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By Sharon Green | Comments: ( 775 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

The competition has begun The band of five which best combines elemental magics into the most powerful alchemy will be chosen to win the throne and ward off doom for the kingdom But the stakes are much higher than anyone suspects.Each magical adept possesses a potent preternatural talent Stunning Tamrissa is Fire Vallant the sailor, Water Jovvi the lissome ex cour The competition has begun The band of five which best combines elemental magics into the most powerful alchemy will be chosen to win the throne and ward off doom for the kingdom But the stakes are much higher than anyone suspects.Each magical adept possesses a potent preternatural talent Stunning Tamrissa is Fire Vallant the sailor, Water Jovvi the lissome ex courtesan, Spirit farmer Lorand, Earth and blue blooded Rion, Air.But their fragile union threatens to disintegrate when Jovvi and Tamrissa discover a secret sensuality that would make their Blending supreme And the dissension within is nothing compared to the perils assailing the enchanted quintet from competing nobles and judges alike, all determined to see the peasant mages perish For as they vie for the Palace of Five, the brave but unwary team rushes headlong into desperate dangerd unknowable jeopardy.

  • Title: Challenges
  • Author: Sharon Green
  • ISBN: 9780380788095
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sharon Green

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Attended New York University and graduated with a B.A in 1963 Married in 1963, had three sons, divorced in 1976 Raised the sons, Andy, Brian and Curtis, alone in New Jersey Worked for ATT as a shareowner correspondent, then as an all around assistant in a construction company, then sold bar steel for an import firm Left that job as assistant sales manager I ve been writing full time since 1984.Hobbies knitting, crocheting, Tae Kwon Do, fencing, archery, shooting, jigsaw puzzles, logic problems, math problems, not cooking.Don t do my own research, since if I did I d stay with that and never get any writing done I usually can finish a novel of about 120,000 words in about three months.

Comments Challenges

  • Marta

    The third book in the blending series is 100% magic - here's a detailed breakdown:12% - Tea Drinking9% - Napping6% - Bath house17% - Discussion of what people are wearing20% - Fretting19% - Just kind of sitting around15% - Blending related activities, including actual blending and blending-related intercoursing1% - Comfort Facilities.5% - Challenges.5% - Mind blowing revealsLots of mysteries remain unsolved. For example, why are there always two cups provided in a tea service? And seriously, wha [...]

  • Aelfwina

    I wanted to strangle Tamrissa! The character makes Scarlett seem likable. Good thing that with this author, skimming through one character's narrative is no loss - since she just repeats herself at some later point from another character's perspective.All in all, I'm still reading this series for the world-building (which is unique enough to be interesting at times) and for the (really really diluted but still there) plot. In other words, I'm just curious what she'll do next.

  • Viridian5

    In Sharon Green's Challenges, the competition has started, and Lorand, Rion, Tamrissa, Jowi, and Vallant have to learn how to become a perfect Blending, a union of their powers and minds, to compete properly. Dissension within their group is making that difficult, and it doesn't help that the testing authority and people from the five's pasts are sabotaging them as well. The five are desperately trying to out-think their enemies and win power, freedom, and their lives against a deeply corrupt sy [...]

  • zjakkelien

    This book was a bit better than its predecessors. For one, the main characters finally form a blending, which means they do a lot more together, resulting in a lot less repetitiveness. They also manage to get over a lot of their problems, which brings down the annoyance quite a bit. The only problem is, I don't really like the ending of the book. Ok, perhaps I should have expected something to go wrong after everything has gone according to plan for 2.9 books, but 1)it breaks with the rest of th [...]

  • emily

    when i was fifteen, i thought this series was the shit. the writing wasn't great, but hey, the sexy parts were good, so it didn't matter that the plot was like swiss cheese sliced superthin, right? looking back, the fact that the sexy parts *are* the best parts of these books is pretty telling. the premises of the plot and characters aren't bad, and there are some parts that are actually interesting, but overall the series is repetitive and predictable, and probably not worth the time it'd take [...]

  • Catsalive

    I couldn't possibly say it any better thanV. Bricelandalready has. Please read his review of Convergence & Competitions, the first 2 books of The Blending series. I agree with his words, & I too have a strange fascination for the books & re-read them at intervals.Rated 8/10 at bookcrossing/journal/7.

  • Xa

    The book was an interesting one, and the way it concludes really draws you on to start the next book. I do not like the characters of the noble blending that this book focused on, but then the government in the world of Blending doesn't sound like the greatest thing. Very compelling things to think about, though.

  • Heather

    I liked this series when I read it as a teenager, but it wasn't awe-inspiring even then. That probably tells you something. At that point in my life, the sex (omg it makes ther magik stronger lololol!) held my interest enough to read the whole series. These days, I probably wouldn't waste my time and would look for something else with more substance.

  • Strain

    I think the series really hits its stride at this point, because all the characters are together and so there is less repetition and more of the story. I'm very interested to get the next one from the library!

  • Kim

    I was totally unprepared for the ending. The book was so intent on the competition between blendings, that that was all I was considering. Great how she took the reader totally by surprise with the ending, and totally anxious to read the next book.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Devoured it. Yes, this is like mind candy for me. I can't stop reading it. Yes the situations are a bit hokey and over the top. I still enjoy it. Nice blend of historical romance with fantasy for me.

  • secondwomn

    they just get worse as they go. the sex scenes are, sadly, the best thing about this book. which isn't saying much at all.

  • Michelle


  • James

    Full review here:jamesgenrebooks/2Well written, setting up the back half of the quintet.

  • Clarice

    I read this in one day flat. Yep. Crack. Moving along moving along.

  • Alice

    Common Blendings vs Noble BlendingsPlots, murder, drugs, and a large dose of cheating are aimed at the commoners who manage to Blend their elemental talents anyway. Great Series.

  • Heather

    See comment on Book 1

  • K.l.

    Still the same complaints, but it's an interesting world building, and I do enjoy the magic use. Just wish the main 5 were a little less cardboard cut-outty

  • Lady Claire, Marchioness of Fancy Pants

    I do like the cover art in the series, but it still took way too long for anything to happen.

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)

    Yet another enjoyable instalment of the Blending series. A fun, quick read!

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  • Best Download [Sharon Green] Î Challenges || [Science Fiction Book] PDF ✓
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