d fallen in love But it was soon clear that this handsome stranger was not being entirely truthful.Arriving at Libby s doorstep was not fate, but rather an encounter of Nesbitt s own design Further, his position in life was far from that of a merchant His name too was a lie But his true identity was still not the greatest mystery For Libby had no idea of the secret longings of her own heart or what to do next about the mystery man, and the passionate love that has taken her by shocking surprise.

  • Title: Libby's London Merchant
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780451169372
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Carla Kelly

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Although Carla Kelly is well known among her readers as a writer of Regency romance, her main interest and first writing success is Western American fiction specifically, writing about America s Indian Wars Although she had sold some of her work before, it was not until Carla began work in the National Park Service as a ranger historian at Fort Laramie National Historic Site did she get serious about her writing career Or as she would be the first to admit, as serious as it gets Carla wrote a series of what she now refers to as the Fort Laramie stories, which are tales of the men, women and children of the Indian Wars era in Western history Two of her stories, A Season for Heroes and Kathleen Flaherty s Long Winter, earned her Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America She was the second woman to earn two Spurs from WWA which, as everyone knows, is all you need to ride a horse Her entire Indian Wars collection was published in 2003 as Here s to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army It remains her favorite work The mother of five children, Carla has always allowed her kids to earn their keep by appearing in her Regencies, most notably Marian s Christmas Wish, which is peopled by all kinds of relatives Grown now, the Kelly kids are scattered here and there across the U.S They continue to provide feedback, furnish fodder for stories and make frantic phone calls home during the holidays for recipes Carla Kelly is some cook Carla s husband, Martin, is Director of Theatre at Valley City State University, in Valley City, North Dakota Carla is currently overworked as a staff writer at the local daily newspaper She also writes a weekly, award winning column, Prairie Lite Carla only started writing Regencies because of her interest in the Napoleonic Wars, which figures in many of her Regency novels and short stories She specializes in writing about warfare at sea, and about the ordinary people of the British Isles who were, let s face it, far numerous than lords and ladies Hobbies She likes to crochet afghans, and read British crime fiction and history, principally military history She s never happier than talking about the fur trade or Indian Wars with Park Service cronies Her most recent gig with the National Park Service was at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site on the Montana North Dakota border Here s another side to this somewhat prosaic woman She recently edited the fur trade journal of Swiss artist Rudolf F Kurz the 1851 1852 portion , and is gratified now and then to be asked to speak on scholarly subjects She has also worked for the State Historical Society of North Dakota as a contract researcher This has taken her to glamorous drudgery in several national archives and military history repositories Gray archives boxes and old documents make her salivate Her mantra for writing comes from the subject of her thesis, Robert Utley, that dean of Indian Wars history He told her the secret to writing is to put your ass in the chair and keep it there until you re done He s right, of course Her three favorite fictional works have remained constant through the years, although their rankings tend to shift War and Peace, The Lawrenceville Stories, and A Town Like Alice Favorite historical works are One Vast Winter Count, On the Border with Mackenzie and Crossing the Line Favorite crime fiction authors are Michael Connelly, John Harvey and Peter Robinson And that s all she can think of that would interest anyone Carla Kelly is quite ordinary, except when she is sometimes prevailed upon to sing a scurrilous song about lumberjacks, or warble Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Latin Then you m

Comments Libby's London Merchant

  • Lady Wesley

    I picked up this book reluctantly, even though Carla Kelly is one of my favorite authors. It involves a duke disguised as a chocolate merchant meeting and falling in love with a penniless lady whom he mistakenly believes is wealthy. Meh. But there were some glowing reviews, and CK has never let me down. So I began slowly, and then I could hardly put it down. This is one of the best romances I've ever read! Carla Kelly is a genius. It is no accident that this book is a 5-star Desert Island Keeper [...]

  • Linda

    Closer to 3.5 starsYou've heard of the phrases 'beauty is skin-deep' and 'appearances can be deceiving'. LIBBY'S LONDON MERCHANT concerned three people and how each of their appearances affected the other. It was the first of two books about Benedict Nesbett, the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough. I strongly recommend if you are interested in this duo to read LLM before starting ONE GOOD TURN.Nez, as he is called by family and friends, had drunk himself into blindness. Oh, wait a minute, it is the p [...]

  • Wollstonecrafthomegirl

    I've said it before, but it warrants repeating: Carla Kelly is a genius. I read this straight through in about five hours and finally turned my light out at about 3.30am with all the good swirly feelings rattling around my heart. That's rather the problem with trying to review Kelly. So much of her appeal is in that completely undefinable ability to write a story that storms its way right into your soul and yet does so with such subtlety you don't even realise it until it's 2am and you simply mu [...]

  • Ana T.

    I was quite surprised when I picked up this book. At first glance, it seemed to have many things I don’t particularly like romance, the first of which is a love triangle, but it the end Kelly convinced me again. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as with the previous one I read by her but it was a satisfying read, especially because the right man won in the end. So, Kelly starts off with something that is not that original. Two drunken friends, one asks the other to go and check if the fiancée his fa [...]

