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By Christine Husom | Comments: ( 132 ) | Date: ( Mar 30, 2020 )

Murder in Winnebago County features a the most unlikely serial killer in the most unlikely little Minnesota town The clever murderer leaves a dramatically growing chain of apparent suicides who have everything, and nothing, in common As her intuition helps her draw the case together, Sgt Corky Aleckson doesn t realize that she has made herself the killer s next target.

  • Title: Murder in Winnebago County
  • Author: Christine Husom
  • ISBN: 9781935171058
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Christine Husom

Christine Husom is the Minnesota author of the medium boiled Winnebago County Mysteries and the cozy Snow Globe Shop Mysteries She holds an undergraduate degree from Concordia University in St Paul, trained with the St Paul Police Department, and served with the Wright County Sheriffs Department.

Comments Murder in Winnebago County

  • Michael Kelberer

    A very good mystery set in the fictional Winnebago County (fictional, but as a Minnesota resident, I could swear I've been there a few times). A sympathetic protagonist, nice supporting cast, and the killer was strangely sympathetic and, in my reading experience, unique). Will definitely keep reading this series!

  • Mickey Hoffman

    This is a solid addition to a great series. Being a city person, it's always a shock to see how crimes I've always related to urban areas have spread far and wide. These crimes go unmentioned here because I'm not about to give away anything. I really like the interplay between the female lead and her unpartner, Smoke.

  • Will Decker

    I was turned on to this book originally by the short story of Dorow's, 'All Sales Final', which proved to be a standout. Well written, good characters, a tad predictable, but very entertaining. Overall, a very well put together collection with several interesting shorts.

  • Carl Brookins

    Whoever said women were the weaker/nicer sex? Wrong. At least it’s not true of the women portrayed in this delightful collection of nineteen short stories. They are offered by writers/members of the Twin Cities Chapter of Sisters In Crime. Every story takes place at a celebration of some kind, from small town to big city, urban to rural, simple vengeance to sophisticated torture. Women of all ages parade through these pages, bent on asserting themselves in sometimes vengeful, sometimes random [...]

  • Second Wind Publishing

    Slowly, meticulously, Sgt. Corky Aleckson is piecing it all together—the deaths of the judge, the public defender and the prosecutor are all connected. What she hasn’t figured out is who else the serial killer is after and why . . . or that her investigation has put her on the murderer's list as well.

  • Mpladner

    Great story by Barb Deese

  • Michael Kelberer

    Very nice anthology of crime stories centered on Minnesota festivals (some were disguised to protect the innocent).

  • Mary

    What a fun mystery! Set in a little town nearby where I live, written by a local author (whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently), it all added to charm of the story, to be able to picture the area I was reading about. The book starts out with the sad death of a beloved judge, a horrible accident--or so everyone thinks. Spunky Sergeant Corky Aleckson is on the case. I instantly felt a connection to Corky. She is an independent and smart career woman, but she has just as interesting of a pers [...]

  • Pam Leffler

    In the book Murder in Winnebago County, Christine Husom’s plot surrounds the small town of Oak Lea where a series of mysterious suicides are keeping the local sheriff’s department very occupied. Sergeant “Corky” Aleckson has a terrible feeling that the department is missing something extremely important, which would shed new light on the supposed suicides. Does Oak Lea have a serial killer on their hands? Christine Husom did an amazing job at keeping me on the edge of my seat. Christine [...]

  • April

    When three prominent Winnebago County residents kill themselves within days of each other, Sgt. Corky Aleckson, of the Oak Lea Police Department, doesn't believe it is just a coincidence and starts looking for a link. What she doesn't realize is that the deaths aren't really suicides but the work of a serial killer who has compiled a list of targets, and one of Corky's dearest friends may be the next victim. "Murder in Winnebago County" by Christine Husom is an excellent novel, full of suspense [...]

  • Sheila

    Christine Husom worked as a corrections officer and a county sheriff, so she certainly knows what she’s writing about in her Winnebago County mystery series. Murder in Winnebago County, the first in the set, is presumably the product of experience, research and an excellent imagination. It’s also a really good read. The author combines convincing authenticity and danger with a woman’s touch. The police car conversations and procedures lend a quiet verisimilitude, never intrusive but always [...]

  • Sherrie Hansen

    Confession Time: I started reading Christine Husom's current release, A Death in Lionel's Woods, out loud to my husband on Saturday night during an 1 1/2 hour drive home. Our version of audio-books, live. We read as much as we could squeeze into our busy Sunday, too. Monday morning, he went off to work, and I was supposed to wait until he got home to finish it. Right. I tried, but I couldn't put it down. Corky was in danger and I had to find out what was going to happen next if you like myste [...]

  • Timya

    When a woman's emaciated body is found in Lionel's Woods, Sergeant Corinne 'Corky' Aleckson is pulled off administrative reassignment joining her fellow officers of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department investigating the mysterious death. 'A Death In Lionel's Woods' by Minnesota author Christine Husom is the fifth book in the highly rated Winnebago County Mystery Thriller series. First let me state that I broke one of my cardinal 'reader rules' and began this book before reading the first fo [...]

