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By Gwendolyn Bounds | Comments: ( 391 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Nestled along the banks of the Hudson River directly across from the United States Military Academy at West Point sits the rural town of Garrison, New York, home to Guinan s a legendary Irish drinking hole and country store While searching for a place to live and a temporary haven following the September 11th attacks, Manhattan journalist Wendy Bounds was delivered to GuiNestled along the banks of the Hudson River directly across from the United States Military Academy at West Point sits the rural town of Garrison, New York, home to Guinan s a legendary Irish drinking hole and country store While searching for a place to live and a temporary haven following the September 11th attacks, Manhattan journalist Wendy Bounds was delivered to Guinan s doorstep by a friend And a visit that began with one beer turned into a life changing encounter.Captivated by the bar s charismatic but ailing owner, Bounds uprooted herself and moved to tiny Garrison There she became one of the rare female regulars at the old pub and was quickly swept up by its motley characters and charms What follows is a riveting journey as her fate, and that of Guinan s, unfolds Told with sensitivity, humor and an unflinching eye, Little Chapel on the River is a love story about a place and the people who bring it to life.Along Bounds s journey you ll meet the people of Guinan s Jim Guinan himself, the stubborn high priest of this little chapel who spins rich tales of the town s robber barons, castles and mythological swans that feed at his front door his grown children, whose duty to their father, and the town, have kept Guinan s up and running against immeasurable odds Fitz, a tough talking Vietnam vet who eventually takes the author under his wing Tom Endres, who first rowed to the bar illegally as a cadet and who returned as a full fledged colonel in the U.S Army Walter, the kindhearted and neurotic next door neighbor who torches dandelions with his lighter and Lou Lou, the overweight doe eyed hound and the most faithful four legged parishioner at the pub.This beautifully written, deeply personal and brilliantly insightful book is as much about remembering to value the past as it is about learning to seize the present Filled with stories of joy and sorrow, of universal family struggles with loyalty, love, betrayal and redemption, this work ultimately brims with hope as Bounds expertly captures a nostalgic slice of quintessential American life And while chronicling the pub s fight to endure and her own search for a simpler way of life, she shares how and why the spirit moves those who come to worship in this little chapel on the river.

  • Title: Little Chapel on the River: A Pub, a Town and the Search for What Matters Most
  • Author: Gwendolyn Bounds
  • ISBN: 9780060564063
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover

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Comments Little Chapel on the River: A Pub, a Town and the Search for What Matters Most

  • Kelly Sedinger

    I read this book some years ago, and I've never been able to forget it. Gwendolyn Bounds is a journalist from New York City who relocates to the little Hudson River Valley town of Garrison, where she becomes a regular at this tiny little bar and convenience store right on the commuter train tracks. This town is almost directly across the river from West Point. Here she gets to know the bar's owners and the quirky cast of regulars that exists at any such little bar. That's really all there is to [...]

  • Gabe

    Great story about a small town on the Hudson River and discovering what's most important in life - people, their stories, and your relationships with them.

  • Jan C

    I let this book drag out. It is one of those books that can be picked up for short reading spells and is found to be enjoyable. After the attack on the Twin Towers, the author, among many others, had to find somewhere to live and telework while the City became rehabbed. She and her partner found the town of Garrison, NY, noted for being on the Hudson River and near West Point Military Academy in Highland. And she finds a friendly store/pub near the train station, Guinan's run by several generati [...]

  • Josh

    I salute what Gwendolyn Bounds has done here. "I found a truly great pub" seems like a topic to write about at the length of a magazine article. A couple chapters in I wondered how this became a whole book. How much could she possibly say about this place? But then I returned to the book again and again, the way she returned to Guinan’s. By the end, Guinan’s became a known place in the map of my imagination. Thanks, Bounds, for sharing it with me. This book was given to me by a friend who ha [...]

  • Jessica Eileen

    This is a book set in my town that has opened up worlds for me. Guinans was a great focal point of Garrison and being able to read all of their stories makes me so happy and helps me connect with something so iconic about the landing. Truly a well written and moving book which will forever be one of my favorites.

  • Liz

    I liked reading about the story of Guinan's pub/store and the Guinan family. I was less interested in the story of the author and I didn't particularly care for her writing style. Overall, it is an interesting history of an Irish immigrant family in NY and the public house that they run.

