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Pippa Ewell had left behind the dark and forbidding Greystone Manor also the memories of Conrad, the handsome stranger who had swept her breathlessly into his arms and heart But Pippa returned to find the truth behind her sister s mysterious death And suddenly the fairy tale kindgom glittered with evil and danger .

  • Title: The Judas Kiss
  • Author: Victoria Holt
  • ISBN: 9780449213025
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Victoria Holt

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt 56 million and Philippa Carr 3 million Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities.

Comments The Judas Kiss

  • Misfit

    "I was seventeen years old before I discovered that my sister had been murdered.Long story short (I hope). Pippa Ewell and her older sister are orphaned and leave their island home to come live with their parsimonious grandfather in England (grandma's pretty cool though). The grandfather wants to marry his nephew and heir to the oldest girl (I think her name was Francine, but the book is at home), but she has other ideas and runs off with a dashing nobleman, who is the heir-apparent of some tiny [...]

  • Melanie

    Victoria Holt not a new author she has written books for many years and this is the 2nd book I have read that she wrote. I enjoyed this story which begins with Phillipa (Pippa) Ewell finding a newspaper clipping and discovering her sister Francine was murdered. The story returns to the girls childhood and we learn they lived on their parents on an island after his father left his home when he pursued being an artist which was against his father's wishes. The girls parents died close together and [...]

  • Dawn

    My favorite book read when I was a teenager! Would love to read it again!

  • Vannessa Anderson

    Francine and Pippa are sisters who are thick-as-thieves. They are happy and loved by their parents. When their parents die, they are sent to live with their rich grandfather who rules his house with an iron fist. They find comfort in their wise and kind grandmother. When Francine turns seventeen, her grandfather tells her that she is to marry her cousin Arthur, a man whom Francine and Pippa despise. Francine marries her lover, Rudolph, and runs away with him to his country where he is next in li [...]

  • Anna Karras

    I love Victoria Holt. Well, actually, I love Jean Plaidy, that's who Victoria Holt really is. She just wrote under the name Victoria Holt, and also under the name Philippa Carr.And this is the one I've liked the best so far. The heroine's name is actually Philippa (Pippa, for short)and we begin her story on a small island in the Mediterranean somewhere off the coast of Italy. Her father is a sculptor, her mother his muse, and her sister Francine, her best friend. When their mother dies, followed [...]

  • Jessica

    Ok I cannot speak enough looovve for this book! The Judas Kiss was one of my first experiences reading romance as a young person. Victoria Holt has the ability to mix so much love and mystery together that you cannot put the book down and have to sometimes sleep with your bedroom light on!The Judas Kiss is to this day truly a favourite of mine!The book sweeps a tale of a young women Pippa who watches her sister run away with a handsome and wealthy man- she later learns that her sister has been m [...]

  • Benjamin Stahl

    I thought this was pretty awful. Two stars instead of one because I'm not so much of an asshole not to acknowledge this book was not written for the likes of me. Serves me right for choosing it.

  • Dianne

    One of my all-time favorite VH books!

  • Jana

    There was this beautiful house for hunters in the middle of the wood, which I used to see while driving in the car. My father would tell us stories about when and how it was built and what would hunters do on weekends, and I would daydream in a different way (killing animals was excluded :). This house was far away from the road, and I’ve never seen it up close but my imagination was wild as a beast. I was around 12, 13 when I read Judas kiss, and I placed the plot around and inside that grand [...]

  • emere

    Aunque de verdad esperaba que terminara en un drama de campeonato, la verdad es que me conmovió toda la historia. Aunque algunas cosas no pasaron como yo creí, y mis esperanzas en cuanto a Francine desaparecieron en ciertas formas, también creo que las últimas páginas fueron algo apresuradas: como si tuviera la urgencia por terminar. O tal vez era yo que me estaba bebiendo el libro como felix felicis por el tipo de final que tuvo, de una u otra forma, me hizo sentir feliz: Fue un libro del [...]

  • Sharon

    Classic Victoria Holt, with intrigue, dukes and duchesses, servants and friends all just a little more than meets the eye.In "The Judas Kiss," Philippa Ewell's older sister Francine is murdered at the Grand Duke's hunting lodge in Bavaria -- along with the Grand Duke. Philippa has letters proving that the two were married and had a child, but other members of the Bavarian royal family say otherwise.Unexpected circumstances allow Philippa to investigate for herself, and she is drawn into the poli [...]

  • Neja

    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. I've read a loooot of her books when I was 14/15 years was the last time I've read them. I absolutely loved them at the time. I'm thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake! =)

  • Dion Ribeiro

    Mais uma leitura antiga mas que recordo como um bonito romance cheio de mistério!Nesta fase da minha vida, lia muito menos do que agora, mas já adorava! :)

  • Phil Syphe

    “The Judas Kiss” intrigued me from the beginning with its great hook of an opening line:“I was seventeen years old before I discovered that my sister had been murdered.”The usual amount of suspense you expect from a Holt novel is in evidence, but while many of her other books have predictable outcomes for certain themes and characters, this one has very few. Pleased to state that I was surprised by some revelations, while other matters that I thought were obvious turned out to be red her [...]