  • Jennifer

    4 StarsRead for the 2015 TBR Challenge--January--Short Shorts. The challenge is hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian.Libby's London Merchant has been on my radar ever since I started reading historical romance in undergrad and I was excited to get a copy through Paperback Swap. Then I got distracted and three years later (!), I hadn't even opened it. But, thanks to the 2015 TBR Challenge over at The Misadventures of Super Librarian, I finally read it! And I found to be both surprising and enjoyab [...]

  • Suzanne Brockmann

    This is probably my all-time favorite historical romance novel. It certainly was the first time I ever finished a book, turned back to the first page and immediately re-read it.

  • Sheryl Tribble

    Carla Kelly's stories are not what I would call witty or sparkling -- in fact, I often find the humor in them rather forced, as happened a time or two with this one -- but she still manages to come as close to Georgette Heyer as anyone I have read, in the sense that her characters become very real to me and so far (I haven't read a lot of her books) she is not predictable the way, say, Jayne Ann Krentz is. I adore JAK, but the fact is all her heroes and heroines are of the same personality types [...]

  • Georgie

    3.5 starsThe dashing young man or the unromantic local doctor?  It's not clear till nearly the end which Libby will choose, and while the story itself is told as intelligently and sensitively I'd expect from Carla Kelly, I could have done with a more extended HEA.  I'd invested in the characters and I wanted some validation of the outcome.  But that's a small gripe against the pleasure I got from the subtle characterisation and period detail.  Carla Kelly's books are generally quite limited [...]

  • Kay (aka) Miss Bates

    What a wonderful romance novel and so much more! Libby is more than an ingenue, but she's still callow enough not to realize right away who deserves her beauty, her love, her friendship and life-long fidelity. The course of how she does so is one of the best Regency romance novels I've ever read. You're welcome to read a more extensive review on my blog: missbatesreadsromance/201

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    3.5I’m still wavering on the rating for this one. I did enjoy it and was surprised by the way everything turned out, but there was just something off for me. I think Ms. Kelly is an excellent writer and really brings the characters to life. I liked that this wasn’t your typical regency, the story and characters were unique. I really liked Libby; I think she was easy to relate to. I liked that she was strong, but not overpowering. I was a bit surprised when a love-triangle unfolded, you don [...]

  • QNPoohBear

    This is a hard book to review. It's very different from your typical Regency plot. For one thing, it deals with PTSD, survivor's guilt and alcoholism. A good chunk of the novel is taken up with helping someone withdraw from alcohol. It makes the tone of the novel more serious than I usually like. Then, there's a love triangle. A very unexpected love triangle because both the gentlemen are likeable and I wanted them both to succeed and be happy. Yet my heart was pulling Libby towards one of the m [...]

  • Ðawn

    Note to self because I hate love triangle unless I know who wins.She does not marry Nez, she marries Tony

  • Mariachiara

    Un romance veramente carino, che, sfortunatamente non è disponibile italiano, o almeno non ne ho trovato traccia. Se mi sbaglio ed è stato tradotto fatemelo sapere, sarebbe una bella sorpresa. Anche perchè non mi spiego come mai sia stato ignorato sia dai romanzi #Mondadori che da HarperCollins Italia Editore visto che è il più famoso di Carla Kelly, autrice famosissima che entrambe le case editrici hanno pubblicato più volte con altre opere. Mistero.Comunque il libro in questione è Libby [...]

  • Ana Paula

    -I don't recommend you read this review before reading the book.-I have just finished reading this book and I feel like reading it again. Because I didn't pay much attention to Dr. Cook until the story was advanced and I started to REALLY like him. Before that I was shipping Libby with Nes. But then my heart broke for Anthony and I started to skim a lot to get to the end and then I loved it! Carla Kelly surprised me there.

  • Ilze

    Despite some spots where I had to really sssttttrrrreeeecccchhh my suspension of disbelief in the plot, this book is a very good romantic historical read.The good points: interesting plot where the heroine Libby has to choose between two men - one of whom is a standard-issue Regency duke with all the trappings (great wealth, good looks, charm) and the other is an over-worked, excessively responsible country doctor with ordinary looks and a great deal of clumsiness whenever he's in Libby's vicini [...]

  • Roub

    this was a fun, light n entertaining read. i felt nez n libby falling in love. we had glimpses of both's POVs n it was obvious they both loved each other. she refused anthony's proposal bcoz it was nez she loved. she loved him 4 himself, without knowing he was a duke. she thought he was a chocolate merchant but she still loved him. she nursed him back 2 health, hemmed her father's pants 4 him. she was just so sweet n a kid at heart! unfortunately he killed her love. he was outrageous n he humili [...]

  • Froggie

    I couldn't put it down. Do not read any reviews at all if you plan to read this book.(view spoiler)[It's a Romance like I've never read before. The book is well-written, the characters well-developed, and the emotions felt real to me despite the lack of grand passion. The author totally fooled me with the way she told the story. She made me read the book with a dread that once again my favorite guy won't get the girl. and boy, was I wrong. Talk about plot twist. A pleasant surprise indeed! (hide [...]

