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Contents The Fallen CurtainMeans of EvilThe Fever Tree

  • Title: Collected Stories
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780394569420
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ruth Rendell

A.K.A Barbara VineRuth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE, who also wrote under the pseudonym Barbara Vine, was an acclaimed English crime writer, known for her many psychological thrillers and murder mysteries and above all for Inspector Wexford.

Comments Collected Stories

  • Alins

    Ruth Rendell's short fiction is every bit as good as her novel-length work, and there are several superb examples in this collection, previously published in three separate volumes.Means of Evil is a collection of Inspector Wexford stories, while the other two sets feature Rendell's darker and more fascinating suspense pieces. The award winning story "The Fallen Curtain" is one of her most powerful and effective pieces. "A Case of Coincidence", "The Double", and "You Can't Be too Careful" are ot [...]

  • Rita Chapman

    This collection of short stories are all involve murders - many a case of 'they got their just desserts!"

  • Kate Krz

    A true Mastress of short stories!!!So far read:Part 1: The Fallen Curtain- The Fallen Curtain- People Don't Do Such Things- A Bad Heart- You Can't Be Too Careful- The Double- The Venus Fly Trap- The Clinging Woman- The Vinegar MotherTo read:- The Fall o a Coin- Almost Human- Divided We StandPart 2: Means of Evil- Means of Evil- Old Wives' Tales- Ginger and the Kingsmarkham Chalk Circle- Achilles Heel- When the Wedding Was OverPart 3: The Fever Tree- The Fever Tree- The Dreadful Day of Judgement- [...]

  • Ant Koplowitz

    A fabulous collection of some of Ruth Rendell's very best short stories. She has written many short stories over the years, and she is one of the very best. It's a real discipline, a highly skilled craft, to write a good short story, and Rendell really knows how to do it. With such a large collection of stories, some are bound to be better than others, but all of them a readable, and many are thought-provoking. This is probably the book I'd take to a desert island.© Koplowitz 2010

  • Lolliepop

    very good short stories collected herei find most of the stories unpredictable and they really satisfy myself.d i do love the second collection, Means of Evil, or should I say, Inspector Wexford??

  • Ms. Jared

    I enjoyed it, but I do prefer her novels. She's an expert at the slow build with a good payoff but I could always kind of see the ending coming with the short stories. Either way, I love her and she's on of my faves!

  • John King

    The best collection of suspense stories I've ever read. And probably the best collection of any fictional stories I've ever read. All readers (and aspiring writers) should read Rendell's stories as examples of how the suspense genre can transcend into serious fiction.

  • Alice

    Terrific book puts together three collections of her stories. You probably won't want to gulp them all down at once, because there are so many disturbing characters and situations. Rendell excelled at portraying sociopaths and killers who have no conscience. Her prose is supple and suave.

  • Kasey Jueds

    I don't know how many times I've written this, but I adore Ruth Rendell and every word she writes. Loved reading so many of her stories in a row they really show off her range and her deep and startling knowledge of human psychology.

  • Carinna

    I like her shorties!

  • Renee

    gave up on it. Clever, but everything started to sound the same after a while.

  • Ian

    read the first, award winning story. Okay.

  • Sara

    Ruth Rendell is one the best mystery writers and this collection of short mysteries is wonderful. I'd read a few in other collections but most were new to me and I enjoyed them all.

  • Ange

    I don't usually care for short stories. I did enjoy these.

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  • Best Download [Ruth Rendell] ↠ Collected Stories || [History Book] PDF ☆
    463 Ruth Rendell
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