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By Geoffrey Perret | Comments: ( 482 ) | Date: ( Oct 18, 2019 )

Previous biographies of John F Kennedy have been based almost entirely on newspaper files and personal recollections Geoffrey Perret s Jack is both the first comprehensive one volume biography of JFK and the first account of his life based on the extensive and important documentary record that has finally become available, including Kennedy s personal diaries, hundreds oPrevious biographies of John F Kennedy have been based almost entirely on newspaper files and personal recollections Geoffrey Perret s Jack is both the first comprehensive one volume biography of JFK and the first account of his life based on the extensive and important documentary record that has finally become available, including Kennedy s personal diaries, hundreds of hours of taped conversations from the White House, recently declassified government documents, extensive family correspondence, and crucial interviews sealed for nearly forty years The result is a gripping, accurate, and ultimately moving portrait of America s most charismatic president.Jack provides much needed context and perspective on Kennedy s bewilderingly complex personality It offers an even handed account of the seamy side of his life orgies and abortions, health and drug problems along with valuable insights into JFK s truly idealistic and visionary character.Jack presents a compelling account of the volatile relationship between Kennedy and his wife, including Jackie s attempt to divorce him, move to Hollywood, and become a film star At the same time Perret explains how, together, they created the Kennedy style.Jack reveals how the restless, innovative Kennedy was able to overturn than a hundred years of political tradition, forge the modern political campaign, and, once in the White House, modernize the presidency His success was so complete that all serious presidential candidates since 1960 have sought to compare themselves to JFK, not challenging his legacy but embracing it.Jack is filled, too, with numerous revelations, such as the true story behind the lobotomy of JFK s sister Rosemary And here, for the first time, is a comprehensive account of Kennedy s numerous and varied ailments from childhood on, including his back problems.Perret describes how JFK got the two most important decisions of his administration right his handling of the Cuban missile crisis and his stance on civil rights As to Vietnam, Kennedy did not believe it was worth fighting for, and in the last months of his presidency he began formulating a secret plan for neutralization and withdrawal if he won the 1964 election But that, of course, was not to be Convinced he would die young, Kennedy foresaw that a violent death would claim him Throughout his brief time in the White House he was haunted by a vision of a man standing at a window, looking down at him, holding a rifle.Jack A Life Like No Other is a book like no other Here, at last, John F Kennedy seems to step off the page in all his vitality, charm, and originality.

  • Title: Jack: A Life Like No Other
  • Author: Geoffrey Perret
  • ISBN: 9780375503634
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover

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Geoffrey Perret

Geoffrey Perret Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jack: A Life Like No Other book, this is one of the most wanted Geoffrey Perret author readers around the world.

Comments Jack: A Life Like No Other

  • Patricia

    I liked this biography of JFK. It was very readable and took care to give you the historic background to the many 20th century events that shaped his life and presidency. It didn't ignore the salacious details of his life but didn't dwell on them either. It gave you a better picture of his often precarious health then one would ever imagine looking at him. In the end, I was sad that it appeared that he and Jackie did not have a mature, loving marriage. And that he was killed just when he seemed [...]

  • Vern

    A bit of a tough read if you are a JFK fan, and most of my generation probably are. I was 13, in 7th grade art class, when the news came over the school public address system that JFK had been shot. Almost everyone alive that day remembers where they were and what they were doing when the news was announced. After that, it seems like everyone just accepted that he was a great man and a great president. This book exposes much of that myth, and the conflicted and complicated man that JFK was. His [...]

  • Beth Bedee

    I felt that the book was well-written and contained many seemingly well-researched facts. But I prefer history that focuses on the person and their relationships with others rather than the events that surround them. I skimmed through some sections in the beginning because they were rather dry and bogged down with tedious facts. The chapters dealing with Kennedy and his immediate family were very interesting. This would be a great book for someone who is very interested in Kennedy's public and f [...]

  • Beatrice

    Il mio professore di Storia Contemporanea era solito ripetere, con malcelato disprezzo nella voce, che John Fitzgerald Kennedy fosse strato il presidente americano più sopravvalutato, "perché era belloccio ed è morto giovane". E confesso che parte della mia ammirazione per JFK si fondava esattamente su questi due superficiali motivi, per cui,, sebbene il libro in sé non mi abbia entusiasmata, è servito quantomeno ad un rapido ripasso della storia americana del tempo.Il difetto principale di [...]

  • Bruce

    Really three and a half stars. I have read many many biographies of JFK and thought there wasn't anything else to learn. Wrong! The author seems to bring a different, deeper perspective to the book gleaned from among other things JFK's family history and his belief he would not live a long life. I did finish feeling his marriage was pretty much loveless on both sides. And that he was far more conservative than his legend would have us believe.

  • Joe

    I really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot about the Kennedys not just JFK. I learned so much about Jack that I had never suspected. The Cuban issues of his presidency were amazing! I never knew how involved the US military was in this conflict. Also the why of our involvement in Vietnam was very interesting.

  • Donna

    It fascinates me that both Jack Kennedy and Jackie still fascinate me. And I flip flop from thinking Jack was bad and good. The more I read about all our historical figures…e more I realize I can’t judge any of them. But back to the Kennedy time….I suppose the reason is the he was the first president I remember. This was an excellent historical account.

  • Ken

    This is an engaging biography about JFK. I don't know enough to "fact check" this book, but it is well written and presents an interesting take on JFK's life. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading biographies that have a little flare.

  • Patrick

    A fantastic read that is both compelling and revealing of a man that did much to shape the course of history in this century. Through well written prose and insightful revealing of JFK's personal life we learn about the man as a whole; his greatest qualities, and his worst.

  • Ellen

    A book packed with lots of detailed information. It made me gain many new insights into the bay of pigs, the Cuban missile crisis, the Cold War and of course the civil right movements of the early sixties.

  • Michelle

    One of my favorite JFK biographies. He had quite a life and people forget that there was a complex person who existed long before he ever ran for office. Oh, and he was an introvert. Ha! Score one for my side.

  • Allie

    An entertaining read, especially if you like a mix of history and biography. The author kind of glosses over some details or issues surrounding JFK and the book's conclusion is a little truncated, but it is a good read.

  • Harry Tomos

    really enjoyed this,changed my view of Rose and Jackie Kennedy, it ends very poetically for something so violent pulls no punches about JFK but you still like himcommend to anyone to read

  • Ana Mckee

    Insight into who Jack Kennedy was beyond the public persona. Validated the stories about his sexual escapades and revealed his extremely poor health. Still a favorite icon for me.

  • Wlarue

    A broad brush of a biography that does a nice job of summarizing the highs and lows of Kennedy's life, from his courage in war to his marital troubles to the mixed record as president.

  • Chris Brown

    I found the book very enjoyable and easy to read

  • Nancy

    Biography of JFK based on & taped conversationsa & personal diaries.

  • Rose Anderson

    I would rather have kept a few of my illusions about JFK. With his frenetic attempts to live around his life-long health problems what he was sure would truncated life, I just felt sorry for him.

  • Shaka Mitchell

    If you have an affinity towards JFK you'll like this book. It is a lighter read than "The Kennedy Men" but still gives a good look into his life.

  • Patty

    Fantastic book - complete research, amazing citations, grounded in fact and impossible to put down.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ☆ Jack: A Life Like No Other : by Geoffrey Perret ✓
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