  • Michelle Snyder

    1800s - Bavaria & England. (Pippa). Pippa & Francine are orphaned & go to live with strict estranged grandfather. GF wants Francine to marry religious nephew but Francine refuses & runs away with Bavarian Nobleman, getting married/having child. Francine dies & Pippa searches for the child & to prove the marriage was legitimate. She falls in love with Conrad who turns out to be the next Bavarian heir. He helps Pippa find her nephew & catch the killer of her GF. They fi [...]

  • Nagore

    La trama está muy bien, pero me hubiera gustado algo más de misterio. Narrado en primera persona, le da un puntillo gótico muy interesante. Leeré algo más de la autora.

  • Mandy

    I *love* that Victoria Holt is having a renaissance. I wish she were alive to know that her books are now being republished and appreciated by a whole new audience of readers.As a long time Holt reader, I thought I'd read everything; in truth, I've probably only read a dozen or so of her literally dozens of books under various names. (See for more detail!) This was one I had missed, perhaps because the title turned me off--but oh so good.The characters as always are well conceived, and the peri [...]

  • Surreysmum

    [These notes were made in 1984:]. Standard junk fare. Has more of a plot than the Rosemary Rogers variety, and considerably less sex. But the characters are artificial and made of cardboard, and the solution to the moral dilemma of the book - when is adultery not adultery? - sidestepped by the coincidences of the solved mystery. The juxtaposition of settings - island paradise of childhood vs. "Greystone" of repressive, domestic England vs. romantic Bruxenstein (Germanic, complete with labyrinthi [...]

  • Athena

    I always like the settings in Holt's novels. It's the characters that I had an issue with in this story, particularly the narrator. Pippa's personality was inconsistent throughout the story. She was submissive but rebellious, caring but thoughtless. Her obsession with her sister really got to me. She continued instigating arguments because she wouldn't listen to anyone. I understand she was trying to get to the bottom of a mystery but it didn't need to go on for 400 plus pages. Sigmund was also [...]

  • Rachelle

    This book was a fun/interesting idea and had adventure and romance. Everything that it seems I would love. My gripe comes in the fact that I could not really respect the heroine of the story. She has a loyalty for her sister that is admirable and goes off in search of her sisters murderer. But once she begins her affair with the mysterious Conrad, she lost her appeal to me as the heroine. She confesses throughout the novel of her guilty conscience and her knowledge that she had become a "loose w [...]

  • Sandeep Sandhu

    I picked up this book at a charity sale with no idea about Victoria Holt or any of her books, personalities and characters. The sleeve was issued in the eighties, and was quite corny - not really living up to the intensity of the plot. I read this with great interest, loving the characterisation and the drive the plot hard. I often read with the music of Kyle Dixon and Cliff Martinez playing in the background which added a sombre quality - taking the Mills and Boon-esque edge of my vision. Essen [...]

  • Sussann

    Recently I started reading through a number of Victoria Holt's books for the first time. I'd been put off her as an author after several failed attempts at 'The Night of the Seventh Moon' but then I picked up Mistress of Mellyn and realised I'd been unfair. So far I've chewed through Mistress of Mellyn, Kirkland Revels, Manfreya in the Morning and now The Judas Kiss.Out of all of these, The Judas Kiss has definitely been my favourite. I can't say whether it was that the characters seemed to be b [...]

  • Ranee

    Read this a long time ago and it's not my favorite. I read all Victoria Holt's books. I liked the mystery being solved but thought the guy was a selfish jerk, basically. "I love you & will sleep with you but because I'm going to be Grand Duke I can't marry you" Then when it does become "possible" for marriage he sounds almost disappointed.

  • Jodi

    Another book off the free shelf at the library. Decent read - a tad far-fetched with the sister going off with a man who ends up being the "prince" of his country and they both die. Then the sister goes out 5 years later to solve the mystery no one else can and does while managing to fall in love with the newest prince to the country. Fairy-tale ending.

  • Aleta

    Lo retomé del cajón de libros viejos, creo que lo leí con lectura rápida pero evidentemente no entendí nada. Con este libro confirmo que me gustan las novelas de Victoria Holt. La historia es buena y termina de forma inesperada, a pesar que es vieja nos llega a sorprender. Entretenida pero nada que merezca la pena leerse por segunda vez.

  • Mary

    Another beautiful book written by Victoria Holt. The story takes the reader to the Bavarian Alps in the 1800's, amidst political upheavals, conspiracy, love and murder. The narration of the story, done in the first person, captures the reader's attention, by growing up with the main character. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Leslie Knox

    I read this book years ago as a teenager and reading it once again i enjoyed the story and even though the characters were a bit stiff, this makes a great story and Jean Plaidy or Victoria Holt stacks up as always. Well worth reading. No unnecessary sex scenes and a nice touch of history.

  • Megan

    not my favorite Victoria Holt book, but it was quite good. I was convinced that there could not be a good ending, but somehow Ms. Holt pulled one out of her bag. I thought I knew all the answers, but discovered that I was not even close which for me, is always good fun!

  • Nancy

    I read all of Victoria Holt mystery/romance books in my 30s. Holt books are a higher caliber of romance fiction than something like Harlequins. Historically accurate. Good recreational reading with something to keep you turning pages.

  • Yorda

    Me ha sorprendido bastante, pensaba que sería bastante más malillo. Aquí los malos son malos malosos y los buenos más buenos que el pan, pero se lee con facilidad y se disfruta leyéndolo.

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