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Punchy and raw, a blend of hard boiled old school and new bloody thriller crime at its best Waterstone s UK Rick Rounder returns to his hometown a decade after failing to save a young girl from her suicidal father He sets up as a private eye, much to the envy of his policeman brother Sam, who has risen up the ranks to chief The two brothers square up across Punchy and raw, a blend of hard boiled old school and new bloody thriller crime at its best Waterstone s UK Rick Rounder returns to his hometown a decade after failing to save a young girl from her suicidal father He sets up as a private eye, much to the envy of his policeman brother Sam, who has risen up the ranks to chief The two brothers square up across the sibling divide as they are both drawn into the case of a missing girl But the case gets complicated as Rick s past catches up with him, and the only clues that the brothers have, relate to a girl who lived and died in poverty one hundred years ago The amateur historian has one last lesson to teach.

  • Title: Amateur Historian
  • Author: Julian Cole
  • ISBN: 9780955480447
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julian Cole

Julian Cole Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Amateur Historian book, this is one of the most wanted Julian Cole author readers around the world.

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Comments Amateur Historian

  • Sarah

    An interesting concept for a book, but ultimately the writing (and editing) was not very good. The characters were two-dimensional,in lieu of actually developing them, the same three or four details of each character were repeated over & over. There were tons of typos, which just make you feel like the editors didn't give a damn about the book either. Anyway, the basic plot is that a young girl is kidnapped, by an amateur historian who feels like he can set right the untimely death of anothe [...]

  • Dalia

    I thought this was pretty good for a freshman effort, I am surprised by some of the more scathing reviews here. There are three intertwining plots all taking place in Yorkshire (an ex cop who has an old case come back to haunt him, a mini-mystery about a girl who died very young and in abject poverty 100 years ago, and a contemporary kidnap of another young girl and the rush to save her before she is harmed). I found it entertaining but not compelling. You don't care enough about the main charac [...]

  • Josie

    This one was somewhat of a slow burn. The plot was a good idea, but not really well executed. It all felt just a little "light".That said, it held momentum and kept me interested. Just lacked that real punch that it could have had.

  • Sally

    This is an interesting novel in that the plot comes secondary to the character studies in it. Because the plot isn't the primary focus, it isn't all that great. There are a couple of holes, some sidetracks, and more than one deus ex machina. The character studies and descriptions of York (both then and now) are the real gems. We see the cast not as people who are perfect, but who are sometimes a bit inadequate because they're not thinking properly or because they're stuck in their own personal c [...]

  • Armelle

    In modern day York, two brothers, one a bitter, sad high-ranking cop, the other a newly minted private eye, become enmeshed in the three cases - each one involving a little girl. One of little girls died over a century ago, but her death echoes down the years.I don't usually read thrillers, and I didn't love this one, but I wanted to find out what happened, so I kept going.Few of the characters are particularly likable, and the descriptions of nearly every thing are rather - smelly. I probably w [...]

  • Scotchneat

    This was kind of a weird one.A cop who left the job after the death of a young girl at the hands of her father returns home after 10 years abroad, and takes up a private detective practice. His brother, meanwhile, is now the policy chief. Then a little rich girl gets kidnapped and both of them are caught up in trying to find her. Interwoven with this is the story of a young girl at the turn of the century who is struggling to survive in the town's slums.Definitely a dark novel, told from differe [...]

  • Melissa

    Character study is interesting, but the plot lags behind and can be difficult to follow. "Rick Rounder returns to his hometown a decade after failing to save a young girl from her suicidal father. He sets up as a private eye, much to the envy of his policeman brother Sam, who has risen up the ranks to chief. The two brothers square up across the sibling divide as they are both drawn into the case of a missing girl. But the case gets more complicated as Rick's past catches up with him, and the on [...]

  • Leslie

    Rendell and her ilk have nothing to fear from Julian Cole. Heralded as an exciting addition to the ranks of British mystery writers with a psychological bent, Cole's debut book disappoints. While the premise is intriguing, Cole's prose and plot don't live up to its promise. Barely worth finishing, I'd try a second only for his detective brothers - one a cop, one a PI. Readers looking for more in Rendell's vein would do better to stick with Sarah Waters and Kate Morton, among others.

  • Dianna LeFevre

    Uggh. This had a good premise and since I love history, I thought it sounded really good. And there were parts that were interesting; however, on the whole, it was full of ugly people who were types rather than fully fleshed out humans; much of the dialogue was stilted and unnatural; several of the plot twists (those happening to Rick especially) were a bit too contrived and unrealistic to work; and the final reveal of the "mystery" was predictable and a little underwhelming.

  • Debbie

    This book is highly touted as a british crime novelever, the sex is gratuitous (completely pointless to the book) and the links between many of the characters are weak at best. Besides is horribly editted from a technical standpointuble phrases and at one point, an incorrect character referenceesh!

  • Janet

    Laughably bad. Almost reads like a parody at times, the writing is so over-the-top terrible. I actually decided to read this because it was the lowest ranked of all the books on my to-read list - I should have trusted the judgment of my fellow Goodreaders and just deleted it instead.

  • MaryAnn

    Although I mostly liked this book, it could have used a little more fine tuning. There were several places where the names of characters were transposed, making it harder to follow the story. Otherwise, a pretty good read and unusual premise.

  • Tiffany

    I liked that it took place in York and evoked the atmosphere of past and present. But not particularly satisfying as either a mystery or a thriller--more coincidences than a Dickens novel (or three) and more unbelievable crimes in just a few days than your average Law and Order SVU episode.

  • Ellen

    Some how it seems as if the only books I can find are about kidnapped girls. I'm sure there's a message there but I don't know what it is. I enjoyed this book but I think I've read enough books about kidnapped kids to last me for a while.

  • Heather

    my mom and I both read this in a short time. real page turner, great mystery, engaging story both in the present and past. I especially enjoyed living in York through the book having lived there years ago. will certainly look to see if there are more books by this author

  • Danielle

    I really enjoyed the concept of the book where the details of history can lead to survival. There was too much going on (multiple plot lines) and the editors did a terrible job at correcting the spelling mistakes. I would need two hands to count all the misspelled words :(

  • Debbie

    pretty good mystery debut - interested in next one.

  • Joanne

    Needs better editing - the time sequence isn't at all clear in the first chapter or so.And then there's the preying-upon-nine-year-old-girls scenario, which curdles my stomach too much to read.

  • Nancy J

    Any interesting concept with brothers working on the same mystery from different sides.

  • Linda

    Nasty book.

  • Cynthia Kane

    Feels like a first atempt at a crime novel - 2 plot strands that don't really ever meet and awkwardly written at time. Still a quick read and not completely unenjoyable.

  • Stephanie

    Just randomly picked this up at the library. Ok, pretty good read but was not crazy about it.

  • Jean Barry

    The plot was much more convoluted than it needed to be. And really, what did the Tanya Smitten plot have to do with Polly Markham or with Esme Percy?

  • Jamie

    June 22

  • Tm Buffalo

    Not very good still read it waiting for it to get better. It didn't . Oh well.

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  • Free Read [Suspense Book] ☆ Amateur Historian - by Julian Cole ✓
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