  • Anthony

    My own personal association with Guinan's was relatively short-lived: 1985 to 1989, the years I was between high school and college and spending a lot of time doing local community theater, including a stint at Hand-to-Mouth Players in the old train depot in Garrison. During and after rehearsals we'd wander over to the Guinan store for soda and snacks (those of us still legally under-age to drink in NYS at that time), and I'm pretty sure we had at least one post-performance gathering in the Pub, [...]

  • Julie

    I liked this book. A lot. Really it is a window into a magical world known as Guinan's Pub, formally in Garrison, NY, and the owner, Jim Guinan. This book delves into the history and lives of the Guinan clan and the family business, namely a pub, and store, spanning several decades. Bounds describes the daily ongoings in this community pub along with the colorful cast of characters who frequent it. A charming and poignant tale. Two of my favorite parts are as follows:1. Bounds begins helping in [...]

  • Jim

    There are special places that people create in small hamlets or in neighborhoods . Guinan's was one of those places . My wife spent a weekend in Garrison Landing visiting a couple who lived a block away. The husband appears in this book. This remembrance reminds me of this. youtube/watch?v=y3KEhd for my Finnish Friends youtube/watch?v=a9wE6

  • Amanda

    I'm almost done with this book & am just loving it. It is easy to read entertaining & heart warming. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Maureen

    couldn't finish it

  • Kathleen

    Old Book Club Read - really enjoyed it.

  • Buff

    It was okay. Nice human interests stories. It wasn't as good as I was hoping.

  • John

    Little Chapel on the River is a community study of even tempo and simple observation. I appreciated the author's reserve in description of both place and people.Over time she lets their actions and words paint the picture of a group of people whose intersection is not in their own backgrounds or personalites, but in their desire, no, their longing for a place to step out of life for a bit to contemplate and discuss what passes by on river and road.I had some difficulty in rating the book, though [...]

  • Elizabeth Robey

    I read this little book immediately after Jonathan Franzen's 600 page "Freedom" and it took me a little while to adjust to the simplicity of its narrative and the writing. But after several chapters, I settled into with it and ultimately enjoyed this book that explores values, families, loyalty, friendship, and what is important in life. The story takes place shortly after 9/11, where the author, a Wall Street Journal reporter, and her partner leave Manhattan to take refuge in a little town on t [...]

  • Kate

    "Forced from her downtown Manhattan apartment by the terrorist attack of September 11, journalist Wendy Bounds was delivered to Guinan's doorstep -- a legendary Irish drinking hole and country store nestled along the banks of the Hudson River in the small town of Garrison, New York -- by a friend."Captivated by the bar's charismatic but ailing owner and his charming, motley clientele, Bounds uprooted herself permanently and moved to tiny Garrison, the picturesque river town they all call home Th [...]

  • Beth

    This book is about a journalist who works for the Wall Street Journal. She and her partner lived practically across the street from the World Trade Center on 9/11. In the days and weeks following the attack, she and her roommate stayed with various friends while their apartment was unhabitable. They ended up near the little town of Garrison, NY on the Hudson River, about 50 miles from NYC. Before catching a train to the city one day, they stopped in a small local tavern there and the author, Wen [...]

  • Christie

    A heartwarming account revolving around the town of Garrison, New York and a pub that instantly becomes such an important part of the lives of those who walk in and hear the stories told by the owner, Jim Guinan. The pub is affectionately referred to as "The little chapel on the river" and shortly after the events of 9/11, the author and her girlfriend stop by this pub and realize that this gathering place and the small town of Garrison provide the calm and sense of normalcy that was taken from [...]

  • Elise

    An appropriate follow-up to "The Great Good Place," and a fun book to read aloud with Nick. Reading "The Great Good Place" made me yearn for a good community establishment, where everybody knows and takes care of each other, where everybody knows he or she is welcome after either a good or bad day. Guinan's Pub in Garrison, New York, aka the little chapel on the river, is that great good place. I loved meeting the cast of chapel characters (especially when Nick did the Irish accent) and getting [...]

  • Michelle

    "The hamlet slipping into winter is a gentle but palpable occurance. As final fair warning, the leaves begin to glow until it looks as if someone has lit a warm lamp across the entire valleyWood is stockpiled, chimneys swept, snowplow contracts signed. Meantime, the summer renters close up shopThose who stay can watch as the landscape strips down, unloading her buxom summer weight until she is naked, angular, severely beautiful.This is home on the eve of our arrival."Reading the book jacket made [...]

