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By Richard E. Grant | Comments: ( 112 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )


  • Title: By Design
  • Author: Richard E. Grant
  • ISBN: 9780330368292
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Richard E. Grant

Richard Esterhuysen Grant.

Comments By Design

  • Jackson

    I thought this was Grant's biography. Only realised that it was fictional after Googling unfamiliar names some fifty pages in. Even that didn't fully clear up the confusion, as the novel appears to have sunk without a trace of online presence. This is hardly surprising, as it's mainly dreadful. Schlocky and painfully unfunny satire, best avoided on the off chance that you come across it.Purchased for $1.25, Good Sammy Op-Shop, Gosnells WA.

  • Roseb

    Book was fine, but definitively not my thing.

  • Jim

    I saw Richard E. Grant star in the wonderful 'Withnail & I' in a cinema in the backwater that was Newcastle circa 1988, when I first visited Australia as a student. It has since become a recognised cult classic - as has his autobiography 'With Nails'.Apparently, this "novel" is an attempt to fictionalise all those great Hollywood experiences & stories that for 'legal reasons' he couldn't include in his autobio'.I read this book on a flight from L.A to London in '99 so my recollection of [...]

  • A.E. Shaw

    There is no doubt that Richard E. Grant can write, and can do so with great fluidity and pace and intrigue and whatnot, but I didn't enjoy a moment of this book. Which surprised me a lot. But there it is. Everything and everyone was repulsive and I felt like I needed a shower afterwards. In a certain sense, I feel like that might've been the point. In which case, gold star for success. But just the one out of five.

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  • Free Download [Travel Book] ☆ By Design - by Richard E. Grant ×
    235 Richard E. Grant
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