  • Janet

    An excellent story that kept you guessing all the way to the end as to who Libby would end up marrying. I was just as confused as Libby as to who she should select. This book had characters with some depth to them. Not like other regenices where it mainly revolves around parties and beautiful clothing. This story takes you to the country where you follow the lives of a country doctor, a young lady and her mentally challenged younger brother, and a duke that disguises himself as a chocolate merch [...]

  • Dara

    I usually love Carla Kelly, but this one disappointed. The two POVs are Libby and Nez. Nez ends up being a supreme ass to Libby and she falls in love with and marries someone else. Nez gets the character growth and the doctor gets the girl. I would've liked to have seen the doctor's POV--instead, he's just sort of there. The nice fellow who's been in love with Libby for ages and would never be a supreme ass to her.

  • Sandy

    Carla Kelly, you did not let me down. Just when I thought this was going to descend into regency romance cliche territory, you deftly and surprisingly and blissfully steered this in the other direction just in time. I haven't been surprised at the ending of a book in a long time, but you got me with this one. Happily so.Another delightful and addicting book from Carla Kelly. I'm looking forward to devouring the sequel.

  • Peyton

    Sometimes regency romances are too historically accurate for my modern feminist tastes, and this was like that. NEZ IS THE WORST. I remember ragequitting on a romance back in the day (I think it was a Victoria Holt) when the "hero" asked the lowborn heroine to be his mistress while he married someone else. UGH. This followed a similar vein, and it only recovered a little bit towards the end. I don't like love triangles anyway, so I probably shouldn't have pick this one up at all. OH WELL.

  • heidi

    Carla Kelly writes a bunch of what she calls "Dukeless Regencies", where the people are just ordinary, usually middle-class folks with jobs. This is not that, there is a duke in the mix, bubt it's very much built in the world where people worry about paying bills and experience real things like roasting hops and accepting social status gaps.This one is unusual in that it tackles PTSD, alcoholism, and traumatic brain injury, without trying to sell us on any miraculous cures or sudden changes of p [...]

  • J

    This was such a refreshing romance! It is so unexpected, and left me wanting more of Libby and her husband, Dr. Anthony Cook. His clumsy, yet contagiously affable nature won me from the start and I was so relieved when Libby realized the depth of her affections for him. Which makes me wonder, are there any recommendations out there for "larger" heroes who get the girl in the end? If he's a gentle giant all the better - and points for a strong heroine like Libby. Thank you!

  • Suz deMello

    A great book from a great writerKarla Kelly off and emphasizes class differences in her Regency novels, and usually there is a happily ever after between one baseborn character and a member of the ton. The twists and turns of the surprising book make it impossible to predict its outcome, and I highly recommended.

  • VLH

    This book disappointed me more than I can say. It was an absolute bait and switch. The hero is not the one advertised. Instead, it's a man who is described as a fat, bumbling, sweating, beta male who doesn't even stand up for the heroine when his father assaults her. No thank you. I like realism, but this was too much realism even for me.

  • Merrin

    This one is kind of weird for me? I ended up liking it, but it's not your typical romance novel.

  • Elizabeth

    Another wonderful book from Carla Kelly. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Spoilers ahead.It’s rare that I read a book where heading into the end that I am uncertain of who the heroine will end up marrying, but here I wasn’t positive until the very end. The Duke of Knarlborough has become a raging alcoholic since returning from the Napoleanic wars. While drinking with his friend Eustace, Nesbit agrees to travel to Kent and spy on the woman to whom Eustace’s father has promised him and he [...]

  • Yue

    Carla Kelly knows how to write her characters. From the very beginning, I loved them. Libby is the kind of woman we find in her books: strong yet a bit vulnerable, loving and taking care of everybody; not rich but not precisely in poverty (she depends on her uncle, however). Then we have the setting, in a rural part of UK (I much prefer her romances set in UK). No balls, no kidnappings, yet a nice story that I enjoyed reading it heartily.However, as much as I loved Benedict Nesbitt and Anthony C [...]

  • H2bourne

    What a well-told story! I appreciated the twists and turns and the fact that the ending is not what you'd expect. This had engaging characters including the heroine, Elizabeth (Libby) Ames, whose father should have been heir (Baronet) but because he married a tobacconist's daughter was disinherited and his younger brother then inherited the title and fortune. Libby's cousin, Lydia, is now the heiress to the Ames fortune and is betrothed to a gentleman that has a title but his pockets are to let. [...]

  • UnusualChildbeppy

    synopsis:benedict nesbitt, nez, is a duke, and trying to escape the women that his sisters continually try to set him up with. he agrees to help his friend, who doesn't want an arranged marriage with an heiress. nez agrees to go check her out. unbeknownst to both of them, however, the heiress has headed elsewhere with her father and aunt. left at the house are the poor cousin, libby, and her mentally challenged brother. when nez has an accident outside the house, libby calls in the doctor, antho [...]

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