  • Tess

    As a sucker for memoirs and anything Irish-related, I had to buy the book as soon as I saw it. It took me a few weeks to get around to actually reading it, but I suppose the best way to describe it is a "homey" book. It meanders in a style that I feel mimics the way old men tell stories--backwards, forwards, with a sharp memory for personal details--certainly not everyone's cup of tea, as the details can become extraneous at times and distract from the feeling Bounds tries to relate. I thoroughl [...]

  • Caroline

    For everyone who ever had a bar to call home, or wanted one. This is a book about the regulars, the locals. The author is a 9/11 refugee from NYC, finding a new home and a new perspective on life in a small town - specifically, in a family establishment filled with interesting characters. I wouldn't call it a 9/11 survivor memoir, but I do think the experience clearly flavors Ms. Bounds' early interactions with the pub life. She eventually becomes a convert to life in "the Chapel" and respectful [...]

  • Jennifer

    A sweet, enjoyable read about the author's unplanned move and unexpected falling in love with a small pub and its clientele in the small town of Garrison, NY, set along the Hudson River. After being displaced from her New York City apartment due to the terrorist attacks on 9-11, Gwendolyn "Wendy" Bounds begins a new chapter in her life after spontaneously stepping into Guinan's, an old Irish pub and country store, for "just one beer". As she gets to know the pub's regulars, she becomes one herse [...]

  • Selena

    A heart-warming story about a little pub and country store just north of NYC that defeated all odds. And the people who ran it and became part of it also defeated most odds. Garrison, NY seems like a place I'd love to live in and perhaps work out of, from the author's fabulous description of it. The only negative thing I can say about this book is that the author seemed to want to become these people a little too much. She basically invited herself into the lives of the Guinans and gave up her p [...]

  • Elizabeth

    This book really deserves 3 1/2 stars This true story begins on the morning of September 11, 2001, in an apartment next door to the World Trade Center. The author, Wendy Bounds, is preparing to go to work at the Wall Street Journal when the towers are hit and life turns upside down. After a couple months as a nomad, she and her roommate end up living with friends an hour outside the city in the small hamlet of Garrison, across the Hudson river from West Point. Wendy becomes more intrigued and dr [...]

  • jessica

    I just read this with my book club last month and quite liked it. The style was engaging and read quickly, and the characters were handled very lovingly. I hadn't read or viewed anything about September 11th since, and her treatment of the events were totally gentle and manageable (to me, I am a wuss I'll admit.)My only criticism of the book was it's construction. As a series of vignettes, to me it detracted from the idea of this being a life-changing experience for the author. This is her first [...]

  • Cindy

    Really enjoyed this book about a woman after 9-11 who by chance stumbled into a little bar on the Hudson river across from West Point Academy called Guinan's. It was a general store/bar ran by an ailing Jim Guinan with help from his children. The author wound up moving to the little town, Garrison NY. She was so captivated by the owner, his family and the people. She shared stories from the clientele, reverting back to short smidgens about her own childhood with her grandfather & family. It [...]

  • Debbie

    Displaced by the 2011 attack on the World Trade Center, changed the lives of Wendy and her girlfriend Kathryn more than they ever thought possible. They find themselves in a little town named Garrison, just across the river from West Point. Wendy soon makes friends in Garrison, and in particular at a pub owned by the Guinan family. She finds more than friendship and family there, she also starts to find herself and what's been missing from her life.The book details the story of the Guinan family [...]

  • Mike

    Nonfiction. A writer and her partner who lived and worked near the Trade Center were displaced from home and work on 9/11. The writer sought refuge in Garrison, NY (right across from West Point) while office and home were repaired or relocated. She stumbles on an old-time country store/Irish Pub at the river landing of this wonderful small town and becomes part of this "Community," held together by "human duct tape." Here descriptions of the "characters" that run and frequent the place are utter [...]

  • Liz Muehl

    I was interested in this book since I was familiar with the area and having been to many Irish Pubs both in Ireland and the U.S. I wanted to share these people's world. I was not dissapointed. I find the world inside an Irish Pub to be unique and magical. Each one of them has their regulars and it own little family. Also, this book was reassuring to me about the strength and resilience of New Yorkers in their efforts to find themselves again in a post 9/11 world. It was a comforting read for me [...]

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  • Best Read [Gwendolyn Bounds] ´ Little Chapel on the River: A Pub, a Town and the Search for What Matters Most || [Romance Book] PDF å
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