  • Christine Husom

    This book is the fourth in the Winnebago County Mystery Series, and varies from the first three books in that it is more of a traditional mystery with some thriller elements. The first three books could be described as variations of the inverted detective stories where the reader is privy to what the bad guys are up to--something the first person protagonist Sergeant Corinne "Corky" Aleckson is not.The Noding Field Mystery is based on my observations of how people with narcissistic personalities [...]

  • Karen

    Alvie is angry, why; because her son Nolan is dead and the people who sent him to jail are running free. The judge, his parole officer, the DA, the public defender, the arresting officer, and his accomplice who cut a deal to go free and she has added Sgt Corrine Aleckson to her short list. What will happen? The author lets her readers in on the mystery while her characters struggle to solve the mystery. I don't think I have ever read a book where the reader knows the plot and the murderer at the [...]

  • Georgiann Hennelly

    I was given a copy for free in exchange for an honest review.This is the fourth book in the series. Sgt Corky Aleckson and Det Elton Davies are called to a farmers soybean field to investigate the death of a naked man found staked there. The cause of death is not clear, and why he was placed there is also a mystery. As the Winnebago Sheriffs department looks for suspects and gathers evidence they hit one dead end after another. The ending was a real shocker. A fantastic read i look forward to re [...]

  • Georgiann Hennelly

    Murder in Winnebago county is a story about a serial killer who is very clever he makes it look like his victims committed suicide. Sgt Corky Aleckson doesn't believe these three prominent citizens who had everything but nothing in common with each other killed themselves with in days of each other. As she gets closer to finding the link to these murders she doesn't realize she may have just made herself the next target. Full of suspense and drama. very well written If you love a good murder mys [...]

  • Mickey Hoffman

    This book is sort of in the psychological/suspense category, I think.Having grown up in the midwest, the setting in Minnesota rang very true. This book really breathes in that setting, which provides some of the clues and prompts to the storyline. The main characters were realistically drawn and even though I am not a small town person, I could identify with them. The book builds up suspense from the onset and keeps it going with psychological updates about the villain. If you like

  • Norm Brown

    I highly recommend "Murder in Winnebago County" by Christine Husom to anyone who appreciates a good mystery. I particularly liked the insight that is provided into the plotting mind of the killer. Although you never quite know what will happen next. Also, Sgt. Corky Aleckson is a well-drawn and believable protagonist. I expect to read more of her adventures in the near future."Murder in Winnebago County" is a really good read.

  • Dan Taylor

    "Murder In Winnebago County" was my first reading by Christine Husom and I was blown away ! I read the entire 279 pages in one sitting. The storyline was exceptional, the characters very believable, and the last few pages riveting. I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what was going to happen next. I enthusiastically recommend this book and cannot wait to start "Buried In Wolf Lake".

  • Karl Jorgenson

    Tales of two cities. An awesome collection of short stories, all (save one) linked to festivals. Okay, it's like a writing prompt: pick a festival, write a mystery. These are sharp and fast, with interesting characters, clever plots, and vivid small-town scenes. I am not a short-story fan and yet these grabbed me. I wish I had more.

  • Jean

    good first mysteryNot a very complex plot, however, I really loved the work that went in to fully developing characters in this book. The female lead is a cop and her bff is a probation officer. Book begins with the murder of a judge designed to look like suicide.

  • Suzette Vaughn

    Corky is a lovable, smart detective that is easily comparable to the great ones out there. (Temperance Brennen/Kathy Reich keeps coming to mind without as much technical stuff)Outstanding characters including men to make romance writers drool. Can't wait for the next in the series.

  • Marlene Chabot

    If you love short mysteries and you want to find out about the many festivals and events in Minnesota, you'll enjoy the 19 stories offered in the Festival Of Crime anthology written by members of Sisters In Crime. Plus, this author's short story is featured in it.

  • Dellani Oakes

    I've read just enough of this book to know I can't wait to read more. Christine Husom weaves an intricate tale of love, hate and retribution. She gets inside the mind of the killer, showing her motivation in clear detail.

  • Sherrie Hansen

    I'm about 10 chapters in and can't put it down! Now that I've finished, I have to say it was a great read - very suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat to the very end. Now to find time to read Buried in Wolf Lake!

  • Skjam!

    Minnesotans have a reputation for being a bit mild-mannered and reserved. But we love celebrations just as much as anyone else, and the state is filled with fairs and festivals, from small-town scarecrow contests to the crowded Pride in Minneapolis. And sometimes crimes happen at these events. Thus this collection from Twin Cities Sisters in Crime, a local writers group.Most of these 19 tales are indeed crime stories, but not always murder, and a few have mystery elements. A couple have supernat [...]

  • Roseanne

    The actual story line of this book was good, but the writing really needed some work. There were sections that needed more fleshing out and explanation that left me puzzled and other sections that had needless details that weren't necessary to drive the story forward.

  • Christine Husom

    I fell in love with Corky, Smoke and all the characters in Winnebago County. A fast read with tense moments.

  • Carrie

    I really want corky and smoke to get together already!.

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