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By Ben M. Baglio | Comments: ( 591 ) | Date: ( Apr 08, 2020 )

After weeks at sea, Jody and her family have arrived at Hervey Bay, off the coast of Australia There, Jody befriends a gorgeous pink and white dolphin named Dawn Jody notices a neighborhood tourist operation isn t keeping the dolphins interest in mind and, as a result, Dawn becomes ill Will Jody be able to convince them to change their ways before it s too late

  • Title: Leaving The Shallows
  • Author: Ben M. Baglio
  • ISBN: 9780439446167
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ben M. Baglio

Ben M Baglio created the brief for two series of children s books Dolphin Diaries and Animal Ark Dolphin Diaries features a girl and her family from Florida, who travel around the world as marine biologists and study dolphins Animal Ark features two children who work together to help animals and solve animal related mysteries The books were written by commissioned writers in the UK under Baglio s instruction using the pseudonym Lucy Daniels Each ghostwriter is named with a Special Thanks on the copyright page.Using his real name he also wrote the book series The Pet Finders Club, featuring a group of three children who search for peoples lost pets.

Comments Leaving The Shallows

  • Dena

    This was probably my least favorite so far and I'm not certain why. I felt like Jodi was a little more like Brittany in this story. Maybe the storylines are just growing predictable in some way. We'll so what I think about the final book in the series.

  • Tannia

    The title of this book is called "leaving the shallows" and is a dolphin dairie by Ben M. Baglio. this book was about how this girl named jody didn't like this girl named Brittney. later on they became friends. they also became friends with a dolphin who was later on ill. I liked this book because it teaches a lesson. I also liked this book because it talks about a dolphin who is being helped. I think that people who like dolphins will like this book because it talks about saving a dolphin. I gi [...]

  • Simone

    It was quite nice to re-read this book, because now, eleven years after the first time I read it, I have visited Hervey Bay and set foot on Fraser Island myself. It's funny to read about the places you've been to :)) I also love how every book in this series addresses another wildlife concern. This particular book addresses the feeding of wild dolphins nearby beaches on the coast of Queensland, Australia.

  • BrinMcKay

    This seres is my favorite seres. Since I want to be a marine biologist this sort of pushed me along to become more obsessive with dolphins. I love this seris and I wish there were more! I love Jody but don't take this the wrong way but I have a lot in common with Brittany cept she is a brat. And Jody's brothers Sean and Henry always make me laugh. Soon i might need a new copy of some of the books cuse they are falling apart.

  • Twyla

    My favorite part was when the dolphin was rescued.The worst part was when the dolphin needed rescuing.My favorite character was Dawn because she was a dolphin main character,and Jody because she was the main character and she rescued Dawn.The worst characters were the tourists at the golden sands resort because they were feeding the dolphins.

  • Sammy

    Another really good series of books by Lucy Daniels, I was completely in love with these books when I was younger. This series I particularly likes as it was Dolphin based ands they used to be my favourite animal when I was younger.If you like animals you cannot help but love these books when you are a child.

  • Mariah H

    I preferred some of the others.

  • Sloane

    This is the first Dolphin Diaries I ever read, and I really love it. Dolphins are my favorite animal.

  • Calley

    In Leaving the Shallows there is a dolphin that

  • Kelsey Ruggirello

    In Australia, Jody meets a beautiful dolphin named dawn. She also realizes that some tourists aren't treating the Dolphins right.

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ Leaving The Shallows - by Ben M. Baglio ×
    194 Ben M. Baglio
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